Thursday, June 26, 2008

Breaking News: Menendez Demands Artificial Turf Investigation!

He's a high-ranking Democrat, and he just may have slapped da Manalapan Democrats right across da face.

In a move guaranteed to be poo-pooed by Manalapan's "Axis of Evil" (see no evil, hear no evil, and looking evil), Senator Robert Menendez sent a letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In it, da Democratic Senator urged the agency to expand its investigation into possibly hazardous lead levels in artificial turf.

All of a sudden, da things that gentlemen Steve Johnson & Butch Budai were saying sounds a bit more compelling now.

It's of course surprising their calls weren't listened to, especially since "we work for them."

Da Courier Post reported that while da Centers for Disease Control said no cases of elevated blood lead levels in children have been linked to artificial turf, da health officials remain concerned because exposure to lead is cumulative, and children are especially susceptible.

Ironically, a "daTruthSquad blue-ribbon special edition" study shows that on average, more kids will be playing soccer or other sports on da Manalapan artificial turf field than people above da age of 50. Think about it - whose more likely to be seen spending a few hours kicking a soccer ball around on Manalapan's soon-to-be field of nightmares -- da Queen and Sir Lawrence or a pair of 10 year olds?

You think you'll ever see alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy passing da soccer ball to his party boss Iron Girth?

Will da members of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team take on a bunch of 5th graders?

Now Menendez isn't some rogue politician looking for votes - and he's not alone!

The Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health filed a legal action with the state on Monday demanding that 15 retailers and manufacturers cease selling and producing artificial turf containing lead — a potent neurotoxin. The turf is typically used on athletic playing fields and as indoor/outdoor grass carpet. The center is also demanding a recall of lead-containing turf and posted warnings where the product is sold.

And, for da naysayers who claim it's just one or two that are bad, please not da word "all" used in da next paragraph!

Now artificial turf used on all types of indoor and outdoor playing fields and surfaces have joined the list of lead culprits. This week a California based environmental organization, Center of Environmental Heath, filed legal action in the state of California demanding that 15 retailers and manufacturers to stop selling and producing the artificial turf containing lead.

They tested not one, or 2, but 50 types of artificial turf! That's not individual fields -- that's TYPES of artificial turf!

As for da health risks, da "Centers for Disease Control estimates that more than 300,000 U.S. children have elevated blood levels of lead. It harms the nervous system, and studies show it can also impair the immune system. Excess lead exposure in children is linked to lowered IQ and test scores, memory problems, hyperactivity and behavioral problems, including juvenile delinquency. In adults, it's associated with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and kidney failure in those with chronic kidney disease, as well as with Lou Gehrig's disease."

So, why is da Manalapan Township Committee in such a rush to get that field of nightmares installed? Why are they picking your pockets for da millions of $$$$$$$$$ to make it happen?

And, another question --- who will da new field be named after? Will it be a relative of or an active member of da "NoMegaMall" alliance?

DaTruth is, da whole process has been far from transparent, and since it only takes 3 votes to have da First Amendment of da Constitution challenged in Manalapan, da field of nightmares was a done-deal no matter what da cost or health issue.

Oh, and if years from now it's found that da field has any problems, guess who will be sued by da sick kids -- da Town! Guess who will pay da settlement -- You!

Maybe someone other than a hand-picked Gang of Three representative should have checked further into these fields? Maybe someone should file a lawsuit to stop da field of nightmares pending further investigations? Or, maybe Manalapanites should just bury your heads in da sand and not question what your town leaders are doing with YOUR money.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Committeman Anthony Gennaro was the sole vocal opponent of the field until Susan Cohen was elected. Mr. Gennaro has presented documentation after documentation to the Gang of 3. They have ignored him, he wrote a great editorial in the News Transcript, Roth ignored him.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is going to be a lot harder for Roth to ignore. The CPSC is sampling over 50 different types of synthetic turf fields from across the country. They are doing a very comprehensive report on their findings and they are not leaving any stones unturned. Senator Menendez demanding an investigation can't be making the Queen of Mean Roth too happy.

