Friday, March 14, 2008

In Manalapan, Editorials Have Reached a Record Low

Welcome to Manalapan's newest boondoggle - - "Freehold-gate!"

Da TruthTeller Hotline was ringing off da hook when da latest edition of da local Snoozepaper started showing up on people’s lawns. In it was a “Bozo-torial” that showed if anything, jealousy (of another newspaper), one-sidedness (only Andy Boy's side), and even a touch of “blame da bloggers” is alive & well and living in a small Freehold office.

Da “Bozo-torial” began with a story about da writer who once lived in a town where da mayor was "also" gay. What was Bozo Bean saying here? Already commenters on this blog have shown angst & disgust at what could be taken as a backhanded slight – and it’s one that this blog will not tolerate. Da Constitution guarantees us all Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. DaTruthSquad hasn’t forgotten that. Unfortunately some others have.

Starting his editorial with references to a mayor, any mayor, who is "also" gay was absolutely uncalled for and daTruthSquad believes an explaination is warranted in da very next Snoozepaper. Not only was Bozo’s little story uncalled for, so was his attack editorial against da Mosked Man.

Recently, da Mosked Man, who is still embroiled in da now-famous “Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” lawsuit – still being paid for with YOUR TAXPAER DOLLARS – filed a countersuit of his own against former Mayor, “Defendant,” and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy.

Now, as any good lawyer knows, in order to take a case to da next level you need evidence. Unlike what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team did, which was pin da blame of this blog on da Mosked man and go to court with a theory but no fact, da Mosked man instead hired a private detective in order to gather evidence.

Da Mosked man then took that evidence to an actual newspaper, da Asbury Park Press, who looked at da evidence and obviously believed there was an actual news report since they did one. In their investigative report they uncovered a number of problems that could be da basis of da Mosked man’s countersuit, or even something more.
The Asbury Park Press report is one definitely worth reading.

As for da Bozo-torial, several points were made by da author which not only showed that when you read his "Shock Quotes," you will see for yourself even he seems to have drank da "Kool-Aid" of shame.

Bozo Shock Quote #1: “In New Jersey these days, nobody knows that better than Republican Andrew Lucas - former mayor and current member of the Manalapan Township Committee - who was recently the victim of a gross invasion of privacy perpetrated by a Democratic political rival named Stuart Moskovitz”

Actually, nobody knows better than daTruthSquad, who received a subpoena in a case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” a subpoena so flawed they needed to amend it and send another – both of which were denied by a judge who cited da First Amendment – all based upon da Manalapan Legal Dream Team believing without factual evidence yet making the claim in no uncertain terms that da Mosked man & daTruthSquad were one in da same.

If you have any doubts about this last paragraph, click on the highlighted text to read the ACTUAL LEGAL CORRESPONDENCE, SUBPOENA, AND JUDGE'S DECISION for yourself!

Was there ever a Bozo-torial citing this? NO.

DaTruth is, da Mosked man used a private investigator at his own expenseNOT DA TAXPAYERS – to put together his legal case. This, apparently, da editorial writer has a problem with.

Bozo Shock Quote #2: “Moskovitz - who took his story to the Asbury Park Press, which reported it in a front-page story March 4 without asking the most important questions, "Why are you bringing this garbage to us?" and "What's in it for you?"

DaTruthSquad is sure da next time da Asbury Park Press does an investigative story, they’ll first consult with Bozo for da proper questions to ask. Simply read da Bozo-torial, then read da Asbury Park Press investigative report and decide for yourself.

Bozo Shock Quote #3: “If every local pol with a second home down the shore had a private detective hired by a political rival following them to the beach house on Friday night, the increased traffic on the Garden State would make it a parking lot.”

DaTruthSquad has never claimed to be a real estate genius, but daTruthSquad’s guess is that not many people looking for a “second home down da shore” thinks about “Freehold” before they check out houses in Belmar or Long Beach Island.

This wasn’t a “second home down da shore.” This was a house approximately 8 miles (courtesy of MapQuest) from his huge Manalapan family farm be bought for just over $650,000. Apparently, this point was missed, as was a question about it.

Bozo Shock Quote #4: “Moskovitz was still able to get the Asbury Park Press to put his story on page one. So, for at least a day, the focus was not on him, but on one of his opponents.”

Bozo is right on this one. In da local Snoozepaper, it seems any "Back Page" story regarding da Mosked man is usually one where da chips are stacked against him.

Bozo Shock Quote #5: “Nobody says there's anything illegal about an elected official having a second home and staying there from time to time. And Lucas didn't even own a second home; he was just occasionally staying at his new wife's house until they moved into his place in Manalapan.”

