Monday, October 5, 2009

"MANALAPAN WARS" - Da Mosked Man Strikes Back

Since da consensus is now that da Manalapan Township Committee is nothing more than a 3-ring circus, then why not make it a movie? Ladies and Gentlemen - TruthTellers of All Ages -- Based upon "Star Wars," - Welcome to "Manalapan Wars!"

Da latest episode --- "Da Mosked Man Strikes Back!"

Following da evil empire's 25 month persecution and lawsuit of da Mosked Man by Darth Lucas, Emporer Commissar Klauber and Jabba da Roth, da Mosked Man has struck back.

According to a number of embedded sources throughout da galaxy, and first foretold in this blog, da Mosked Man has gathered his legal forces and fired a salvo of his own against da evil empire's Township Administrator, Tara Tiara, announcing he will be filing a lawsuit against Manalapan Township (they brought da 25-month lawsuit on behalf of da Township Committee and paid $$$$ for it), along with allegedly naming both Darth Lucas & Jabba da Roth as defendants!

Da Mosked Man was da attorney who was accused of legal malpractice, tried in da media, spent 25 months - over two years - defending himself against da township-funded Evil Empire Manalapan Legal Dream Team paid with taxpayer dollars to go after him, subjected to countless distortions and other accusations during televised Manalapan Township Committee meetings.

Now, there are some through Manalapan's galaxy who believe da Mosked Man should just walk away. However, a question that needs to be asked is this -- what would you do if you were in da Mosked Man's spacesuit?

Here's some facts:

* In June, 2007, da Mosked man finds out he's da target of a lawsuit, claiming he committed legal malpractice, one of da worst crimes any attorney can be accused of - a crime that could put an end to a legal career.

** Da lawsuit follows word that there was "contaminated soil" found on da property that he was responsible for writing a legal contract on for Manalapan Township - a contract that stemmed from a 2004 court order that a former Township Attorney handled, and was handed to him to complete.

*** During da summer of 2007, he is tried by da media in a local newspaper. Then it is alleged he is writing a blog about da whole case, accused in da media of being daTruthSquad. Da case now becomes a First Amendment lawsuit, with da addition of this blog, and their legal representatives who take up da case because of da precedent this lawsuit could set.

**** In December, 2007, a Superior Court Judge, not a member of da evil empire, found da Manalapan Legal Dream Team's case was, in effect, bad - and tossed out their claims and legal requests - standing up for da First Amendment, but of course not only did taxpayers foot da bill for that, da case - minus da First Amendment portion continued.

***** Da case went through all of 2008, with legal papers going back and forth, hearings, court proceedings, all of which da Mosked Man had to attend, respond to, and use what are considered billable hours to defend himself against all of da charges and accusations da Manalapan legal Dream Team can shell out.

****** Along da way, da Manalapan Township Committee had da option of ending da case, or continuing it. Not only did they keep voting to continue, they kept allowing talk about it, further damaging da reputation of da Mosked Man.

******* Now enter 2009, and da case is still going on. Da cleanup for da "contaminated soil" was $10,500, and came in under budget! Statutes of limitations to go after da former landowner was expiring, because they decided to go after da Mosked Man. Manalapan also didn't go after da engineer who wrote da report that said da land was OK before it wasn't OK.

******** Now enter April, 2009. Manalapan Township realizes this case is going to end, because their own lawyer, you know, da one working on a contingency fee because, as one former township attorney once said, "There's no one more motivated than an attorney working on a contingency fee," was apparently no longer motivated and has dropped out of da case, leaving Manalapan 90 days to find a new attorney. With millions of lawyers spread throughout da galaxy, not one would take their case! Da evil empire would find no takers - no other attorney that would put their reputation on da line to fight for Manalapan.

********* Now, enter da judge. It's time for Manalapan either to continue da case, or end it. Both sides were brought together, and a deal was hammered out with da judge's approval that would have had da case end, and it would stop and go no further with no further lawsuits and no liabilities on da part of Manalapan Township, as long as da Township Committee publicly put da case to an end and publicly exonerated da Mosked Man. It has been alleged that da parties that represented da Evil Empire in court agreed to it. Da Mosked Man also agreed to da same deal too. So, what happened to da deal that even da judge said was good?

