Friday, July 31, 2009

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse For Da Corzin-ator

OK, we have to admit even we couldn't think things could get worse for Governor Cor-slime. It's not often daTruthSquad is wrong, but yes, it's getting worse by da day - and we mean each day this week!

1. President Obama comes to da state, and into Monmouth County to give Gov. Tax-zine a big boost. If a 4 point slide in da latest polling is a boost, maybe Obama should have stayed in Washington.

2. Then comes da biggest political corruption sting in state history! Da majority of people stung are Democrats, including a big chunk of da Hudson County Democratic machine. Among da either busted or under suspicion, da Hoboken Mayor who recently had a big photo op with Con-zine, and right-hand man & DCA head honcho Joe Doria!

3. He says he asks Doria to resign. Instead, he apparently "retires," apparently a probable pension situation so he can keep his well-above-six-figure pension.

4. Corzine-a-roni decides to deflect things by announcing his Lieutenant Governor running mate, who turns out to be the second-oldest New Jersey career politician, Grandmama Loretta Weinberg. Apparently he decided against da contestant from da Apprentice, and we're sure others in da running included Sanjaya from American idol, and da tax cheat from Survivor. Kudos for Corey Booker who's smart enough to not get on da SS Corzine before it sinks.

5. There was supposed to be a major presentation of government money to be made in New Jersey. Biden & Obama were so scared off by da corruption arrests, they moved it to Pennsylvania!

6. Now that former US Attorney Chris Christie, who had a hand in the latest corruption arrests has picked a sheriff as his running mate, and Corzine picked his elderly aunt, Con-zine is now touting himself as da "anti-corruption" candidate best suited to bust up corruption in da state! In addition, anyone who decides to vote for him gets first dibs on a really nice bridge to Brooklyn for sale.

7. Senior Senorita Loretta will love this - Con-zine apparently has signs that read "Obama & Corzine." (special thanks to MoreMonmouthMusings for pointing this out). Apparently his new running mate for Lt. Gov. is President Obama. Does Obama know this? Was Auntie Loretta at an "Early Bird Dinner" at the time? Look for Obama's poll numbers to drop just on this alone!

8. More Cor-slime news - one of da 44 bad dudes at da center of da big corruption arrests turns up dead in his Hudson County home. Reasons unknown. He was a powerful Democratic political "consultant." You can't make this stuff up.

9. A news story says Joe Doria, who "retired" rather than resigning under orders, was allegedly being discussed by one of da 44 arrestees as a potential recipient of cash from da FBI informant. He may have done nothing wrong, but no wonder his home and office were raided by da FBI. Oh, did we tell you that as head of da powerful DCA, it was Doria's job to dole out taxpayer money to municipalities, and was one of da top cabinetmakers in da Corzin-ator's cabinet!

DaTruth is, anyone tied in any way to da Cor-slime will have that slim sooner or later ooze on them. Iroically, one of those on da Con-zine ticket this year is none other than Manalapan's Queen Michelle. Boy, did she pick a good year to try to run for higher office. You know that her GOP opponents will paint her as Con-zine's best friend in Monmouth County, and if they don't, they're crazy. Then again, much like Con-zine, da Queen of Mean's record in politics speaks for itself - and we're talking volumes here.

Now, as all of da TruthTellers know, this is usually da time daTruthSquad takes our yearly sabbatical to our enclave in Truth or Consequences. This year's trip will be especially special, because it seems each year we take our vacation, either a township attempting to take da First Amendment and sticking it into a meat grinder files a frivolous lawsuit, or a former mayor attempts to use that very same meat grinder because they quite possibly feel someone writing complimentary kudos is a no-no. YES - THAT MEANS SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT SOMEONE COULD POTENTIALLY GET YOU A LEGAL NOTICE!!!!! We'll see what happens this time around.

Anyway, da blog administrator will be on duty at all times. Of course, when daTruthSquad returns, don't be too surprised to read more about Roth & Corzine, frivolous "You're nice" lawsuits, land deals gone bad, political corruption and who knows, maybe even da opening salvo of da return volley in da "Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked Man." Will da Mosked Man file lawsuits against those who went after him for no reason - and who has da potential to be da receiving end of a Mosked Man lawsuit?

DaTruthSquad will have that information - and soon. And that's daTruth.