I have to wonder, if this is the real reason why the Queen of Mean Roth's finished synthetic turf field is justing sitting there idle and closed to the public until next Spring? Is Roth waiting for the Consumer Product Safety Report? It sure would be bad for her re election now wouldn't it if the report due out in September slams the use of the fields and or restricts the usage and for whom. Currrently the Health Department warns that children 7 years old or younger should not use them due to lead exposure. That is a documented fact. Remember that the Queen of Mean Roth said when she voted for the field at the public meeting she wanted this synthetic field because it could be used 24/7. Well it is finished and now just sitting there unused. Roth was sure in a rush to get this field built, now it is sitting there, doesn't she still want it to be used 24/7?

As for da truths comments on naming this field. Who in their right mind would want their family name associated it? No one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Truth for not letting Roth and her minions off "da hook."

I'm curious though if someone is going to have their name on this field? You know Truth wouldn't have said something if there wasn't some truth to it.

Important_ news said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can anyone elaborate on the Queen Roths newest deal. Last night Roth said in public that Manalapan Township has entered into a Shared Services Agreement with the Manalapan Soccer Club.

When did this happen? Oh and by the way, what services does the Manalapan Soccer Club share with the town?

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They loaned their lights for Manalapan Under the Stars, and Manalapan loaned the striping machine so the club can paint their fields (Soccer club paid for the paint to do the field striping).

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was because twsp DPW employees did the work with Twsp equipment and were paid by the soccer club. Approved by Klauber. There is a police investigation and now all of a sudden its a shared services agreement! Is it in writing? I doubt it. Let's see it in writing Miss Piggy!!!

When it was exposed at the Rec Advisory Meeting by Mr. Rothweiler there was no comment by the Queen; now its a shared services agreement.

Here's the truth:

Mayor Piggy Roth(walks like a man) - Liar

Klauber - Liar
Tara - Liar
Spector - Liar

Maybe the Chief of Police should get off his "butt" and Investigate this?

What a class act of individuals running this town

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well this is all interesting.
How is it that Mr. Klauber with his one vote approved allowing DPW workers to get paid by the Soccer Club while using the Twp. owned equipment? Last time I checked they had to vote in public and it took 3 votes. Secondly, do not be so sure that our Chief of Police hasn't gotten up off his "Butt" and done his due diligence in this matter. :)

Remember it was Rick Klauber with his poor attempt at cross examinaing the Chief of Police told the Chief he expected him to get up off of his butt and walk over to Tara Tiara's office. I suspect the Chief has gotten up off of his butt in this matter.

A shared services agreement between the Soccer Club and the Township would also have to be voted on in public. Guess what it wasn't. The Queen, Her Tara Tiara, Her Alan Boy, and her Klauber I will second that have a lot of explaining to do.

Congratulations to George Rothweiler for opening his mouth and letting this get out in public. Thank you!

It's about time!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The soccer club makes money using our fields for free. They bought the lights to guarantee they get priority use of the cancer field. Lining the fields was just another perk for paying for the lights which should have been bought by the township with the fees they should have charged.

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IS there any truth to the rumor that the synthetic turf field that Roth had to have installed is now finished and not going to be in use until Sprin 2009 while the warranty is ticking away on it?

The other rumor I heard is that a high ranking member of the soccer club owns a sports facility in manalapan and that he has installed the exact same brand synthetic turf field in his facility as the township has. Anybody know if that is true?

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The field was completed just before Memorial Day. Ahhh Memorial Day you say, Manalapan's most notorious day. Yes folks it's the Manalapan Soccer Tournament. Of course we needed to show off the field. You see, without this field we would lose the teams coming here. THEY DON"T WANT TO BE RAINED OUT!!! Simple as that. The Soccer Club loses too much money. Speaking of money, how are they able to afford the lights and sod installation? How much money do they have in their bank accounts? How much of it is going back to Mike Hammer, the President of the club and owner of Sports Zone, the new indoor facility going up. Is he the same Mike Hammer of Manalapan that was convicted of stock market fraud?