********** According to sources for daTruthSquad, there was one Manalapan Township official who was dead against da deal. That person used their strangehold on da Township Committee to say no to it. Not only did that happen, but then Jabba da Roth made a statement during a televised Malanapan Township meeting that da Mosked Man was "guilty" of "legal malpractice."

Who was da person who nixed da deal? A number of people have pointed their fingers at a one sole member of da Manalapan Township Committee.

And, that statement by Jabba da Roth, and da broken deal by da Evil Empire, would allow da Mosked Man to do something he would have not been able to do in da deal he and da Township had formerly agreed to - start handing out lawsuits like candy.

Now, ask yourself this - Is it possible that da Mosked Man lost any possible potential business in 25 months while da case was happening - especially while his name and reputation was dragged through da mud?

Now, ask yourself an even more important question ---- What if da person who spent da last 25 months, was YOU?

Ask yourself, "What if you spent 25 months, you spent untold amounts of money, you spent untold amounts of time, you took time taken away from work, or you took time away from other work you could have been doing, and your name and reputation was dragged through da mud for over 2 years - and - you could have been publicly exonerated, but instead, you were told you were 'guilty of legal malpractice' on TV by someone running for da State Assembly on Governor Corzine's ticket?"

What would you do? Would you try to reestablish your name and reputation? Would you sue da people responsible for da last 25 months of misery you and your family faced?

DaTruth is, that's where we stand today.

Da Mosked Man wrote a letter to Tara Tiara, letting her know that, in effect, payback can be a "lady." Da letter, obtained by actual, not-biased, not a bounty hunter for da Evil Empire, and very qualified Snoozer reporter Mark Rosman stated: “The occurrence and transaction giving rise to the claim asserted is the filing of a malicious and frivolous lawsuit against me in the name of the Township of Manalapan, by certain officials of that township, and the continued prosecution of that lawsuit in the face of overwhelming evidence that it was frivolous. It incorporates the malicious comments by certain officials during the course of the litigation, including the impertinent, false and defamatory statements made by certain officials in concluding said litigation, as well as the deliberate breach by officials of promises made to the judge in continuing the litigation after all parties had agreed to a method of termination. The actions by those officials led to significant financial damage including loss of business, as well as significant billable time put forth in defending the frivolous and malicious action."

Da way it looks now, Emporer Commissar Klauber, who is a lawyer, may need one. Apparently so will Darth Lucas, and apparently so to Jabba da Queen. And Manalapan Township's lawyer handling this case will be billing hours at taxpayer expense too. Da Mosked Man is asking for $400,000 in actual damages, and $2 million in damages. Will he get everything he's asking for?

Nobody knows for sure, but what is known is - this won't end any time soon. It will be costly to da township taxpayers, and it would have never happened if da Manalapan Township Committee didn't back out of a deal approved by all parties - or better yet - start da lawsuit to nowhere at taxpayer expense to begin with.

And, can this get worse?

Da answer is yes, because if and when da discovery portion of this lawsuit begins, can you only imagine what information da Mosked Man will be asking for - that Manalapan's Evil Empire lawyers will have no choice but to hand over.

Will there be another "Spodak Moment" in town hall? What will happen with da Chief Brown Case that da Mosked Man is handling where Jabba da Roth is named a "DEFENDANT?" Will Darth Lucas ever decide whether he's for Chief Brown before he's against him? Can Princess Cohen survive da ravings of da Evil Empire? Where's Obi Wan Kenobi when you need him?

This movie could very well have a long life in Manalapan theaters, indeed. And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Nah. Lucas can't decide which side of bed to get out of.

Anonymous said...

Since DTS is acting as counsel for da Mosked Man, why not save it for the courtroom? Don't you ever think about anything other than da Mosked Man? You guys are worse than Fred Stone!!

Anonymous said...

Cost of the 1st Moskovitz lawsuit - At least $100,000

Cost of the Stu Brown lawsuit - Who knows.

"Jabba da Roth" - PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...

Dear DaTruthSquad,

I, along with so many of your readers and supporters, have to applaud you for the most intriguing, truthful, news that you bring to us.

