Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something Smells Funny At Manalapan's Sewer Authority

Da problem here is - this isn't funny - and it could seriously cost anyone who lives in Manalapan and Marlboro who flush their toilets.

Although their investigation received no fanfare at da time, and flew completely under da radar, da Asbury Park Press recently reported that da WMUA Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler Executive Director Michael Dimino is leaving his post after just two years. Dimino was brought in by approval of da board and attorney/sewer dude Eric Abraham. Now, on da surface, this may only wave a small red flag. Now, here's some more things that daTruthSquad's cleaning person found clinging to da bowl that might get your attention:

1. Dimino - and his $115,000 yearly salary - according to da newspaper, either resigned or was forced out -- nobody knows -- and nobody's talking about it says the Asbury Park Press --- "Board of Commissioners Chairman Eric Abraham declined to say whether the board had asked Dimino, 59, to step down or whether he had resigned."

2. You may not be aware, but your toilet-flushing dollars pay for a public relations service for a sewer authority! A fellow named "Jeff Meyer" is da paid-for spokesman for da WMUA. While it is unknown exactly what Meyer, who has been involved in at least one Democratic campaign in da past, makes as a sewer mouthpiece, a daTruthSquad investigation says da figure could be as much as $12,000 to as high as $48,000 per year.

3. Dimino replaced "FBI" Frank Abate, who went from sewer chief to thief to inmate, following an investigation and raid of da WMUA by da FBI and criminal prosecution.

4. Adding insult to injury, it appears there may be a "negotiation" as to what Dimino will leave with -- and we're not talking about toilet-flushing privileges here. While Dimino has da right to leave a position he's been hired for, don't da people who pay his salary have da right to know if any potential wrongdoing is involved, rather than da "Cone of Silence" treatment?

This begs a number of bowl-stopping questions:

Why is Dimino really leaving? Is he being forced out? Did he do something wrong? Is he ill? Is he taking a better job somewhere else? Did someone else do something illegal and he wants no part of it? Was he looking to pad his pension? Is he retiring? Is there an investigation going on nobody knows about?

Why is Eric Abraham silent about this? Why is da other Manalapan sewer dude, Mr. Toubin, who was put back into his position at taxpayer expense by da Queen, da Commissar, and alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy, not talking about it? Why was he put back in via a non-public interview process, as stated by da local Snoozepaper?

Now, according to da guy who speaks on behalf of toilet water, Dimino's departure could not be discussed "for personnel reasons." In other words, they don't want to discuss it.


Why all da secrets? This isn't da White House during George Bush's term? This isn't Dick Cheney's office? This isn't da Manalapan Township Committee executive session? This is a sewer authority, for crying out loud! Their job, for lack of a scientific explanation, is to take crapola out of water! And for that - da head sewer rat making six figures is leaving - and not one person paying a toilet flushing fee is being told why by a paid-for spokesperson!!!

If you're da Queen, or da Commissar, and you have big election campaigns going on this year and these are your supported people, wouldn't you think they're asking questions - or should be?

Will "Sewer-gate" cause da Queen's or da Commissar's political ambitions to get stuck around da U-bend?

Could da "Great Manalapan Sewer Caper" be da Queen's "Waterloo?"

DaTruth is, something smelled fishy when it was discovered a sewer authority had its own public relations specialist. Da fact is -- da guy who replaced da guy who was sent from da sewer to da prison is now leaving under a floater? No reasons why? No word on why someone who may be resigning for whatever unknown and hidden reason, even if it was "personal" and not "personnel" would receive further compensation? And can someone please explain to us all exactly why Dimino's leaving "had been discussed previously - but not publicly?"

One would think that, especially with da sordid past da local sewer authority has (FBI Raid, former head sent to prison, 30% toilet flushing fee increase in 1 year, "Taj Mahal-gate), that da commish who replaces da jailed commish , if he leaves, could do so without cloak-and-daggerisms, and his taxpayer-funded lieutennents (these guys get salaries & health benefits) could be a bit more forthcoming?

Don't da people of Manalapan and Freehold and Englishtown and Marlboro who pay for da service all have da right to know?

Yes, indeed. Something smells funny - again - at da Sewer Authority -- and daTruthSquad will keep our noses down despite da odors to track da stench wherever it leads.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Again, another reason I'd be concerned if I were Roth or Klauber running for office. Their hand-picked people on the WMUA approved this guy, and he leaves under a clould of suspicion and with apparently a big paycheck too. Great job DTS for unearthing this. I'm sure Roth & Klauber's opponents in the election will find this interesting. As a taxpayer in Marlboro, I found it very intresting.

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious. The sewer authority has a paid-for spokesman??????????????

Talk about a complete waste of taxpayer money! More political patronage jobs.

Anonymous said...

We pay all this money to the WMUA, and they have a spokesman? And I thought Corzine wasted taxpayer money. I'm sure this "spokesman" does a good job talking about sewer water, fesces, and other waste products. I can only wonder aloud how many political campaigns he helped to get that job.

Anonymous said...

So you felt the need to bash Bush and Cheney in your story?

After Obama is done with our country -- you will be wishing for the good old days of Bush/Cheney.

Obama says he should "recalibrate" his criticism of the Massachusetts police -- no, he should APOLOGIZE.

