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IT'S ROUND TWO - The Freehold Regional HS District Is Making YOU Pay For Another Taxpayer-Funded Fishing Expedition To Seek Out Anonymous Posters!

Almost two years since da Manalapan Township Committee found out you can't use taxpayer money to go after anonymous bloggers who write things you don't like, da Freehold Regional High School is basically doing the exact same thing!

Da FRHSD ordered their legal eagle to start writing subpoenas, demanding through their taxpayer-funded lawyers that hand over da full name, home address and email address of as many as 20 individuals and their screen names! Why do these Inquisitors want this information --- because apparently, da high-priced and in some cases six-figured salaried members of da FRHSD didn't like what some citizens who pay their salaries through their taxes in da district are saying!

Did these folks not read newspapers, or radio and TV accounts throughout da world what happened down da road in Manalapan just two years ago?

Question -- Is it possible these folks fell asleep when their history teachers were discussing da First Amendment? Did they call out sick on that day in elementary school? Was da First Amendment not taught in those diploma mill schools that handed out graduate and doctorate degrees like candy?

If what happened to daTruthSquad two years ago didn't chill you to da core - this will. Again, YOUR TAX DOLLARS will be paying for a fishing expedition by those in power who control YOUR TAX DOLLARS to find out who a handful of people are who don't agree with what da FRHSD does during their meetings!

Is this how you want your tax dollars to be spent????

This amazing story - Round Two in da Battle of Free Speech in Monmouth County - was reported in a story by da News Transcript. Their reporter, who apparently is not biased at all and has no allegiances that could cloud her judgment, writes da President of da FRHSD signed off on this fishing expedition.

The subpoena issued to states that “I (Lawson), as president of the FRHSD Board of Education, in anticipation of the disciplinary hearing of John Doe and/or Jane Doe to be held before the board, demand that you produce the following materials …” to the district’s counsel.

You can't make this stuff up!

And, making matters worse, daTruthSquad's embedded sources have uncovered that da bureaucrats at da FRHSD believe some of those 20 may be on da payroll, so they want to bring them up on disciplinary charges.

This has been confirmed by da Asbury Park Press, who had in their newspaper a quote from one of these yahoos who think this type of behavior - speaking out about alleged wrongs - should be done in da open because as we all know - there's never repercussions in things like this.

"Howell representative William Bruno on the school board said he was in favor of the Aug. 31 subpoena. "If they have nothing to hide, what's the problem?'' Bruno said."

And here's another little tidbit you can't make up --- 12 of da 20 screenamed individuals are being represented by -- da Mosked Man!!!!

You really can't make this stuff up!

And, talk about parallels -- it appears da Mosked Man already found a problem with da subpoena filed by da lawyers for da FRHSD.

Now, not that daTruthSquad wants to hand out free legal advice, but since we've been though this taxpayer-funded witch hunt before, allow us to hand over some expertise.

First, there's legal precedents against such actions by da FRHSD, where schools have tried to get anonymous source names and came up empty. For details on this - read da EFF's well defended case brought by the Sperry, Oklahoma school district which has parallels to what is happening in Freehold now.

Second, there's also another legal precedent to review, somewhat recent, called "Da Township Of Manalapan Vs Da Mosked Man." You may want to brush up on this one, because it cost Manalapan taxpayers a lot of money and worldwide embarrassment, thanks to da Roth, Lucas & Klauber-led Manalapan Township Committee. Third, they'd better hope da subpoena they submitted is da right kind (da Manalapan Legal Dream Team made that mistake too), or this will become even more embarrassing for da FRHSD.

DaTruth is, it appears here is another situation of some high-priced folks who can dish it out but apparently can't take it. Da FRHSD has spent over a year now battling what may be da worst image problem in da state. It's top-guy was found to have a diploma-mill degree from a school kicked out of a 3rd-world nation, and at least two states, that taxpayers paid for! Da FRHSD became da laughingstock of da nation due to this - is now going after people who are not happy with da very district they pay taxes to maintain!

DaTruthSquad is outraged for two reasons - one, daTruthSquad went through this and knows exactly what it is like to have a government-funded bureaucracy with unlimited deep taxpayer-funded pockets go after you because it doesn't like what you are saying about it, airing it's dirty laundry for all to see. Two, in da United States of America where men and women fight for our rights under our Constitution, some folks apparently think that parchment is nothing more than toilet paper, or something to make a paper airplane out of. Over 200 years ago, men and women died on da hills of da very town where da FRHSD calls home in one of da most important battles of da Revolutionary War. They died so we da people could have freedoms, including Freedom of Speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to be outraged (if need be) by what our political leaders do.