Ruth Ginsberg said...

time to make up a phonus balonus comment stu, so as to deceive people into believing that anyone gives a shiyt about your trashy, unfunny website.

Anonymous said...

Roth trapped on the Corzine ticket. It couldn't happen to a better person. They both deserve each other as the biggest taxers and spenders in history - Roth in Manalapan and Corzine in the state.

Anonymous said...

You probably know this Squad, but you're blog is being trashed by another comment site run by a certain former Transcript reporter who hates you.

Isn't it ironic that the same hideous comments that were spamming this site are now being written on that certain former Transcript reporter's site who hates you?

Anonymous said...

In response to the last blogger:

The difference between this blog and the other one is, this one you can keep your anonymity and post freely without retribution.

On the other one, the snoopy host demands to know who you really are, yet still allows vile comments and spam on her site. I'll bet that the same people who registered all of their personal information on her site are the very same people who wrote vile things on this site, because since her site started, not one vile post has been put up here. Good work Squad keeping away the people who are making Manalapan the laughingstock of the state and nation.

Anonymous said...

Now I can understand why Cathy Barata no longer works for the Transcript. Ever since Mark Rosman began writing for them, their reports on Manalapan have been objective and free of bias. Now I actually read the Transcript again.

Anonymous said...

Fred Stonehenge, Kathy Barata, Larry Roth, Gerry Ward. Interesting to see who is posting on that other site. Interesting indeed,

Anonymous said...

I wish we had someone like you in Hoboken. I've been reading this site since they tried to take away your First Amnendment rights. Keep fighting the good fight, and write about Hoboken sometime. As you know, there's probably enough corruption in Hoboken as you proved there is in Manalapan.

KB said...

If you really want to read a quality website about the positive things in Manalapan, free of spam and vile postings, simply go to my site and stay away from this one.

My site is

Anonymous said...

I checked out brillohead's site. Interesting how all the people registered there are friends of Roth. I wonder how many will get political taxpayer funded jobs if she wins in November?

FYI - I will never go back to her website. I tried to register, but they want so much personal information I could get a credit card or open a bank account and give less of my personal info. It's obvious to me they're too nosy and have a personal agenda IMHO, because asking for that much personal info isn't right.

KBee said...

This was on the Manalapan forum briefly before Larry "I hate the first amendment" Roth had it erased. Fortunately, it's still on the Marlboro forum, so we're able to copy it here:

3483. Good thing.
by terrytheater, 7/29/09 13:12 ET
Re: Is this site a joke??? by EXCUUSEME, 7/29/09
On another forum, someone asked to identify how Michelle Roth has been corrupt. My response was "I'm glad you asked:" Oh boy, am I glad you asked. Well, first she was responsible for raising taxes over 50% in Manalapan in two years. Second, she has singlehandedly blocked the building of the Village Center in Manalapan to protect her friend's project -- John Lynch. She tried to force through a purchase of a property -- partly owned by John Lynch -- for three times the appraised value. She forced the building of an unneeded artificial field for $1,000,000 that has been shown across the country to be dangerous for kids. She accepted campaign contributions from convict John Lynch. She was the main factor in the litigation to nowhere in Manalapan which, because she's running for office this year, she had the Township drop without even getting a release. She paid the township engineer -- who is the principal contributor to her campaigns -- $90,000 for engineering work for a $10,500 cleanup. Anyone knowing anything about UST cleanup knows that's ridiculous. You know where the bulk of that $90,000 is going, for sure. Hey, there are plenty of other examples, but that's a good start. This woman is the most corrupt politician in Manalapan's history. And, given the fact that we're talking about Manalapan, that's saying something. Now, give me even one instance of Caroline's being corrupt.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting how everyone on that other site who hates Stu, including the idiot (gee, ya think it might have been Fred Stone, still angry over Miracle's Law) is either fined, convicted, fired or has a losing business. If you judge someone by the enemies they make, Stu may be the second coming.

Anonymous said...

Poor Fred. No one is going to Kathy's new website or whatever it is, so he is forced to post here. What does that tell you? It tells you that Fred knows no decent person is going to even read Kathy's website, so if he wants to poison the minds of people other than the scum that reads her seventh failed website, he has to try to post on what everyone acknowledges is still the most successful website in Western Monmouth County. And Fred just makes it all that much more successful. :) Thanks Fred. You're not just keeping up the traffic here, you're providing comic relief. Tell us the one about how Eliot Spitzer was wrong to fine your partners $180,000,000. That's always a knee slapper.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is going to her site. Just another lie posted by the same person who posted the las 11 comments!

