Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Win For Da "Roth-McEnery" Ticket

Apparently it's good to be da Queen of Manalapan these days. First, she and "whoever" her running mate is wins da unopposed Manalapan Democratic primary. On da very same night, she also claims victory in da Manalapan Republican primary as da "Puppet Ticket" of Manalapan GOP head honcho Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery beat Butch Budai & Steve Johnson.

Now, a week later da Queen emerges victorious again, this time as her new benefactor Iron Girth holds on to his power for dear life winning by a single vote to keep his job as GOP'er Grand Poobah.

Here's da bad news: Da win for Iron Girth all but seals da deal for da Queen to be reelected for another three years of tax increases and other wallot-sucking courtesy of your local government-at-work. Da good news is that Iron Girth's straglehold on power may be eroding faster than you can say "Tax Increase."

DaTruthSquad has already heard rumblings around da county from others in power that it will be very difficult for da "Chair of Chairs" to keep his county power if his own GOP'ers in town is tearing itself apart at da seams. In addition, since soon-to-be-and-it's-too-bad-it-didn't-happen-sooner leader Adam "PuPu" Puharic is abdicating his throne, if indeed it is da Ox coming to da rescue he'll have to clean so much house Iron Girth may be shoved to da curb anyway.

Manalapan's reputation within da county GOP has become very sullied as it is.

1. DaTruthSquad has heard a number of municipal chairmen have had enough with da PuPu-Iron Girth way of running da GOP, which has resulted in two lost Freeloader seats, a Democratic revival in da County, and an apparent deficit in da finances.

2. You also have a county GOP trying to figure out what happened to alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy, who not only set da record for raising taxes in 1 year in Manalapan, but followed it up by leading da charge for another mammoth increase! Thanks to Andy Boy, da GOP now has da moniker of being "Tax & Spend Liberals!"

As for da Manalapan GOP, it continues to tear itself apart. Many people were at da meeting Monday night, including daTruthSquad, saw when da vote of county committee people went down showed an unmistakable and undeniable rift had formed. Da Poobah only won by a single vote, which is hardly a vote of confidence.

In fact, daTruthSquad has already heard rumors that some key GOP'er members may split and form their own GOP'er club. If that's a fact, then it will be even harder for Iron Girth to have any county power if he can't keep his own house in order.

Da only good news in da Kingdom is da fall elections. Although this is not scientific, and shows Manalapan voters are not always in tune with da facts, if current trends follow through, da Queen will actually lose da election.

In 2005, GOP'ers led by Joltin Joe and Andy Boy lowered taxes, but da GOP'er candidates lost da election.

In 2006, GOP'ers led by Joltin Joe & Andy Boy again lowered taxes, but Little Nikki still lost da election.

In 2007, thanks to GOP'er Andy Boy taxes were raised to their highest level in history, yet Andy Boy still won.

In 2008, taxes are again being raised, and again it's led by Andy Boy. Will da Queen break da 3 year cycle?

DaTruth is, this year da Queen has an ace up her sleeve. Da "G&G Boys" with a campaign run by Iron Girth stand as much chance of beating da Queen as a 1-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. You already saw in da primary G&G couldn't raise cab fare much less any solid donations. Would you fork over $150 to have a stale sandwich with Ryan Green? Would you donate $200 to drink bitter beer with Blogger Bill? Do da words "Spectacularly Unqualified Candidates" ring a bell?

Da smartest thing any GOP'er can do is save your money to pay for da $4 dollar gas and not bother with da election this year. Da Queen could move out of town and still win da election with votes to spare (that sounds familiar, doesn't it)? And this year, she won't need GOP'ers on her side with a "NoMegaMall" campaign, although they'll probably be resurrected anyway.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

I'll be saving my dollars to pay for the tax increases the next 3 years!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to know more about about the former Mayor & sitting commiteman helping "Little Edith" with her ticket.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has been following this blog from the beginning now knows unmistakenly that the Truth Squad's influence on the public has dropped to zero. It was the Truth Squad that urged Republicans to come out and write in Joey D's name on the Republican ballot last year. How many people did? I remember the number, do you? It was the Truth Squad who lamented that Hall and Terragroso (the original spectacularly unqualified candidates) had lost in 2005. It was the Truth Squad that backed Niki. She lost. It was the Truth Squad last year that told everyone not to vote for Mr. Lucas. He won.

