Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Evidence Proves Da Mosked Man Not Guilty - And Da Transcript Uncovers it!

Lookout - DaTruthSquad & Da Transcript Are On Da Same Page!

Normally, when one reads da local Snoozepaper, their big-cheese editor has been known to send da real news to Planet Bean, and discuss his love and admiration for daTruthSquad. In one ranting, it was his opinion that it might not be too bad if daTruthSquad were to drive off a cliff, and he might even want to give daTruthSquad a little nudge, meaning, never turn your back on da Beanmeister, or you could wind up in da great Bean-yond.

However, there are times when rational, logical, and actual newspeople's heads prevail. One instance was when Snoozer editor Mark Rosman wrote an editorial so powerful and accurate it became an exhibit in a legal case heard around da world, "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man." In another case, it was a news story that --- and his boss may not like this --- just proved datruthSquad right for da last two years!

ISSUE 1: ATTORNEY COSTS ARE APPARENTLY BEING CLOAKED IN SECRECY! In this well written investigative report by Mark Rosman, he proves that there is a severe discrepancy between what Manalapan Mayor da Commissar and Queen Michelle allege da town has forced taxpayers to spend, and what was actually spent.

Rosman writes "Township Committee members have said the legal fees associated with the case have been between $7,000 and $7,500." This is what Klauber ($7,000) and Roth($7,500) have gone on da record saying.

However, then Rosman writes, "Moskovitz said Manalapan has paid $6,600 to one attorney, plus several thousand dollars to an attorney representing Lucas in the third-party action, plus unknown amounts paid to two former township attorneys in 2007 and 2008."

Now, if you remember da earth-shattering "Rosman Editorial," so powerful it became evidence in a law trial, Rosman wrote in September 2007 -- 22 months ago -- that he PERSONALLY saw attorney billing records that would prove Klauber & Roth wrong, saying "I have seen two bills Renaud has submitted for payment. They total more than $6,400 at $350 per hour." He also adds Manalapan Dream Team Union County Attorney Daniel McCarthy billed at $130 per hour, and former township attorney Carolina MachoGrande at $135 per hour."

In addition, Manalapan taxpayers were also paying for da lawyer representing Committeeman Andy Boy Lucas. It was also alleged that da First Amendment portion of this case easily cost over $10,000, especially since as daTruthSquad proved, Dream Teamer McCarthy submitted over 50 pages of legal briefs, and also was in attendance at da hearing in Superior Court (which he lost). Did he do all that work for free - considering he was allegedly paid $130 per hour for his services? Why won't Klauber & Roth release his billing records?

Da Mosked Man told Rosman he believes da total billing for Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyers has to be at least $30,000. There are some who have speculated that figure to be well over $50-75,000 of TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

But, as those records remain hidden - we will all never know.

ISSUE 2: NO INSURANCE INVOLVED IS NO EXCUSE! It has been alleged by da Manalapan Township Committee that da reason they decided not to pursue da case, because, as they claim, since da Mosked Man decided not to include his insurance carrier, da Township Committee believes they would not, if they even could win da case, collect $10,500 from him. However, as both da Snoozer & Mosked Man both made this known - that the insurance information was known when this case first started 25 months ago!!!!

In effect, da Manalapan Township Committee is claiming they decided not to pursue a case based upon information they clearly knew 2 years ago!

ISSUE 3: DA MOSKED MAN ALLEGEDLY VIOLATED AN ORDER BY DA THEN-TOWN ADMINISTRATOR. Guess what - Rosman found out daTruth about this too, and daTruth is, da Mosked Man was in da right all along!

According to Rosman, "Ms. Shepler explicitly stated in her email to Mr. Moskovitz that obtaining the preliminary assessment (and site inspection report) was a condition of (a) Green Acres grant" and that Moskovitz " ... went forward with the closing on the Dreyer property despite Ms. Shepler's request that he hold off on the closing until Ms. Shepler received the preliminary assessment from Birdsall Engineering and despite his independent obligation to obtain the report before closing."

Did da Mosked Man violate Shepler's order, as Manalapan township alleged?