Keep up the fabulous work that you do, and thank you for keeping all Manalapan residents abreast of what an "Evil Empire" this gang of three turned out to be...

Mrs. Roth ~ W.A.R. ~ Enough said!!

Mr. Lucas ~ no words can express exactly what he has done with his life...

Kudos to Susan Cohen for doing the right thing all the time ~ telling the truth... She outshines all the rest...along with our wonderful Chief of Police..

My heart goes out to Mr. Holland because I don't think he knows what he got himself into as well as our Mayor...

And as far as Tara our useless administrator ~ Shame on her!!!

How do these people sleep at night?

Thanks for reassuring us, that we can find the truth right here.

Have a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...

Question,if andy abstained since he didnt have enough information.why wasnt the vote delayed.


since you read this site every 5 mins,would you please answer me directly.


Anonymous said...

All praise to the Mighty Mousekovitz!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether you like this site or not. But as the blog says, "da" truth is this IS the only site in Manalapan where both sides can be heard, and the news that is reported here isn't blatently one-sided like it was when the Transcript had a certain "Hair" raising so-called reporter gossiping for it. Keep up the great work Squad.

Fred Stone said...

Stu, when are you going to realize that half the posts here in support of you are satirical and poking fun at the sick weirdo you have become? [I wrote two of them and think you're a pathetic joke.]

Anonymous said...

Darth Lucas. He should be ashamed of himself for not standing up for the Chief.

Anonymous said...

daTruthSquad says about KB: "We're all sure that with her amazing reporting background, there must be a Third-World monthly newspaper, Military Junta government propaganda machine, or dictator regime she can easily find work for."

Thought you would be interested in a quote from KB on her "real truth" blog. She ACTUALLY SAYS, "Socialism has the potential to lead to Utopia."

And Manalapan and Freehold gave HER proclamations and awards??

Anonymous said...

Billy Levinson. Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

I would never read that forum without getting a tetanus shot first. And there's no need to go there - Fred Stone posts everywhere, as you see above. The man really has absolutely no life. And he has never explained why he is totally fixated on Stu other than the fact that Stu wrote Miracle's Law. I don't think we ever will get a reasonable explanation other than that one. Fred is a pitiable remnant of a former attorney, whose life now is totally dependent on Stu -- like Spodak and Baratta, he simply has no other reason to exist.

Anonymous said...

Yes Manalapan and Freehold gave her awards. Quite a contrast to what you and one or two others (included DTS in the one or two others) have to say about her.

Nothing like an upcomjing election to wake them up said...

"MARLBORO — Freehold Regional High School District Superintendent H. James Wasser's controversial resignation deal is null and void for now, district officials said.

The district Board of Education violated a state mandate when it approved the agreement at its Sept. 14 meeting without holding a public hearing and notifying residents of the deal, according to an Oct. 2 letter from Monmouth County Executive Superintendent Carole Knopp Morris to district officials.

A board "shall not renegotiate, extend, amend or otherwise alter the terms of a contract" unless a hearing has been held and the public provided at least 10 days' notice of the hearing, she said.

Residents had complained the agenda for the Sept. 14 meeting had not noted the new agreement would be discussed.

Board President Ronald G. Lawson of Howell said at Monday's Board of Education meeting the state had previously indicated "we were fine to go ahead with the agreement," but has since changed its position."

Anonymous said...

From the NJ board. Interesting who was absent from the so-important BOE meeting regarding Wasser and his controversial resignation ---

4549. Wher Oh Where can Roth be?
by bookbinderki, 10/6/09 9:16 ET
Why wasn't she at the BOE meeting last night to voice her opinion of the shafting that the taxpayers were about to get?
Guess Roth doesn't think this is all too important. It must be of less interest than, falsley accusing a number of respected public servants.

Let's not forget that Ms. Roth is one of the biggest supporters of Wasser and the former Pat Horvath. Rumor has it that she has only left her house 4 times since being blown out of the water and that Wasser makes grocery deliveries to her house.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really take those proclamations seriously? She was a political hack for Michelle Roth, printing as a "story" all of her press releases. Of course she is going to reward her with a proclamation which means nothing and costs nothing. In Freehold, she's a resident, and a politician would be a fool not to issue a proclamation (again, it's no cost and means nothing) to a resident upon request, as Kathy did. So let's not pretend the proclamations are anything other than nonsense barely worth the paper they're printed on. What does matter, what does say what needs to be said about Kathy, is that she was fired for embarrassing her newspaper with her lack of integrity.