I was sorry to see that this new column appeared today by the Truth Squad. He/she/it waited a week and thought the hate filled rag of a column was done.

Truth Squad. You are done. Once the Mayor and Holland win in November it will take at least two more years for you to get your way. susan won't run again. Tony won't run again. They have both said so. By that time you will be in your sixties! Why not retire and leave this town alone so we can get back to focusing on issues, not contrived nonsense that you dribble out to the gullible.

Anonymous said...

The Truth Squad is now eliminating commments. This truely marks the end of its influence in Manalapan.

Continue to back Hall, Terragroso, Budet, Johnson, Niki, Susan and Tony. Do not mistake your page hits for people who take your column seriously. it is being read strictly for your expense.

For Freedom of Expression said...

Anonymous said...

"The Truth Squad is now eliminating commments"

Well, you've got at least two choices to get your point out, one of which is never censored,'s manalapan page and nj.politics on the usenet.

Anonymous said...

The fact that you have the three comments by the person who is saying that this blogsite "censors" comments says everything that has to be said about the honesty of the poster. Obviously comments are not censored here, unlike NJ.COM where Larry Roth and Kathleen Donaghue spend all day long monitoring the site and having everything deleted that they disagree with. This site, by the way, as best as i remember, did not support Nikki and I don't think it was even around when Peter and Miracle were running. In fact, chances are that daTruthSquad would agree with you that Miracle and Perjury Peter were spectacularly unqualified. Try to get your facts straight, Larry, before you continue to make a fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Strange you'df make any claim that postings have been deleted. If that's true, why is yours still on the blog? I can remember a lot of posts bashing the blog that were never removed. Sounds to me like someone is resorting to lying to get their point across.

Anonymous said...

I firmly disagree with the previous poster. This blog has been a Godsend to people because without it, we'd never have known about Larry Roth saying he "Hates Italians" as he did day, and the court case against Moskovitz, and the whole free speech issue the Squad fought against the TC and won and all these rediculous tax increases.

I read this blog because I want to know "da truth" about things here. Sorry Larry or whoever you are. Your lies about this blogsite won't work.

Anonymous said...

datruthsquad is down to 44 possible people. 22 to 21 and one not allowed to vote.

Andrew was a raving lunatic. Stu wasn't there. Could it be that you made it up?

Maybe Andrew is datruthsquad when his good side, (Yes he had a good side), comes out. Then like Darth Vader off to the dark side.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you claim postings have been taken down, write them again.

The reason I stopped posting on is because they'd disappear as fast as I could put them up. NOT ONCE HAS ANY OF MY POSTINGS BEEN TAKEN DOWN FROM THIS SITE!

I think you may be a liar for saying yours were taken down.

Anonymous said...

So, datruthsquad was at that meeting. Maybe it's McEnery's daughter. I don;t think this blog ever said anything bad about her.

Maybe it's Andy Boy's wife. Does she still live in Freehold so she can be closer to her work?

Anonymous said...

Now that Butch and Steve came in third and fourth place, will Rhoda become the new President of the Manalapan Republican Club, with Susan Heckler as the VP? Attendance at meetings would certainly rise, if only for their comedic value...

Anonymous said...

Don't make me laugh! Rhoda doing anything but sitting on the fence? The picket is up her a**, she has been on the fence so long. Now she betrayed her "Friends" to support McEnema! She sold out! She sold out! She sold out!

Get it Rhoda? You sold out! You will never be trusted again! You sold out!

What did you say at the township meeting last night. Mr. Lucas can I have another beating? I will follow you master! You and McEnema can treat me any way you want. I will follow you!

Thanks for nothing Rhoda.

Anonymous said...

