Monday, October 19, 2009

HELP!!! Even daTruthSquad Can't Keep Up With All Of Da Manalapan Township Committee Excuses!

TruthTellers - you can't make this stuff up! In da ongoing case of da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man, which is now going to become "da Mosked Man vs da Township of Manalapan, Queen & Tara," Manalapan's Queen Assembly candidate has come up with yet another excuse as to why da town and da Manalapan Legal Dream Team pursued this "case to nowhere" for 25 months.

According to da Queen --- Da Lawyers Told Us To!!!!!!!!!

Now, wait. DaTruthSquad thought that both Commissar Klauber and Queen Roth told anybody that would listen that 5 members of da Manalapan Township Committee voted on this? It used to be da Mosked Man's fault. Then it somehow became this blog's fault for writing about it. Then it went back to being da Mosked Man's fault. Then it became da fault of those da Gang of Three claimed "leaked" info. Then it was back to being da Mosked Man's fault. So now it's da lawyers fault? Wait, didn't they stop da case because it was da Mosked Man who didn't go through his insurance carrier, so da Gang-of-Roth thought they would have a hard time recouping da entire $10,500 for da soil cleanup - which was another excuse?

Now, to be fair, we think this Snoozer guy Rosman could have caught da Queen by surprise. Maybe he asked he a question and didn't giver her a week to think about it before writing a press release answer?

So, now we're led to believe as da Excuse Express piloted by da Queen comes "round" da bend, that now they had absolutely no control over this case -- it was da Manalapan Legal Dream Team who did everything without regard to da Manalapan Township Committee? Da lawyers paid for by Manalapan run Manalapan?? Despite being told what was going on, and voting monthly for Manalapan Legal Dream Team legal bills, they had no clue as to what they were paying for??? So da Manalapan Township Committee paid a bunch of Dream Team lawyers and had no clue as to what they were billing untold-thousands of dollars for???? Are we to believe that da standard-operating-procedure when you hire a lawyer is they do "whatever" and just bill you later without telling you what they do?????

We can only speculate now that this is how things are done in Manalapan.

So, this now begs an interesting question --- who really runs Manalapan - da lawyers, or those who pay their bills, being da Manalapan Township Committee? Before we answer that, we thought that in da future, da Queen might need more excuses, so we asked da TruthTellers to come up with some for her to use.

So, to be fair, daTruthSquad has compiled da Top 10 reasons that da town decided to drop da Mosked Man lawsuit:

10. Da dog ate da lawsuit.
9. Someone stole former Mayor Spodak's prized shovel and buried da lawsuit.
8. Fearing da Mosked Man couldn't sell any of his 3 cars, half-million dollar home, his Rolex, vacation property, or his closet full of shoes and sometimes-matching ties, Roth's taxpayer-funded mathematicians figured there was no way he could scratch together $10,500!
7. I can't answer right now. I'm waiting for the Union County Democrats to tell me what to say.
6. I'm busy not paying attention to you so I can do this Suduku puzzle.
5. Will someone please ask former Mayor Spodak to come up and question Committeeperson Susan Cohen about something she has nothing to do with?
4. Sorry, I was talking out of da other side of my mouth.
3. My husband must have lost those papers moving my business office from Gordon's Corner to my house.
2. Larry, go up during the public session and say something about Italians.
1. All of da developers giving me donations, even though I don't take money from developers, they told me to!

It almost harkens us back to da day of da Nurenburg War Trials, when one after another, da evil-doers continued to say, "We were just following orders."

Now that da Queen has an ample supply of excuses, let's look at her statements to actual accredited, employed and non-biased newspaper reporter Mark Rosman.

ISSUE 1: "After following the advice of several township attorneys and after having received an affidavit of merit from an expert confirming that a good faith basis for a legal malpractice claim existed."

DATRUTH: Who were these "several township attorneys" who, if da Queen is accurate, strong-armed da Township Committee into pursuing this lawsuit? That's a question to ask da Queen at da next meeting. We know da 2005 township attorney didn't OK this, because da Mosked Man probably wouldn't OK a lawsuit against himself. This means da 2007 and 2008 township attorneys could all on da hook here - if da Queen is accurate.