According to Rosman's investigation - da answer is "NO." "Moskovitz said the closing on the Dreyer property occurred on June 8, 2005, which indicates that he followed Shepler's April 15, 2005, directive not to close on the property until she had the preliminary assessment and site inspection report from Birdsall Engineering." This means she received da papers from da Mosked Man on May 26. Da closing was on June 8. Now, say what you want about daTruthsquad, but at least, we and our proud and informed readers know May 26 comes well before June 8 on all calendars -- except apparently -- those calendars used by Manalapan's Gang of Three and their lawyers!

Can it get worse for da Queen & da Commissar???? Apparently, it's a part of da record that da Mosked Man & Shepler had a conference call a day before da closing -- and everything was allegedly fine with her - meaning Manalapan had no case to begin with!!!! Rosman wrote, "He said on June 7 he had a conference call with Shepler and the town's chief financial officer to make sure everything was in order prior to the closing and said no one expressed any reservations."

This proves beyond a doubt that da Mosked Man acted within da guidelines of what da township administrator told him, meaning he did not do anything wrong. In fact, by following da guidelines, daTruth is his agreement allowed Manalapan to walk away from da deal if something like contaminated soil was discovered, thus, he would have taken Manalapan taxpayers off da hook for any cleanup or damages!

DaTruth is, it's about time da Snoozer stepped up and wrote daTruth. They don't have to come out and say a state and Federal investigation is now more necessary than ever, but what Mark Rosman wrote makes it crystal clear - because what Rosman did is not write propoganda - he wrote daTruth - and should be commended for that!

Did da Mosked man violate da Township Administrator's orders as Roth & Klauber's lawsuit alleged? NO.

Is there what can be deemed a severe discrepancy between what Roth & Klauber allege their lawsuit cost taxpayers, and what was actually spent? YES!

Did Roth & Klauber's lawsuit know 2 years ago that da Mosked Man wouldn't be filing this frivolous claim with his insurance carrier? Da records prove YES - making their excuse mute.

Are da taxpayers of Manalapan on da hook for well over $100,000 of law bills from out-of-county attorneys, including those to challenge da First Amendment, engineering reports done by da companies of political contributors, and potential countersuits? UNFORTUNATELY - YES!

By da way, as daTruthSquad first told all our readers - this lawsuit isn't over yet. DaTruthSquad has learned that da Mosked man will be returning da favor, and apparently is planning to file lawsuits to recoup all da hundreds of hours he spent fighting this case. That itself could possibly cost da township well over $100,000. Why will da township taxpayers pick up da bill?

Because DA MANALAPAN TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE VOTED TO HAVE YOU PAY FOR IT! You da taxpayer financed da original lawsuit for 25 months! In addition, da Mosked man could go after other players in this lawsuit individually, because he did not agree to da terms of da agreement that Manalapan's lawyers wanted to drop da lawsuit, and da judge sided with da Mosked Man by law.

And - daTruthSquad will have a bombshell regarding this lawsuit da town dropped after 25 months. Did upcoming elections featuring candidates Klauber & Roth have anything to do with it? And, will a statement by da Queen come back to haunt taxpayers?

Stay tuned, because as daTruthSquad told you, despite politicians after election glory wanting their folly to simply go away, this case isn't going away.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but you missed two points. Court records show that The township's contingent fee attorney filed a motion that was to be decided May 28, 2009 letting him abandon the case after two years without any compensation. In other words, even the township's own attorney knew this case wasn't going to be successful once he was forced to turn over the document they were hiding for two years showing when the administrator got the report. Second, court records also show that Moskovitz was about to win this case on July 17, 2009 by Motion for Summary Judgment. It was THIS that caused the township to bail, not some insurance information they learned about two years ago.

Anonymous said...

I think what the Transcript did is simply lay out the fact that this whole case was a politically motivated sham and there is a huge coverup IMHO. It's now up to the taxpaying citizens of Manalapan to stand up and challenge these poltiicians to produce the evidence, the bill records, all of it. If that has no effect, then calls to the State Attorney General or even Federal authorities, since the county is apparently incapable of handling this.