Rabbi Shmuel Ginzburg said...

You say things that damage fellow members of the human race, and you do so anonymously and without any evidence of their truth. You must need a lot of Windex to clean up the vomit everytime you look in the mirror. Are you a Christian or a Jew? Read something about what those religions teach about doing unto others.

Anonymous said...

Freddy Kruger, are you referring to "Rabbi Shmuel Ginzburg" who was the head of the Rabbinical court of Amstivovi, Lona, Bretsin, the new Lida Zager, and in the end of his life, the head of the Rabbinical court of Kobrin? Since he died in 1830, it would seem to me that you are using his good name in vain.

FYI - Ironic that you chose him. He was known for his ethics, something you appaently do not have. Please remember that if you were to repost this on the Manalapan hate website.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you google good!

Anonymous said...

Well folks it's true, the Mayor Klauber dealt us all a line of BS at the last TC meeting that the "Committee wanted to work things out with the Chief of Police Stuart Brown." Really? Did you read todays APP? Quoting Chief Brown himself, "they(the township) was not willing to compromise." Well the township knew that the Chief was appealing their one day suspension for calling Roth a lady.
The Mayor said he was willing to work things out. How by refusing to negotiate on the one day suspension that we all knew was the sticking point. Folks we got a line of BS from the Mayor and Roth on this one. They just wanted to buy themselves time and to quash the publics outrage over this political vendetta hatched by Michelle Roth. Well folks they lied to us plain and simple. Now how much more in taxpayers dollars is this political vendetta of Michelle Roth's going to cost us? Roth is running for the 12th District Assembly seat and we as NJ taxpayers can't afford to have her win. Come and show your support at the next township committee meeting on October 14th 2009 at the Manalapan Township Municipal courtroom at 8:00 pm. Remember Women Against Roth support Chief Stuart Brown and are opposed to Michelle Roth and her vicious actions. Susan Cohen blew Michelle Roth's credibility out the window with her accurate accounting of what happened. As the President of the local Domestic Violance Team in Manalapan, she said it best: "There were no threats or abuse by Chief Brown against anyone on that day. It was just childish behavior by both parties," Cohen said. So why then is the township unwilling to negotiate and remove the suspension? Politics Michelle Roth Style-Vendetta

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I actually enjoy reading he negative postings from the person who addressed Freddy Kruger. Evidence contines to mount as to who it is.

Although, I suspect that persons past postings on is going to be its undoing.

KB said...

I find it interesting how when a certain poster posts vile lies, they do so under anonymity.

Then on a certain Manalapan hate website, a person can post using their real name, and then write vile things about someone and say using anonymity is wrong.

Then, maybe that same person is uncovered for posting something something that is both anonymous and ethically challenged.

Does that person make foolish threats to cover up their shortcomings?

Or, is it just transferance, transferance, transferance?

Only the guilty knows.

BTW, whoever rebutted the alleged "rabbi's" posting, great work! That's why I read this blog. Unlike another hate website where people just bash someone, this site does its homework.

Anonymous said...

Hey KB said....

English please. I haven't had to understand gibberish since I was a toddler.

By the way, time will reveal what was a vile lie.

Anonymous said...

To Freddy Krueger, posting as "anonymous" while screaming in anger at those who post anonymously, and who said, "By the way, time will reveal what was a vile lie." I guess you didn't get the memo. When Klauber and Roth said they weren't spending taxpayers dollars on the litigation to nowhere, that turned out to be a lie. When Klauber said this year the meetings would be different than last year, but then allowed Spodak to foam at the mouth in ways no other township would ever have allowed - at least not one with a competent municipal attorney - that was a lie. When Freddie said that Stu would be "disbarred" for his malpractice, proving Freddie is about as familiar with the law as Ahmadinejad is with curing lepers, that was a lie for two reasons, one, no disbarment, and two, no malpractice. When Roth said the only reason they were dismissing the case was because he didn't turn it over to his insurance company, that was a lie, since that was publicized two years ago. In fact the entire complaint against Stu, which claimed he went to closing before the engineers report was received, was proven to be a lie when, after hiding the document for two years, the township was forced to give it up. They then immediately began proceedings to end the case. Well, look, Fred, there's certainly lot's of other examples. Like your fake emails, for example, and just about everything else you've ever posted. But, unlike you, I've got a job, so I'll just leave this post at this.

