Monday, October 12, 2009

Were Da Statements Made By State Assembly Candidate Roth A Public Relations Stunt To Combat Soon-To-Be Released Allegations Against Her?

We all know by now da historic Roth-O-Gram she made at da September Manalapan Township Committee meeting. Waiting until da meeting was almost over, with no way to comment, she lashed out at Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown, making outrageous claims that in most businesses would have had da person she was talking about arrested. To recap, Roth stated:

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown..."

"Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

"Chief Brown’s attack last September on me..."

"Chief Brown’s rage."

"Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women."

"His demeaning language and threatening behavior."

"I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage

Of course, these were both sharp and vicious allegations, to be sure. If true, any person with female body parts from here to Zimbabwe would be in fear of Chief Brown. If true, any mammal of the female persuasion above and below da sea should hide from Chief Brown's alleged "rage."

But, here's da real question --- why did Queen Michelle Roth, da candidate for State Assembly pick that particular, time on that particular day to make da allegations that are sure to add more controversy to Manalapan?


Maybe, just maybe, it was a public relation's "Preemptive Strike!"

When someone tried to blackmail David Letterman, what did he do? He came out and announced it to da whole world - of course - leaving out his mea culpa his bedroom bachelor pad above his New York City TV studio.

Since she knew that in days, da lawyer for Chief Brown would have no choice but to take action against da actions of Roth, Tara Tiara and da Manalapan Township Committee, what did she do? She launched a public relation's "Preemptive Strike!"

But, what did da Queen have to deflect?

Could it be da bombshell allegations that can be found in a lawsuit filed by Chief Brown in a Monmouth County court?????

Thanks to of all people - a member of da Cadre - daTruthSquad has come into possession of a copy of da complaint submitted by da lawyer for Chief Stu Brown in da case of Brown vs Roth, Lovrich & Manalapan Township.

There are a number of allegations made in this bombshell complaint, some of which, if found true, could possibly warrant a criminal probe into da operation of Manalapan. Now, it is very important to note that anyone - anyone can make allegations against anyone else. Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team made pages upon pages of allegations against daTruthSquad in da now-infamous "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" case - all of which were 110% disproved in a court of law.

You can read some of the more rediculous allegations here. It should be noted that these are "allegations," and may be true, and may not be true. Much like da evidence against both da Mosked Man and daTruthSquad, that will be for a judge to decide.

Now, with that said, here's da "worst of da worst" lowlights of da allegations made by Chief Brown and his attorney against da State Assembly candidate Queen:

* Number 9 Manalapan employees Alayne Shepler "harassed to the point of becoming seriously ill, and forced to retire. She was replaced by a younger person approved by da Queen.

* Number 10-13 - Jerry Collincini, the long time Director of Recreation / John Lewis, the only African-American Department head working for the Township was "asked" to retire. / Phil Del Turco, a respected financial officer who managed to keep taxes steady and even lower them, while maintaining the surplus / Mark Micali, the long time zoning officer, currently 57, Mark Solinski, the respected Animal Control Officer, currently 45, and Len Miller, the long time in-house engineer / These are all men - all alleged to have been forced to quit or cut loose, replaced by younger people approved by da Queen.

Then, came even harsher allegations - which daTruthSquad will discuss one by one:

* Number 20e - "Bucks Head Park, residents of the surrounding community appeared at a Township Committee meeting on November 28, 2007 to complain about conditions. They never received a response to their grievances from the Defendants. Unwilling to meet with them herself once she was appointed Mayor, Roth passed the buck to the Chief on March 14, 2008 demanding he meet with residents to eliminate their concerns. After he did so, Tara then complained to him that he had hosted a meeting with the residents and admonished him that the meeting should have been between the Township Committee and the residents."

So, what is being alleged here is da Queen wouldn't in effect leave her throne to meet with da peasants, so she ordered da Chief to do it, but never told Tara about it, placing da Chief in a bad light, and making him look bad, allegedly on purpose, to his boss (Tara Tiara).