Posted on

Will probably be deleted as Michelle Roth starts another campaign to destroy someone she hates. Yes hates. Ever since Miracles law, she has hated Chief Brown!

2966. Police Chief Brown
by SJohnson, 6/12/08 10:38 ET
I am writing this in support of Police Chief Brown.
Last night there was an appalling display by our township committee. Under the guise of “Fact finding” they spent 2 hours on a witch hunt trying to accuse Chief Brown of wrong doing. He did nothing wrong.

The crux of the issue was the statement that he could not defend the slow paying voucher system. Who could? The phones were shut off in the middle of the night without warning. Verizon had stated they shut off the phones for non-payment. This was a lie by their representative.

Chief Brown was brilliant in making the issue of Verizon’s failure to provide service to a police department causing a risk to public safety. Their inaccurate excuse should never been a reason to stop service regardless of whether it was true or not. They are to continuously provide phone service to a 24/7 public safety organization. They didn’t!

As for the slow paying issue, the unreasonable 19 steps to pay the phone company or any other bill should be corrected by the township committee. However, there should never be a decision by the phone company to terminate service to the police department. Now, thanks to Chief Brown, the Verizon issue is in the public eyes forever. Just Google it!

Our township committee should have been giving Chief Brown a proclamation not a chastisement!

Steven Johnson

Manalapan Resident


Anonymous said...

Smart putting it here. Unlike the other sites, this one has Freedom of Speech and it's not controlled by Manalapan's Queen B.

Anonymous said...

She is a smelly kat

Anonymous said...

The Queen B has been exposed.

So has Tara Tiara.

So has her side kick, "I don't recall Renee"

Thank you to Chief Brown for having the Rice discussion in public.

It showed us all what Roth is all about and I hope his lawyer goes after that B**ch for harassment.

Facts, Verizon shut the phones off on May 15th.

Chief was told it was for non payment by Verizon.

By Roths own admission in her letter to the APP dated June 6th, 2008 the purchasing agent did not contact Verizon until May 28th for clarification!

13 days after the fact. Why didn't Tara help the Chief get to the bottom of this immediately? And the 19 step payment process is so out dated it is laughable. Roth preached that she has stream lined how the township is run. Maybe she should should start with online bill paying!!!

Anonymous said...

Steve, wrong is a 14 step process, not 19, and it is state mandated, not a Manalapan initiative. You keep missing the point - Chief Brown should not have repeated Verizon's misstatement that the phones were shut off for non payment.

Anonymous said...

Mr. I Hate Italians,

The reality is your wife is on a witch hunt to fire the Chief.

All eyes are upon her.

BAMF said...

Here is a question for you all on the fabulous datruthsquad site.

If someone has their head up your A**, are you the puppet or are they the douche bag?

Anonymous said...

Everytime a poster lands a home run against Roth and exposes her true intentions, we get a potty mouthed supporter of hers bashing this site.

The display and actions taken against the Chief of Police by Roth and Klauber were astounding to see at Wednesday nights meeting. The Administrative staff should be the ones RICED for their lack of action to assist the Police Department in finding out why the phones were shut off. Roth said it herself "the purchasing department contacted Verizon on May 28th" Phones were shut off on May 15. The facts speak for themselves. They were all bent out of shape because the Chief said the voucher system was slow. What if some members of the public decided to OPRA request the towns payment history to their vendors. What would Roth say then?

Roth taking on the Chief is an apparent vendetta. The township once again looked terrible.

Anonymous said...

Just look at da bashing da police are taking on da blogs lately. It's obvious what da real issue is here. It's called political payback. Remember da chief helped Miracle with Miracles Law. If I recall correctly Miracle was running against Michelle "I smell something" Roth-en at da time. This is Manalapan and political retributions are da way of life here.

Anonymous said...


2960.1. McEnery is doing the best for Manalapan
by Picketass, 6/13/08 12:13 ET
Re: Butch, Rebecca, Susan by aMalcontent, 6/13/08
Steve McEnery is a great guy. I supported him. Green and Garcia will win. I support them. Quit with all the fighting. We all want unity.