Anonymous said...

hey, shmuel ginzburg was not a rabbi, he was a rabbit. he was pals on israli TV with bugsy bunnystein and porky pigowitz.

Anonymous said...

The thing that bothers me as a woman is how this was handled. If Chief Brown is being investigated as has been claimed, then why was this not disclosed? If the police chief harassed a number of women as the elected official claimed, then why did it take so long for the word to be released? If this is true, then the elected officials are to blame for putting women in risk and harm's way. Shame on them for using a tragic story like this for political gain. This should have been handled the very minute it happened.

Anonymous said...

The thing that strikes me, and I will be anonymous because I fear the wrath of Roth, is that why is it in every other place in the entire country, if you have inappropriate contact with a woman, or you commit sexual harassment, you are either arrested or suspended immediately, not months or years after the fact. It tells me that there is no way Chief brown did what he is accused of. What Roth did about this is despicable, and Klauber as an attorney allowing this to happen I believe should be investigated. Ethically, this is a mockery to the people of Manalapan, and will only cost us more money to defend another Roth-started lawsuit which we will lose once again.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Roth has proven once again what a total putz she is. She admits she knew Moskovitz had not sent the claim to his insurance carrier when Manalapan sued him for alledged malpractice. What Michelle Roth fails to tell you is that the Birdsall report was withheld from the counselor who wrote the affadavit of merit. How do we know this? Well it took 2 years for their Legal Dream Team not their special counsel on this to provide it to the judge. And guess what? The minute that document was given, by motion of demand by Moskovitz? Manalapan's special counsel asked to be dismissed from the case and Manalapan petitioned the judge to drop the case agaisnt Stu Moskovitz! No BS here, just the facts. OPRA the data from Judge O'Brien. Michelle Roth has once again given her line of BS. She showed how malicious she really is.

Anonymous said...

stu, save it for the courtroom. you're not fooling anyone with your make-believe posts from women. you are the only one who posts here.

Anonymous said...

Fred, why do you insist on calling everyone Stu? Time and again, you have been proven to be wrong. Time and again, your psychotic obsession with Stu has been exposed. Time and again you have been questioned as to whether you had any reason to be obsessed with Stu other than the fact that he wrote Miracle's Law and there is an outstanding question as to whether this affected you personally and whether the email you sent to him threatening to do exactly what you've been doing if he continued to write Miracle's Law is real. So far, after months of this boring tirade by you, it appears the allegations are correct about you. You've never provided anything to show they aren't. You're embarrassing yourself Fred. You're an old washed up useless man with nothing to do all day. Get a hobby. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Moskovitz doesn't have to prove a single thing here, as opposed to certain other people. He has won three resounding victories in a row, without a defeat, in his personal cases. What's your record?

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that every time someone makes a point about what is illegal in Manalapan Town Hall, some cronie chimes in and immediately blames Stu. Seems to me DEFLECT AND ACCUSE is infull swing no that Roth and her little minions have been EXPOSED!

Harold Watkins said...

What I notice is that whenever someone posts 5 words negative about the Mosked Man, one of his friends comes back with five long paragraphs attacking Fred Stone. Looks like there's a real issue you guys have with a guy known for painting nice pictures of horses.

Anonymous said...

Great post on the board before it gets deleted by the anti-First Amendment group:

4557.1.1.1. what a joke
by auntieem180, 10/8/09 17:55 ET
Re: Contrary to other websites... by auntieem180, 10/8/09
that's it? 8000 posts -- most of which are you checking your own site twenty five times a day -- in four months? gets that every week. Maybe because datruthsquad posts information serious people want to know. Your site is devoted to garbage and insane hatred of one guy. Your site is a laughingstock.

