Friday, June 20, 2008

Get Over Your "Stu-phobia" – Remember Carlee

Recently there was a severe thunderstorm that dumped rain on thousands of people watching a fireworks display at Manalapan Day. There was outrage raised on another message board – who’s responsible – mayhem – people’s lives in jeopardy.

Recently Verizon cut off phone service to da Manalapan Police, for what Verizon told Manalapan Police was due to lack of payment. Chief Stu Brown, whose reputation is well beyond reproach was placed in an “Inquisition-like” setting with attack dogs at da ready. There was outrage over da way Brown was treated, and rightly so.

Unfortunately, flying well below da radar screen because da Manalapan Township Committee hasn’t been involved – and they should be – is da sentencing of those who had involvement in da death of a wonderful teenager named Carlee Wines.

Wines was a student at da University of Connecticut, a freshman. She simply walked across da street, and her life was taken by a guy who didn’t even bother to stop to help her as she lay dying. He instead drove off, leaving her to die.

Now in his defense he did make a phone call immediately after hitting Wines with his SUV, but it wasn’t to da police – it was to his parents - that is - after his girlfriend told him to keep driving and get out of the area. Obviously, there’s a peach of a girl any parent would like to have their son bring home to meet his parents.

Then of course, you have da parents of da guy who took Wines’ young life. Instead of telling their son to do da right thing, they instead gave him advice on where to have his car fixed to conceal da crime. Obviously, da apple didn’t fall too far from da tree.

If you think these folks don’t belong under some jail somewhere, what may be worse is da court proceedings.

First, da girlfriend who told da killer to flee. She was sentenced to up to just 6 months in prison for acting as an accomplice. Her sentencing has been postponed – and how much you want to bet she doesn’t get da “max?”

Then, you have da parents.

"Mr. Alvino told (the friends) that he loves his son very much and wanted to do what was best to protect him," the police affidavit filed in Superior Court in Connecticut said. Donna Alvino said "she would do everything in her power to protect her son and that money was no object," the affidavit said. "Mrs. Alvino told them that she had a mechanic friend from home who will fix the car and have it detailed so that no one would be able to tell that it was involved in the incident."

For helping their son conceal a murder, they had to pay a fine! Apparently it was determined by some judge and prosecutor that young Carlee’s life was worth about $4,000 dollars, because that was the fine given to them!

Meanwhile, da Long Island punk who hit Carlee, and instead of calling 9-1-1 called his girlfriend for escape advice and his parents for car cleaning options received not a 37-year sentence – but a 37 MONTH sentence! Oh, daTruthSquad wonders if Mr. Murderer can get out early for good behavior?

One has to seriously question where justice was on this one. Did justice take a lunch break? Did it take da day off to watch a Mets game? Was it doled out by da Manalapan Legal Dream team?

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad, like other TruthTellers have mentioned, want to see some outrage from da Manalapan Township Committee. You'll spend well over $100,000 to sue a former town official you don't like in an attempt to recoup $10,500. You'll try to blame da police chief because you were out to lunch at da time Verizon clipped da phones off. It's looking more & more that da Gang of Three has a problem with anyone named "Stu" - but they should be thinking about someone named "Carlee."

Here’s an idea – pass a resolution renaming da municipal court room in honor of Carlee Wines. At least this way maybe when a Manalapan judge dispenses justice, it will be handled better than what da Wines’ family and friends have had to endure. Pass a town government resolution expressing outrage at da judge’s decisions – sign it – and then send it to them! Even better, use da land designated for da Village and turn it into a garbage dump, and name it after da judges. This way we can all look at da trash and know what kind of justice they handed out, and da politically-connected "No MegaMall" boys & girls won't get da stores & eateries they don't want.

Yes, it’s true Manalapan has its share of problems, from Verizon-gate, to “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” to government investigations over da Village, to Andy Boy’s Freehold-gate, a 28% tax increase followed up by a 14% tax hike, “Field-of-Nightmares-gate,” and whatever and whoever is allowing houses to sprout like weeds in a certain part of town near a certain Village that can’t get built because some politically-tied-in folks would rather see a Mega-Mega-Mall on da other side of Manalapan’s border that won’t give Manalapan a dime but will give Manalapan Route 9-like traffic.

