Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Manalapan’s Field of Dreams or Nightmares

You won’t find this in da local Snoozepaper or anywhere else, but apparently CME in da town of Evesham, New Jersey stands for “Contracts, Money, and Elections.”

A daTruthSquad investigation into da issue of Manalapan's "Field of Dreams" has instead uncovered a town in NJ which wants to spend $3.1 million dollars on 2 synthetic surface athletic fields. Please note da price and da amount of fields.

Township residents have filed suit to block da field’s construction. According to da legal database, da lawsuit says da town council adopted a bond ordinance that violated Evesham’s pay-to-play ordinance and failed to comply with an ordinance to bring da matter to da town’s Planning Board for review.

Da bond for $3.1 million dollars was to build 2 fields in da township.

Is that da whole story --- NO.

Here’s da little glitch that Manalapan may not know – da lawsuit also says da town “failed to properly advertise for bids on da $72,000 professional service agreement given to CME Associates in Howell.”

The lawsuit also contends the township failed to properly advertise for bids on a $72,000 professional services agreement with CME Associates of Howell for preliminary planning of the artificial turf field at Cherokee.

Corbett said the council adopted the ordinance to pay for the planning without disclosing that principals from CME Associates contributed a total of $5,000 to the election campaigns of councilmen Randy Brown, John McKenna and Chris Brown.

“CME Associates was awarded a contract that exceeds both the township's and the state's pay-to-play threshold without complying with the open and fair processes,” Corbett wrote in the complaint.

This could raise questions about Manalapan’s “Field of Dreams or Nightmares,” and not just because of any questions of engineering.

Much has been said about da proposed “Field of Dreams” artificial turf field proposed as a part of da over $4 million dollar Manalapan Rec expansion. It’s da crown jewel of da Gang of Three, and you can bet a future Back Page Barratta story about da Mosked Man that it will also be a big talking point in da upcoming Queen’s reelection campaign.

Does this make you wonder if any CME folk have given recently to election campaigns for any Manalapan committee folk? Do you wonder if CME has anything to do in any way with Manalapan’s “Field of Dreams” or da Dreyer Patch?

Maybe this is a question someone should ask of da Manalapan Township Committee at da next meeting? This may also be a very good topic for former Mayor Porky Spodak to investigate, especially since da expansion of da Dreyer Patch is included in da expansion of Manalapan Rec.

Much apparently has also been hidden from view about da Manalapan “Field of Dreams.” It’s time to uncover some of those hidden agendas.

Health Concerns:

If my uncle, Dr. daTruthSquad were here, that would be up to him. However, others have opinions on this. Three members of da Manalapan Township Committee, all not doctors, all believe it is safe since not one child who has played on da field yet to be built has become ill.

However, da same cannot be said in other towns that have synthetic fields – or are thinking about getting one.

In Newark, it has been reported by da NY Times that one synthetic field was deemed by da city “a public health hazard” after lead was discovered at more than 3 times Federal standards. Note, that was an indoor synthetic field.

In New York City, da city is currently reviewing “current scientific research on crumb rubber products,” – da same type of field Manalapan is planning to install.

Also in NYC, several environmental and civic groups are urging da Mayor to halt construction of these types of fields until a proper investigation is done for health risks.

Critics say this type of field -- installed and made of crumb rubber may contain “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,” according to the NY Times – and important – the Trust for Public Land has already announced it would no longer use crumb rubber infill for the fields it builds in city playgrounds.

In Connecticut, they’ve taken the questions 1 step further. They are concerned that athletes may ingest not only dust particles but the actual rubber pellets that come loose from the synthetic field. There is also a concern that the rubber material could be brought into the home from pieces clinging to uniforms or shoes.

A Connecticut report says volatile organic chemicals released from crumb rubber fields is expected to be greatest in hot, sunny weather

It is important to note at this time, there has not been any conclusive proof that the fields pose any imminent threat of sickness, and their report concludes that, but also says “uncertainties warrant further investigations.”

The city of Stamford, Connecticut just adopted a plan to spend $5.7 million on 4 synthetic fields - da same type of fields Manalapan wants. However, opponents of da rubber fields cited a recent Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station study which found the tire fragments leached heavy metals into water and released at least four compounds that can irritate eyes, skin and mucous membranes when heated.

On Long Island, they noted "While a number of independent studies put forth by FieldTurf did not find a connection between synthetic turf and existing illnesses, a few studies indicate that the tires are composed of materials that may contain volatile hydrocarbons. The question is whether these carcinogenic compounds can be released in every day conditions."