Let's also remember Superior Court Judge Flynn's ruling regarding da anonymous blogger daTruthSquad in da case of Manalapan vs Moskovitz:

And I [...] recognize that there are First Amendment issues with regard to disputes with the past administration. And that anyone [...] has a right to make their feelings clear. And they have a right not to be intimidated by the issuance of discovery requests in order to shut them down. For that reason, in many ways, the authority cited by the intervenor is correct and accurate. And first of all the [...] blogger, if in fact it’s an individual person, and I’m assuming absent any evidence that it is another individual person, has a right not to be drawn into the litigation and forced to reveal identity or to impede on his or her First Amendment rights simply on a suspicion..."

Maybe it's time that at da next FRHSD meeting, people go up one by one and read da First Amendment of da Constitution to these very taxpayer-funded people who are attempting to take away your liberties. Brave men and women shed blood and die so we can have these freedoms. They should not be forsaken - and daTruthSquad will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in this battle. We have fought it before - and we will do it again - and anytime people's rights to Free Speech are usurped.

And let's also remember one critical point - You should never yell "Fire" in a crowded theater. That is against da law and not what Free Speech is about. However, in this great nation we live in, we da people do have da right to assemble, have opinions, and discuss our opinions, even if da government or a taxpayer-funded bureacracy doesn't appreciate those opinions. If you doubt that, ask da Marine taking on da Taleban in Tora Bora, or da army medic helping people in da Sunni Triangle, or those who spilled blood in da rice paddies of Viet Nam, or da fields in France, or entombed in da USS Arizona, or on a field over 200 years ago in what is now Freehold and Manalapan, New Jersey. Those patriots will tell you that they fought, bled, scarificed, and even died so you can have da right to speak.

Some folks whose salaries YOU pay for in da FRHSD seem to have forgotten that fact. It's time at their meetings people respectfully remind them.

And that's daTruth!


Anonymous said...

And what did Klauber, running for reelection, and Roth running for State Assembly, say about this abuse of civil rights? Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. They have no problem with it. They welcome it. Or maybe that's not fair. Maybe they were just too busy spending taxpayers' money this week trying to get the Chief suspended for abusing Michelle Roth by calling her a "lady." My belief is that if anything, the Chief should be reprimanded for not being honest when he referred to Roth as a lady. Maybe once in a while when she attends a meeting she can tuck BOTH sides of her blouse in first. No one wants to see the rolls, sweetie.

oliver wendell holmes said...

So just let us get this straight, Mr. Squad--you're saying that a vile and deliberately and willfully malicious outright factual LIE about a public figure gets First Amendment protection against civil actionability when uttered ob a blogsite by an anonymous commentator?

Anonymous said...

Here's my question. Did 20 people all say things that are defamatory about Wasser and his gang, or was it just one person and they're handing out subpoena's like candy?

Anonymous said...

Three words: ABUSE - OF - POWER!

Anonymous said...

Four words...

Waste - of - taxpayer - money.

From the Asbury Park Press said...

Here's a link to the Asbury Park Press editorial on Wasser's subpoena party.

It's been common knowledge for a while now that Freehold Regional High School District Superintendent H. James Wasser is something of an imposter, having obtained a doctorate from an unaccredited online institution. He also has shown himself to be supremely arrogant.

Now, it turns out he is vindictive to boot.

The Board of Education, at Wasser's behest, has subpoenaed a news organization's Web site for the names of people who have criticized the district leadership in postings. According to the subpoena, the district wants to identify forum posters and haul them before the board for a disciplinary hearing, a sign that officials are hunting for district employees. Those people apparently have committed the grievous crime of criticizing him. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is Wasser protected from getting his feelings hurt.

Some users on the site have lambasted Wasser for obtaining a doctoral degree from a diploma mill, and refusing to reimburse the district for the tuition and the $2,500 annual stipend he received for having received a doctorate. Some posts also include unconfirmed allegations about Wasser and district officials.

It is stunning that someone in charge of educating young people — students who should be taught about the virtues of the Bill of Rights, including the freedom to speak one's mind without fear — chooses instead to emulate the worst excesses of American demagoguery, from Richard Nixon's enemies list to Sen. Joseph McCarthy's witch hunts. And if the identities of the critics are revealed, are some sort of disciplinary show trials to follow?

It's particularly troubling that board members are going along with this farce. "If they have nothing to hide, what's the problem?" said Howell representative William Bruno.