ISSUE 2: "The Township Committee instituted the malpractice lawsuit after following the advice of several township attorneys and after having received an affidavit of merit from an expert confirming that a good faith basis for a legal malpractice claim existed."

DATRUTH: As for da "expert," we can guarantee you that daTruthSquad can find a "legal expert" that can probably claim in a real legal document "for da right amount of money" that with no uncertain terms, Mayor Klauber is a cockerspaniel, Committeeman Andy Boy has more hair on his head than Tara Tiara, and Queen Roth is an actual space alien from da planet Bean. Again, all you need is a lawyer who claims to be an "expert," and some cash to pay them.

ISSUE 3: "Mr. Moskovitz never produced any expert reports to contest ours. Therefore, the township's affidavit of merit was never challenged or refuted by any legal malpractice expert in this matter."

DATRUTH: If we believe da Queen's logic here, then all da Mosked Man had to do is go into his legal database, find a lawyer friend who wanted some $$$$, and have that "legal expert" say da Mosked Man did absolutely nothing wrong, and that would have ended everything?!?!? If that excuse works, then it's probably safe to say there will NEVER be another lawsuit in da United States - ever - since all you'd need is an "expert" to say it isn't a lawsuit, and that ends everything!!! OMG - da Queen has solved Tort Reform!!!! Since that probably wouldn't have worked, then da Queen may want to try another excuse. If your Public Relations database doesn't have any that you haven't used yet, feel free to take one from da Top 10. Oh, and whatever happened to that excuse - "All 5 members of da Township Committee voted on it?"

ISSUE 4: "Several motions to dismiss Mr. Moskovitz's third party complaints against other individuals, however, were granted earlier this year."

DATRUTH: Yes, da 3rd party complaints were dismissed, but much like da Queen's mea culpa in September, some obvious facts were conveniently omitted. First, that happened in June when Manalapan, running dangerously low on lawyers because their Dream Team was unraveling and having nothing to do with da case da Queen says they were running, was having da case overseen by Coo-Coo-Cuccachario, with Commissar Klauber in attendance. Second, they originally made a deal with da Mosked Man to have him abandon da 3rd party complaints, and da town will drop da case and formally and publically clear him of any wrongdoing. Da deal was approved by da judge. It apparently was not approved by one particular member of da committee said "NO WAY JOSE!"

Ironically, by not abiding by their agreement to end da case da way they agreed, it did allow for da 3rd party cases to be dropped - at da Mosked Man's request - because now that actually opened up da door - with da judge's knowledge - that da Mosked Man could personally sue individuals - as well as da entire town - for millions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If they agreed to da original agreement, da Mosked Man would have waived his right to sue anyone!!!!! That is why da 3rd party lawsuits were dropped -- so da Mosked Man can sue those 3rd party people - and they may if a judge agrees, have to pay for their own lawyers and not have taxpayers pay for it.

ISSUE 5: "the Township Committee determined it was more fiscally responsible to voluntarily dismiss the action than to expend municipal resources to litigate in the hope a recovery might be available."

DATRUTH: That decision came at da very same time contingency fee attorney Dream Teamer Weeks decided to drop this 2-year old case like a bad habit. This would mean "Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Looking Evil" would have to go to da taxpayeers during an election year and say they would have to pay even more money for lawyers in this case - which they had 90 days to search and came up with NO lawyers who wanted to have their hands soiled by this case! Da Roth public relations team probably figured it was standard operating procedure to blame da Mosked Man for everything anyway (Manalapan lawsuits, Hindenburg didaster, Lindbergh baby kidnapping, stock market crash, global warming, trucks on Woodward Road, da Middle East) - so blame this on him too. If anyone believes da Mosked Man couldn't scratch together $10,500 (da actual cost of da contaminated soil cleanup), then you'll probably believe da news about those new tolls on Woodward Road and Iron Ore Road they're putting up, (but you can use EZ Pass to pay them).