* Number 20n - Defendants conspired with a former dispatcher to create a sexual harassment incident. The former dispatcher confronted Plaintiff at a bar, physically pushing him out the door and verbally assaulted him accusing him in front of other officers of having made a rude remark to her; a remark that would have been heard by the other ten officers had it been made. The Plaintiff insisted that the matter be investigated by internal affairs. The file disappeared. When he questioned the Internal Affairs officer1 as to the location of the file, he was told that the Administrator (Tara) had it. She refused to give him a copy. This is a violation of NJ Attorney General guidelines. Even worse, this confidential file was turned over to Roth and reviewed by her in violation not only of Attorney General guidelines but in violation of the Chiefs privacy rights.

If there's even a hint of datruth here, then this one mostl likely could require a state-led investigation due to alleged "NJ AG guidelines" violated. And, why would Roth review this case in da first place? Can't Tara Tiara handle her 6-figure job by herself? Shoulnd't a lawyer be looking into it? Da privacy issue alone is enough to make you sick with fear on what anyone can find out about you by simply being elected, using that elected position as a position of power.

* Number 20q - Roth falsely accused him in front of other chiefs of police of placing a 4th sergeant candidate into the interview selection process without authorization. The authorization had been provided by Tara.

Were da words "I'm sorry" left out of Public Relations school? Was this rectified? Apparently not, which leaves da Chief in a bad situation among his peers.

* Number 20t - On February 8 2008, Roth solicited directly from DSG (name omitted) a breakdown of what the Detective Bureau needed from the capital budget, deliberately circumventing the Chiefs authority and undermining his chain of command.

So, we can only guess at town hall, it's OK to get anything and everything from da town clerk with no need to go to da mayor, Tara Tiara, or any hired professional? If true, then yes, they tried to usurp his position. If it's da way things are, then there's no need to follow any chain of command, if those at da top don't follow it either.

* Number 20w - On June 13, 2008, Roth told detectives that if they don't have a car available, they can use the chiefs car.

If daTruthSquad's car is in da shop, does this mean I can go to Town Hall and anyone there can just give us Roth's car keys? Now, what if "any" person uses da Chief's car and crashes it? Who will have their name all over da accident - da Chief. Would you lend your car that you are responsible for to just anyone? Hey Queen, can we borrow your car this weekend? Oh, wait - at Manalapan Town Hall, we don't need to ask da Queen -- someone else will just give us da keys!

* Number 20y - Michelle and Tara presented false information to the County Prosecutor's office, including a claim that Plaintiff had agreed to accept a one day suspension for his "actions."

Hmmmmmm - - allegedly presenting false information to da County Prosecutor?????? This isn't a problem at all, if da County Prosecutor is "Mr. Smithers" and da Queen is played by Homer Simpson. If that were da case, Tara Tiara would be in da corner saying "DOH!" Since Manalapan isn't the ficticious Springfield, then maybe da County Prosecutor has a question or two to ask???? If not him, then maybe Annie Milgram????

* Number 20z - On April 22, 2009, Township Labor Attorney "McLaughlin out loud" falsely told the 1st Assistant Prosecutor that the Chief "reneged" on a one day suspension "deal" when the Chief had never agreed to such a thing.

Again, this is an alleged event. However, fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice........

* Number 20aa - Roth made false accusations to professional associates of Plaintiff, that he was having a sexual affair with one of the Township attorneys.

You kind of knew sex would rear its ugly head in these allegations somewhere. At this point, it's probably safe to say da Queen has made soooo many accusations, we really can't tell anymore which is daTruth is and which is a "Roth-ism." It also doesn't beat the ever-popular "Take da Chief's car."

* Number 20bb - Roth told the first assistant prosecutor that Plaintiffs ski trip to New Hampshire in 2008 was improper because there "were only two bedrooms in the condo."