I am unable to use the MANALAPAN Recreation Center the weekend when I would want to use it the most. I can't even drive near it because the traffic is horrendous. My taxes paid for that field and will continue to pay for the field. Why is a "private" organization allowed to do what EVER they want in this town? Why can they just use our equipment? Why do they pay our DPW employees for extra work in CASH? Are these DPW employees reporting it on their tax returns?

Watch for this from daTruthSquad

Anonymous said...

Say It Ain't So

Thanks for the clarification on this matter with the field. How much were the DPW workers paid? was it in cash? It is is illegal for them to take cash or Manalapan Soccer Club to offer them cash. If there really was a Shared Services Agreement, Manalapan Township would have billed Manalapan Soccer through issuing a voucher and then Manalapan Soccer would have paid the bill to the township. If the rumors are true ir appears that was not the case and that cash transferred hands. Mr. Valentin, donde' esta?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if someone was daBroker? Maybe someone from admin or maybe a DPW boss? Was this going on when Lewis was here? What happened to Lewis anyway? How come no proclamation for all his years of service? Rumors are that Tara & Alan are "very" friendly. hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

The fields they lined were not even township recreation fields. They were school fields. What if these guys got hurt on non township property or on the way to or from the schools? They essentially are off duty. After hours they are civilians just like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hammer is he the guy from Soccer that came to the township meeting complaining that they had to pay for the overtime of employees for the Memorial Day Tournament to the township?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. All of the details of this will be in a nicely written expose in the next News Transcript.


over-taxed Manalapan resident said...

Dear Mr. Valentin,

We desperately need your help. Town taxes have been raised 42% in the last 2 years and nobody can adequately explain why. We're spending millions on a field that even Senator Menendez wants to investigate. We're spending well over $100,000 on a political vendetta lawsuit to get back just $10,000. We now have a "shared service agreement" with a soccer club? What will they do for Manalapan, our exercises? Houses go up like weeds. No Village for much needed ratables.

Taxes up 42% in 2 years. No extra trash pickups? No extra anything, except higher taxes and no explainations.

Help us Luis Valentin. You're our only hope.

PS: Pass this note along to Chris Christie. We need all the help we can get.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, a lawsuit she knows is useless, giving money to her campaign financiers that WE'RE paying; a field we will never use that she was willing to have poison our children for her own political benefit; a 46% increase over two years (not 42%, it's compounded) so that she can spend our money like a man on cocaine in a strip joint, including a useless road project that will do nothing for us except keep putting money in the pocket of her major campaign contributor Greg Valesi. It just never ends. Michelle Roth, the new Cruella Deville, Leona Helmsley and Brittany Spears all rolled into one package. She makes us almost forget how awful Andrew Lucas was as mayor. But guess what, SHE doesn't get to run against Drew Shapiro this November like Andrew did.

Anonymous said...

save your breath. Michelle has nothing to worry about. She knows she's running against a campaign managed by Steve McEnery with two clueless candidates who have no idea that Steve has never managed a winning campaign. He's taken credit for them, but never actually managed one.

Anonymous said...

True, but Michelle Roth has sealed her own fate with her actions.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but Roth probably has the easiest chance of winning this year than every before. She had Andy Boy's supprt, and McEnery handpicked 2 guys with more baggage than American Tourister & Samsonite combined. This was the plan from the beginning, because with Roth & Andy Boy together, it means more chances for them both to be mayor again. Ego over the people of Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

My faith is in the judicial system.

Anonymous said...

THe shared service agreement with the soccer club was aired at a TC meeting about 6 - 8 weeks ago. The soccer club bought the lights and agreed to allow the town to use them for events like Manalapan Day. In return the town will store and maintain the lights. The soccer club bought them so night games can be played since there is such a shortage of fields. This was all discussed in public 3-4 meetings ago.

