Thursday, July 9, 2009

Money Trouble For Da Manalapan Township Committee - Lawyers Payroll Numbers Don't Add Up


Question: As daTruthSquad has been recently discussing, after just over two years of initiating, fighting, and dealing with da "Land-Deal-Gone-Bad-First Amendment" lawsuit, da Manalapan Township Committee has decided da following:

(a) Their case had no merit and da Queen & da Commissar were forced to concede it was just a political vendetta.

(b) Da Mosked Man agreed to have Commissar Klauber's baby, and paid Manalapan $500 million dollars while admitting guilt.

(c) Aliens from da planet Bean erased any knowledge of da lawsuit from da minds of all involved.

(d) Da Manalapan Township Committee came to da conclusion that a man with a huge Manalapan home, a couple of cars, and a successful law firm, according to them, can't be guaranteed to be able to pay $10,500 for da cleanup of da Dreyer Patch, and therefore they're out of da goodness of their hearts they're going to drop da case.

If you said "A," then you're on da right track, but da Manalapan Township Committee's Gang of three would never admit it.

If you said "B," it's an interesting idea, but even if da Mosked Man forked over $500 million, you know Manalapan municipal taxes would still go up double-digits in da very next year.

If you said "C," then you're an avid reader of da editorial section of da local Snoozepaper, or probably a wanna-be investigative reporter living somewhere in a trailer park in Howell.

If you said "D," you just found da Brooklyn Bridge, or da reason Manalapan's Gang of Three is trying to sell you.

As bizarre as that notion is, da Mosked Man unable to pay $10,500, that's not da problem facing Manalapan's politicians. Da big problem, especially for Manalapan politicians up for election this year, is what they have said about the case, which could potentially hurt their election campaigns.

Recently, both Commissar Klauber and State Assembly candidate Michelle Roth have gone on da record claiming what they say exactly what Manalapan taxpayers have paid thus far for da lawsuit "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man."

Commissar Klauber told da Snoozer newspaper that taxpayers have shelled out only $7,000 on lawyers. They reported - "He said the township has spent $7,000 on the Manalapan v. Moskovitz case." Da Queen State Assembly candidate told da Asbury Park Press the figure was "$7,500" that taxpayers paid for lawyers.

Now, that means Manalapan, on a legal malpractice case employing 1 expert lawyer witness, one lawyer who daTruthSquad confirmed worked on da First Amendment portion of da case, another who was a contingency fee lawyer who billed allegedly only for expenses, and 4 township attorneys -- all against one Mosked Man, and they only -- combined -- billed $7,000 or $7,500??????

Does that make sense to you?

Unfortunately for da local Snoozepaper, while they decided to go after daTruthSquad with a vile Bean-fueled editorial focused on this blog, they neglected to check their own archives for a bombshell story that will mean either da Snoozer hierarchy will not stand up and back what they have already written in print, or two Manalapan politicians aren't telling taxpayers daTruth.

Da reason for this goes back to 2007. Snoozer editor Mark Rosman wrote what has become known as da "Rosman Editorial," so powerful and telling it was used as an actual legal exhibit in da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" law case!

In his famous editorial, editor Rosman said all da way back in September, 2007 that Manalapan had already been billed $6,400 by "Robert Renaud, an Union County attorney who was brought into the case initially to file an affidavit which states (that it was solely his opinion) that there was a case against Moskovitz."

This, right here, means if Cash Klauber is correct, then over da span of 25 months, Manalapan only spent just a mere $600 on all da other lawyers involved in da case!

This means if da Commissar is accurate, Manalapan, outside of what it paid to Renaud, spent just $24 per month -- less than a dollar a day in da Mosked Man lawsuit! Either this was da most economical lawsuit of its kind in da history of law, or something isn't adding up.

Rosman also stated that former Manalapan Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande, who became famous for her "Anonymous Bombthrower" comment about bloggers, "Casagrande is billing Manalapan $135 per hour for her services."