He's a disaster and all of you people who voted for him should APOLOGIZE to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis which will no doubt be deleted from NJ.COM. It is as close as anyone can come to making sense of anything Fred Stone ever does:

3911. So what's the story?
by datrutroot, 7/24/09 19:41 ET
Why is Fred Stone constantly accusing Stu Moskovitz of being anti-semitic? Besides the obvious, that Fred has a screw loose, there's something far more sinister behind it. Back in 2001, Michelle Roth, currently running for Assembly in the 12th District, was actively supporting an anti-semitic primary campaign against Stu. When she and her husband were under the gun for their anti-Italian comments (she's an equal opportunity hater), the New Jersey Jewish News published a lengthy article referring to Michelle's role in that anti-semitic campaign. It has gotten new publicity given her current run for Assembly and the $150,000 in taxpayers' money she spent on the township's frivolous lawsuit against Stu they were forced to drop a couple of weeks ago. So Fred, the principal (possibly only) supporter of his girlfriend's campaign is trying to discredit the story by turning the tables on Stu. Hey, to someone like Fred it sounds like a good strategy. LOL. Anyway, here are the facts as reported in that story in 2006. http://www.njjewishnews.com/njjn.

Anonymous said...

I never knew about this latest WMUA situation. It appears they tried to hide it, but they couldn't hide it from the Truth Squad. I think this is another situation that will come back to bite Roth and Klauber come election time.

I'm sure you already know this, but so-called reporter Kathy Barata has a new chat site up for Manalapan. I checked it out, and to me it's more like a hate chat site IMHO. BTW, in order to post on it, you have to give her your address and phone number. Talk about a violation of your freedoms. No wonder only all her friends post there spewing hatred about the Republicans on her "rant" page.

Anonymous said...

I saw her waste of internet site too. I won't even bother going back to it. I'm sure they can track who checks it out. Thank God this site exists. Freedom of speech and freedom of experssion is alive and well here. I wonder if they're still upset you beat them in court to keep Freedom of Speech alive?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see this site is back to normal. The internet site previously mentioned has clearly become the voice of the Democratic cadre and it has revealed the thoughts and the identity of it's posters. Not too good for any candidates running for the Democratic party in Manalapan or the county.

It shows great hatred towards anyone who disagrees with them, IMHO they are cult like.

It is disturbing that the local leader of the Democrats and former mayors, as well as a current member of the local committee that is running for Assembly has her husband posting on that site.

In one word it is Shameful!

This is why I post here said...

It's called Freedom of Speech. I think people shouldread this before Barrata's bunch has it deleted from NJ.com:

4376. Early this morning...
by public, 7/26/09 21:47 ET
I made a post on this site asking for more details about a proclamation that the Manalalapan Township Committee made on July 15 in regards to Kathy Baratta for some type of recognition for local news reporting? I have just returned from a day trip and find that my post has been deleted. This is not the first time, but for me it will be the last. There was absolutely no valid reason for that post being deleted. From recent observations it appears to me that someone is trying to sabotage the nj.com manalapan forum website by deleting post after post. Why the webmaster would allow this to happen is beyond me as he/she will soon be without a job, and without users and advertisers, this site will soon whittle away to nothing. My only feasible thought for the deletions is that the one doing the deletions may be hoping that the existing posters will go to an alternative website of their own? Trust me.... for me and others, this just ain't going to happen!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ba Da Bing! The feds still haven't found Manalapan. Bin laden could be living here and they wouldn't care. Nj corruption at its best.....just pay the vig.fughettabout it.

Anonymous said...

Roth has f@!"; more taxpayers in manalapan than madoff did in his life.

Anonymous said...

This was on the Manalapan forum briefly before Larry "I hate the first amendment" Roth had it erased. Fortunately, it's still on the Marlboro forum, so we're able to copy it here:

3483. Good thing.
by terrytheater, 7/29/09 13:12 ET
Re: Is this site a joke??? by EXCUUSEME, 7/29/09
On another forum, someone asked to identify how Michelle Roth has been corrupt. My response was "I'm glad you asked:" Oh boy, am I glad you asked. Well, first she was responsible for raising taxes over 50% in Manalapan in two years. Second, she has singlehandedly blocked the building of the Village Center in Manalapan to protect her friend's project -- John Lynch. She tried to force through a purchase of a property -- partly owned by John Lynch -- for three times the appraised value. She forced the building of an unneeded artificial field for $1,000,000 that has been shown across the country to be dangerous for kids. She accepted campaign contributions from convict John Lynch. She was the main factor in the litigation to nowhere in Manalapan which, because she's running for office this year, she had the Township drop without even getting a release. She paid the township engineer -- who is the principal contributor to her campaigns -- $90,000 for engineering work for a $10,500 cleanup. Anyone knowing anything about UST cleanup knows that's ridiculous. You know where the bulk of that $90,000 is going, for sure. Hey, there are plenty of other examples, but that's a good start. This woman is the most corrupt politician in Manalapan's history. And, given the fact that we're talking about Manalapan, that's saying something. Now, give me even one instance of Caroline's being corrupt.

Larry said...

It looks like being an enemy of the Squad isn't enough for "Back Page" Barata. The newspaperless one now is attacking Moremonmouthmusings. Read this column for yourself. it shows the real Barata in action.


Anonymous said...

okay...two times have posted on NJ.com and Both have been been deleted! What I really would like to know is...when does ms."Ladie" Roth get a one day suspension for...spewing her venom to her own township commitee and the chief and the people of Manalapan? Where is her punishment? She can dish it out but can't take it like the man she is!

Anonymous said...

Gotta Luv Da Truth!!