Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Higher Price + Political Pals = YOUR Wasted Tax Dollars

Here's what daTruthSquad would like you to do. You need to fill up your gas tank, so you see 2 gas stations. Both have the exact same brand of gas, the exact same octane, and both are exactly right next to each other – and neither has a line or a wait. One gas station sells unleaded for $2.95 a gallon. The other for $4.75 per gallon. Which one do you pick?

If you're one of the GOP'ers running da Monmouth County Freeloaders, you drove right up to the higher-priced gas station and said with a Cheshire cat smile from ear to ear, "Fill it up, my close friend. I don't care about da price. Da TAXPAYERS are filling da tank for me!"

That scenario is probably enough to make you ill, considering da hard times we all face, but that's exactly da scenario that occurred as da county Freeloaders gave out an asbestos monitoring contract to a company called PMK Group, Inc. Now on da surface, giving a contract like this doesn't sound so bad.

Now let's look under da surface where da Monmouth GOP Freeloaders don't want you to look.

DaTruthSquad uncovered that da company in question, PMK Group, was not da lowest bidder - in fact - they were one of da HIGHEST bidders in da process of giving out this asbestos monitoring contract. Normally, when a government body gives out a contract it chooses da lowest bidder, unless there are questions regarding safety or alike. In this case, da PMK bid was $9,500.00 Da lowest bid came in from da Whitman Companies, Inc. They bid $7,040.00. According to da Asbury Park Press, that company, according to Democratic Freeloader John D'Amico, "scored high in evaluations by a technical committee in non-cost criteria."

Why did da GOP'er-led Monmouth County Freeloaders give a contract 35% higher than da lowest bidder?

DaTruthSquad uncovered that da company, PMK Group, is a part of Birdsall Engineering.

According to da Asbury Park Press, PMK Group "has in the past 10 years given $500,000 to various county political organizations of both parties, legislative leadership political action committees and legislative candidates throughout the state. In the past three years, PMK Group has been paid more than $1.7 million by the Monmouth County government on various contracts."

How tied-in is Birdsall with da GOP? They recently named da former Mercer County GOP Chairman, Phillip Angarone, as da firm's Director of Marketing.

In Manalapan, it was da Queen Mayor herself that told da local Snoozepaper in a 2005 front-page report that "firms such as Birdsall Engineering, despite the fact that they, as well as other professionals appointed," "contributed to Joe and Andrew’s (Lucas) campaign well in excess of the legal amounts permitted by law."

Now Freeloader Director Lillian Burry, one-half of da Freeloader's Barham & Burry Circus, told da Press, "I don't think you can isolate on price alone."

Congratulations, Lil. DaTruthSquad can guarantee you will see this expensive choice used by da Monmouth Democrats in this year's election which will decide political control of da Freeloaders and possibly give da Democrats full control for da first time since Jimmy Carter was president.

Now da problem here isn't Birdsall Engineering or PMK. They have da right to give money to politicians or political causes like anyone else, and daTruthSquad is sure their work is good.

DaTruth is, when you have a company or individual give a lot of money to either one particular candidate or political party, and all of a sudden a contract for work comes up and that company that did give money to either one particular candidate or political party gets da contract, it could actually be explained away. However, when that company or individual gives a lot of money to either one particular candidate or political party gets da contract for that work and they were in fact da HIGHER bidder by 35% over a company that, let's say, may or may not have given that much money or any money to that one particular candidate or political party, then you have something that smells like 10 dead halibut laying under your front porch for da last 6 weeks during a hot summer heatwave.

Unfortunately for da GOP'ers, that's exactly da way da halls of da GOP'er-led Monmouth Freeloader Board smell right now. If they are smart (and remember they are run by da hand of Pu-Pu), they'll rescind da contract and do da right thing "For All da People." Otherwise, you can expect this case of "Tax & Spend, da GOP'er Way" to be part of da centerpiece used by da Monmouth Democrats against da PuPu-led GOP'ers.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

This is crazy Chris Christy where are you ?

Anonymous said...

PMK is a BIG contributor in Union County so naturally they are rewarded with pay to play contracts as well.

Here's a little asbestos story concerning PMK. PMK was hired by the County of Union to perform asbestos abatement for a project in Linden. PMK was also "authorized" to peform site management consulting services in connection with the asbestos abatement they themselves were performing at the project. The County of Union, which came into possession of the property via eminent domain where the asbestos abatement was being performed by PMK, was fined by the DEP for violations connected to that asbestos work.

Anonymous said...

If that is true, I wonder why Union County didn't go after them with a lawsuit like the one Manalapan filed against Stu Moskovitz?

I guess Union County isn't as legally "saavy" as their counterpart politicians in Manalapan?

Anonymous said...

The fine was only $500. But then again, the DEP is a "friend" to the developers, isn't it?

P.S. Moskoitz will be the winner. If anyone committed malpractice, it was either the attorneys before him who drew the contract or the town committee.

Lightshines said...

political lawsuits, as we've all learned, are never about the merits. PMK is still heavily connected to the powers that be, so they aren't going to get sued even though they really are negligent. Stu is not connected to the powers that be, so he is getting sued even though he was not negligent.