Anonymous said...

LOL. No one is going to her site. Why would they? What normal person with a family and a job and positive things to keep them busy would bother taking five minutes of their day out to wade through the cesspool of hate, venom and filth that is her site. There are three or four posters -- mostly the depraved and unstable Fred Stone -- who post there. No one wanted to read the nonsensical, distorted, and untrue accusations they posted on NJ.COM, including the administrator of the site, so why would they want to go to Kathy's site to read them. By the way, if you ever had any doubts as to how low a person Kathy is, then maybe you should catch a quick glance at her site with this in mind. No one signed up for her site criticizes the ugly filth that passes for discussions on her site. The entire site is nothing but one rant after another. She does not remove even the most disgusting and unfounded accusations. That site tells you everything you need to know about Kathy and the people she associates with. Normal, decent citizens need not apply.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM -- this says it as well as it could be said:

Is Fred Stone really Kim Jung Il? by datrutroot, 8/2/09

There's a remarkable similarity. Kim constantly attacks the United States, like the United States really takes him seriously. He's proven himself to be a certifiable nutjob incapable of running his country or doing anything else. His people are starving and he's been a total failure in everything he's done. Beginning to sound familiar? Fred is also a total failure, having caused his client to pay a $180,000,000 fine while paying a $25,000 fine himself (because he obviously couldn't afford to pay any more than that). He hasn't accomplished anything and was a total failure as a politician. He constantly attacks Stu Moskovitz whose shoes Fred couldn't shine let alone wear, while Stu probably barely knows he exists. Just like Kim keeps saying the United States is threatening him, Fred keeps saying Stu is posting. Kim has a little more hair than Fred, but other than that, I really don't see much difference.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is going to her site. People want the truth, not the filth and lies that you spew with impunity. Well, your belief that you post with impunity. We shall see about that soon enough.

Anonymous said...

No one? There are over 2,000 views and you were definitley one of them!

Anonymous said...

I saw this on and had to post this here before the KB Squad deleted it. It proves beyond a doubt that the Manalapan Township Committee has some explaining to do regarding the Moskovitz lawsuit.

I at first didn't believe for one minute that it wa ap olitical vendetta by some, but now the evidence is becoming overwheliming.

4403.1.1. Are you not worried about the cost...
by db7753, 8/3/09 10:56 ET
Re: It was sheer curiosity...... by db7753, 8/3/09
this has gone on long enough. Beleive me he was earnig a living during this time. Enough already . It is a shame that it got this far when it was known early on he didn't have the malpractice insurance to cover the loss if he was found guilty. That being said your point of an action against the town is warranted. This has made this town a laughingstock and we need leaders that work for us and not against us. This lawsuit clearly was working against us because it was unwinnable. If they won we lost as we couldn't be reimbursed. Now that we lost we lose as he can keep suing and we would be forced to defend ourselves. A real no-win situation. Perhaps some thought needed to go into this first before acting. I was told directly in repsonse to my email by then Mayor Lucas via email his response (although it was cleverly electonically signed by the township administrator) that not one dime would be spent. Well even with the stated $7K - last I checked that more than $0.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone is going to her site. People want the truth, not the filth and lies that you spew with impunity. Well, your belief that you post with impunity. We shall see about that soon enough." Kathy, you get funnier every day. Your site is the most hate filled, low class white trash forum in Monmouth County. I agree. People are going to the site -- ONCE. Once they read the juvenile rantings on your site -- there hasn't been a single worthwhile, intelligent comment yet -- they are done forever. That's how your other websites failed. And as long as you allow people like Fred Stone to say anything he wants no matter how ridiculous it is and without any proof or even REASON to think what he's saying is true, spare us the protests that your site has the "truth." Fred is the principal poster on your site. Fred has been all but banned from this site. That says everything that has to be said about the dignity and value of the two sites.

Anonymous said...