OK - we're going to give this one to da Queen. Does this mean, by her standards, a two-bedroom condo may be too small. Next time, maybe da chief should rent a villa, or mansion, or castle. And, much like da billing of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, just bill it to da taxpayers, because much like da many lawsuits da Queens has been involved in Manalapan, da taxpayers are going to pay for it anyway. And, don't forget to get a receipt for the caviar, lobsters and filet mignon.

* Number 20ee - At an MCPO mediation meeting, McLaughlin-all-da-way-to-da-bank turned to the Chief and said, "Haven't you had enough?"

Apparently this Dream Teamer has had a lot of practice at this. Collincini, Del Turco, Shepler, Micali, Solinski, Miller, and so on, and so on, and so on.

* Number 20ff - Tara cancelled requisitions/purchase orders without informing the Chief.

Did Tara learn this in "Usurping Someone's Power 101?" Sure puts da Chief in a good light. You also have to wonder if da Verizon phone bill was included in there somewhere that got da phones in da police department turned off? That also begs da question -- does Tara work for da Queen - or does da Queen work for Tara? It gets confusing, doesn't it?

* Number 20kk - As the result of Roth's antagonizing the entire department with open hostility at contract negotiations meetings, the number of tickets issued by the officers dropped dramatically. While the Chief had nothing to do with this, and it was the direct result of Roth's own actions, Tara handed the Chief a memo on January 23, 2008, dated January 15, 2008, stating, "As Chief of Police, the Township expects you to resolve this situation immediately. The fact that you have failed to deal directly with your officers to resolve their neglect of duty and instead have chosen to act merely as a messenger of the statistics, is not appropriate. The Township must see immediate improvement. If not, you are expected to deal with offending officers to correct the problem."

This allegation is a very interesting one. Issue 1 - da Queen & Tara want police to write more tickets. Do they also want da fire department to fight more fires? If this allegation is true, then congratulations Manalapan, because it's now da job of Tara Tiara to demand more tickets be written. What's next - does Tara Tiara also demand who receives each ticket too? And, daTruthSquad would like to meet da "offending" officers here. Now, if da Queen gets a parking ticket, should she be upset with da officer or Tara? Wasn't it Tara Tiara who ordered more tickets be issued, according to da allegation? Does this mean it's OK for da Chief to send a note to Tara, demanding bills be paid on time? Should Democrats be blamed for a Manalapan ticket blitz? If this doesn't prove there is a serious problem with Manalapan's political heirarchy, then nothing will.

Of course, we won't even go into da Queen and Tara ordering da police to give out hundreds of donut coupons --- and yes -- that's in da complaint too!

DaTruth is, da complaint alleged by Chief Brown and his lawyer has all da bad bases covered -- alleged corruption by Township officials - political power moves - alleged lies to prosecutors - backstabbing - alleged demands for police to write more tickets, and da list goes on.

Here's a money saving idea - since it appears from what has been alleged that Tara Tiara wants to do every job in Manalapan, then fire da Chief, all da police officers, da town clerk, da municipal judge, everyone in DPW, da engineer, accountant and valet parking guy. If Tara can do all these jobs, then imagine how much money Manalapan taxpayers will save if we don't raise Tara's salary!

DaTruth is, what has been alleged here by da Mosked Man absolutely deserves an investigation, not by da Monmouth County Prosecutor who was allegedly lied to, according to da complaint filed by da Mosked Man, but by da US Attorney's office. Only this way will an investigation be non-partial and thorough. Too bad Chris Christie is running for governor. In his old job, a case like this would have been right up his alley.

So, was it really a pre-emptive strike by da Queen regarding Chief Brown's "rage?" It's looking more and more likely now, isn't it.