Yes, Manalapan has its unfair share of problems. However, if we don’t honor Carlee and don’t make some noise regarding the parking ticket-like sentences being handed out to those who harmed her, you can add this as another problem facing Manalapan.

It's time Manalapan's Gang of Three put their "Stu-phobia" aside and think about a young girl whose name was Carlee. And that’s daTruth.


Anonymous said...

You're going to wait a long time if you are waiting for anything resembling ethics or compassion or a sense of right and wrong from Michelle Roth. Augusta Mining is one of her biggest clients. She sends out press release regularly saying what a wonderful company they are. Check this out:

Anonymous said...

This is an excerpt for those of you who don't want to read the whole article. Remember, it is Michelle Roth who is writing all the wonderful things about this Canadian company raping the Arizona landscape:

"Although the mining law need to be reformed and our water needs to be protected from all large mining operations, Augusta Resource Corporation, gives us a prime example why we need these changes. This Canadian Corporation was formed for the sole and explicit purpose of exploiting Public Land in southwest U. S. according to their current website. [Correction: now it states in "southern Arizona."

They claim that they will pay to put CAP water back in the Tuscon basin—the recharge will be in Marana and they have no guarantee how long they will have the allocation. If they don’t understand that putting water in the basin 30 miles downstream will not help the over-pumping in our National Forest—if they don't understand that pumping water out of a National Forest where dead trees are already showing up won’t harm the plants and critters, then they shouldn’t be doing mining anywhere. And just why aren’t they mining in Canada?"

This is the same person that claims she wants to "preserve" the "sunflowers" that haven't been grown on Millhurst Road at the site of the Village Center for over thirty years.

Anonymous said...

That's not the only example. There have been congressional hearings and environmental hearings like this one across the country day after day about the devastation being caused by Michelle Roth's clients while she continues to write sweet nothings about what lovely public service companies these foreign invaders are. Michelle Roth isn't just destroying Manalapan. She isn't just jeopardizing the health and lives of Manalapan children. She's doing this across the country.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Truth Squad. You couldn't be more right. Carlee was a wonderful young lady who represented the best of what Manalapan's kids should be.

I didn't think about it until now, but you're right that the TC should do something in her honor. I'm surprised they hadn't done it already, but it's never too late.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever get anything right?
The "girlfriend" was in the car with the driver. That's why she's facing sentencing. For being there and telling him to run. There wasn't any cell phone call to her.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gang of Three follower:

Apparently you read a different blog, because the one I just read never mentioned the girlfriend made a call or was called. What's your next posting going to be? That your last 10 messages were removed? Like your political bosses, you're pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Lets all pretend the post wasn't edited to change the mistake.

And if we all really believe, Tinkerbell will live.

reality bites said...

And I'll bet if we really wish hard enough, we'll spend even more taxpayer money on a lawsuit designed solely to pad our friend's pockets, all of whom are heavy Democratic donors, we'll get our names on signs on a field that one day will have to be ripped up because it made our kids sick, and we'll get our pictures in Town Hall because our egos are so large.

Oh, that's reality. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Vote for Roth 2008 said...

Thursday, April 06, 2006 7:42 PM
"I Hate Italians" Finally, Expression of Regret and Remorse from Deputy Mayor Roth of Manalapan, NJ


Our Congratulations to Steven Cataneo, President of Italian-American Association of Monmouth County, and those who supported him, and the Monmouth County Italian American Community in his campaign for a satisfactory solution to the incredibly inappropriate, and supposedly sarcastic "I hate Italian Americans" comment of the husband of Deputy Mayor Michelle Roth of Manalapan,NJ.

Mrs Roth, after a month of "stonewalling", and incredulously continuing to refuse to "apologize" for her husband's "hate" speech, allowed a matter that could have been handled quickly and properly, to blossom into a full fledged imbroglio, that resulted in a variety of people accusing each other of evil motives, and attacking one anothers character.