OK, follow this – married Andy Boy was “occasionally staying” with his wife, but "living" in Manalapan with his mom & dad? Follow-up questions - - none apparently needed according to da Snoozepaper. DaTruthSquad can only guess every married couple does it this way.

If you agree with da Bozo-torial, please stop rading this blog now and drive to the second home of your spouse and have an "overnight" visit with them. We all know you rent that second home since it's more "convenient" to her job. All those who do not live like this can keep reading.

Bozo Shock Quote #6: “And there'll be a handful of anonymous supporters and bloggers who will back him up and make a lot of vitriolic, hateful noise in the process.”

What a surprise – blame da bloggers! Ironically, that’s exactly in lockstep with da campaign started by da Queen in January when she blamed people declining to volunteer on da bloggers. We’ve heard that from her, 2 other former mayors who support her, and now da editorial writer.

"Birds of a Feather....." If you doubted a campaign against Freedom of Speech & da bloggers, doubt it no more.

Unfortunately, daTruth is people in Manalapan, as well as other towns, have become disillusioned with local newspapers and want information they can trust. They have lost faith in government. They have no faith in politicians. That is why bloggers have become so popular. It’s not “vitriolic, hateful noice.” It’s called “another opinion.” Some townsfolk may find this surprising, but people tend to have opinions outside of those who like to write them in a coupon clipper.

There is a very simple rule – if you do not like this blog – don’t read it.

There is another very simple rule – if you don’t trust what you read in da Snoozepaper – leave it on your wet lawn until trash day.

DaTruth is, whether by accident or not, the Bozo-torial added worms to an already crowded can of them.

Issue 1: Andy Boy tells da Press, "My wife is registered to vote in Manalapan and has complied with the law with respect to the residency requirements." However both newspapers admit in their stories she’s rented a residence in Freehold for 2 years, and da Snoozer called da Freehold residence his wife’s “home.” His wife’s “home” for 2 years is in Freehold, but she “votes” in Manalapan? If you don't see a Manalapan Democratic group lawsuit akin to da one they filed in 2006 against Nikki Pezzullo, you'll know something is not right here.

Issue 2: Andy Boy tells da Press his wife lives in Freehold “as a matter of convenience for proximity to her job.” However, da Snoozer says she was living there “until they moved to his house in Manalapan.” Which is it?

Issue 3: Andy Boy claims in da Snoozer da reason da Mosked man had a private detective on da job was because of “revenge” & “misdirection.” Ironically, “revenge” & “misdirection” are da hallmarks of politics in Manalapan.

Issue 4: “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” Isn’t it interesting a person named as a “Defendant” in that case is allowed to vote on it? If a lawyer had a conflict in court, they would have to recuse themselves. However, in Manalapan on da Township Committee, you simply vote.

And, by da way, daTruthSquad will have details upcoming on why this case won’t be going away anytime soon – and why you da TAXPAYER will continue to pay for it.

DaTruth is, serious questions still haven’t been answered. Is it OK for a person, any person, to live in Town A for 2 years for whatever reason you choose this week but vote in elections in Town B? Should anyone renting in Freehold for at least 1-2 years have the right to vote in Manalapan? Who paid for da utilities in da Freehold home? Who paid da rent? Why has a $15,000 soil cleanup cost over $100,000? Why was Andy Boy “visiting” his wife? Normally when someone goes to Freehold for a visit, they’re either going to da hospital, mall, or county lockup.

DaTruth is, there are 3 topics that certainly won’t be going away. One is “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” Da other is Andy Boy’s nightly “visits” to his wife, and da 3rd is living in one town but voting in another.

And that’s daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too
The previous comment is disgusting and should be deleted.
TruthSquad are you monitoring this site today?

Blog Administrator #3 said...

Blog Administrator #3 has deleted a portion of this comment due to it's inflammatory nature.

Anonymous said...

Did Andrew's xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx?

Just wondering!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wyatt Earp, MD said...

This was posted on the board. I want to reply to it here since I know my post will be deleted there.

by obamayes, 3/14/08 15:08 ET
I would be embarrassed if I were an employee of the News Transcript. The editorial was not well-written. Though it appears to be supportive of former Mayor Lucas's practice, but it also raised questions about the ethics of Andrew Lucas. TC should instigate an investigation on Lucas.

The TC will NEVER do that, because Andy will never vote to investigate himself nor would he recuse himself from the vote. Much like the case against Moskovitz where Andy is a Defendant yet still votes to pursue Moskovitz using taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Bean editorial and I must say it was a very onesided article and I think only enflamed the problems in Manalapan rather than made them better.