Anonymous said...

What is Miracle's Law?

Anonymous said...

Just 2 years ago:

Dear fellow Republican:

On Sunday night, I emailed to announce my candidacy for Monmouth County Republican Chairman. Tonight, I want to take a few moments and share part one of my plan for victory – a plan I call "Monmouth County GOP, A House United." I will email you on Friday with the other aspects of my plan.

The Monmouth County GOP – A House United

In 1858, our great Party's founder, Abraham Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." I want ours to be a house united. My plan for victory consists of three parts:

1. Unify and heal the party.
2. Recruit and manage a powerful finance committee that gives our candidates the resources to win.
3. Support municipal chairman and help local candidates increase our plurality of Monmouth County towns.

I do not belong to any one group or clique. I am a Monmouth County Republican. I will bring a professional structure to our organization. When it comes to fundraising, I will not unilaterally disarm the Republican Party. I will aggressively and legally raise funds so we are victorious this November and beyond.

End the Balkanization

What we need to do is professionalize the Monmouth County GOP. We need to adopt a structure similar to a large non profit organization, which is:

Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board
Executive Director
Executive Board

The Board of Directors would be made up of the following positions:


* Constitutional Officers
* Assembly and Senate candidates
* Honorary Trustees selected because of their wisdom and years of service.
* 10 Municipal chairman (Freehold, Middletown, Wall, Howell, Long Branch, one representative from the Bayshore, Central Monmouth, Western Monmouth, the Two Rivers, the Southern Shore)
* The President of the Affiliated Club and Women's Federation.

For those smaller towns, the representative would be selected in alphabetical order, and rotated annually. For the larger towns, the chairmen are critically important to our success, and without their input and plurality of vote – we can not win!

How does this end the Balkanization?

1. By professionalizing the organization and formalizing an opportunity for dissent. With monthly board meetings, the chairman sets the agenda, the board votes, and when some item is uniquely challenging, or statute requires a convention, a vote is called for by the county committee to ratify one of the candidates screened by the committee.
2. By decreasing the power of the factions. If every town is given an opportunity for voice, the need for small coalitions to come together and plot "the death of the King" is diminished.
3. By realigning the role of Chair. He is no longer the all-knowing boss. He is no longer the lackey of a small clique. He is now the executive. The Chair sets the agenda, maintains a forward vision, and seeks approval and consent by the true party leadership.

I have seen the value of professionalizing organizations as a founder of a charity, and in serving as Boy Scout Vice President. We can learn to disagree without being disagreeable. I have voted against issues while serving as a board member, and yet I did not feel compelled to be angry if my side did not win.

And most important, a professional organization learns to cast votes "for" positive change, and not simply "against" anything that the current leader is in favor of.


Adam Puharic

Dear fellow Republicans:

I wanted to share with you all the great news that our campaign for Chairman has gained incredible momentum this past week. I am proud and humbled to announce that I have just received the endorsement of the 17 municipalities of the Southeastern Republican Caucus! The Southeastern Republican Caucus is comprised of the Municipal Chairs of 17 towns along the South Shore who meet and act in the best interests of the residents of Monmouth County.

What makes the support so special to me is that we are bringing together municipalities large and small. We are bringing Republicans together from the North, the South, the West and the East. Tonight I want to reveal more of my plan – A House United. I want to concentrate on fund raising, winning in November, and the role of the convention for our County Committee.

Raise money to win

The next Chair must not be tied down by false expectations, and untenable mandates that limit the ability to raise money. The fact is this: We spend too much time chasing down small dollars from theoretical "grass roots" folks who can barely afford to pay for their gas in their car. This does not smell like victory. More like deck chairs on the Titanic.

Here is what we need to keep in mind:

A. 80% of our dollars comes from 20% of our donors. This holds true for every fund raising organization. We need to marshal their energy. Events are expensive ways to raise money. At best, you keep $.60 on the dollar.

B. We spend an inordinate amount of time working the 20% of our donors who make up the bottom 20% of dollars. How many times have you gone from event to event, only to see the same faces?