Credit also goes out to Committeeman Anthony Gennaro who resigned from the Democratic party, when some leaders defended Michelle Roth, and kudos to the Italian American community that construed Michelle Roth's silence in the face of her husband's remarks, as condoning them, in view of her not IMMEDIATELY apologizing for them, and disassociating herself from them.

When Mrs Roth ignored those entreaties, The Italian American Community called for her to resign. She continued to ignore.

Finally, with the threat of Italian Americans marching on City Hall, Michelle Roth, in a brief statement, said "Unfortunately, (Larry Roth's) attempt at humor was in very poor taste, and inappropriate, (Larry) has publicly stated his regret, and he has apologized. I share his regret, and I share his remorse. . . ."

But as if to excuse his behavior, Mrs Roth said, "As Jews, they were both extremely sensitive to issues of discrimination and bias and would never defame anyone". Yet, IF the Roths were BOTH SO Sensitive, Larry Roth would NOT have made such a grossly INSENSITIVE remark in the FIRST place, AND Michelle Roth would have expressed Regret and Remorse IMMEDIATELY, not belatedly and reluctantly, After calls for her to Resign !!!!!!

Additionally, Mayor Drew Shapiro read a Proclamation reaffirming the township's rejection of any form of bigotry and pride in the many ethnic groups within its borders. [The proclamation will be permanently affixed at the entrance to the Township Municipal Building.]

The committee also approved a resolution to offer a Sensitivity Seminar to anyone wishing to attend that will be organized by the New Jersey Civil Rights Commission. [The vote for a township wide sensitivity seminar passed unanimously. The Seton Hall video on Anti Italianism will be shown at the seminar.]

With all that said, I would disagree with Steven Cataneo's decision to "turn away 'busloads' of supporters at the urging of both the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office and the county Human Relations Commission. You send out an appeal for marchers, and then turn them away????? How discouraged they must have felt!!!! Their presence could ONLY have sent a stronger message.

Did Steve inadvertently demean our community by agreeing with the inference of authorities that large group of Italian Americans can not be trusted to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner????

And while I commend IAOV for their Email campaign, I also believe that in their trying their "best to defuse the situation," they let the Roth's

"off the hook too easily".

The remark, malicious or not, was Not IMMEDIATELY addressed by the self professed "sensitive" Roths.

As an Italian Jew, I ask you to imagine, were a person to have "sarcastically" said "I Hate Jews", what would have been my reaction, and what would have been the consequences??? We do Not Defuse. We Exact Retribution!!!!

The object is NOT to Defuse or Excuse. It is to get an IMMEDIATE and MEANINGFUL Retraction, and Repentance and Atonement !!!!!

If Michelle Roth was REALLY sincere she would have volunteered to Chair the upcoming Seminar, and promised that the seminar would be WELL attended by a spectrum of the Leaders of the Community!!!!!!!!

Thanks to IAOV

Tensions ease a bit over "hate" remark

Asbury Park Press

By James A. Quirk and Alesha Williams
Staff Writers

April 6, 2006

MANALAPAN — A group of about 50 Italian-Americans marched from the recreation complex to town hall last night, converging on the steps of the municipal building to denounce what they said were defamatory remarks made by the husband of Deputy Mayor Michelle Roth at a public meeting last month.

The turnout could have been much larger, but Italian-American Association of Monmouth County President Steven Cataneo said he turned away "busloads" of supporters at the urging of both the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office and the county Human Relations Commission.

Led by a cadre of little girls who held up an association banner and sang "God Bless America," the protest march got under way just before the start of the Township Committee's 8 p.m. meeting and culminated with several speeches from prominent Italian-American leaders, including John Guagliardo, president of the National Council of Columbia Associations.

"The central issue here is you can't get up at a meeting and say that you hate anyone," Guagliardo said. "It's sad that we have to do this in this day and age, but you have to let the township know it's unacceptable what's happened."

In an effort to defuse the controversy set into motion when Larry Roth made the sarcastic remark of "Because I hate Italians" at a March 8 meeting, Mayor Drew Shapiro read a proclamation reaffirming the township's rejection of any form of bigotry and pride in the many ethnic groups within its borders. The committee also approved a resolution to offer a sensitivity seminar to anyone wishing to attend that will be organized by the New Jersey Civil Rights Commission.