The new artificial turf field isn't being used yet because there isn't access to it yet. The parking and walk ways are still being built.

As to Menendez going after the manufacturers of nylon turf, this is good. That old fashioned stuff should not be sold anymore and those fields should be replaced. Fortunately for Manalapan the TC is installing a crumb rubber field.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a broken record. The TC approved the turf field after consulting with other towns that had them, the League of Municipalities, the township health inspector (Dave Richardson) and the township engineer (Greg Vicelli). New Providence and Milburn announced plans this month to install synthetic turf fields in their towns, with the one in Milburn being their second such field. Obviously they've had good experience with their existing field.

Anonymous said...

There's no problem here. This whole thing is being way overblown. If any kids get sick, we'll just let the TC say Moskovitz is to blame and sue him for that too. If Roth & Lucass could find a way to blame Stu for $4 gas, they'd try that too.

Anonymous said...

talk about a broken record. Menendez is NOT going after just the nylon fields. The dye is in the matting which is the same matting used for the crumb rubber fields. The green dye contains lead. That's the lead that's causing the problem, not just the lead in the nylon blades. ALL, repeat, ALL artificial fields are under investigation and if it turns out Gennaro was right then we need to bring a taxpayer suit against Michelle Roth for running to spend $1,000,000 of our money WITH NOTICE that there may be a problem involving the health of our children and doing it anyway for her own personal political agenda. Murderer. And don't even attempt to tell us the shared service agreement for the lights had anything to do with the theft of services that took place when Alan Spector's men pocketed bribes to line the fields and did it with township equipment. THAT was not in any shared services agreement.

Anonymous said...

and where is Kathy Baratta during all of this? Yeh sure, like she's really going to do a serious report against the people she supports. What do you think she is, a journalist?

Anonymous said...

Don't pick on kathy barata. I'm sure she's wrking on a story about this right now, calling her "editor" Michelle Roth for details of what to write.

jusdafacts said...

Only in Manalapan

It was a rare — if not unheard of — scene.

The gang of three had failed to get their way.

They rallied around the Municipal Building. They protested outside Tara's office. They demanded taxpayers not cut taxpayer-paid health, and got some to agree.

But when all was said and done the TAXPAYERS still demanded to slice health benefits for part time township committee members.

Michelle Roth was quoted as saying "My annual stipend is $7,763 and my health benefits total $14,187. On average I put in 40 hours per week in addition to my full-time job. This puts my hourly wage at just over $10 per hour, which is less than we pay our recreation supervisors."

Democrat Candidate Don Holland said he'll go along with what ever Michelle Roth says.

Republican Candidate Ryan Green was unavailable for comment.

Republican Candidate Bill Garcia said he would like to make the Township Committee position a full time job. Making this a full time position will eliminate the need to eliminate the health benefits. I am in favor of a full time township committee. That's why I am running.

Michelle Roth has since resigned as Mayor and has taken a full time position as a Recreation Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Did Michelle Roth cover for Tara Tiara's blunder over allowing DPW workers to get paid in cash for their work for the Manalapan Soccer Club, painting lines on fields for their games? Roth came out at the meeting and said it was a shared services agreement. Really?!. I think someone needs to ask in public those members of the committee that possess a true moral conscience what the truth really is. Are we as a township in the practice of letting township emoployess get paid in cash for doing work for others? If this is the case how many other times have DPW workers been paid in cash? and who are they

Vouchers, Michelle Roth went after the Chief of Police over his remark that the voucher system was slow in Manalapan when they shut off the phones. The Chief uses vouchers. Here it appears that no vouchers were used just a transfer of cold hard cash. Hey Michelle Roth you have no problem with that? Where is your demand for checks and balances? You are a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Wednesday Township meeting on Channel 77. Now this is entertainment! Butch Budet was the number two entertainer as he asked why we had to spend over $500,000 on a truck for DPW. When he was told that he was looking at a line in the budget that said "equipment" and that this included ALL the equipment and not just one truck, he said that this should be made clearer and that it wasn't his fault that he assumed that the word equipment meant one big truck. Classic!