And here's something else you may not know - in NY, there is actual legislation being discussed RIGHT NOW that puts a six-month hold on the building of these types of fields so a "comprehensive public health study can be done"!

Da legislation - Bill #A09503 in NY says clearly - "The crumb rubber is a result of processing waste tires, which contain numerous components, some of which are known to be hazardous. These contaminants can include arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, vanadium, zinc and acetone. Health effects associated with these contaminants include birth defects, cancer, nervous system damage and immune system suppression."

Manalapan Township Committeeman Mr. Anthony Gennaro brought up topics such as this in a very impressive report, however Drs. Roth, Lucas, & Klauber all believe there is no threat. A study into da field and materials as requested by Committeeman Gennaro has been denied.

Should we ask da 3 "Doctors" on da Committee to put in writing they feel da fields are 100% safe and accept full liability if they aren't?

Again, it must be said that these are only studies that have been done. Unfortunately, da only actual proof from these studies will be long-term health effects, and that we won't know for years to come. However, da heat issue is real, and it does get hot around here in da summer.

Da Issue: DaTruth

DaTruth is, there are a lot of questions that can be asked. Why is it Evesham’s 2 fields are costing less than Manalapan’s? Why are the potential health threats being ignored by Drs. Roth, Lucas & Klauber? Why is it Manalapan’s Queen can ask for a forensic accounting on $400, spend “over $100,000” on a lawsuit for a $15,000 cleanup, but deny a simple request by Mr. Gennaro to temporarily postpone da “Field of Dreams” to do a health impact study? Why is it that daTruthSquad uncovered da Evesham connection and da local Snoozepaper didn’t? Was that because da lawyer for Evesham wasn’t da Mosked Man?

DaTruth is, others, like Mr. Gennaro and private citizens have looked into this very same topic and have been sent to da back of da synthetic bus. Manalapan resident and possible candidate for Township Committee (and he’d make a good one) Steve Johnson has been looking into these fields and what they are made of shows there are questions worth looking into.

Now, it is also important to note that nobody has died using these fields as of this date. But da fact that this whole plan is being rushed through like there’s a synthetic fire attached to it also raises questions. Has anyone connected with CME or any company or group connected with da field give any political donations to any current Township Committee people? Should that question be asked at da next meeting?

Manalapan taxpayers are paying over $4 million dollars for this synthetic field? If Manalapan will look into a symphony conductor and $400, shouldn’t they cross all da T’s and dot all da I’s if they spend over $4 million dollars of YOUR MONEY?

Is there an issue of trust when it comes to da folks on da Township Committee spending YOUR MONEY?

DaTruth is, something seems wrong in Evesham Township, which is why there is a lawsuit now involved, and as we are all aware, there’s enough questions, synthetic and real in Manalapan to fill da East Coast, much less da town.

Should red flags be raised about health issues regarding Manalapan’s potential “Field of Dreams or Nightmares?” Should da town’s leaders be investigated to see if any of them have accepted any donations from CME or any engineering firm doing business in Manalapan? Should da cost of $4.1 million dollars be looked at dollar for dollar?

Should township residents take a page from their friends in Evesham?

Questions – too many questions – for a very costly project that is being financed by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

There is nothing simple about this, like whether living in Freehold instead of Manalapan cuts down a person's work commute? These are health issues, it's up to those elected officials to look closely when it comes to health - and price too.

And that’s daTruth.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is da truth squad you are amazing ! Thank god for you doing this investigation into the corruption that is out of control. 28% tax`increase you losers !

Anonymous said...

Here's where it gets interesting. We all know that if we had an oil tank removed from our back yards with a little oil contamination left behind, the whole process of removal, remediation and engineering costs would equal about $15,000. How do we know this? Because it happens every time an older home in Manalapan is sold - dozens of times a year. Here, CME is claiming $60,000 in engineering fees for the remediation (for which actual remediation we're paying $15,000 - it's nice to get government work). Well, heck we've certainly known that for a long time. But now there's a new issue. Why didn't Michelle Roth, who has received thousands of dollars from CME in the past, and will be receiving money from them this year, SEND THE ENGINEERING OUT TO BID. It is required by law, you know, since the amount is in excess of $17,500 and CME is a campaign contributor. Maybe it's time the prosecutor located Manalapan on a map and had a little chat with Roth/Lucas/Shapiro. They don't need to talk with Klauber. Whatever penalties are imposed on the others, they can just second for Klauber.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the entire Rec expansion 4 Mil and the field itself just over 1 Mil.

Anonymous said...

I will let the Asbury Park Press know about this and hopefully they will do a follow up report and investigation. Da Snoozer sucks ! What's Chris Christy's phone number this is crazy !

jerseynatv said...