The best explanation yet:

4405. when I was attending NYU
by nuttystone, 8/3/09 15:51 ET
I took a behavioral psychology course where we had to observe patients at Bellevue. I noticed there were a few patients who would spend the entire day doing the same repetitive action. For example, one patient would take a deck of cards, lay them out on the table one by one, remove them all and begin again, over and over. My professor explained that this repetitive action, accomplishing nothing, provides security for a disturbed schizophrenic patient. It provides a "familiar" setting with which they can be comfortable. I'm reminded of that each day when Fred Stone posts attacking Stu, the posts get deleted probably without ever being read by anyone, let alone Stu, and then he posts them again, and they get deleted again, over and over. I think I'm beginning to understand now.

3 Cheers For Mr. Bruzzi!!!! said...

Finally, someone who truly tells it like it really is. I was at the July TC meeting, watching Brillo slam this site and while shamelessly promoting her own new site.

Thanks Dennis for telling it like it really is. I copied this post here because you know someone from "Da KB Squad" will delete it before the sun rises.

4407. Open letter to KB
by db7753, 8/3/09 16:36 ET
In response to KB's attack of me on her site MAybe "politically Correct" was a bad choice of words.- The correct verbiage should be "better" since you are gone.
I was not alluding to you backing me but simply writing about me and thank you for that. It was my own inexperience admittedly that caused me not to be on the ballot. I never blamed anyone

Referring to the paper as the "snoozer" was done in the context of da truthsquad verbiage. I seem to get along very well with Mark so I guess he doesn't hold that against meas much as you do.

I will not register on your board as while you say it is one sided here (which it is) it is most definitly onesided there. Just look at your list of attendees. They have one thing on their agenda - to bash Stu. Bash all you want I really don't care but please do not insult us that your site is fair and partial. You use it to take cheap shots at people as well as infomercials for certain candidates.

Honestly KB i don't answer challeneges from you or your cronies I only answer to my wife and my kids

See ya

Anonymous said...

Another excellent Dennis Bruzzi posting on - before the KBSquad deletes it.

4409. Dont't worry..
by db7753, 8/3/09 21:40 ET
I won't ever attempt to run in this town. If a simple letter to the editor telling Stu to back off labels me a stu lover well I guess the reaction of the bloggers on her site and this one (which by the way are one in the same) then I am at a loss about the future of this town, KB's site does bashing just as much as this site. I choose not to patronize that site. It is my choice. I applaud her for trying to set the record straight with what appears in her mind to be a non patisan site but in my opinion she has failed. There is bashing going on there too. My reasoning for not posting there is that with all the negativity on BOTH sites it goes to the overall climate in this town. SO it begs the question - where does that sentiment come from? I say it starts with our leaders. Sorry but the ones I met I like personally but in the past year I saw so much back stabbing and just overall poor behavior by all in leadership that it is no wonder there is such behavior on BOTH sites.

Serious questions about Barata's site said...

I tried to sign up for Barata's website. After starting the process, I abruptly stopped, because what I found was disturbing.

First, IMHO I believe they only want their own viewpoints registered and nobody elses, so they control content 110%, which shows they have an agenda, probably for fear they may have to counter-balance current bloggers on her site who use hate speech.

Second, why do they possibly need my full name, address, telephone, and email address and other private information? I'm not applying for a home loan or facing surgery - it's just a chat site! That says to me they want to have personal info on people, and allowing people of that ilk to have your personal info scares me - and should scare you too. If I wrote something on that site someone didn't like, would they call and harrass me since they would have my phone number, or spam my email like some used to spam this website's comments? Would they just drive up to my house and harrass me or harrass me at work? They could even post my private info supplied and there would be nothing I could do about it.

I for one will no longer read her site, and I will not register there. It's obvious to me what it is. Freedom of Speech is not in that website's lexicon, and fear of persecution is obvious considering those who have already signed up there.

Anonymous said...

^^ You tried this on the Manalapan forum and were exposed for the vile buffoon that you are, when you told a poster they should perform oral on you.

If you want to participate with real people, be a real person, not a creep.

You are lying of course. It has been published that you tried to join with an alias JM265 and a phony email address. Your objective clearly was to spam the site. When called out on this information in the forum, you had it deleted, then came to this honest and open blog and posted the same lie. Now you are attempting to use DaTruthSquad to perpetrate your lies. Shame, Shame.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Michelle Roth has picked a fight with the Chief now. I'm losing track. Let's see. That's the administrator, the CFO, the DPW director, the recreation director, the animal control officer, the zoning officer, the former township attorney, her former running mate, the world class orchestra conductor, Italians, Orthodox Jews, bloggers... whew. have to catch my breath. Is there anyone this vicious, rabid animal CAN get along with?