DaTruth is, you either have to be completely ignorant or an avid reader of a certain alleged "Hate" site to actually believe excuse after excuse from "Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Looking Evil." Da reality is, there is now a lawsuit filed by da Mosked Man against Manalapan and others, and da worst of this isn't da actual lawsuit being filed - it's what happens after. Soon, both sides will go into what is called "discovery," when da Mosked Man, or any lawyer could ask for just about anything they want by filing da proper legal papers. In effect, they could possibly be asking for and receiving information from Executive Sessions, other Town Hall info, potentially and possibly personal & financial information about da new "Defendants," and other potentially damaging information.

DaTruth is, don't be surprised if da next excuse is, "We feel this lawsuit was frivolous, but our insurance carriers told us to settle it and we were forced to do what they told us to."

Apparently in Manalapan, you do what da lawyers tell you to do. And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Squad, isn't there any topic of interest to you other than Manalapan v. Moskovitz and Michelle Roth's involvement in it? As mush as I wretch whenever I look over at the Hate Website, I have to thing that you and Stu have got to either be one person or must be having an affair, because no one other than Moskovitz could possibly care to keep hearing about his malpractice case and how it is the most horrible thing that has happened since Hitler's rise to power in Germany.

Anonymous said...

"because no one other than Moskovitz could possibly care to keep hearing about his malpractice case" If that's the case, how come it's the number one topic on the hate site? Does Stu run the hate site? How come the News Transcript has an article on it almost every week. Does Stu own the News Transcript? Does he own the Asbury Park Press? Is he Fred Stone? Is he George Spodak? If you'll notice, datruthsquad only refers to this case when there is something in the newspapers about it. But then, we know how paranoid Roth and Stone are and how obsessed Baratta is, so it's likely they think Stu owns all the newspapers and the blogsites and the courts. Hmmm. since you mention "Hitler's rise to power in Germany" didn't Hitler rise by claiming much the same thing about all Jews? Irrational psychotic hatred is irrational, psychotic hatred, whether it's toward a people or a person. The hater is always a despicable social deviate and needs to be removed from any power or influence to minimize the damage they do.

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh. It's so obvious. I don't know about the rest of you, but...... Stu and DaFraud should be run out of town.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the first poster. Give us a break here. You used to print good stuff. Now you are just a shill.

Anonymous said...

oh the persecution of moskovitz, proxy for all the jews throughout history who have been persecuted! my heartstrings are ripped to shreds as i contemplate the utter shame of his being "gassed" over at the hate site.

[hey, am i the only one who thinks it's the quintessence of vulgarity for the low-life lying dog moskovitz to wrap himself in the ashes of the innocent victims of the holocaust? what a disgusting excrescence of despicable self-pity. if there is a God, I hope she reads this blog, and then it's POOF, no more stuchebag.]

Anonymous said...

Loved the "Top 10 excuses." And youre right. There are too many excuses. I have followed this case and it seems there's a different excuse depending on public opinion. Shows exactly what this case was.

Anonymous said...

To the above blogger re: Jews. This has nothing to do with Jewish people, to which I am one. This seems to have everything to do with corruption on the Township Committee, and a faithful few who try very hard to hide their crimes.

Don't dare bring religion into this. That's just another excuse.

Anonymous said...

please don't refer to spodak or stone or roth as Jews. We have enough problems. And, since none of them follow any Jewish teachings, it's not really proper to refer to them as Jews anyway.

Anonymous said...

Judaism has had low-life types since biblical times. Look at Joseph's brothers and what they did.

Yet strangely enough, the good ones persevere somehow through it all, and that is what drives the noodniks nuts. The other Web site is more than ample proof of that.

The wife of a Tinton Falls police officer said...

I may be a Democrat, and I will vote for John, but not for Michelle Roth. To do what she has done to fine police officer and chief like Stuart Brown is a disgrace. Now reading this, an example of taxpayer dollars wasted, she has lost my vote.

Anonymous said...

Want proof that the hate site is dead? Look how much time Fred is spending posting here. Even Fred knows.

Anonymous said...

I don't even look at that HATE site anymore. The last time I checked, the only people posting there were Larry Roth, Kathy, Fred, and the Democratic party chairman. That's more like a conference call of hatred than a legit web site IMHO. Here you get both sides, and not only is it informative it's also funny.