Then, you have special council and Union County attorney Daniel J. McCarthy, who Rosman stated was being paid $130 per hour for his services.

This means that combined, they would have burned through da Commissar's leftover $600 in just four billable hours.

Now, here's some questions you can ponder:

1. At da December, 2007 hearing regarding da Manalapan Township Committee spending taxpayer dollars to out daTruthSquad, you will see Dream Team Lawyer McCarthy's name prominently displayed. Did he do this work and come out on the losing end for free?

2. Are we to believe that this 8-page certification of Dream Teamer McCarthy took just seconds to whip up? Or was this done out of da goodness of his heart?

3. And what of this 21 page extravaganza, alleging da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad, because that is what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team believes and therefore, we should all believe it? Was all this work - da copies, da allegations, da sheer volume of pages -- all done for free because this Union County lawyer simply loves Manalapan?

4. And, add to this another Union County Dream Teamer McCarthy job for Manalapan we can only believe - if we believe what da politicians are telling us - was done because of an undying love for Manalapan - - - a 29 page briefing with McCarthy's name on it chock full of alleged evidence that they claim clearly and absolutely shows da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad!

So, these 58 pages of work alone - all performed according to da work itself by Manalapan Dream Team Lawyer Daniel McCarthy - and da number of times he was in court in Freehold representing Manalapan -- how much of that $600 that was left over from what was billed by "expert witness" Renaud (according to Rosman)?

DaTruth is, no matter who you believe, whether it's Commissar Klauber, da Mayor of Manalapan who claims only "$7,000" was spent on lawyers for da Mosked Man case, or State Assembly candidate da Queen, who says that figure is "$7,500," it is very difficult to believe that miniscule amount was spent on lawyers for a case that was a First Amendment landmark legal case, and has spanned 25 months - so far - and involving 7 different Manalapan Dream Team Attorneys - all employed by Manalapan Township at taxpayer expense!

It also places da local Snoozepaper in a very awkward position, and raises serious ethical journalistic questions that only da local Snoozepaper can answer. Was Mark Rosman's editorial in September, 2007 a page full of lies? Has all of da Snoozepaper's reporting on this case in 2007 & 2008 & 2009 - and in some of it it actually seemed like da Mosked Man was da Unibomber - been nothing more than propaganda?

Da local Snoozepaper, outside of da famous "Rosman Editorial," have NEVER questioned Manalapan officials about discrepancies in da case. In fact, in questioning da journalistic integrity of their reporting, recently, da former Snoozer reporter who covered da trial for almost all of da two years wrote a page on a blog that was entitled "Can't collect blood from a stone!" talking about da Mosked Man, and saying da Manalapan politician's "points been well made."

DaTruth is, coverage by da media (Asbury Park Press) or da alleged media (da Snoozer) has been limited at best. Thanks to this blog, there have been some patriotic TruthTellers who have OPRA'd information about this case from Manalapan, and discovered there have been other legal bills for this case. It's time for residents to demand da town come clean and show all da bills. It's also time da Snoozepaper puts aside their admiration for daTruthSquad and get da real truth about this case -- how much money has Manalapan really spent on all da lawyers!

DaTruth is - da only REAL way we may ever find out da real truth is if Anne Millgram or da FBI raid Manalapan Town Hall and get da info "For All Da People." Maybe it's time someone says before da Manalapan Township Committee that is exactly what must be done.

It's time that this case is put in the open - especially since taxpayers have been paying for it - and everyone knows exactly what has been paid for with taxpayer money!

And that's daTruth!

*****IMPORTANT DATRUTHSQUAD NOTICE***** Stay tuned for details on another famous Manalapan lawsuit that will be released to da public soon -- and more shocking allegations from da Mosked Man lawsuit -- coming soon!


Anonymous said...

That's a very interesting point you make regarding the payment for all of the lawyers involved.