Anonymous said...

oh wait. I forgot. Add to the list of people she hates and abuses, African mine workers. Of course, that's just for money.

Anonymous said...

Ask any seasoned elected official amd they will tell you, that you never ever attack your chief of police, it is political suicide.

I guess Michelle Roth did not get that memo.

Now every police department in the 12th district is against her.

Caroline Cassagrande and Declan O'Scanlon, the victory is yours in November.
Victory is yours!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what all of "you" people are complaining about. Michelle Roth is helping with jobs, the democratic way. The attorney will have plenty of work with her in office. She is also just redistributing the wealth from the old to the new. A young kid should be running the police department. Look at the young kid who was Mayor in Hoboken. That's the democratic machine for you. find an enemy and attack them. ACORN should be showing up in town soon.

Anonymous said...

i realize this is off the subject, i just read the paper where the town council wants to suspend the chief for a day.People,this is out of control,this animal of a woman and her puppets have lost there mind.

regardless of this towns downfalls,the police dept in my mind is ran like a well oiled machine.the police are very active and part of the is written that he will fight this in court(which i agree with).how much will this cost the taxpayers,based on what i read,the only mistake he made was calling her a lady.

I,you,everone.we have to start attending these meetings.this is insane and is only getting worse.

Klauber,you should be ashamed!!!!!!!!

Roth will lose said...

So, not only is one of the best Chiefs of Police in the state suing State Assembly candidate and Queen of Mean Michelle Roth, but the attorney representing Chief Brown's discrimination case is none other than Stu Moskovitz!

This is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

Vic Scudiery can probably hear the laughter coming from Republican headquarters.

Anonymous said...

You just knew that Moskovitz would find a way to make his enemies lives even more miserable. I think by the time he's done there going to have to change the name of "Manalapan" to Moskovitz."

Anonymous said...

^ He would like that wouldn't he? After all, Manalapan residents are all bozos to him. Only a meglomanic would say something like that.

I know you know where to go get the proof of the bozo statement, so don't try to deny it.

Anonymous said...

Moskovitz was hired by Chief Brown, a well respected Police Chief and a wonderful family man.
Never before in the history of Manalapan have we had a Police Chief sue the town or an elected official and administrator.
The public needs to ask why the Manalapan Chief of Police has chosen to specifically name Michelle Roth and Tara Lovrich in his complaint. What have these two woman done?

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, this Moskovitz guy with Philly roots is quite the contender. He has taken more hits than Rocky Balboa and still continues to deliver knock out blows to these idiots. What the idiots in Manalapan don't realize is this guy took on the corrupt machine in Philly and won. Manalapan is lucky he hasn't sued in a civil case. He would win in spades!!!! I would also like to see this guy be the State Attorney General and really root out corruption. That would be priceless!!!You think Christie was something...whoa!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Fred is spamming this site again. "Bozo" is a favorite word of Fred's. Anyone who knows him well has heard him use that word often. I'll bet not one person has ever heard Stu use that word. Transference, transference, transference.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he hasn't deliverd one knock out blow. That makes him more like Spider Rico, a pretender, rather than a contender.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this is on is a genious!

4429.1.1. I assume you're Fred
by terrytheater, 8/7/09 11:21 ET
Re: Interested observer by terrytheater, 8/7/09
Aside from the fact that as a matter of probability, that's always a good assumption on this site, your lack of understanding of reported facts gives you away. As I read it, the Township was forced to drop their frivolous lawsuit against Stu without as much as getting a release, meaning they will be defending a lawsuit down the road. That's a good old fashioned butt kicking in my book. This "suspension" has been hanging around for months now, Stu shows up and in about an hour, there's a ruling that it's invalid because, as usual, the gang that can't shoot straight didn't follow the law. Now, he's got them defending an age discrimination lawsuit, which is not going away any time soon. This sounds like a lot of butt kicking to me. Not to mention what he did to Shapiro. Oh, and didn't Gerry Ward file a lawsuit in January, 2005 to prevent him from being the Township Attorney -- that was thrown out of court before the ink was dry? And yet you go online oblivious to reality as usual, spending all your time and energy making silly attacks on a blog read by maybe 50 people tops and another blog by a similarly deranged individual visited by about 15 people tops, while the guy you hate, for reasons that others have posted, continues to actually do something productive with his time in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Fred is spamming this site again. "Bozo" is a favorite word of Fred's. Anyone who knows him well has heard him use that word often. I'll bet not one person has ever heard Stu use that word. Transference, transference, transference.