C. Corzine and the rest of the Trenton democrats are the enemies of business. We need to harness their frustrations.

The next Chair will be effective in raising money if he:

1. Professionalizes the fundraising and concentrate ALL the energy on major gifts.
2. Recruits and manages a powerful finance committee that gives our candidates the resources to win.
3. Harnesses the power and membership of our great Chambers of Commerce, and other business groups.

Win in November

No one person is smart enough to run every campaign. The chair must rely on all of the great talent in our party, choose campaign chairman with a track record of victory, and rely on the Board of Directors for vision and guidance. To win in November, the next Chair must do the following:

1. Remember Admiral Nelson. In the year 1800, the British Admiral Horatio Nelson won the important battle of Trafalgar, which led to British dominance for almost one hundred years. Before the battle he wrote, "A commander can do no wrong if he turns his guns toward the enemy and fires away." The next chairman must not waste one word on Republicans. It is time to focus on beating democrats.
2. Remember Reagan's 11th Commandment. Ed Stominski, Mel Hood, Jim Giannell and Elias Abilheira are great Republicans. No more personal attacks. We are Republicans. We built this county – together. Together, we will maintain it.

The Role of Conventions

First and foremost, we must work through the summer, into the fall and elect Rosemary Peters, Freeholder Little, and Andrew Lucas. But immediately following their election VICTORY, we will call together our great County Committee and begin the hard work of reorganizing the Monmouth County Republican Organization for a sustained majority.

We will need to ratify bylaws. I will call together the hard working group of Republicans, who include Mel Hood, Gus Toomey and others, to take their good work and interpret my recommendations for change within the organization. I will seek and apply your input.

I seek a convention process that empowers our Republican County Committee, and allows them to make fair, even-handed decisions. I seek a process that not only produces great candidates like Freeholder Burry, Freeholder Little, Rosemary Peters, and Andrew Lucas – but one that also heals divisions and ends factionalism.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, June 13th at Brookdale Community College.


Adam Puharic

Anonymous said...

What an Ass Puharic was...more like a Nazi with jack booted McEnery as his Gestapo!

Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Miracle's Law is the town's antipedophile ordinance. It was so well put together not only did other towns copy it, it is one of just a very few ordinances of its kind that have been upheld in court.

The reason the guy who wanted to live with his parents near the library after getting out of jail and now lives in Asbury Park is because of Miracle's Law.

Roth promised to replace it with Jessica's Law which she said was stronger but never did.

FYI - the law I think was written by Stu Moskovitz when he was township attorney.

Anonymous said...

It was written by Moskovitz, but he didn't do it alone. Stu Brown made a major contribution to the ordinance. Guess who Michelle is going after besides Moskovitz? Do you think its just that some guy named Stu stood her up for the prom in High School or something? She has a phobia about people with that name.

Anonymous said...

Michelle has a phobia about a lot of things, including Italians. Do you really think it was a "misunderstanding" that she was attacking Italians in the "I hate Italian" scandal? How about this. At the time, she was attacking Locricchio, not Lucas, even though at the time, they had never voted differently on anything. She is responsible for replacing Del Turco as the CFO. She is responsible for getting rid of Collincini - the multi-award winning recreation director who had been here for nearly thirty years. She turned on Gennaro. She turned on Maurino. She turned on Cozzolino (remember the Ward/Cozzolino ticket was replaced by the losing Ward/Roth ticket). How many Italians are not in prominent positions in the township? Yeh, I thought so. She attacked Abate, and rightly so, but never said a word about Abraham, the Chairman of the WMUA commission who sat back and watched everything Abate did (if he didn't participate in it himself -- that's currently being looked at carefully, but not, of course, by Her Arrogance). If you're Italian, she's going after you. Make no mistake about that.

Anonymous said...

You are very astitute with your above posting.

The Italian American Community has not forgotten.

for freedom of expression said...

"Her Arrogance). If you're Italian, she's going after you. Make no mistake about that"

And Chinese, too, especially orchestra leaders.