This in my opinion is a crime committed by politicians, and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

ive been following this for about a year now,i really hope moskovitz doesnt drop the case, i realize there will be a cost attached,but its time roth,klauber and lucas are exposed for what they really are.

these meetings are a joke,luc-ass chats with tara all nite,roth winks at the engineer when he says there under budget, when in fact whoever did the original estimate must have been stoned.and klauber just says the same thing over and over and over and over and over.

DabBullSquad said...

Here's what i find really interesting:

1. The Transcript never reported on Weeks wanting to dump the case. That would show simply that THERE WAS NO CASE.

2. The Squad brings up a great point never reported about how Moskovitz didn't violate Shepler;s orders, one of the primary reasons the case was brought by Klauber & Roth.

3. Thanks to the Squad, we all now know that Moskovitz actually let everyone know 2 years ago that he was not submitting this case for a claim, because the case had no merit. And that other lawyers involved in this did the exact same thing.

This to me in my opinion was never a case about merits, only a political vendetta lawsuit that fleeced taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars so Roth & Lucas & Klaubr could exact revenge againsttheir nemesis Moskovitz.

At this point, I hope Moskovitz sues everyone he wants to and gets all the money he can. After 2 years of fighting a garbage lawsuit, anyone would deserve nothing less.

KBee said...

I ill certainly remember this in November when I vote for Ryan Green for Manalapan Township Committee, and the Republicans against Roth. Roth and her cronies have stained the image of Manalapan forever by their actions and frivolous lawsuits and waste of taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

this all sounds great but, we need to follow up and make sure she and the puppets are done for good.

Anonymous said...

I agree as the last comment says. The only way to insure things like this don't happen again is to vote these people out of office. That starts this year with Klauber. It also starts by denying Michelle Roth the chance to be in the State Assembly where she can taker her "don't care about the people" policy to Trenton. Aftr that, when Luk-ass is up for election again, he needs to be voted out too. That's how you end their reign of terror.

Anonymous said...

to be fair,i truly believe klauber wants out,he has the look of a man that wanted to be mayor until it actually happened.lucASS obviously is a whacko who could care less,im sure he will be living in another state within 2 years.ROTH,she bleeds someone who is using manalapan as a stepping stone to her next endeavor.

she could care less and shows it every week.the only time she speaks is to gloat about herself on some ridiculous item that a 5th grader could have completed.ive never been in politics but shes as predictable as the night.

my understanding from the buzz around town,including covered bridge,is that everone is on to her.

ps.when the FFFF is the lake going to be completed on pease road.theres been no activity for weeks,i guess that under budget also.JOKE....COMPLETE JOKE.

I betcha said...

You will never see the Township link the cost of Lucas' lawyers to the case against Moskovitz for one simple reason. In their minds they did not do anything to cause Lucas' to need representation. In their minds it was Stu bringing action against Lucas. Somehow they just can't see the link between their suit and the third party claims.

Anonymous said...

From - a great post that says it all......

No attorney worth his salt could read those briefs and not conclude that Moskovitz was almost assuredly going to win his motion Friday. But if you really need proof, it lies in the fact that after two years, the township bailed after the briefs were filed and one week before the case was going to be thrown out. And the best spin they could come up with is that a successful lawyer might not be able to pay the judgment, when a simple financial search, which they obviously didn't do, would have shown otherwise, and to claim they had no idea there wasn't going to be an insurance company involved, when Kathy Baratta herself wrote four articles pointing that out two years ago. It doesn't get any clearer, frankly.

Anonymous said...

It's about time the Transcript stepped up and did the right thing and wrote a clearly non-partisan summary of the events. I had my doubts about Moskovitz at first, because i believed the original reprts about this case. But after reading this blog, and seeing for myself how people on our Township Committee handled themselves, I have no doubt in my mind this was a political vendetta that I was forced to pay for using my tax dollars. Are there any attorneys out there who know if as residents, we can file a class action lawsuit against them to put back the money they used to pursue Moskovitz. I for one would sign on to that.

Anonymous said...

This should not be forgotten come election time:

Anonymous said...

This is the complete link. It was cut off above.

