Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Da Queen Wins Democrat & GOP Primary At Da Same Time!

No, that's not a typo. Running unopposed, da Queen Mayor and her running mate Dandy Don won the Manalapan Democratic primary for Township Committee. However, that's not da news.

Da big story happened on da GOP'er side, where Poobah Puppets Blogger Bill Garcia and Ryan "3rd Place" Green took first place against Butch Budai & Steve Johnson and will face off against the Democrats in da fall.

DaTruthSquad congratulates da Queen Mayor who is guaranteed to be reelected in November. You can mark daTruthSquad's words on that - because - could that have been da plan all along?

Using a completely negative campaign, including calling his opponents "insurgents" although stopping short of using da word "terrorist," Manalapan's Grand Poobah's hand-picked candidates won da primary 28 & 26% to 23 & 22%. A number of rumors surfaced at da last minute, including that da Budai & Johnson campaign was being run by da Mosked Man. Obviously, all da name calling and even letters sent by da Poobah and other district members and what they contained did not cross da Christian ethic line, since not a word was said by Blogger Bill either in public or on his blog.

DaTruthSquad has seen many elections in da Kingdom, and this was da first contested primary in memory. Da question now is - will there be an Independent bid in da general election?

Da answer is - no.

If Budai & Johnson were to run they'd get a descent number of votes, bu da question is, will they, and will it be enough to siphon votes away from da Poobah Puppets and take enough votes away from da Democrats to have a chance. Da odds would be against them. Da Poobah Puppets have as much chance to beat da Queen mayor as Manalapan getting a tax decrease with da Queen as mayor.

So, all hail da Queen. And hail those who have helped her most.

Da question is - how many of those little helpers are calling themselves Republicans?

There was a little helper who was a part of da "No MegaMall" group who is a leading GOP'er.

Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy was a leading architect as mayor of da largest single tax increase in Kingdom history. On top of that wallot-breaker, he's leading da call for another tax increase! And da fact he sits on da dais between da Queen Mayor & Cash Klauber gives you an idea of where his allegiance may be.

So what will da next move be for da Manalapan GOP "insurgents?"

DaTruthSquad has heard a strong rumor that da group plans to take a page from Marlboro and split from da "MegaMall Republicans." By divesting themselves of the "old guard" and those who call them "insurgents," da "real" Manalapan GOP would (a) prosper with younger and better foot soldiers, (b) allow them to regroup for 2009, (c) siphon off potential workers and $$ from da Poobah Puppets and da Poobah himself, (d) go into 2009 with established leaders such as Susan Cohen, Budai, and Johnson, and (e) immediately take da power away from da Poobah, who would lead a group of 8 to 10 people including himself, his daughter and 2 Poobah Puppets.

It seems the best way to solve da problem of dealing with da Poobah may be to NOT deal with da Poobah. A separate party gives the "insurgency" as da Poobah calls them a better opportunity to grow and removes them from potential ethical problems that could arise from Team Poobah.

As da Queen wakes today, thanks to Andy Boy and da Poobah, Manalapan will be getting another big tax increase, more votes to continue "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, and another 3 years of da Queen's reign.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Cosidering the independent petition deadline was 4 PM 6/3, Budia and Johnson could only run a write in campaign.

They have no choice but to sit this election out as candidates.

Anonymous said...

The voters have spoken. You lost. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

The voters may have spoken but the wrong candidates won, and everybody knows it. So you get over it.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

I think that the people have to consider a Green/Holland ticket. IMHO they are the lesser of the evils. Garcia is too much a religious fundamentalist for my taste and Roth well, her record speaks for itself. As she has said in her ad she "got the job done" She has raised my taxes 2 years in a row and she has no plans to create ratables to offset our taxes. Roth seems to feel that we the taxpayers can absorb all of the townships financial shortfalls, we can't. Our quality of life is being affected by her spending plans.

Anonymous said...

Garcia DID sign the "Insurgents" letter.

His WWJD conscience is now converted to McEnery's "I'll F U any way I can" ethics.

Of course, Andrew Lucas had no problem with that. Ask every running mate he ever had!

Here comes the bus Bill!
Roth and Green are the chosen ones and you were a willing accomplice in stealing the line from Budai and Johnson.

Does you religion make you go to confessional? Maybe you should do it anyway! It couldn't hurt your soul to come clean.

Anonymous said...

2935. Garcia a Christian?
by DickensCider, 6/4/08 12:17 ET
Posted on Bill Garcia's website.
"My Name is Bill. I am a conservative Christian with traditional Christian values. My wife and I have three awsome children ages nine thru sixteen. We live in Monmouth county New Jersey and hoping that through lots of prayer and effort, we can do the unthinkable - get an honest, God fearing, people loving servant to lead this great nation!

He forgot to say "We are looking to get honest, God fearing, people loving servants to move to a town and screw hard working people who have been serving the town for years!"