Well, we have you here lackey. Go to the other site you all complain about and view the post where Fred posted an email from Stu, referring to the residents of Manalapan as

"I don't think any of the bozos in Manalapan were aware......"

So, you see, not only did one person "hear" that word used, that person "read" it in an email.

Keep up the lies and carry on lackey. It won't be much longer :)

Anonymous said...

Fred, you have to be the one that just referred to that email. There isn't another person in Manalapan -- not even someone who reads Kathy's hate site -- that is dumb enough not to realize to the fact that you made that email up. As was said in response to the twenty times you posted this on NJ.COM -- because you're out of work and have no life -- no one has ever heard Stu use the word "bozo" and we've heard you use it many times. Just one more example of why you shouldn't be going up against someone like Stu when you're not smarter than a fifth grader. Look, we all know your hatred of Stu is all about Miracle's Law. We all know about your "friendship" with Michelle Roth. And we all know that Michelle hates the chief for the same reason -- to protect you. You're exposed, Fred. Give it up, already.

Anonymous said...

It won't be "much longer" for what Fred. Hey, it's Friday. We're all up for a good laugh, and every threat you post, you effete washed up loser, is always a knee slapper.

Anonymous said...

Stu, Stu Stu, not everyone is Fred. You have Fred on the brain.

Anonymous said...

Of course not everyone is Fred. But all of the posts lately about Stu are Fred. Fred has no life. Fred has nothing to do all day. Fred has no self esteem. So the posters are indeed all Fred. But not everyone is Fred. There are plenty of people out there living normal lives who aren't mentally deranged like Fred. But the fact that you call everyone Stu pretty much lets us know you're Fred. We all know about Miracle's Law and why it caused you to be obsessed with Stu. No one else has been affected by Miracle's Law, Fred. It has to be you.

kingsman said...

i'm sure stu will enjoy the email scrapbook that's going up on kathy's blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure will never see them. If you haven't figured it out by reading the papers lately, Stu is practicing law and enjoying life while the half dozen out of work trolls with no families, no careers, no purpose for living other than obsess about Stu are talking to themselves on a silly little blog that no one reads thinking they are accomplishing something. How sad for them.

Anonymous said...

You do a really good job of describing yourself lackey. Out of work troll fits you to a tee. Carry on Lackey. I'll guarantee you Stu has taken notice and it's all your fault. Everything that gets said about Stu is because of you. Just remember that on judgement day.

Anonymous said...

Fred, no one is going to take threats seriously from a person who is such an incredible loser that he has nothing to do with his life but obsess about Stu day after day. If you want to keep making a total a$$ out of yourself, knock yourself out. You're obviously not hurting Stu any, and you are showing everyone what kind of people Michelle Roth is close to. Every time you post is just another nail in Michelle's coffin.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how Fred Stone constantly uses the word "Lackey" to refer to everyone who posts? It's funny because he's the only person who's actually admitted to being a lackey. Having no life of his own, no personal accomplishments, nothing to be proud of, no reason for any self-esteem, he's allowed himself to become Michelle Roth's chief lackey, spending every minute of his life fixated on online blogs. And if you're going to be someone's "lackey" is Michelle Roth the best you can do? How sad. I guess that's why people reading his posts keep saying, "transference, transference, transference."

Anonymous said...

Fred doesn't use the word lackey, we do and we only do it when we are writing about you, the lackey. It's not funny, it's factual What's funny Lackey, is your childish attempt to have everyone believe that you are mulitple posters.

You are the sole reason for everything that's said about you know who. You can't stop attacking every current and former TC committee person, including private citizens. We just fight back lackey. You and your master's bullying days are coming to a close.

Anonymous said...

Last comment didn't make it, so I will shorten it. Carry on lackey.

Anonymous said...

8/10. still alive. what time do billy and reaper arrive on pony express?

Anonymous said...

So I see that Kathy's website has already failed. It's clear even to Fred, Michelle Roth's chief lackey who calls everyone else a lackey, that if anyone is going to read the rantings of this brain dead out of work loser, he's going to have to post here, cause ain't nobody home at Kathy's place.