Harsh exchanges

But the meeting was not devoid of fireworks from both sides. A flier — distributed by the Monmouth County Democrats and alleging a connection between Cataneo, the association president, and the developer of the proposed Village at Manalapan retail center — touched off a heated speech by Committeeman Joseph Locricchio and a sharp rebuke from county Democratic Chairman Victor Scudiery.

Locricchio blasted the four-page, full-color brochure as "propaganda that would make the Soviet Union jealous" and lashed out at Scudiery for endorsing a movement that has only clouded the complex issue of bigotry.

Scudiery opted not to speak during the meeting, saying, "I do not wish to throw more fuel on the fire." Then he criticized Locricchio for political grandstanding.

In a brief statement, Michelle Roth again made it clear that her husband, Larry, does not harbor any bias toward any group. As Jews, she said, they were both extremely sensitive to issues of discrimination and bias and would never defame anyone.

"Unfortunately, (Larry Roth's) attempt at humor was in very poor taste, and inappropriate," Michelle Roth said. "He has publicly stated his regret, and he has apologized. I share his regret, and I share his remorse. . . . We will continue to work for a united community in Manalapan."

Larry Roth's statement was an off-the-cuff quip intended to mock local GOP Chairman Steve McEnery's questioning of whether the deputy mayor dislikes Italian-Americans. McEnery since has rejected statements made by Michelle Roth that his questioning was a form of baiting. In a previous interview, McEnery said committee candidates five years ago attempted to drive a wedge between the Jewish and Italian communities in Manalapan, and his questions were meant to ensure that Roth was not using those tactics.

Efforts to ease tensions

Earlier this week, the Monmouth County Human Relations Commission extended an olive branch to Michelle Roth and Cataneo and asked both to meet with mediators in an attempt to resolve the situation before last night's rally.

The Italian-American One Voice Coalition also stepped into the situation in Manalapan in an attempt to ease tensions.

"We've tried our best to defuse the situation," said Tom DeGenaro, director of communications for the coalition. "We think we have. . . . Mr. Roth made an unfortunate statement. We don't believe it was malicious. He's apologized for it publicly and stated his regret."

Some residents and the Monmouth County Democrats have accused Cataneo of having a connection with Richard Brunelli, the principal of Manalapan Retail Realty Partners, which is the developer of the proposal.

Manalapan Retail Realty Partners is an offshoot of the company that helped build Holmdel Commons and The Grove at Shrewsbury. It originally had two visions for the 135-acre Village at Manalapan project, which would be built at the intersection of Route 33 and Millhurst Road: the smaller version now before the Planning Board, and a "wish list" version of more than 850,000 square feet that would include 274 residential units, a movie theater and public parks.

The brochure distributed by the Democrats states: "Realtors and developers are leading the group that falsely claims that there were biased remarks. The most vocal person — a local Realtor — making the false claims has publicly advocated construction of the MegaMall. Realtor Steve Cataneo calls the MegaMall a "beautiful concept' and "a wonderful plan.' "

Before leaving last night's meeting, Cataneo said he intends to work with the county Human Relations Commission toward a solution.

"We'll see what happens," Cataneo said. "The future will tell. I think we made our point. Overall I think tonight was a success for Italian-Americans and the Italian-American Association."


Book: Anti-Italianism: Discrimination and Defamation in the History of Italian Americans


The ANNOTICO Reports are Archived at:

Italy at St Louis:

Italia Mia: (Community)

Anonymous said...

Miller apologizes in NBC statement for comments on Mediate

Associated Press

NEW YORK -- NBC Sports golf analyst Johnny Miller apologized for his description of U.S. Open runner-up Rocco Mediate , saying the comments had "absolutely nothing to do with his ethnicity."

Mediate, a 45-year-old Pennsylvanian of Italian heritage, held a one-stroke lead over Tiger Woods during the fourth round Sunday. Miller said Mediate "looks like the guy who cleans Tiger's swimming pool." He also said, "Guys with the name 'Rocco' don't get on the trophy, do they?"