I'm no lawyer, but theire's no way that any lawyer would write up over 50 pages of legal work and not get paid for it. It's obvious to me IMO that either someone in Manalapan Town Hall is cooking the books, or they're shuffling payments to hide what they're really spending. One way or the other, you may be right and a state or federal investigation may be needed to police this mess.

I for one would welcome that.

Anonymous said...

Just wait children until after the judge goes after your hero Stewie next week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fred, tell us please, how is the judge going to go after "Stewie" (you never could spell to save your life) next week when the case is over? That's not to suggest there is anyone left in Manalapan who believes you know anything about the law. You've proven that by causing your clients to pay $200,000,000 in fines. Good Job, Fred. I'm sure "Stewie" cares about your legal opinion. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone out there who knows the manager of Burger King? Really. We need to get Fred Stone a job. Obviously he has far too much time on his hands and isn't practicing law any more. Anyone who knows any lawyer knows they don't have time to post all day long like Fred. And, given his screw-ups with Millennium Partners, and the fines, and suspensions and all, all of which have received national news attention, it's obvious Fred will never work as a lawyer again anywhere. Let's do Manalapan residents a favor and get him busy. And, since Fred seems to have trouble speaking or writing without profanity and obscenity, can we get a speech coach to volunteer to train Fred to say "ya want fries wit dat?" without obsecnities or accusations?

Anonymous said...

Fred should be able to get a job. Because of the Federal ADA law, Burger King can't refuse to hire him just because of what appears online to be Terets syndrome.

dabbullSquad said...

I got a kick out of reading some of the insane postings on, saying the case is over.

1. The lawyer for Manalapan quit.

2. Moskovitz never signed an agreement to end it, because Manalapan refused to vindicate him. The judge said he can go after anyone he wants.

3. Even Rosman alluded to the fact Manalapan never went after the right persons.

The Squad is right again - this won't be ending because Roth wants it to. In fact, I think this case is only beginning.

Anonymous said...

Thank G-d the judge did the right thing here and tossed this taxpayer-funded albatross out. What concerns me now is what will happen next. The door is apparently wide open for Moskovitz to sue whoever he wants. At least taxpayers won't have to pay for that. If I were Roth or lucas I wouldn't be sleeping well knowing he can sue them.

DabBullSquad said...

I think Michelle Roth is a genious. She has outwitted Moskovitz by blaming his not using his own liability insurance as the reason for dropping the case. It makes him out to be the one who looks bad. Genious! Sheer Genious!

And how bad does Moskovitz look now that the judge also dropped his third party complaints. Our next State Assemblywoman is one of a kind.

Obviously this posting won't be printed because the Fraud Squad has no idea what the First Amendment is all about and only chooses postings that fit his warped and delusional mind.

KBee said...

This was a great blog on

4343.3.1. Don't see how.
by 81alim, 7/10/09 9:55 ET
Re: Suit dismissed by huntinbum48, 7/10/09
All this case means is that in the future if the Township brings a frivolous political vendetta lawsuit against a political opponent without justification, causing the taxpayers to lose out on recovery of costs and incurring additional costs to sue the wrong person, and that person has insurance, and maintains insurance but refuses to give the claim to his insurance company because it's frivolous, the township will be forced to drop the lawsuit just like if the person did give the case to his insurance company. It probably also means that if the township acts irrationally due to the maliciousness of certain individuals, there will be the usual mindless flying monkeys posting online trying to spin the case when it's obvious to everyone that Michelle Roth was allowed by her spineless followers to screw the taxpayers once again.

Anonymous said...