You decide for yourself. And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

It now makes perfect sense. That's why Roth said all those disgusting things about the Chief. It was because she had something to hide, like these allegations. I don't know what is true or not, but I agree a state investigation should happen without delay. The taxpayers deserve nothing less.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I rad the allegations linked by the Squad. Allegations are just that, and may not be fact. Just as Roth's sick allegations against Chief Brown may not be fact. But some of those allegations are very damning, and the Squad is correct that the state should investigate Manalapan. Maybe then all of this foolishness with frivolous lawsuits will stop, and those politicians guilty of wrongdoing will be sent where they belong.

Anonymous said...

actually, the state should take a look at da squad, to see if pliantiff's lawyer is writing da squad's baloney in violation of his professnal ethics.

Anonymous said...

We've been down that road before. It was proven in court Moskovitz is not the Squad. I wonder who the cadre member was who helped the Squad with this? Is there a mole in Roth's cadre?

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's larry roth, who is a secret admirer of plaintuiff's lawyer.

Felix Frankfurter said...

Nothing was proven in court about da True Stu and Squat Stuberg, because the Court held that the inquiry ibto the identity of da Screw Squad was not appropriate in the context of the case at bar. Please, stop lying--every word is an insult to the intelligence of us Manalapan "bozos."

Anonymous said...

That is some bill of particulars, ranging from the sublime (donuts) to the venal (sexual setups). Along with quite an assortment in between. This one could be better than Manalapan v. Moskovitz. Ringside seats in the courtroom will definitely be at a premium for this one.

Maybe they should just leave Giants Stadium standing for a real Jersey farewell.

KB said...

What I am sure about is whoever leaked this information to the Squad says they're a friend of Michelle's but really isn't. If I were her I'd try to find out who is the mole in her camp and send them packing. The Repubicans will have a field day with this info.

Anonymous said...

It's a feather in datruthsquad's cap that Fred Stone realizes that if he wants anyone to read what he is writing, he has to come here, because no one is reading the trash bin he spends most of his time on. [his latest obsessive and useless posting-"Nothing was proven in court about da True Stu and Squat Stuberg". Witty isn't it? LOL] The funny part is, with all the time he spends on line, Fred still wants us to believe he is working as a "powerful lawyer" making millions of dollars. Is there anyone in Manalapan dumb enough to believe that anyone making "millions of dollars" as a "powerful lawyer" would spend his entire life online obsessed with a Manalapan attorney? Give me a break. Is there anything Fred Stone hasn't lied about? Not very likely.

Anonymous said...

It's not too hard to figure out who the mole is. It's Fred Stone. Fred is in constant communication with Michelle and Larry and their press agent, Baratta. He gets all the information from them, and, because he's so obsessed with Stu, he grabs anyone he can in Shop Rite, in the men's room, wherever, and starts to tell them everything he's been told. Some of those people Fred is ranting to then tell datruthsquad. Fred IS the weakest link. Anyone who has ever met Fred might also wonder if he isn't the anthropological "missing link" as well.

Joey said...

What bothers me is that you published this on October 12, while all of us were out celebrating Columbus Day with our friends and loved ones. Whassamatta witchu, Squad, you got a problem with us Italians?

To 'the state should take a look at da squad' said...

The complaint is in the public court record. We can expect you, being inexperienced with such matters, not to know about this and misstate the facts and impgun someone.

To 'Felix' said...

So you concede that the entire episode, which cost us taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, was nothing more than a baseless two-year-long fishing expedition. Hmmm, wonder what you would attribute the motivation to?

Anonymous said...

I think you're wrong about Fred Stone being the mole. I know Fred, and he's many things, but he's not going to help Stu Moskovitz in any way. I think there's definitely a mole in the Roth team. I'd think maybe one of her Republican friends? If not any of them, then it's probably the very last person she'd suspect. Whoever it is, the very fact DTS got this info shows she has holes in her armor.

Say What! said...

"misstate the facts and impgun someone"

Are you saying they would shoot someone with a World War II gun, an Imp Gun?