Sorry folks but this comment is off topic. If JRossSter is out there -- I told you they would not only delete your posts on the Manalapan forum, but you would be blocked as well. After I called out "jusdafacts" about claiming to be a good person and participating in the arthritis walk -- but yet namecalling his fellow posters (fools) -- I was blocked once again.

I hope someone out there really does an investigation into I'm done. I'm out of there. I've had enough.

Thank you daTruthSquad for giving us a true forum to express our opinions. The Manalapan Forum only allows one opinion - theirs.

Anonymous said...

so let's see, last year's mayor ran for office while living in Freehold, while his wife voted two years in a row in Manalapan while living in Freehold. He hires an attorney who was his chief fundraiser and who failed to follow campaign finance law when she was appointed (but that's not her fault, as we all learned, she doesn't know any law). This year's mayor hires CME to do $60,000 worth of engineering work for a $15,000 cleanup, sues the former township attorney -- who just happens to be a political opponent of hers -- fails to sue the homeowner who, by law, is responsible for the cleanup, not the township attorney, all while violating campaign finance laws to channel business and fees to Daniel McCarthy and CME, her major campaign financiers, all without following the campaign finance law. And the U.S. Attorney can't figure out how to find his way from Marlboro to Manalapan? Does someone want to send a map of Monmouth County to the U.S. Attorney so he can find Route 9?

Anonymous said...

After reading this blog and others, and following the bouncing ball of corruption in this town, I think the good citizens of Manalapan should get a fund going to hire a taxi to bring the US Justice Department to Manalapan to look into all of this. If the Monmouth County prosecutor won't do it, then Chris Christie and the Feds better.

Anonymous said...

John Lynch is in prison for undue influence on government officials in connection with real estate deals. John Lynch wanted to build a mega center in Monroe, three miles down the road. If the Village Center (called by Roth and friends the "mega mall") was built, that would have prevented Lynch's project. Roth and her cronies, including semi-democrat Andrew Lucas, blocked the village center -- an action worth millions to Lynch. Lucas, Roth, Shapiro, Ward. You could do an entire season of Sopranos just on them.

Anonymous said...

John Lynch is in prison for undue influence on government officials in connection with real estate deals. John Lynch wanted to build a mega center in Monroe, three miles down the road. If the Village Center (called by Roth and friends the "mega mall") was built, that would have prevented Lynch's project. Roth and her cronies, including semi-democrat Andrew Lucas, blocked the village center -- an action worth millions to Lynch. Lucas, Roth, Shapiro, Ward. You could do an entire season of Sopranos just on them.

Anonymous said...

The 1 Million dollar field that the Gang of 3 will not stop has a sister field being built privately indoors in the great town of Manalapan. Follow the link to that indoor field and you will have solved the mystery of why this field MUST go in.

Anonymous said...

I've read and heard about these politicians blaming everything bad on bloggers and people who comment on them. I admit some of the postings are below the belt and those should be flagged.

However, I believe bloggers do a valuable service. I learned more about this field issue in 1 blog than I ever knew by reading the newspapers here. I learned more about the Moskovitz trial on the Internet too. After readingthe Transcript, I believed Moskovitz was guilty as sin. Now, after reading this blog, the EFF website and the actual court papers I fully believe this court case is a political vendetta I'm paying for.

We need more bloggers like Datruthsquad. I actually thought the Transcript was a local newspaper at one time. After reading stories in it, it's obvious to me they are one-sided and do not give you any facts they don't want you to know.

jerseynatv said...

Indoor field?

Anonymous said...

Here's the lastest full report from the Courier-Post in Cherry Hill:

Suit filed over Evesham turf

Courier-Post Staff

A group of Evesham residents has filed a lawsuit against township council to halt the use of open space money to build an artificial turf field on high school property.

Superior Court Assignment Judge John A. Sweeney has scheduled a March 11 hearing in Mount Holly on a request by residents for a temporary restraining order to prevent an installation financed by the Evesham Township Open Space Trust Fund.

The suit filed Thursday by Sidney and Lois Greenblatt and seven other residents alleges it is improper to use dedicated property taxes for open space preservation to either build an athletic field or install synthetic turf on Cherokee High School's football field.

It alleges violations of state law and of voter referendums in which the trust fund was approved in 1998 and 2000. Those referendums require the money to be used on land owned by the township. Cherokee is owned by the Lenape Regional High School District Board of Education.

Evesham attorney John Corbett said the lawsuit does not question the value or safety or artificial turf or the need for more recreational fields. It's simply about the law.