To Dabbullsquad: Since people long ago stopped believing anything that came out of Michelle's mouth or yours, Fred, it doesn't matter how she spins it. Everyone has already figured out that dropping the case had nothing to do with Stu not giving the case to his insurance company, since that was published in the newspapers two years ago. If that were the reason the case would have been dropped two years ago, not now, when it's one week before it was going to be thrown out on Stu's motion for summary judgment that obviously scared the pants off Michelle (ewww, what a picture). As for the third party complaints, they were dismissed only because they were contingent on some liability against Stu. Since the township's case was dismissed, they were automatically dismissed. So your suggestion that Stu somehow looks silly because the judge threw the third party actions were dismissed automatically when the Township bailed just kind of makes you look silly, Fred, especially since you pretend to be a lawyer.

S Cohen said...

The only spineless followers that live in Manalapan are Stu's followers.

Check that, he has no followers.

Anonymous said...

DaabullSquad is not Fred, Stu. You must be the stupidist (as well as most obnoxious) person in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

We're still waiting, Fred. You've been asked dozens of times what Stu did that has you so insane other than write Miracle's Law. You've never given an answer. Why would we not believe this is all about you and Billy Levinson? Where's your answer, Fred? There simply is no other explanation for your sick fixation on Stu.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone noticed that most of the comments here are intelligent, well-thought out commentary relaying facts, the news, legitimate opinions, etc. But every time Fred posts, it's an insane rant filled with venom, hate, anger, obscenity, vulgarity, accusations, attacks? Kind of like a sixth grader would write. We know about Fred's history on Wall Street. Eliot Spitzer made sure of that. But does anybody really believe that Fred, with his writing style actually went to Law School? He's never practiced law, and no one has ever seen his license. Do you know ANY other lawyer who is so incapable of making a simple point without such disgusting sixth grade antics? Has Fred committed the biggest fraud of all, pretending to be a lawyer?

Anonymous said...

No one has noticed what you mentioned, well except for you Stu. I have met Fred and he is a higly intelligent and well spoken person. I have also met you and apart from being one of the dopiest looking people I have ever seen, you have the attention span of a 1st year tee ball player, wating for his turn AT BAT.

hi, stu said...

it's shabbos, stu. last nite, you were bragging about how observant you are, remember? but YOU said it, so that's how we know it's a lie.

Anonymous said...

I have a question that was not covered on the blog. If the judge threw out the claim against Stu Moskovitz by the town, and also threw out the lawsuits against the third parties by Moskovitz, then why is he allowed to still sue anyone, including these same people again?

I've tried to follow this case but it is somewhat difficult to understand, but I must admit this blog does answer a lot of questions about it. If anyone has the answers to this, please post it.

FYI - IMHO, I always thought the town screwed up and should have sued the former landowners. They were responsible in the first place. After reading this blog my suspicions of the town spending hundreds of thousands of dollars needlessly are confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Stu never had any claim against the third party defendants. They were only "if anyone is responsible for this it's these people, not me." Since the Township admitted Stu wasn't responsible by withdrawing it's complaint, the third party defendant claims fell with it. It had nothing to do with Stu. Stu isn't going to sue the engineer or the home owners. Any claim Stu has will be solely for malicious prosecution or frivolous litigation which isn't allowed to be brought until the original claim is dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply to my question. That's the reason I read this blog, because if Iw were to ask that question at a Manalapan Township Committee meeting I might get booed and my question woul never get answered anyway. At least here I find out the real truth behind what is going on in town, and how my taxpayer money is spent. After two years I hope that Mr. Moskovitz does sue for malicious prosecution. He deserves to be paid back for his time and money spent fighting against Roth and her gang.

With that in mind, maybe someone or even the Truth Squad could answer this. When Roth had her attorneys file a First Amendment lawsuit against you, and you won, why didn't you file a lawsuit against her for malicious prosecution?

Anonymous said...

This blog is so much better since the spam idiots have been stopped. Keep telling the truth Squad! Reading this blog is so much better than the drivel you find in the partisan Transcript. What Bean wrote about you was despicable. It showed he's nothing but a shill for certain politicians, and he holds a grudge because you outed him for not reporting on what Michelle Roth's husband said about Italians.

actual lawyer, not szgumbo said...

if it was dropped sua sponte by plaintiffs, that means it wasn't dismissed by the court on the merits, so there's no cause of action for malicious prosecution.