Anonymous said...

Stu, i suggest you not show up in Shop Rite on any Sunday. Fred is a dangerous guy with a shopping cart.

Anonymous said...

First, I have to say I enjoy this blog greatly. Both funny and informative. Our local Cranford blog highly recommends it.

Question. I don't know all of the nuances of this case yet. I watched the Youtube clip. If it is discovered that the Committeeperson who made the accusations against your police chief did either exaggurate or knew she made false claims, what impact would that have on your local government? Also, if the claim that your police officer is indeed under this investigation for multiple claims of sexual harassment, then why has he not been suspended (even with pay) pending the investigation? That is SOP for the company I work for (a large NYC bank). Any answers would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean a "million-dollar lawyer" would stoop lower than, say, Wegman's? Actually, he should be doing all his shopping and schtuping at Delicious Orchards and Whole Foods.

Anonymous said...

Another loss in court for Manalapan. These Roth-appointed lawyers couldn't beat a J-walking ticket.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read Mark Rosman's amazing editorial in the Transcript? He completely smacked around Klauber and Roth on this one. Nice to see he has no agenda and is not a biased hack. Too bad he wasn't reporting on Manalapan for the last 10 years.

Anonymous said...

alrighty,last nite was a doozy,somebody please explain what this spodak guy is starting to actually feel sorry for the lunatic.once again he presented these (supposed) emails from stu moskovitz.he tried to interigate susan cohen so incoherently that the attorney cuchi cuchi had to stop him.

i find it somewhat perplexing for someone who doesnt own a computer,to explain the threads that link the emails in question to stu moskovitz.

listen,im a fan of free speech, but cmonnnnnn.Mr are making a complete bafffffooooon of yourself.even your people were laughing at you last nite.

i guess i have a soft spot for the ederly.doesnt mr spodak have any family that could keep him busy on meeting nite,perhaps a walk around the mall or rent him a movie....something!!!!!!!

dumb question said...

You said that a person named Spodek at a meeting was complaining about emails that he got. Then you said the guy doesn't have a computer. How does someone who doesn't have a computer get the emails? Manalapan is a very bizarre town.

Anonymous said...

Something that has bothered me all along about King George is, if he doesn't own or have a computer, as he has claimed, how does he get emails allegedly sent to him by Moskovitz?

My guess is these are someone else's emails that he is in possession of, which again is puzzling since they couldn't have been emailed to him since he claims he has no computer.

And why is someone with no computer so hung up on emails? The one thing I'm really glad for is that Klauber stuck to his word when he vowed to clean up township committee meetings. I guess he also has a bridge to Brooklyn he's wanting to sell also.

Anonymous said...

There's an easy way for this lunacy to stop happening. Take a page from Michelle Roth. When Spodak comes up and wants to ask a question, just look away and ignore him. Eventually his 5 minutes of fame will run out and he will have to leave the microphone.

Anonymous said...

he had the audience in hysterics last night as he always does. Remember, this guy claims he doesn't have a computer because he has no idea how to use a computer. Then, he starts a prolonged dissertation on IP Addresses, and message code and all kinds of technical things (ok, granted, if you know anything about this stuff, it's clear he had no idea what he was talking about). It's funny that after explaining that he doesn't own a computer, he expects everyone to take his word for all the technical stuff he's explaining. Catch it on channel 77. As with everything Spodak's ever said at a meeting, it's going to be funnier than anything you'll see all night on network tv. And this guy has no clue that he has the entire township laughing at him.

Anonymous said...

my point exactly..............i wrote it and I dont understand....

he says he doesnt own nor use a computer,then said he can prove certain emails were from stu,due to the tracking of threads or something.that was his public comment.a issue the town was forced to drop,yet he cant let go.


To 'My guess is these are someone else's emails ' said...

Spodak said that the e-mail messages were from Moskovitz to Fred Stone and that Stone gave them to him (Spodak).