It's the reason I read this blog. I can understand why some politicians don't like it. They can't hide anymore.

Anonymous said...

The matter of Lucas living in Freehold should be brought to the attention of the Monmouth County Prosecutor. Then, after they find no merit to the claim, Da Mosked Man can suffer yet another default in his feable attempt to weasle out of his malpractice lawsuit that the town has against him.

Anonymous said...

Nice try to deflect from your alleged crime, Andy, but whether or not the prosecutor acts against Andy and his wife living in Freehold while defrauding the voters of Manalapan has nothing to do with the fact that after the taxpayers have paid $200,000 on Andy and Michelle's political vendetta, the case is going away because the Township has yet to show any negligence. Stu had nothing to do with the court order in 2004 requiring Manalapan to take the property. The township knew about the oil tank when they entered into that order. And no language was needed in the contract of sale to protect Manalapan from contamination, because there is already a state law doing just that. In other words, the contract of sale was absolutely meaningless. Who hasn't protected the taxpayers? Stu wasn't the problem It was the township attorneys in 2007 and 2008, including the "dream team" who are ignoring the statute at taxpayer's expense to line their pockets with this case and further the ugly agenda of hate. Now THAT'S malpractice. I can't wait until Stu gets Andy on the stand and starts questioning him about the fact that he was told in 2006 that there was no valid claim against Stu right before Andy voted to replace the township attorney who told him that.

jerseynatv said...

I dislike the News Transcript just as much as the next guy. I, also, do not go on anymore -- it has become a joke with its censorship.

That being said -- I think everyone is reading that line "also happens to be gay" incorrectly. It is not suggesting that our TC member is gay and that Bean's friend is "also" gay.

He's just saying that this guy -- the mayor he knows in a different town -- is his friend AND he's gay.

Anonymous said...

Jerseynatv, touche to you for taking Bean's statement at face value and not jumping on the bankwagon to make baseless allegations against Lucas. Too many people in town spend far too much time attacking our elected officials to further their own warped agendas....

Anonymous said...

I vision Bozo Bean praying at the side of his bed saying over and over again" I wish I was good enough to work at a real newspaper like the Asbury Park Press" I wish I was good enough to work at a real newspaper like the Asbury Park Press" I wish I was good enough to work at a real newspaper like the Asbury Park Press"

Then he wakes up and realizes he's just a LOSER working for a free weekly coupon clipping rag called the Snooze Transcript.

Anonymous said...

An eye doctor - or an opening of you mind to other thoughts on topics - can fix your vision.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM:


For those of you wondering who the foul mouthed, perverted nimwit signing on day and night as malypractice, wyattearp1, coolfool, and half a dozen other names, no, it's not Andrew, it's not McEnery, it's not Lucas, it's not Spodak, it's not Kathy Baratta (not that they haven't signed on as other names). The person constantly bringing these posts down to the gutter is none other than WMUA chairman Eric Abraham. The proof is right in today's posts. Take a look at 2733. There, Eric Abraham claims that the motions were postponed because Stu didn't get his papers in. Well, first, court records show that Stu did get his papers in, over a week ago. What the court is missing is Eric's reply. Here's the best part. A staff member at Hill Wallack who doesn't particularly like Eric (what a surprise, who does?) revealed that after receiving the documents last week, he didn't have time to respond in time, so he contacted the court and told them he never received them. He was exposed by Stu, when Stu presented the court with fax confirmations. But it gets better. You know that phrase "delay, delay, delay, the Moskovitz way" that Eric keeps posting? Well, the reason for that phrase is that Eric is representing Drew Shapiro, who tried to evict his father last August. Stu was able to run rings around Eric and Drew's father was able to stay in the building until the end of January, enough time to rebuild the business and go forward at another location. Remember those postings that said Stu lost that case? Well, that's not really true after all, is it? But Eric was obviously a little frustrated, and I'm sure Drew was giving him an earful, that they were unable to destroy Drew's father like he wanted. This isn't the first time Eric has come up against Stu. If you look carefully at the papers filed by Gerry Ward in 2005 to shut the town down, the certification was signed by Eric Abraham. Another loss for Eric. Now do you understand why Eric is so frustrated that he has to spend day and night attacking Stu on this site? There's more on Eric. He was fired from Sills Cummis, a law firm in Newark, for bringing shame to the firm and getting involved with unauthorized political nonsense. Word out of Hill Wallack is that Eric, chairman of the WMUA when 12 million dollars mysteriously disappeared, and the person who engineered the pay hike for Frank Abate right before Frank went to prison, is on his way out of there for inability to generate business, and a lot of bad headlines. stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope the last posting is incorrect. I'm new to this blog (my friends read it all the time) so I thought I'd put in my 2 cents.