"I apologize to anyone who was offended by my remarks," Miller said in a statement Friday through NBC. "My intention was to convey my affection and admiration for Rocco's everyman qualities and had absolutely nothing to do with his ethnicity. I chose my words poorly and in the future will be more careful."

Woods beat Mediate in a playoff that lasted 19 holes for his third U.S. Open title.

Sunday's fourth round on NBC drew a 7.5 national rating and 17 share. It was the highest rating for a U.S. Open since 2002 and a 17 percent increase over the 6.4 last year.

The first two hours of Monday's playoff drew the highest cable rating ever for golf with a 4.2 on ESPN. The rating is the percentage watching a program among homes with televisions, and the share is the percentage tuned into the broadcast among those households with TVs on at the time.

Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press

Anonymous said...

The most disgusting aspect of Michelle Roth's belated "remorse" about the "I hate Italians" incident was her outrageous comment that "as Jews we are" particularly sensitive to ethnic slurs. Really? She wasn't all that sensitive when she was smack in the middle of the only anti-semitic political campaign in 2001, supporting the anti-semitic campaign to further her own political career. I guess she and Larry weren't "Jews" then. Make no mistake about it. Michelle Roth, for all the blood money she has socked away by writing positive spin for the mining companies exploiting black Africans, is low class all the way. That will never change. There's no way to spin that.

Anonymous said...

Wow. the hate quad is really working overtime this weekend. What a smooth transistion from Carlee to Michelle Roth and politics. I'm sure Carlees family is very proud of the people who are using her daughter's name to promote hate.

Anonymous said...

Oh spare us, please, Larry. You and your wife have brought more hate to this government than even the Wards. You are disgusting low life people. DaTruthSquad was merely suggesting that there are more important things in this world than the cesspool of hate and vengeance that you and your immoral, overfed, reckless spouse have built around yourselves. Crawl back into your snake pit so that the rest of us can deal with more important issues than your latest target.

Anonymous said...

Only hateful people can turn a wonderful blog talking about abeautiful person like Carlee Wines into political fodder.

This blog speaks volumes about all that is important about a young girl's life and all that is wrong with the local politicians. They could have made a statement about what happened to Carlee, but instead they just raise taxes and do nothing to make this town a better place. Carlee's presence made Manalapan a better place. People like the mayor and some others on the township committee and their supporters are being disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken wasn't there the run/walk on 6/8 that the TC promoted to honor Carlee's memory *also raised schloarship money).

Anonymous said...

Took part in, but it wasn't their idea to do it.

Anonymous said...

How funny is this which was posted on

Manalapan: GOP Chairman McEnery re-elected for another 2 year termJune 17, 2008 � billgarcia

It was an honor to nominate Steve McEnery during last week�s Manalapan Republican Executive Committee reorganization meeting. The Committee voted and affirmed Mr. McEnery for a third term as Municipal Chair.

Chairman McEnery has been probably the hardest working chairman Manalapan has had and is the only chairman to get local Republican�s elected in the past 10 years - Kudo�s!

Mr McEnery has worked steadfastly to not let individuals with big egos and petty agendas tear the party apart. I offer congrats to Chairman McEnery for a terrific job, and wish him well in his new two year term.

Posted in GOP, Manalapan, NJ GOP, NJ Primary. Tags: GOP, Manalapan, Township Committee. No Comments �

Anonymous said...

McEnery is an ego maniac that stated he was going to protest the vote if he didn't win. He won by splitting the party right down the middle. ONE VOTE GARCIA DON'T YOU GET IT?

Of course you don't. You can even write a coherent letter when you asked Butch if you could quit your financial job in NYC to be a township committee person.. YOU ARE CLUELESS!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Don't yell at Mr. Garcia. We need more clueless people in townhall.

Maybe he won't be corrupted by Lucas who sold out the party to the Dems.

Maybe he will be happy to ear $7,700 a year at his new township job. Michelle Roth says it's a full time position!

By the way, Mr. Green is going to sell out the children as he dumps the school board. He sold out his ethics when he decided the first three years he would be a Republican because he wanted to keep politics out of the school board, then decided this year declaring he is a Republican would be ok since he isn't planning on staying there for the kids long enough for it to matter.