Spodak then said something to the effect that all the numbers next to the ISP identifications had something to do with latitude and longitude. At which point the entire room's giggles were too strong to be represeed.

jusdafacts said...

Roth receives $5000

It has been reported and Michelle Roth has admitted to accepting a $5000 political contribution from the developer of the COAH units on Woodward Road. So how much did she help the developer that he found it appropriate to make the largest contribution Roth has received this year? Could Woodward being closed for months have anything to do with it? Is this why Roth has been an advocate for COAH housing in Manalapan? Will Roth explain why other developers, architects and contractors have suddenly decided to contribute to her campaign while she has been so adamantly opposed to the Village Center?

Anonymous said...

Roth has just proven once more what a hypocrite she has turned into. When Roth ran her previous campaigns she held the mantra "no money from developers." I believe she even made that statement to the media.
Well looky here, not only did she accept the 5K from the developer of the COAH affordable rental units on Woodward road she voted to approve that application while sitting on the planning board, a seat she still holds.
Now on any other day in any other year I could hear Michelle Roth screaming and runnning her fingers to the keyboard of her computer or Blackberry to scribe to Mark Rossman of the News Transcript or Aleisha Williams Boyd of the Asbury Park Press her outrage and her infuration that her opposing challengers in a campaign had accepted monies from "developer/builders."

Why the change of heart? Why isn't anyone bringing her up on ethics charges? The other huge mantra in the Roth camp has always been the "appearance of impropiety"
Where has that mantra gone? Was this quid pro quo?

Is Michelle Roth showing us her desperation for money? any money to keep her failing campaign afloat? Desperate people do desperate things. Michelle Roth has shown the Manalapan public and now the county that she has become nothing more than a political hack.

Anonymous said...

the funny thing I saw wednesday night was the boneheads spending 4 minutes figuring out if Spodak was able to have another minute to finish up. now we know why they can't get things done!

not giggling said...

“Spodak then said something to the effect that all the numbers next to the ISP identifications had something to do with latitude and longitude. At which point the entire room's giggles were too strong to be represeed.”

He's right. The latitude and longitude (L/L) point to a cluster of houses on a street.

So imagine if you will, that you do a find IP address query on the internet (it's simple and free) and let's say that query returns an L/L that points to, say Bonnie, or Neal Drive. The L/L is pretty precise as it can identify the ip address to within a few houses on the street.

So, try to follow me here, the resulting query, points to a cluster of 2 or 3 houses of the L/L as the person posting or sending emails.

So, I would say, it's nothing to giggle about.

Try it yourself. Sit at your home computer and go to

Select My IP and it will return your IP address.

Next copy the IP address, go to IP lookup and paste it in the search box.

Hit enter.

Amazing how accurate it is isn't it?

By the way. You can derive IP addresses from a valid email address.

NotaFanofExMayorbut said...

You can have an email address and get emails without owning or possessing a computer. You can get a free email address from any number of sources and you can view and receive those emails at any public computer such as at the library or Kinko's. You can laugh at him for many reasons if you like, but don't laugh at him because he said he has emails without owning a computer.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's explain this latitude and longitude thing. when you have an ip address that comes from or or any of a number of other services, the ip address sends out a GPS signal from the transmitter used by the service, not the person's computer. So when you find a latitude and longitude from, say, an optonline account (that's cablevision, used currently by approxmately 9,000 homes in Manalapan and about the same in Freehold) the coordinates go to the box ALL the accounts use. In other words, when Spodak said they honed in on a particular office, he lied. The GPS coordinates narrowed it down to about fifteen to twenty thousand people, not one office. Are you surprised? Virtually everything Spodak has told the township committee over the last two years has been a lie. Klauber knows it, Roth knows it. They deliberately allow him to go up to the microphone meeting after meeting lying to them and the public, because it is the way they believe politics should be. I think the taxpayers disagree. I think we will show them that in November.