"We're arguing that this is an illegal use of the open space fund," said attorney John Corbett of Evesham. "What this is about is a misuse of taxpayers' money, plain and simple."

Township solicitor William Ruggierio said he read the lawsuit briefly on Friday and believes it is defensible from the township's point of view.

Council approved the latest turf plan, which includes putting an artificial surface at Memorial Field on Tuckerton Road, in order to allow local athletic leagues to use the Cherokee field. Council authorized the $3.1 million bond ordinance to finance the fields on Feb. 19 and hoped to have the Cherokee field completed before the start of fall sports.

The suit, however, is asking the court to rescind the bond ordinance as well as a $72,000 contract awarded to CME Associates for the design of field improvements at Cherokee.

The turf issue became controversial because voters had shot down a referendum to spend $5.8 million in taxes to install artificial surfaces at all four high schools in the Lenape school district.

Turf supporters say voters were against the taxes, not necessarily the turf. Opponents are petitioning to put the issue up to vote again.

Mayor Randy Brown and Lenape Regional High School District Superintendent Emily Capella both declined to comment on the lawsuit Friday.

Other plaintiffs filing the suit against the township and township manager Tom Czerniecki are David Salkin, Florisa and Alfred Cascarina, Philip Klear, Tom and Francine Mudge and Joe Martin.

Karen Borden, of Voters Against Synthetic Turf, said she was still gathering signatures for a petition that would require the bond ordinance be put to a public referendum.

"It's wonderful to see it's not only VAST that has questions about the legalities of the issue," she said.

Reach Carol Comegno at (609) 267-9486 or

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice to see the News Transcript on top of things.


a concerned manalapan resident said...

I will admit I was in favor of the synthetic field, that is, until I read this blog. There was a very important point this blog has that I absolutely did not know.

A New York politician wants to create a 6 month buffer so they can properly test to see if the fields are safe. That is the proper way to do things. I would hope that Manalapan's leaders take note of this and also make the proper tests. If NY thinks this is so important, there must be a reason for it. My daughter plays soccer and my son could wind up playing there too. I want to know that field is safe for them and won't cause respiratory problems, or worse.

Anonymous said...

An indoor synthetic field is supposed to be part of a new sports facility being built by several Manalapan resident/ business men, who are very heavily involved in Manalapan soccer. I don't know the names of these men but they are or were on the Manalapan Rec. Rumor has it that the same brand of field is being installed that Manalapan Twp. has going in their rec center. There are also rumors that a former member of the TC is a silent partner too. Now we see if the TC in Manalapan takes heed to the health warnings and to the matter of failing to bid out the contract for the engineering work since it exceeds 17,500. It is going to be interesting to say the least.

Anonymous said...

"Now we see if the TC in Manalapan takes heed to the health warnings"

That may be why four health officials are going to a seminar in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I can't take this town anymore. I'm taking Defendant Andy Boy's advice and moving to Freehold. If anything, a move like that will shorten my work commute.

a manalapan resident said...

To: The US Attorney, Chris Christie, Anne Milgram, or the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office

From: A Manalapan resident

Date: Today

RE: HELP!!!!!!!!

Out Township government has run amok. Please help us. Mapquest will get you to Manalapan Town Hall. Save us from frivolous lawsuits, committeeman whose wife lives in Freehold to be "closer to work," potentially dangerous fields, no-bid contracts to political friends, and 28% tax increases.

This town needs your help!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lucus, Roth, Klauber and Valesi - CME for making Manalapan look stupid.

Anonymous said...

To Datruthsquad:

Did you hear that New Jersey ranked in the bottom five of states that are financially mismanaged by the government? Cesspool towns like Manalapan exemplify why New Jersey is in deep trouble. I am moving out of this hell as I feel that I am being taxed for everything including breathing. To Manalapan, if you are going to tax me to death just to breath, at least ensure that the air I breath will keep me alive, unlike that toxic deathtrap rec center that you will bill the taxpayers $4 million for. I have emailed Mr. Christie about this. My next move will be to request an appointment with the Attorney General as something must be done here.

Anonymous said...

to the last comment - it is a shame that a good person must feel like they are being forced to move from the place they call home. You are correct it is mismanagement. In Trenton, they blame the people who voted for them, not their actions after they were elected. In Manalapan, they blame bloggers for everything wrong because it is the bloggers that expose their illegal actions.

You are correct. This is a job for the Feds on both counts, Trenton politicians, and the Manalapan politicians that emulate what is running Trenton.

Anonymous said...

Folks election time is in November. Vote out the Democrats.
They are the strangle hold of this town and they need to go. Vote out Roth and they are done. Klauber will be the next to go.