G & G losers!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Michelle Roth will wait until November for her victory party. Considering the complete losers she's facing, she might as well hold her victory party this week.

Or maybe that was the Lucas - Roth - McEnery plan all along????

aMalcontent said...

Where's Garcia's ethics? How about Green's? They both knew that the nomination process was corrupted and they both helped. Green had his sister become a county committee person. Garcia himself became one and so did a friend. Face it, without these votes neither of you would have been selected and neither would the fat party boss.

Anonymous said...

and dats da truth

Anonymous said...

Two for Tuesday

by daQuotester,

“A leader is not an administrator who loves to run others, but someone who carries water for his people so that they can get on with their jobs”

“True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders.”

Robert Townsend

u_ mean_ this_ letter said...

Greetings Mr. Budai
>My local rep, Susan Cohen, had recommended I reach out to you regarding a question I had.
>I was talking to her about volunteering for some vacancies on committee's, and I inquired where I can get information about running for office- be it local community board, or taking it to the State level.
>Can you tell me where I can get an "Everything you need too know to run for local office/council" or something?
>Like- what are the salaries? I'm sure it requires full time and would have to give up my current job- right?
>What about getting on a ballot &/or starting a campaign?
>Anything the club can provide would be awsome.
>If you can mail me anything, my address is:
>19 Lee Road
>Manalapan, NJ 07726
>thanks much!

info_for_Garcia said...


The Municipal Building is located at 120 Route 522 Manalapan NJ 07726. The main phone number is 732-446-3200

To: Manalapan Township Municipal Building

120 Route 522


Exit at Interchange 8. Take Route 33 East. Go approximately 10 miles to Sweetman’s Lane. Take jug-handle to cross-over Route 33. Go approximately two miles to traffic light. At light, make a right turn. Go about one mile to first traffic light. Make a left hand turn at light. Go straight for about one-half mile, you will see building on right hand side. It sits back a couple of hundred feet off the road. DIRECTIONS FROM EASTERLY DIRECTION

If coming from the East, (Freehold), take Route 9 North to Taylor Mills Road. Cross-over Route 9. Go straight approximately four miles. The road terminates at traffic signal. Make a left a couple of hundred feet before the light, at the post office.

DIRECTIONS FROM GARDEN STATE If coming from the north, take G.S. Parkway to exit 123 (Route 9 South)

Take Route 9 South about 12-15 miles into Manalapan Township. Make a right turn from Route 9 onto Taylors Mills Road. Follow Taylors Mills Road to the end (about 2-3 miles) to just before the intersection of Route 522. Make a left turn into driveway in front of Post Office and proceed to Municipal Building next door. DIRECTIONS FROM NEW BRUNSWICK AREATake Route 18 south to Route 9 south exit. Proceed south on Route 9 approximately 3 or 4 miles to Taylors Mills Road exit. Take Taylors Mills Road, heading west, to the end. Just before light at end of Taylors Mills Road, driveway on left into Post Office will take you to Municipal Building next to Post Office.

Please call (732) 446-8308 if you have any problems.

Anonymous said...

Garcia is clueless!

McEnery picked a winner here...NOT!

He is an IDIOT!

Green is no treasure either. "I didn't want to be a Republican for my first three years on the school board because that would be partisan. But, now that I am running for the Manalapan township committee, I'll be a Republican. I was always a Republican but I kept it secret so everyone would think I was non-partisan.

'nuf said!

BAMF said...


Anonymous said...

The sad part of Garcia's email is that Butch forwarded it to McEnry. Even with this, McEnry still picked Garcia to run against Butch. Shows how low McEnry had to scoop to find someone he can insert just so he didn't have to run Butch or Steve.

BAMF said...


Anonymous said...

The real reason Garcia was picked to run against Roth is so Roth could have every opportunity to win.