Anonymous said...

or maybe someone who actually received the emails printed them out and gave them to him. very low tech, no biggie.

Anonymous said...

I went to that web site and it showed my that I am somewhere in knob hill. not even close

Anonymous said...

Let's say for a minute that King George was handed the emails by some anonymous person. Why is Goerge doing this person's bidding and not the anonymous person. Interesting how some people slam anonymous writers and people, yet it could very well be George playing the role of the grunt hawking these emails under orders by someone who apparently controls him. If that is the case, then my opinion of this former mayor apparently turned messenger boy has sunk to a new low.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the Manalapan Hate website the other day. How pathetic. In more than 3 weeks, the only postings on there are by an out of work so-called reporter, a certain former lawyer who once had troubles with the SEC, and a PR guy who no longer has an office to work out of on Gordon's Corner Road. Now there's a trio with too much time on their hands.

Anonymous said...

These people on the Hate website sure do hate this man Moskovitz a lot, just because Moskovitz is always suing everybody to get them to pay him money. What's their problem with Moskovitz? I don't hear them complaining about Willie Sutton, Goldman Sachs, Ivan Boesky and Bernie Madoff. Stu is no different from those other thieves!

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly from the News Transcript, didn't Moskovitz say he was going to sue Roth and Klauber for malicious prosecution? If that's true, then aren't Michelle's comments continuing to assert this ridiculous idea that after two and a half years they were wondering if he could pay a 10,000 judgment proof of the malice he has to show to win the case? And isn't Klauber's constantly allowing Spodak at every meeting to say defamatory things about Stu that EVERYONE knows are lies also the evidence of malice that Stu needs to prove? Aren't Klauber and Roth basically making this case as easy for Stu as they possibly could? With enormous help from Stone and Spodak? Weren't Stone and Spodak allies of Stu's once? Do you think maybe Stone and Spodak aren't really as dumb as they make themselves look? Do you think they're trapping Klauber and Roth into making Stu's case for him? Well, it's food for thought.

To 'not giggling' said...

It was the delivery that was hilarious. Better than Buddy Hackett.

Anonymous said...

It seems that many people here do not understand spoofing, the forgery of email to make it look authentic. Just think of some of those emails (not from Nigeria) that are supposed to be from your bank or others asking for confidential information. They even use real corporate logos.

Told you not to said...

Ok, let's explain this latitude and longitude thing. when you have an ip address that comes from or or any of a number of other services, the ip address sends out a GPS signal from the transmitter used by the service, not the person's computer.

Incorrect. You trace route the IP address on the email and reverse engineer the IP. Modern technology folks, just like DNA. DNA = FUC$ED. Deal with it. The rain is coming.

Anonymous said...

To "told you not to said": You have no idea what you're talking about. That means you are probably one of the five democratic party idiots posting on the website, in all likelihood the securities scam artist who spent all day manufacturing the emails to begin with. Spodak was dumb enough to pass them out to all the township committee members. We were able to get a copy. We ran a trace on the IP address Spodak claimed went right to Stu's old office. Guess what. The GPS showed a spot more than half a mile south of Stu's old office. I guess he must have had a really really big office at the time. Maybe you need to spend more time on your mutual fund cons. You're not very good at this internet thing.

Anonymous said...

Is it a requirement that to post on the hate site, you have to be dumber than a doorknob? Kathy has an email posted there that she claims was written by Stu. It, of course, says exactly what they would have like Stu to have said. The only problem is, the text of the email has absolutely nothing to do with the header of the email that shows up in the source code she is claiming proves he wrote it. In other words, Fred took a perfectly legitimate email about Yassir Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize and rewrote it to make it sound like Stu was ranting about the Democrats. And Kathy bought this hook, line and sinker. Any wonder none of her articles in the News Transcript were ever close to accurate?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how the emails Spodak brought to town hall said exactly what Klauber and Roth would like them to say and none of them match the headers that show up in the code attached to them. About as amazing as the fact that brillohead couldn't see this herself, the moron.