Anonymous said...

Yes it should, because it has been proven over and over and over and over again, that it's not what you people are trying to make it out to be.

Try though you might, no one believes it.

Anonymous said...

The Transcript says Roth now stands by her statements. Even slammed Steve Johnson for making comments at the last meeting. Just what you want from an elected official, the "I'm better than you are so don't speak unless spoken to" stance. Nice job Queenie, keep making us proud.

Anonymous said...

Now that datruthsquad has become a Fred-free zone - i.e. respectable and informative, maybe it's time you deleted some of the old, perverted comments, especially the ones in the 243 comment entry.

Roth and Klauber lied said...

This is a must-read from This proves that Moskovitz told the truth and Roth & Klauber lied!

4362. Roth & Klauber lied- FACTS!!
by daWholeTruth, 7/18/09 10:46 ET
This is from a piece which Mark Rosman, editor of the News Transcript wrote on Sept. 27, 2007
"Moskovitz said he has yet to file an answer to the township's complaint against him and said that when he does, the costs of the attorneys representing the township will keep adding up. He also said he will file a motion for summary judgment. If that motion is denied the case will proceed to trial and expert witnesses, depositions and other legal actions will have to be paid for.

Moskovitz said he will not settle the case or allow an insurance company to settle the case for him."

Rosman adds, "It appears to me that taxpayers are the forgotten side here. A "victory" for the Township Committee, under some circumstances, could still be a loss for the people who are footing the bill for this case. It is up to those taxpayers to ask their elected officials if this is the most prudent course of action that can be taken."

Mr. Rosman is correct, in November we will let Klauber and Roth both know that their actions were political and not in the best interest of the residents.

Anonymous said...

It seems like fools never know exactly how foolish they look. The same deranged ranters who were blocked from this site and now have been blocked from NJ.COM (they delete them as soon as they see them) have now formed their own website where they can rant to each other (there's about seven active people there, tops, going by the postings, although Kathy naturally claims 14. Even 14 is pathetic). And what are they posting? Well half the time they congratulate themselves on creating a website where no one will say hateful things, and the other half of the time saying hateful things. LOL. And they have no idea how they look doing that.

BL said...

I just checked out that rediculous site. It's screenames that include Brillohead, Drew Shapiro, Fred Stone, Gerard Ward, Larry Roth and others, and there was one thread that attacked Stu Moskovitz and another that attacked Susan Cohen. Since there are a lot of well known Democrats posting, one could surmise that it's nothing more than a hatespeech site targeting Republicans, or at least that is the general appearance it gives me.

BTW, great work Squad of getting rid of all the spam terrorists, because I believe that's what they were. This blog is balanced and fair and a joy to read now. I look forward to hearing more about how Manalapan has been fleeced by these politicians.

Anonymous said...

Your description of what is written on the other site is totally inaccurate. Statements that are posted are FACTS. A word that you and your ilk never heard of.

I did not see any attack on Stu. There was no attack on Susan, just an observation based on a FACT.

Stop lying. You mke this blog look foolish when you lie like this.

Anonymous said...

To the blogger who said "statements that are posted are facts"

Does this mean anything that is put in writing is a fact? I guess it's no wonder some politicians believe the lies they say.

Anonymous said...

Facts? LOL. Drew Shapiro hasn't told the truth his entire life. He's a principal poster on that site. Kathy's lack of honesty was proven in print before she was fired. Fred Stone? This guy's got a screw loose and has spent the last year totally obsessed with Stu. The chance of this guy even recognizing the truth, let alone posting it is remote. Larry Roth? How many times was he caught lying. It's not an accident that the "site" is a collection of a small handful of the lowest dregs in Manalapan. The fact that they are so devoid of decency that they would make an act like a shiva call seem dirty is all that is needed to describe what kind of amoral deviants this little group is.

Anonymous said...

"To the blogger who said "statements that are posted are facts"

Does this mean anything that is put in writing is a fact? I guess it's no wonder some politicians believe the lies they say."

Absolutley not. For instance every statement you, yourself and you put in writing is an outright lie.

I don't believe everything I read.