That's the McEnery-Roth-Lucas plan. How else can Lucas become mayor again? He can't do it without Roth's vote.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's a great idea. You have to look at the big picture. With Obama as president, Corzine as governor and Lucas as mayor, everyone in Manalapan will be defaulting on their mortgages, the economy will be in the tank, there'll be no one who can afford anything, property taxes will be through the roof. The result? All of the illegal aliens will leave and run back to Mexico. It's a brilliant way to deal with the illegal alien problem. It makes far more sense than arresting them or deporting them. When they're all back across the border, we can get rid of Obama, Corzine and Lucas and everything will be just fine. :)

Anonymous said...

Forget the illegals. Let them stay here, get amnesty, and get taxed like us.

I think we should all cross the border and go to Mexico. It will be hotter there but the taxes will be much less.

Anonymous said...


Can anyone elaborate on the Queen Roths newest deal. Last night Roth said in public that Manalapan Township has entered into a Shared Services Agreement with the Manalapan Soccer Club.

When did this happen? Oh and by the way, what services does the Manalapan Soccer Club share with the town?

Anonymous said...

They loaned their lights for Manalapan Under the Stars, and Manalapan loaned the striping machine so the club can paint their fields (Soccer club paid for the paint to do the field striping).

Anonymous said...

That was because twsp DPW employees did the work with Twsp equipment and were paid by the soccer club. Approved by Klauber. There is a police investigation and now all of a sudden its a shared services agreement! Is it in writing? I doubt it. Let's see it in writing Miss Piggy!!!

When it was exposed at the Rec Advisory Meeting by Mr. Rothweiler there was no comment by the Queen; now its a shared services agreement.

Here's the truth:

Mayor Piggy Roth(walks like a man) - Liar

Klauber - Liar
Tara - Liar
Spector - Liar

Maybe the Chief of Police should get off his "butt" and Investigate this?

What a class act of individuals running this town

Anonymous said...

Well this is all interesting.
How is it that Mr. Klauber with his one vote approved allowing DPW workers to get paid by the Soccer Club while using the Twp. owned equipment? Last time I checked they had to vote in public and it took 3 votes. Secondly, do not be so sure that our Chief of Police hasn't gotten up off his "Butt" and done his due diligence in this matter. :)

Remember it was Rick Klauber with his poor attempt at cross examinaing the Chief of Police told the Chief he expected him to get up off of his butt and walk over to Tara Tiara's office. I suspect the Chief has gotten up off of his butt in this matter.

A shared services agreement between the Soccer Club and the Township would also have to be voted on in public. Guess what it wasn't. The Queen, Her Tara Tiara, Her Alan Boy, and her Klauber I will second that have a lot of explaining to do.

Congratulations to George Rothweiler for opening his mouth and letting this get out in public. Thank you!

It's about time!!!

Anonymous said...

The soccer club makes money using our fields for free. They bought the lights to guarantee they get priority use of the cancer field. Lining the fields was just another perk for paying for the lights which should have been bought by the township with the fees they should have charged.

Anonymous said...

IS there any truth to the rumor that the synthetic turf field that Roth had to have installed is now finished and not going to be in use until Sprin 2009 while the warranty is ticking away on it?

The other rumor I heard is that a high ranking member of the soccer club owns a sports facility in manalapan and that he has installed the exact same brand synthetic turf field in his facility as the township has. Anybody know if that is true?

Anonymous said...

The field was completed just before Memorial Day. Ahhh Memorial Day you say, Manalapan's most notorious day. Yes folks it's the Manalapan Soccer Tournament. Of course we needed to show off the field. You see, without this field we would lose the teams coming here. THEY DON"T WANT TO BE RAINED OUT!!! Simple as that. The Soccer Club loses too much money. Speaking of money, how are they able to afford the lights and sod installation? How much money do they have in their bank accounts? How much of it is going back to Mike Hammer, the President of the club and owner of Sports Zone, the new indoor facility going up. Is he the same Mike Hammer of Manalapan that was convicted of stock market fraud?

I am unable to use the MANALAPAN Recreation Center the weekend when I would want to use it the most. I can't even drive near it because the traffic is horrendous. My taxes paid for that field and will continue to pay for the field. Why is a "private" organization allowed to do what EVER they want in this town? Why can they just use our equipment? Why do they pay our DPW employees for extra work in CASH? Are these DPW employees reporting it on their tax returns?

Watch for this from daTruthSquad