However, Committeeman Genaro was undoubtedly the funniest when he was asked by the Mayor if he would like to handle a question put to him about Committee members taking health benefits. Mr. Gennaro is on record as agreeing with everyone except Ms. Cohen that Committeemembers are entitled to health care benefits. Well, technically, Mr. Gennaro is on record as saying that Commitee members should be able to take benefits until the end of his term this year. then they can do whatever they want because he is leaving. Instead of answering the question, he absolutely blew up at the Mayor saying, "Why should I answer that question? Just because you don't like the question I should answer it.Don't start with that stuff!" Yes Tony, How dare the Mayor ask you to answer a question when she had been answering questions for two straight hours? How dare she ask you to contribute to this Committee!

There was a lot more funny stuff that I saw on Channel 77 but you really need to see it for yourself.

Being taxed to oblivion in Manalapan said...

You know you have a point. I thought it was a laugh riot when a woman came up during the meeting and blasted the TC for filing frivolous lawsuits and wasting taxpayer money. Ironically, the Queen of Mean didn't ask Mr. Gennaro or anyone else to answer that one, and she didn't either.

I was surprised a Defendant in the case, Andy Boy didn't answer that question.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Roth showed once again how she just can't wait to stick it to Tony Gennaro. She ignored him all year, everything he said she ignored, she thought she was being a smart a** the other night and Gennaro was quicker than her. I for one am glad he shot back at her in the way he did. She has never gotten over him walking away from her. Her supporters will say she was right but the real people, those who watch channel 77 and carry the vote know better. Rumor is there is an official misconduct complaint againt Roth for her recent antics. It was just a matter of time.

for freedom of expression said...

To the person who wrote: "When he was told that he was looking at a line in the budget that said "equipment" and that this included ALL the equipment and not just one truck, he said that this should be made clearer"

If you think asking for clarity is one big fat joke, you're not part of the problem. You ARE the problem. You've got one hell of an idea of democracy and open government. Thanks for killing it for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Roth has proven who she really is to many of us a long time ago. She is the classic bad politician, she uses people to get what she wants and when she achieves her goals she dumps you. The entire I hate Italians scandal was all the proof needed. Her performance on the news showed how badly she was lying. She hated Gennaro for not defending her. Roth was blown away when a former neighbor went to the microphone and blasted her for her lack of remarks and actions over Larry's I hate Italians remark. Alienation is what Roth has felt from former friends. Nobody wants anything to do with her. Betrayal is unforgiveable.

Blog Administrator #4 said...

Part of the following statement was removed for violating guidelines.

Anonymous said...
If you're waiting for class from a XXXXXX XXXXX like Michelle Roth who, as a XXXXX participated in Manalapan's only anti-semitic campaign and brought international shame to Manalapan with her defense of her husband's I Hate Italian comments, and her attack on the first amendment, you're going to wait as long as the Africans working for her clients will wait for civil rights.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wyatt Earp #1 said...

Thank God the First Amendment is alive and well here. This is why I truly believe in this blog and am an avid reader.

Duncan said...

Guys, If you don't mind my coments...I'm fascinated by the post and the comments, but if you'd like the real it is. There is a small problem in replacing some of the older fields that are out of warranty. The real problems are in these areas-the crumb rubber infill that off gases at temperatures above 120 degrees, The fact that the rubber infill is not recyclable, the urethane backs on most all the turf is not disposable except as hazardous waste, and oh by the way, the fact that rubber infill hosts infectious disease (like MRSA-a flesh eating bacteria). Hows that for truth that the "big boys" don't want you to know. You guys sure do have a lot of anonymous comments for guys that like the truth, come on, stand up!