Or how about "I need to know if I can quit my NYC job and get employed as a township committeeman. Does it pay enough? I really want to not have to commute to NYC"

Or "Let me follow McEnry instead of Jesus until I get the township job. Then I will make up with Jesus. After all, Jesus wants us to be evil to get what I want. I'll call Budai and Johnson insergents. Their families won't mind. Their friends won't get too upset. It's the Christian thing to do. Remember, DO UNTO OTHERS BEFORE THEY DO UNTO YOU..."

I'm glad I'm not like him! You won't find me at a Jews For Jesus meeting. Don't even try to make me like you Garcia!

Anonymous said...

I respect Bill Garcia for his beliefs. The moral strength that comes with religious convictions is a positive, despite many of you making it out to be a negative.

Anonymous said...

You respect him going after Budai and Johnson by calling them "Insurgents" He claims to be a Christian and plays the evil card!

Gotta respect that!

Anonymous said...


Main Entry: 1in·sur·gent
Pronunciation: \-jənt\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin insurgent-, insurgens, present participle of insurgere to rise up, from in- + surgere to rise — more at surge
Date: 1765

1: a person who revolts against civil authority or an established government; especially : a rebel not recognized as a belligerent

2: one who acts contrary to the policies and decisions of one's own political party

Anonymous said...

McEnry, Green, and Garcia had no intentions the word
"Insurgents" would be taken as your definition 2. In these days and times the term is used to inflame not describe political party actions.

The first definition doesn't apply because McEnery violated the state law by having two men from the same district, one being his chosen candidate Ryan Green, vote in the county committee vote. To act against civil authority would be what McEnery did by breaking the law.

To act against ones own party, McEnery again is at fault. He put the "Fix" in and Green and Garcia knew that he had. They went along with it. When you lie, cheat and steal, you are a liar, cheater and thief!

Again, not the Christian thing to do.

District 12 Republican said...

It was a shame that Butch and Steve lost, but I think datruthsquad makes a very interesting point as to what happens next. After the way they were treated by Green, Garcia, and McEnery, if I were them I'd have nothing to do with their campaign. Maybe the best thing to do is form their own local Republican party and take McEnery's power base out from under him. I know a few people who would join a new group. As much as I don't like Roth, I'll be sitting out this election.

Anonymous said...

Don't sit out, write in.

I am sure you know many people that are better than these morally deficient people. Write your own name in!

Write in Butch and Steve if you liked them before.

Send a message to the Republican leaders that corruption is not an option! Get rid of Stephen McEnery!

Tell em, play with the bull you get the horns!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but you folks elected the guy who gave you a 28% tax increase AFTER he voted for it. Now you have another mayor handing you a 14% tax increase. If you elect her too you people deserve everything you get.

Anonymous said...

Yea funny how the Princeton graduate who has never managed people thinks a purchasing agent is useless!

and he tells the world in a township meeting! How stupid.

Anonymous said...

2921. WyattEarp1-not the lawman-the lawless man!
by DickensCider, 6/5/08 16:03 ET
Re: Question for Butch... by attherinks, 6/5/08
Wyatt, I heard you screaming, what's wrong?
"I am not that (_____________) McEnery(Fill in the bad words yourself) I'm not, I'm not I swear I am not McEnery. Please believe me I am not McEnery. Please not Mcenery.

I want to go to heaven not hang out with McEnery, please God don't let me be McEnery Wwwwaaaaaaa Wwwaaaaaa oh know, it's hot in here......I must be McEnery.....oh God....Have mercy on my soles...errr I meant soul! oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm melting!!!!!! I'm melting!!!!!!!"

This was heard from many of the bloggers on this site. This is what is going to happen, eh Mr. Garcia? No flood but fire and brimstone. I would stay away from McEnery if I were you!

Evil is as evil does!

Anonymous said...

2921. Citizens for Tax Relief
by aMalcontent, 6/3/08 7:38 ET
Re: Question for Butch... by attherinks, 6/3/08
isn't that McEnry's PAC? Tax Relief? His boy Andy raised our taxes the highest ever! The treasurer of that PAC is his daughter Kristin, no not the sour puss one but the one married to the Englishtown cop.
Just to bring everyone up to speed. The split in the Rep party started 4 years ago when McEnry screwed Joey D from the TC nomination. One by one long time Republicans have been turning against McEnry. It's now down to a few old time loyalist who are afraid to lose their Republican County Committee seats. McEnry & Lucas keep recruiting new people, who eventually realize what they are doing & leave. The split widen drastically last year when Susan Cohen decided she would not be told what to do or say. She broke off from McEnry & Lucas. Butch stepped forward and announced that he would be her campaign manager. They were running their own campaign for Susan. As you saw Lucas didn't like this and attacked Susan every chance he could last year. The same way that Roth attacks Genarro. In the end, it was Butch and Stu that won the election for both Republicans. Butch with the campaign and persuading the Dems from Covered Bridge not to vote at all locally. Stu for defending Shapiro's father in the suit by his son. A son suing his father? How sad? But in the end it was Joey D that had the biggest impact last year. He took many Dem votes . So McEnry as you can see EVERYTHING comes back in full circle. Puharic is gone. So is your sour puss daughters job. Just save some face and announce that you're too busy playing with your grandchildren to be municipal chair. Go away, Manalapan doesn't want you!