I know that Mr. Abraham is a part of the WMUA but I did not know he was a lawyer in the Shapiro case against his father. I knew about the case but not that he's his lawyer. While I'm sure there's nothing wrong with that, delaying a trial and blaming the other lawyer doesn't seem right to me. I would have to believe though that there must be a logical explaination, and I'd like to hear it.

As for Manalapan, I also agree there is too much bad blood that shows up on message boards. However I do not want to have taxpayer money used in any lawsuits, and I am a firm believer in the First Amendment. If the blog is right and Manalapan has spent over $100,000 in taxpayer money to fix a $15,000 problem, then whoever arranged that and approved it has seriously violated the public trust IMHO.

Since I do not want to use my name, I will post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

He's definitely the lawyer for Drew Shapiro trying to destroy his father. What has become clear to all us "regulars" is that the leadership of both parties in Manalapan is as low class as it gets. The Asbury Park Press exposes it now and then, but it's unfortunate that the News Transcript is failing to do its job as an independent force protecting the taxpayers from a corrupt government. The News Transcript, for whatever reason, has become a tool of the corrupt government. That doesn't bode well for democracy in Manalapan, Marlboro, Howell, Freehold or any other town they cover.

Anonymous said...

I read that horrible Transcript article that took sides. I would guess the reporter has the right to do that, but as I read on this blog the entire case invoved here is being paid for by taxpayers. Whatever Moskovitz did against Lucas, at least he used his own money. I'm surprised the reporter failed to mention that. Maybe it is as many have posted that the news Transcript is biased in its reporting. If that's the case that is a terrible example of journalism and bad for this town too.

Anonymous said...

Andy Boy's wife should talk to Dina Matos McGreevey for some advice.

Anonymous said...

This clinches it for me. If datruthsquad is not "Da Mosked Man", then he is is brother or sister.

Anonymous said...

or maybe one of the 37,000 people in Manalapan disgusted with the cartel raping Manalapan pretending to be both democrats and republicans when they're really working hand in hand and trying to destroy anybody who they think can blow the whistle on them.

Anonymous said...

Nope, that's not it.

Anonymous said...

Just because one person does not like what goes on in Manalapan, doesnt mean Manalapan is not happy.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Andrew Lucas doesn't like what's going on in Manalapan or he wouldn't have moved to Freehold. But I'm sure EVERYONE else is thrilled with their 28% tax hike. I'm sure they're all thrilled with the 1,000,000 dollar artificial field that's going to hurt our children to feed little politicians' egos. I'm sure they're all thrilled with the fact that they don't want to be embarrassed by the fact that they never testified the football field for pesticides, so they pretend there's nothing wrong and refuse to run a legitimate test. I'm sure they're all thrilled with the fact that we didn't have 10,000 to keep the world class symphony conductor, but we have 100,000 to spend on a lawsuit everyone knows is a joke just to feed the hatred and anger of a handful of politicians jealous of the only good mayor we've had in a decade. Yeh, sure, everyone is happy but one person. Dream on.

Anonymous said...

Andy Boy's wife should talk to Dina Matos McGreevey for some advice.

Anonymous said...

Here is an excellent analysis of Andy's lawsuit that was on NJ.COM and will probably be deleted since McEnery's daughter works day and night deleting any post resembling the truth:

the remediation cost $15,000. According to Lucas himself, the township has already paid $100,000 for this case. Hundreds of people in Manalapan have had the same oil tanks removed and the ground remediated with far more contamination than was found here for less than $15,000 including remediation. One day the township says it doesn't cost the taxpayers anything because it's a contingent fee case and the next day they pay 10,000 to the "expert" and then Lucas himself votes to pay the attorneys on the case where HE HIMSELF is the defendant. What bill exactly did Lucas vote for if we're not paying ANYTHING for the case? These guys have no problem lying, they have no problem breaking the law. They have no problem spending our money for their political games, supported by the likes of their wannabes oldguyzer and georgeD and the others (IF they are not the gang of three themselves) who don't care one bit about the taxpayers. They have been obsessed with "getting" Stu ever since he beat Jim Gray and threw Norman Kauff out of town for not showing up at meetings while getting a salary. It's revenge, that's all it is. It's been going on for years. We've all been paying for it. And like me, there are a LOT of people who are getting fed up with it. We showed that to Beth Ward, we showed it to Shapiro last year and we'll show it to Roth this year. Do you really think Michelle has even a remote chance of winning reelection if this foolish case gets thrown out in September -- AS IT WILL -- and an OPRA request proves that they've been lying to us all along about this case not costing us anything? Do you really believe that Michelle Roth can get reelected when it's shown that her campaign financer Greg Valesi overbilled on the engineering for the remediation so that they could pretend they had a real big case? She's going to do worse than she did when she ran with Beth Ward.