Anonymous said...


coolfool said...

As posts are being deleted from at the speed of light, I thought I would leave you folks with this thought:

PostedbyCoolFool 3/7/08 on

Please contact the forum administrator

about the deleted posts. Go here:

Go to the bottom of the page and click on "contact us". If enough of us complain, maybe they will look into it.

Someone was doing the same in the shore forum. Trying to control the board, deleting posts. People complained to Advanced Internet Inc and eventually they got the person, because you never hear from it anymore. Good luck folks!

If datruth deletes this comment, well..... draw yoyr own conclusions....

Anonymous said...

I see lots of comments still there. The only comments that keep getting deleted are the posts by McEnery and Lucas posting as coolfool, wyattearp1 and malypractice, sitdownrhoda, concernedmtp and a dozen other names. Obviously neither one of them has anything constructive to do with their lives. The forum rules require that only ADULTS post. Draw your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Definition of sad is:
When Andrew gets caught with his pants down and no one sees anything there!

Roth is the one with a huge set!

Terri, Manalapan NJ said...

I post comments here because they are never deleted, unlike the forum. It wasn't worth my tim to post my thoughts, questions and beliefs there only to have them disappear in an hour.

This forum is exactly what Freedom of Speech is all about.

Thanks Squad!

jerseynatv said...

Anything that costs over $1 million SHOULD be voted on by the citizens of Manalapan.

Did I miss the vote?

Anonymous said...

The truth squad is our hero here to save Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

You can like or hate daTruthSquad. But if it wasn't for him/her/them standing up to the cowards of Manalapan Town Hall, we would not have free speech in this town or any town.

We owe you one daTruthSquad.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

After reading the blogs and having researched all the facts on Health Dangers of Synthetic Turf Fields. I need to ask this question. If the members of the governing body of Manalapan, AKA the Gang of 3, are truly public servants, why then are they adamantly refusing to halt this field form being installed in view of NYC's latest stance to do just that? If you are a public advocate for the people as Roth, Lucas and Klauber have stated they are then why are you ignoring these critical facts? What could possibly be their motive to ignore the facts? Are these 3 individuals willing to risk the health and safety of our children to save politcal face because of promise's they may have made to certain sports organizations? This is a disgrace. Their refusal to stop this field's installation has demonstrated they are putting their political voting block of certain sports groups ahead of the welfare and saftey of our children. Remember this when you go to vote in November. Tell Roth that her allegiance and duty is to protect the public, including our children. Roth and every other candidate who is running this year that does not endorse the stopping of this field will hear the voice of the voters this November. Our childrens health comes first. Your refusal to take action will shows us that you are not a public servant but a politician looking out for their own ego and self preservation. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

My comment is off subject, so please forgive me. Since you, datruthsquad, have been an advocate for free speech, I thought you might be interested in what is going on at another blogger site called "njtalksforums. Apparently the Hunterdon County Sheriff's office has sent, what I consider, rather threatening messages to the administrator of that site. Here's the link to the site:

Anonymous said...

Changing times said:

Are these 3 individuals willing to risk the health and safety of our children to save politcal face because of promise's they may have made to certain sports organizations?

Your refusal to take action will shows us that you are not a public servant but a politician looking out for their own ego and self preservation.

Well, that just about sums up the self serving egos that run our town and duped us into electing them. I'll bet Roth didn't even keep one promise she made in 2005.

Anonymous said...

Da truth squad should look into CME to see if they are dirty. Go to it da truth squad save Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a township committee comprised of Butch Budai, Steve Johnson, Non Stop Rhoda, Susan Heckler, and Susan Lipman. The party boss, the court jester, the village idiot, the hag, and the soft spoken passive aggressive one. They will listen to your concerns intently, and act on them - whether based on fact or rumor. The turf field will be ripped out, despite any real proof that it is dangerous. CME will be fired and replaced with a kinder, gentler less competant firm. Da Mosked Man will be appointed township attorney where he can sign off on contracts without standard disclaimers and protection for the town. This TC will lower taxes, because that is the thing that R's do, despite concept of a 'balanced budget'. The MegaMall will be constructed, but soon go bankrupt amid bankruptcies of their tenants who have weak sales because consumers avoid the monstrosity because of access problems, and a flurry of lawsuits from twp residents that live on the south side of town who can't drive on Millhurst Road without bringing a tuna sandwhich and change of underwear because of the traffic tie ups. Lawsuits and investigations against Lucas, Roth, Klauber and Shapiro are relentlessly pursued just for sport, despite any merit. And then I woke up from my nightmare, dripping in sweat. And life was better.