Anonymous said...

I was just shown a flier from the Green/Garcia campaign accusing Budai/Johnson of potentially criminal acts. How do they get by with such hateful statements? Aren't they Republicans too?

I know Butch and Steve and they are the cream of the crop in Manalapan.

My advice to them is to contact an attorney and sue Green/Garcia and Steve McEnery. Since it was in the US Mail, could it be a federal crime? They should check it out!

Green and Garcia just lost my vote. I don't like Roth but how do you vote for vicious people?

Anonymous said...

Is that Englishtown cop related to McEnery the one that let Peter Hall off with a warning for DUI when he was McEnery's candidate? The DUI Andrew Lucas knew about but kept secret while on the township committee. Doesn't that oath of office require upholding the law and report when Peter was driving under the influence? Isn't Peter a fireman? Nice drunk fireman! Everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lucas is a jerk, ask Rebecca. Stephen McEnery split the party down to one vote. The loser candidates he slid in will be sliding out for Roth and Holland. Thanks for nothing you pieces of kjhdfgoh;nb prhra[orerfe!

Even datruthsquad would edit

LOSERS ALL. By the way could Andrew Lucas be up for ethics violation charges?

Anonymous said...

Oh...don't give away too much.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Rhoda ended up voting for McEnery. Was she a mole? Makes you wonder. First the slip of paper at the debate last year. Then she allowed the new CC people to be brought in. Butch stood up for her and she stabs him in the back. Butch stood up for her spineless friend Barry as well and he votes for "Status Quo"

Anonymous said...

McEnery was always completely right about her. He always called her a useless bag of wind that wasn't of any value to this township. Lucas said the same thing. Sure enough, when she had the opportunity to prove them wrong, she proved them right. Has there ever been a more annoying, worthless yenta than Rhoda? Is there even a reason she was put on this earth except to annoy everyone and accomplish nothing? Congratulations, Rhoda. Now EVERYONE has the same opinion of you.

Anonymous said...

Well said. For years, McEnery and Lucas have been publicly humiliating her and what does she do? She supports them and says, "Thank you sir. May I have another." There's not an ounce of brain in her head. Now watch what McEnery and Lucas do to her knowing there is no one who will defend her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rhoda. Because of your lack of self respect, you've just guaranteed Green and Garcia -- your weakest candidates as it is -- won't have any of the Republicans behind them who can actually win an election. Looks like we win by default again. LOL. You guys are too easy. We can always count on you to knock out the people we couldn't knock out ourselves. Now you see why we've been able to keep you guys out of power for ten years.

daQueen said...

I might even consider naming the trail in the new park after you Rhoda. You're so easy to walk all over.

Anonymous said...

have you heard anything about an former mayor fixing a ticket in Long Island for a senior citizen from Covered Bridge?

Anonymous said...

i don't know if datruthsquad heard, but there aren't many people in town who aren't aware that the former mayor -- Freehold's current representative on the township committee -- did this for the person who was the deciding vote in last night's fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Yep. A lot more people know about this than you'd think. Apparently, EDITH didn't take Archie's advice and stifle herself.

Anonymous said...

by the way, if the former mayor -- since he is not an attorney -- got involved on her behalf and used his title in the process, we're looking at jail time. Maybe there'll be a seat on the township committee for Butch or Steve after all.

Anonymous said...

it's already under investigation. Right now, Andrew is the most investigated man in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Rho...Rho...Rho....your vote... turn your back on your friends.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said Andrew is the most investigated person in Manalapan -- I'm sure that's true. I was amazed at how out of control he was at the meeting Monday night. He was screaming, angry, making things up about talking to people he never spoke to. He looked like he was ready to start foaming at the mouth. He was so out of control one of the county committee people actually said he was acting like a Nazi. That sounds to me like someone under an enormous amount of pressure -- the kind of pressure Frank Abate was under just before.....

Anonymous said...

Rhoda is a sellout! She sold her vote to be the vice chair? That is corruption isn't it?

How about selling a vote to get a ticket fixed? Wouldn't that be corruption of the fixed and fixer?

At least Rhoda didn't get a ticket fixed.

Rhoda is still a sellout. Rhoda has been selling out people for years! Ask anyone who she knows. They all will tell you not to trust Rhoda.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Rhoda made the arrangement to help out "Little Edith". She was sitting next to her at Dunkin Donuts.

Anonymous said...

I heard it was Andrew helped Edith get out of a ticket for ramming another person in her car. I hope it isn't true.

Andrew and ramming in the same sentence. How funny!

BAMF said...

Here is a question for you all on the fabulous datruthsquad site.

If someone has their head up your A**, are you the puppet or are they the douche bag?