Anonymous said...

This was also online at NJ.COM and will probably also be deleted by McEnery's daughter. I especially liked the best name yet for the News Transcript. You may remember it from elementary school (although the real thing then was more reliable than the News Transcript) "My Weekly Reader". Would you advertise your business in the Weekly Reader? I wouldn't think so. What's your ad doing in the NT then. lol:

2729. I'm not a counsellor
[by 81alim, 3/17/08 18:24 ET]
but I did stay at a holiday inn express. Apparently, that gives me an advantage over you, because I can read the court papers and you can only read the News Transcript, the equivalent of the Weekly Reader. If you actually read the court order, rather than the weekly shopper you get your information from, you'd have found that the judge EXPRESSLY stated he was not going to rule on the merits of the case. There was no motion ever presented to the judge regarding the merits of the case. The first motion was dismissed only because it was an order to show cause and the judge said that since the defendant has a right to sue the township for malicious prosecution, there was no "irreparable harm." The second motion was a motion to dismiss and the judge said that since he had to look at the facts, he could not grant a motion to dismiss, but could only grant a motion for summary judgment after all the facts were examined. In fact, the judge even indicated that the tort claims act may well throw the whole case out once he looks at all the facts

Anonymous said...

Who's fatter ?

A. Mayor Rothpig
B. Caroline Cassacow
C. George Spofat
D. Steve McEnlard
E. All are fat gross slobs

Anonymous said...

I Pick E - They are all fat slobs.

Anonymous said...

When I first read about this case about the soil I was mad that it could happen in our town.

Then I read this case became a lawsuit against a blogger. Now that it was thrown out of court now its a case against a sitting committeeman.

I can't keep up with all of the turns in this case, except it is costing me and the other taxpayers dearly and it seems there no end in sight. I don't believe for one minute the town hasn't paid a dime because it's obvious they have.

I believe the newspapers should OPRA the town and find out exactly how much has been spent thus far. Anything less than that is an affront to the residents.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Are we going to witness another political deal in Manalapan this campaign season? Was the breakfast of the chairmen held in Freehold boro 2 weeks ago a negotiation for who gets elected in November? Was another deal struck? The names of Mr. Green and Mr. Garcia are swirling around as the R' chairmans choice. But wait, isn't Mr. Green running for school board?
Mr. Garcia, aside from running and posting the njcommunity blogsite, what do we know about him?
Are we having deja vu again? Is this going to be another behind the scenes deal like last year where Shapiro and Lucas worked to support each other for re election and exclude their running mates? Someone should ask Herb Barrack, an honorable man, how he was relegated and treated during his campaign with Shapiro. Or ask Mrs. Cohen how she was left out of the campaign run by her chairman for her ticket running mate Lucas. Did you see one sign that said Lucas and Cohen? NO.Cohen and Lucas has seperate signs. Have the games already begun? Roth opened a new political pac on her own in February without a running mate's name attached to it. Is history repeating itself?
A very serious question. I think that the public needs to wake up and see what is happening here in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

"Who's fatter ?

A. Mayor Rothpig
B. Caroline Cassacow
C. George Spofat
D. Steve McEnlard
E. All are fat gross slobs"

Does the winner get three months free at Elite?

Anonymous said...

Rumer has it ...Steve McEnerny and Andrew Lucas disrespected 4 long time Republicans tonight. They stacked the County Committee to get two new Republicans the nomination. Yes Ryan Green and William Garcia registered as Republicans last February. Yes, 2008

Now they are going to be the candidates for the Manalapan TWP committee.

Funny thing, The primary hasn't been run.

This will be fun for our jack booted Municipal Chairman!

Anonymous said...

Cant you bastards spell? Rumur!

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

I heard the same rumor, and if it is verified that the muicipal chair, did what is alleged then those 4 county committe people who were kept out of the process need to IMMEDIATELY GO AND FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS in FREEHOLD. Don't hesitate just go and do it! If you do not stand up and for your right to vote on a candiate as a county committee person then no one will. You talk you want true change then do something to get it.

Anonymous said...

I did. There is no notice required before a candidate can be voted on. There is no penalty for a Municipal Chairman who chooses to make up the rules as he goes along.