Anonymous said...

that's the ticket!! spodak and stone are secretly working for stu! of course, how clear! they both really like stu.

Anonymous said...

It's starting to become very clear what is happening. Trying to get women to rally around the Roth campaign backfired. So now it's emailgate, and they're trying through their little sychophant minions who do what they are told as they are told to create another controversy that has no merit and no cause. Transferance, transferance, transferance.

To the yutz who wrote 'Stu is no different from those other thieves!' said...

Big difference is that your target never swindled anyone. Unlike Madoff, Boesky and Roger Englander.

Anonymous said...

stu should teach these guys a lesson--PROVE that the emails were fake by swearing out an affidavit in his own name to that effect. right now all ewe have are anonymous posters saying that, but we know stu is too smart to perjure himself, right stuie?

Anonymous said...

he's a lot smarter than you Fred. He's out making a living off what you and your little trolls are doing all day long. You make fools of yourself; he makes money. Besides, he doesn't have to swear out an affidavit. Anyone with an IQ over 90 can see that your emails are fake just by what's been shown about them. Face it, Fred. You never could pull off a successful scam. Eliot Spitzer proved that, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

You're right, Fred. Stu is too smart to perjure himself. That means when he DID swear out an affidavit saying he wasn't datruthsquad, by your own admission, that means he isn't datruthsquad. Yet all you out of work losers keep saying he is. So that means you are now admitting that you are knowingly lying about him. Not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Re: "stu should teach these guys a lesson."

His plate is painfully obviously a lot fuller than yours. How much active litigation are you involved in?

For just two well-known cases, Moskovitz has a forceful multimillion-dollar suit against Manalapan and is working with Chief Brown.

Whom did you say you were representing again?

Anonymous said...

stu, you could swear out an affidavit that you aren't DTS because you have stooges who you instructed not to tell you which of them is, which makes you a low-life sleaveball just like the baloon boy's dad, but not a perjurer. but you would never swear out an affidavit that the emails were not written by you, because there's no technical out for you, and you would thereby have committed perjury, all of them having been authored by you as you well know.

btw, who is roger englander? don't you know that fred's billionaire client is israel rabbit?

Anonymous said...

someone with half a brain tell me that the following little pile of dog droppings could have been authored by anyone other than stu-the-sociopath moskovitz:

"DaTruth is, what has been alleged here by da Mosked Man absolutely deserves an investigation, not by da Monmouth County Prosecutor who was allegedly lied to, according to da complaint filed by da Mosked Man, but by da US Attorney's office. Only this way will an investigation be non-partial and thorough. Too bad Chris Christie is running for governor. In his old job, a case like this would have been right up his alley."

'someone with half a brain' said...

Any number of people could have just as easily the message that perplexes the stumpified one. That's what tunnel vision (or is it macular degeneration?) does.

SadieRoth said...

Hello everyone,
My name is Sadie and I am a pet of a former Manalapan Mayor. I need your help. It's getting hard to live in this house. I think the economy is really putting a hurting on us. The Mrs. is running for a higher office when she should be focusing on the business. Mr. is spending all his time on the blog sites. I used to get dog biscuits from Wegmens now they are getting them from Walmart. I can't believe they support this anti-union store. It's a good thing Mrs. has free health care benefits from the Manalapan residents because otherwise I don't know what we would do. I keep hearing about the stupid shit that comes out of their mouths. I've never actually seen them going to the bathroom but I imagine shit coming from your mouth is not good for you. Is it? Speaking of bathroom needs, Mr. Larry can you walk me more? Why do you think I look you right in the eyes and then pee on the floor? Then you want to hit me? Some one please help me, Micheal Vick will you adopt me? It's got to be better at your house.


Muffin said...

Sadie...don't forget me. I want out of here too!!