That question is beside the point. Wasser's efforts to track down the Web posters is nothing less than official bullying designed to silence people. That should not be countenanced by the board. It should tell Wasser enough's enough and put an end to the witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

It is not a secret that Wasser is a democrat closely tied to Michelle Roth. Also closely tied to Michelle Roth are Spodak and Stone, two of the more laughable clowns in Manalapan who also don't believe in the first amendment. Apparently Stone is all upset that someone "leaked" the story of his Securities fraud violations that just happened to be there for everyone to see on CNN, Bloomberg News, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and just about every other news organization because his scheme was both heinous and laughably stupid. Stone's price for fighting against the first amendment is that everyone he speaks to these days regards him as not just having a screw loose but being so broken down as to be ripe for recall by his manufacturer. As for Spodak, well, he's laughed at on a regular basis at township committee meetings, and by everyone he tells about his lawsuit that he claims is going "full steam." Sure, George, just like those fake emails you keep parading around. For anyone interested one twit about what Spodak is claiming, you can find out for yourself from the courthouse that George's lawsuit -- at Monmouth Docket No. L-3679-08 was dismissed long ago. Are you surprised that George is lying about this too? Is there anyone associated with Michelle Roth who isn't a deranged dishonest social deviate?

Anonymous said...

Fresh news. Isn't it interesting that even the FRHSD can figure out once in a while when they're wrong. Too bad the trolls running Manalapan into the ground don't have that ability with their personal vendettas against employees, former township professionals, committeepeople they disagree with and private citizens.

oliver wendell rabinowitz said...

stu, it's shabbos. no posts. keep bragging about how observant you are, you hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take Fred to realize that everyone else has figured out that the more fake emails he posts, claiming Stu wrote them, the more laugable it becomes. Stu couldn't possibly have written all those emails to Fred unless Fred was his personal diary. It's not likely Stu would be writing ten emails a day to a low life like Fred. Fred flatters himself in thinking Stu would be writing to him at all, let alone as often as Fred's forged emails claim. But then, Fred thought he'd get away with creating dozens of fake mutual fund companies before Eliot Spitzer caught him, didn't he? Some people just never learn.

Anonymous said...

This has become a good blogsite again. But that's because you've taken control and made it a serious discussion about governmental affairs. If you're going to allow Fred Stone to turn it into a sewer again like he did before, you are going to find out that most of us will turn away from this site once again. There is a site already for the six psychopaths like Fred who want to ramble on incoherently making attacks against someone who, frankly, has done more than anyone else in this community to fight the corruption of which Fred is a major part. This site doesn't need to get down to the level of the hate site.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM: well said. It's probably deleted by the time you read this since Fred has spent yet another day posting and deleting and posting and deleting. This man needs serious help:

PREVIEW This is how your message will appear.

I wonder if a certain by billylvnson, 10/24/09

convicted securities con man (we won't name him to avoid being deleted) realizes that he isn't scoring any points by spending all day long writing forged emails. Duh. Does he really think that everyone hasn't figured out yet that there's no way one person would possibly have written all those emails to someone like him who he barely even knew? And is he beginning to wonder yet, while he's writing all those emails and screaming at everyone he meets on the sidewalk and in Shop Rite, that everyone is getting the idea that he is a severely disturbed person? That he's severely disturbed if he's faking the emails, which he obviously is, and he's severely disturbed if what he says is true, that someone wrote all these emails to him in confidence, and he has so little ethics, so little morals, that he would actually post them all online. Do his remaining four friends realize that he could easily turn on them the same way? Demented is demented.

Anonymous said...

I'm an avid reader of this site, and I must say since you stopped the spam on here the discussions are much better. Those sycophants who spam and delete posts have taken control of's site, but they won't get this one it appears.

As for what the Freehold HSD tried to do, kudos to the Squad for jumping all over them and reminding them that free speech shouldn't be trashed because they don't have a thick skin. Great work Squad. I believe you had something to do with them dropping their case.

Anonymous said...

Congrats DTS for another victory against Roth's supporters at the FRHSD who tried to carve up the Constitution like a holiday turkey.

Looks like Moskovitz made them look like turkeys!

Expletive from Shinola said...

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Stuart stop patting yourself on the back or you may end up needing to see a chiropractor. With your dwindling resources you may not have the money to cover the needed treatments. Now of course we'll hear from your zombies how you're as rich as a Rockefeller. Couldn't tell it from your shabby suits. Talk about off-the-rack. Judging from the way you dress it's more believable you get your clothes from the Salvation Army.

Anonymous said...

Fred, why do you insist on making a fool of yourself? It's to the point where no one in Manalapan wants to be within 100 feet of you. I mean, if you even said something that made sense once in a while. But criticizing Stu's 2,000 custom made suits while you're running around in old tweed jackets purchased in the '70's, and talking about Stu having dwindling resources when he can buy and sell you ten times over, and talking about his legal abilities, when we can all see they're pretty damn good, while your clients paid 180,000,000 in fines for your malpractice, and posting fake emails that anyone can see can't possibly be real... what exactly do you think you're accomplishing? The only thing I get out of your obsession is that the stories about you're threatening him for writing Miracle's Law must be true.

Anonymous said...

The fashion commentator sounds like Corzine attacking Christie for his shape. Both geniuses are just show how intellectually bankrupt they are when they do not have even one single substantive issue to discuss.

What next, a discussion of how inept and close-minded some short people are?