Anonymous said...

the only one who's funny here is fred, and he's even funnier over on the "Hate Site". Actually, the only one hated there is Stu, where here, everone is hated except stu, so here is the real hate site.

Anonymous said...

The last post sounds like the pot calling the kettle. Transferance, transferance, transferance from the sycophant puppets on the Manalapan Hate website.

Anonymous said...

"the only one who's funny here is fred, and he's even funnier over on the "Hate Site". Actually, the only one hated there is Stu, where here, everone is hated except stu, so here is the real hate site."

Looks like Fred has had another busy day. LOL. One really has to wonder how dumb Fred really is. Every time we think we have the answer, he proves we've overestimated him. Look at his postings today for example. Fred insists that datruthsquad is Stu. Yet, datruthsquad keeps posting his attacks on Stu. Shouldn't that tell Fred, who is soooooo convinced that datruthsquad is either Stu or a friend of Stu's that Fred isn't scoring any points with his postings -- that he's only making a laughable fool of himself. Nah. Fred isn't smart enough to figure that out yet.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the prior posts said it right. Any time Roth or her cronies find out their PR schemes don't work, they go and toss blame until something sticks. They severely misunderestimated Stu Brown, and Moskovitz too, so they now want to blame anything they can to deflect away from the fact their campaign is faltering among other things. They've got control of the Hate website, and too by deleting posts. They tried to file a lawsuit for the second time against Truth Squad through their ally, and that failed. It's such a shame this is all they have.

Anonymous said...

I don't even like Moskovitz, but you have to admire how he beats them every time.

Anonymous said...

personally, i admire moskovitz BECAUSE he perseveres in the face of the reality the NO ONE likes him. a lesser person so universally disliked would have hung himself years ago.

Anonymous said...

"personally, i admire moskovitz" I guess this posting is what passes for clever for someone who spends all day doing Sudoku puzzles after being fined by the SEC and costing his client $180,000,000, and posting on blogsites because no one in their right mind would hire him as an attorney after that. The fact is, Fred, as you can see by the newspapers and the blogsites you spend all day on, Stu happens to be very well like by most of the community, in fact, as far as we can tell, he's like by everyone but the six or seven criminals in government and their close associates, all of whom post on the hate site. But hey, when did the truth ever stand in the way of one of your rants, or in fact, anything else you've ever done?

Anonymous said...

"a lesser person so universally disliked would have hung himself years ago." That's not true, Fred. You are certainly a lesser person and you never hung yourself. Maybe you should practice what you preach.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to have this posted on this site, because the anti-First Amendment people won't be able to have it deleted here. Thanks to the poster for their diligence in following what happens at the district.

4586. **** FRHSD BOE VIDEO
by markira, 10/21/09 8:03 ET
The FRHSD Oct 19, 2009 videos are now available at the following URLs.
In order to present a more coherent view of the meeting, I have broken it up into a few more sections than normal.

This meeting’s main areas of content included the new drug screening policy and comments from citizens but please view the entire videos to have an accurate picture of what happened.

Part 1: Opening and Middle States Presentation

Part 2: Middle States and student presentation

Part 3: Student presentation

Part 4: Public hearing and citizen questions on random drug screening

Part 5: More drug screening

Part 6: More questions on new policy

Part 7: Public comment on agenda items and on line bill information

Part 8: Public comment on general items including recent subpoenas that were in the news

Part 9: More public comment and comment from Mr. Moses (Freehold representative)

Part 10: * Comments by members of the community

Part 11: * More comments by members of the community

Part 12: * More comments from the community. Editorial note: Lawson makes yet another untoward comment to a member of the community after apologizing earlier during the meeting for similar comments.

Anonymous said...

Did Michelle Roth and John Amberg the 12th District Assembly candidates switch their political affiliation from Democrat to Independent? Literature from the duo asks that "on Tuesday November 3 choose the independent team delivering change" Michelle Roth & John Amberg.

There is absolutely no mention on this piece of literature that they are Democrats. NONE.
Why the deception to the public?
Are they embarrassed to be on the Democratic ticket with Jon Corzine?
How do you think the Democrats who have financed their campaign feel that their candidates for the 12th district Assembly race have chosen to deliberately identify themselves as "independents"?