Monday, March 31, 2008

Breaking News! daTruthSquad Uncovers Unusual Criteria For Adam PuPu's "Vetting" Process

Da patented and "Bullet Proof" vetting strategy used by Monmouth GOP Commissar Adam PuPu Puharic has handed out da Monmouth County GOP endorsement for President of da USA to Rudy Giuliani, and da endorsement for US Senate to Annie Estabrook. It also was da kiss of death for Manalapan's Andy Boy Lucas, who couldn't even carry his hometown (Manalapan, not Freehold). He's had 2 candidates for County Freeloader lose in da last 2 years that he endorsed.

It weeded out former Freeloader Little Anna, who had just won an election da year prior by a huge margin.

At this point, da smartest thing you can do as a political candidate is, if PuPu Puharic offers you his "vetted" endorsement, say, "Thanks - but no thanks. I actually want to stay in da race & win an election sometime."

It was back in January in an interview with the Asbury Park Press editorial board that da Monmouth GOP Commissar stood up for his controversial screening process. He said that his "vetting" process" to choose da best Republican candidates is "bullet proof."

Please give a hearty welcome to da latest piece of Swiss Cheese to survive PuPu's patented "vetting" process:

Andy Boy Unanue!

It should be said that Andy's a really nice guy. He's a multi-millionaire. DaTruthSquad is sure he drives a fancy car or 2. He loves to vacation in Vail, Colorado, so much so he announced his candidacy for US Senate in New Jersey not in Camden, or Trenton, or Paramus. He announced his bid for US Senate in New Jersey from Colorado!

Oh, and did daTruthSquad mention New Jersey's newest "Andy Boy" either lives in New York, or he's a multi-millionaire still living with his mommy & daddy, depending on who is saying what from his campaign.

This of course begs da question: Is "Defendant" and alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy da multimillionaire Andy Boy's political advisor?

Now, let's take a close look at Adam PuPu's magical, mystical "vetting" process. In prior years, "vetting" was done by a committee closely scrutinizing their prospective "vett-ee." This time around, da process has become a bit more refined.

Apparently, now they just do it over da phone and give you an answer in less than 24 hours.

As for da secrets of da PuPu vetting process, that can be summed up with a quote given by Comissar PuPu to

"I'm more comfortable with what I don't know about Andy Unanue than what I do know about Joe Pennacchio and Murray Sabrin."

Well, here's what Adam PuPu may not have known before handing multimillionaire Andy Boy da keys to da Monmouth GOP.

Da Associated Press reports a 2004 lawsuit "Testimony from Goya executive Joseph Perez accuses Unanue of showing up drunk at work, drinking to excess at company parties, and being arrogant, cold and uneven-tempered in the office. "I've seen him come to the office drunk or smelling of alcohol" on at least five occasions, Perez testified, according to a partial transcript posted on the Web site"

In Andy Boy's defense, "Unanue, of Alpine, did not dispute that he used alcohol after hours but said he "never drank between 8 and 5." "Did I go to work sometimes with a headache the next day from the night before from being with customers or clients? Absolutely."

Also, in Andy Boy's defense, this case testamony transcript did include statements that could be deemed heresay, so they will not be included in this breaking news report - only Andy Boy's responses will.

Of course if it can get worse, it will. In court testimony multimillionaire Andy Boy claims he was never drunk in the office, but when asked if he was ever hung over at work, he answered "Yes."

Da Newark Star Ledger makes matters worse, with comments from multimillionaire Andy Boy saying indeed he lives in New York, but he has some people looking for him to rent a place in New Jersey -- and -- it gets worse. Their report indicates even though he admitted he's lived in New York for "the past few years," he's registered to vote in New Jersey and parks his New Jersey-registered vehicles in his "parent's driveway!"

"For the past few years I've lived in New York. I'm in the process of moving back to New Jersey." I have a couple of Realtors right now looking for someplace for me to rent until I can buy." Unanue is registered to vote in New Jersey from his parents' address in Alpine. He said he has several cars there. "They're sitting in my parents' driveway," he said.

Making matters even worse, multimillionaire Andy Boy's campaign manager suffered a case of "foot-in-mouth disease" by not only contradicting his own candidate, but raised more questions since multimillionaire Andy Boy was quoted as saying his business is in New York City!

"Andy Unanue lives in New Jersey, he votes in New Jersey, his car is registered in New Jersey, he pays New Jersey auto insurance, and his business is in New Jersey," said Unanue Campaign Manager Mark Duffy. "Andy Unanue is New Jersey."

So, where is multimillionaire Andy Boy's New Jersey-based business?

According to da website,, his "New Jersey-based" business is located at an address in Alpine, New Jersey. A map on the Manta website shows da address, if that address info is correct, in a quite expensive area of Alpine, surrounded by million dollar homes complete with their own swimming pools & tennis courts.

And yes, it gets worse.