Anonymous said...

Only Fred Stone would think Fred Stone is know for "painting nice pictures of horses." Funny, but I didn't see anything about you painting pictures of horses on the internet Fred. I did read about your mutual fund scam. I did read about the $180,000,000 your client had to pay in fines because of your malpractice. And I have read your very sick and disgusting attacks on Stu. But nothing about painting horses.

Anonymous said...

wow, that antieem should get a pulitzer for that brilliant post!!

'he anti-First Amendment group'???? said...

That is no "group." It isn't even a handful.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Michelle Roth's campaign signs are up. Notice that she didn't put her first name on them. It looks like she's trying to hide who she is by not using her first name. That's the impression it gives.

KB said...

If you had her record, you'd try to hide who you are too.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Roth and her running mate are at odds with one another. Wanna know why? May have something to do with her insistance of her political vendetta against the chief of police in Manalapan. The other night her running mate announed at the candidates night at the Four Seasons Development that he would not take his salary as an assemblyman (35K) if elected. Part of the reason for that is he is a school teacher and he will not be able to partake in day to day assembly activites unless he resigns as a teacher or takes a sabatical leave. Roth has been feeling the heat from her financiers in Union County who are non too happy with her actions towards the chief. They realize her poll numbers are in the can and that she is hurting their Freeholder candidates chances of winning. They are trying desperately to keep the majority on the Freeholders Board. Union County really wants control down here, they tried with Director McMorrow but she refused their demands to nominate who they told her she should place, hence the frost between herself and the democrats. McMorrow beats her own drum not those of the party bosses. I think those same party bosses though have finally realized that Michelle Roth is too much of a liability and are cuttting her campaign off. Not too good for voting when the PBA and the Chiefs Associaition are backing the Manalapan Chief of Police throughout the state and the battle field known as Monmouth County for voters. Stay tuned, it is going to get real interesting in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

As a Democrat, and someone who personally knew a Port Authority police officer who died on 9/11 and many others who gave their time working on the pile after the attacks, I cannot in any way support Michelle Roth or her running mate. I will not be voting for the Republicans (my choice), but I will leave the Assembly race blank when I vote. I stand with the PBA due to the shameless attacks Roth has launched against the Manalapan police chief.

Anonymous said...

Polcie officers in Monmouth County are against Michelle Roth. Do not vote for her, and do not vote for her running mate as a protest against her actions in Manalapan against Police Chief Brown.

Anonymous said...

Wow, "anonymous" said it, which must mean it's true!

Doing what is right said...

"I cannot in any way support Michelle Roth or her running mate."

"I will not be voting for the Republicans (my choice)"

Are you such a Democrat that you can't vote for the Republican even though the Democrat aggressively is going after the chief of police?

If you feel the Republican can't be your choice, then, you are letting others decide. If they decide for Roth will you wish you had voted for her Republican opponents?

Just wondering how partisan you are in spite of the actions of the Democrats in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...


By popular demand, renowned equine artist Fred Stone returns to Santa Anita Saturday to sign his latest print, Zenyatta, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., in the East Paddock Gardens across from Champions! Gift Shop.

The special price of $25 will be offered, a discount of 50 percent. Purchasers can add a print of super filly Rachel Alexandra with the Zenyatta print for a total of $40 (regularly $75).

Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like the dirt on old freey kreuger is really all about a horse of a different color!

Anonymous said...

Not the same Fred Stone. The Fred Stone in Manalapan would only be able to paint a part of a horse, the part he's familiar with, the part he is himself.

Anonymous said...

wow, you sure got him! he especially deserved a 4th grade response to his own 6th grade humor! i love you, truth squad!!!!

KB said...

It has been reported and Michelle Roth has admitted to accepting a $5000 political contribution from the developer of the COAH units on Woodward Road. So how much did she help the developer that he found it appropriate to make the largest contribution Roth has received this year? Could Woodward being closed for months have anything to do with it? Is this why Roth has been an advocate for COAH housing in Manalapan? Will Roth explain why other developers, architects and contractors have suddenly decided to contribute to her campaign while she has been so adamantly opposed to the Village Center?