Anonymous said...

And that claim is being dismissed, pending just a few minor formalities. Then the third party defendants can be sued for all they are worth (at least financially), and there is an extremely strong likelihood that others will be added. After all, bozos cannot go around besmirching the personal and professional standing of an upstanding officer of the court for more than two years without consequences. And that could well include those who participated through their tacit approval.

Anonymous said...

to "actual lawyer, not szgumbo":

once again Fred, you've proven you probably never went to law school. The fact that the township panicked the week before they were to be thrown out on the motion for summary judgment doesn't protect them from two years of malice and frivolous attacks on the person who is about to clean their clock. Have you actually ever read a case, Fred?

Anonymous said...

cite one, stu.

Anonymous said...

That's the best you got, Fred? I just pointed out that you have no idea what you're talking about. I just explained why. And you have no answer. Just like you have no answer for why you keep attacking Stu other than the fact that he wrote Miracle's Law. Do you think we don't all realize that anytime anybody points out that you're an over the hill dead beat, all you can do is call them Stu? Every time you mention Stu, Fred, all you're doing is telling us that whoever posted is 100 per cent correct about you.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I'd like to know:

Michelle Roth, who is a standing Manalapan Township Committee person and State Assembly candidate said during a township committee meeting that "Stu Moskovitz is guilty" of legal malpractice. Even though the case was tossed out on its ear, doesn't Moskovitz now have a claim against Roth because he clearly was never found guilty of any crime?

If Moskovitz had said that Roth is guilty of "committing a (blank) crime," I would think she would be suing him for slander, and she would be well within her rights. Doesn't that place the township in the path of a lawsuit, since she was acting as an agent of the town when she said he was guilty of legal malpractice?

Anyone have any insight?

Here's what I think said...

I think that's a reach. Anyone can sue anyone, but a lawsuit based on 1 statement is kind of weak.

By the way, did you hear Mrs. Roth make the statement, or did someone tell you she made it?

Lastly, I don't think Mr. Moskovitz will sue anyone. What for? It would be seen as revenge, pure and simple and probably would not result in anything other than another mess. If it cost the taxpayers of Manalapan a dime, Mr. Moskovitz becomes the bad guy.

What we are lacking is a public statement from Mr. Moskovitz regarding the disposition of the dismissal.

As he doesn't post, or so we have been told, there is no way of knowing what happened unless he explains it to us.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe Michelle Roth can plead insanity. Is there anyone that doubts the court would accept that defense from her?

Anonymous said...

Re: "If Moskovitz had said that Roth is guilty of "committing a (blank) crime," I would think she would be suing him for slander."

The standard for libel, slander, defamation, etc. for public officials is much higher than for regular citizens. See Sullivan v. New York Times.

Re the countersuit againt the third parties: "If it cost the taxpayers of Manalapan a dime, Mr. Moskovitz becomes the bad guy.

What we are lacking is a public statement from Mr. Moskovitz regarding the disposition of the dismissal.

As he doesn't post, or so we have been told, there is no way of knowing what happened unless he explains it to us."

Moskovitz does not owe the people of Manalapan a single cent or a single word. They owe him one huge apology and probably a more than significant sum in damages. And considering the volume of material that has been placed on the public record, that should be an extremely easy case to pursue and even win.

My two cents said...

It's only easy in your mind, where everything is easy, apparently. The people of Manalapan don't owe him anything. That is the most ridiculous statement that has been made to date.

Here's a credo to live by:

If you don't want to be terrorized, don't be a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

If you're calling Moskovitz a "terrorist" but can't provide an iota to back it up, you are by far the bigger fool. And the fact that your slanders are on the public record should concern you. After all, if you believe that the learned counsel has something to do with this blog, you would also have recognize that he has full access to all the files indicating your ISP address. Tata!