Da Bergen Record newspaper says "After leaving Goya, he started several businesses, including an investment firm he still runs and a nightclub in New York's meatpacking district. "I was spending more time in New York so I moved there," he said. Public records show he owns a condominium on Central Park West. He has a New Jersey driver's license and said "most of my cars are in New Jersey." But he said he filed taxes as a New York resident. Records show that he voted in Alpine in Republican primaries in 2008 and 2005 and in the 2005 and 2004 general elections."

Did daTruthSquad tell you it gets even worse?

Da Bergen Record says da 2004 multimillionaire Andy Boy family feud included allegations of Federal campaign finance laws.

Da cherry on da PuPu pie is current US Senate candidate Murray Sabrin is calling on Chris Christie to investigate multimillionaire Andy Boy for "possible violations of Federal Voter Laws and State Auto Insurance Laws."

Now da problem isn't multimillionaire Andy Boy. He has every right to want to run for da US Senate, and da fact he's not a career politician is somewhat refreshing. And, da fault here should not go to multimillionaire Andy Boy. He is merely da candidate, and he might not make a bad one if he can get people around him that don't seem to contradict him. Da "vetting" process is supposed to uncover all of this, and either it didn't meaning da process is flawed, or it did and PuPu has some explaining to do.

DaTruth is, PuPu's "vetting" process with multimillionaire Andy Boy and his hand-picked screening committee took place over da phone. Multimillionaire Andy Boy wasn't in da room - he was halfway across the country! One day later, multimillionaire Andy Boy was anointed as "PuPu Approved" and made da Monmouth GOP's choice to go after Frank Lautenberg. Now, unless multimillionaire Andy Boy stays in da race, PuPu will have to pick another candidate to back. Regardless, he has some serious explaining to do for fast-tracking his party's endorsement with so many questions being raised.

DaTruth is, this is another in a series of missteps that has caused even more of a rift to form within da party. My TruthTellers tell daTruthSquad that part of da problem may be with those advising PuPu.

If not one of da members of da "screening process" was able to uncover what has been unearthed here, then it is 1000% obvious they are not doing their jobs. However, if they did uncover all of this - yet passed multimillionaire Andy Boy with flying colors, then where was da Monmouth County GOP Commissar to look out for da best interests of da people & da screening process?

It's obvious da pickings are slim for da GOP in a race against Frank Lautenberg. However, da election isn't next week. It's in 2009! Take your time and find a suitable candidate. Rushing to da side of an untested, multimillionaire, self-financing candidate isn't da answer.

And, doesn't PuPu owe da GOP'ers an explaination of how da "vetting" process truly works? Which inner-circle advisor may have placed PuPu's reelection bid for Commissar in troubled waters?

Stay tuned - and that's daTruth!


Tinton Falls Democrat said...

After reading this, the only possible conclusion I can come up with is when will the word "former" be added to the title of current Politburo Chairman Adam Puharic?

Anonymous said...

Pu Pu is a joke. If my daddy offers him a job will he run me for an elected office ?

Anonymous said...

Probably not. He already has a pretty high paying job working for a company run by Assemblywoman Casagrande.

Anonymous said...

Adam Puharic was a Romney supporter

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Beck made his speech for him. Slurred speech and all!

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

It is time for a change. It is time to see Puharic replaced and Mc Enery too. If the GOP of Monmouth county wants any shot of a victory new leadership is critically needed. Manalapan it seems is taking the charge to change the status quo and get a new municipal chair. I look forward to it and I am hopefull that this new leadership will bring a desperately needed change for Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Daddy can offer Pu Pu a better job with more money with a corner office than Cassacow's daddy. Will Pu Pu run me now I'm just as qualified as Cassacow but eat a whole lot less lol. What a bunch of self serving creeps using their positions to better themselves.

Anonymous said...

Boooooooooooooooooooring. It's not going to happen, just like all the other bullspit you write that NEVER happens. Go back to your day job already.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Tsk, tsk you are upset that the reality is upon you that Manalapan Republicans re fed up with McEnery? It's time for a change and a change it is a coming. Democrats are not in great shape either, seems that the Manalapan Democratic Chair infuriated a high ranking Democrat with his NT article of support for Lucas when he was "visiting" his wife in Freehold. I think that some heat will be coming the Democrats way in Manalapan. The Queen Roth has got her share of troubles too, the Democratic machine is not going to be too happy to handle the negative press over Roth's insistance to place a synthetic field in Manalapan ignoring all of the reports that were presented that the field can be harmful to our children. When the city of New York bans them and the Queen (Let me stuff my face with another piece of cheese) Roth ignores those reports. What does that say about her leadership? Does it say that she the Queen of Manalapan knows more than NYC officials do? The answer is no!!! Do you want Roth playing roulette with your childrens health? I don't. This is a leader worryinh about her voting block of sports supporters? Gennaro said it best on reorg, he could not support her for mayor because leaders unite a community not poloraize it. He should know he walked away from her after years of being friends. He saw the real Roth right after their election.

Anonymous said...

Roth needs to explain why Newark just "Shut down" a Field turf field for too high lead levels.

Shut down because of the hazard.

But, Manalapan is going right on with the cancerfield!

Anonymous said...

Because it was a very old field. New fields contain no measurable amounts of lead.