Anonymous said...

here's the best part. the government in Manalapan changes every year, as we all know. There is a statute that allows the township to sue the homeowners for the contamination. Remember this, because the township's argument is that Stu didn't protect the township by putting a clause in the contract that allows them to sue the homeowner. The clause wasn't needed because of the statute. I was sent a copy of an email showing that the News Transcript has had a copy of this statute for months and refuses to print it because it would throw the township's case out the window and destroy everything the News Transcript has done to try to make it look like Stu did something wrong. Who's interests is Greg Bean serving? Obviously not the readers.

Anonymous said...

the important thing about the government changing is that if the township attorneys don't put in writing that they should go after the homeowners, next year's government can sue Casagrande and Kennedy for malpractice and actually have a case that could succeed.

Carol Anne said...

I have a serious problem with theprior comment that the News Transcript has a copy of the statute and are not reporting on it.

If that is "da truth" then the Transcript is aiding abd abetting the people who are bringing this case against Moskovitz. IMHO.

With that said, if anyone has a copy of the statute in question then they should print it here. This forum and blog has been great for getting information out that has been withheld in the past by certain politicians and weekly newspapers.

If the Transcript is truly a "Snoozepaper," then let's do their job right here.

Anonymous said...

This is directly off the EFF site, which is honestly reporting this case, even if the News Transcript is deliberately misleading everyone:

N.J.S.A. 58:10-23.11f.a(2)(a): whenever one or more dischargers or persons cleans
up and removes a discharge of a hazardous substance, those dischargers and persons shall have
a right of contribution against all other dischargers and persons in any way responsible for a discharged hazardous substance or other persons who are liable
for the cost of the cleanup and removal of that discharge of a hazardous substance. In an action for contribution, the contribution plaintiffs need prove only that a discharge occurred for which the
contribution defendant or defendants are liable....

How unprofessional and twisted is Greg Bean to deliberately keep this out of his newspaper while attacking Stu for discovering that the person who sued him in the name of Manalapan Township is actually a Freehold resident. Oh, wait, I forgot. According to Greg Bean, after Andrew got married in October, he lived with mommy and merely paid booty calls on his wife who somehow or other had to live in Freehold even though there was no lease and she was free to terminate at any time. I guess the laws are a little strange in Wyoming.

tbirdder said...


Fontina said...

Stay tuned. Very soon I'm going to post the biggest pierce of baloney you have ever heard.

Amazed101 said...

Yawwwwwwwwn, but I am not him ^

secondfidl said...

Ooops, I guess I should weigh in to. what the other part of me said ^^^^^

Mr. Wyatt Earp said...

Here's an observation:

I've been reading this blog for some time now. Usually when the same person posts stupid comments like "yawwwwn" or other silly comments like those just previously posted, it's because they are concerned that someone is getting too close to something they are desperately trying to cover up.

It makes me think that the person who posted this below is on to something:

N.J.S.A. 58:10-23.11f.a(2)(a): whenever one or more dischargers or persons cleans
up and removes a discharge of a hazardous substance, those dischargers and persons shall have
a right of contribution against all other dischargers and persons in any way responsible for a discharged hazardous substance or other persons who are liable
for the cost of the cleanup and removal of that discharge of a hazardous substance. In an action for contribution, the contribution plaintiffs need prove only that a discharge occurred for which the
contribution defendant or defendants are liable....

Anonymous said...

Since McEnery's daughter will have this erased from NJ.COM within five seconds of reading it, I'll post it here where you're allowed to criticize the government. Wow what a concept. This is in response to oldguyzer, obviously an elected official in Manalapan, who wants to blame the bloggers (what he/she calls "political operatives") for the mess the elected officials have made and the shame they've brought to this town. Remember, by the way, Michelle Roth is running in November. DO SOMETHING about it in November:

No one cares about "political operatives" in Manalapan. If they did, then they'd be up in arms over the tactics of the two bookend municipal chairmen, working hand in hand to control and destroy this township for their own personal gain. Manalapan is looked down on because its elected officials are a joke. Shapiro sued his father to steal the business away from him. Lucas lived in Freehold while he was running for office in Manalapan. Lucas is voting to pay legal bills on a case where he's the defendant. Michelle Roth, like the two mayors she succeeded, is flat out obsessed with Stu. I sat there with my jaw open Wednesday night watching her try to defend her actions in participating in an antisemitic campaign in 2001, by attacking the victim. Didn't the nazi's do that? And what was she attacking him for? For being honest and pointing out her participation in that campaign, in connection with her Anti-Italian statements in 2006. This is the same person who brought up bills from January 2005 and spent two meetings on them recently. The amount of the bills? $420.00. From 2005. While she ignores $1,000,000 being spent on a field with very questionable safety features. Do you think maybe Manalapan is looked down on because certain of its elected officials are fixated on a person who hasn't been in elected office IN SEVEN YEARS? Do you think Manalapan is looked down on because they are wasting tens of thousands of dollars on a lawsuit they can't win just to attack this one person, instead of suing the homeowner, the only case they actually could win? Do you think that Manalapan is looked down on because its last three mayors have been concerned with vendettas and hatred and bitterness and vindictiveness instead of being the least bit concerned about we the taxpayers? No, of course not. I'm sure it's the people blogging that are the problem.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too
I read the article in the APP about the Police Department of Manalapan answering to a "higher authority" the township administrator. Sudddenly we need the administrator to be in charge of the PD? The Queen Mayor Roth said it is to streamline the government and every other dept head reports to the administrator.
The Queen Roth has sat on the TC for count em 4 years. Never before did she feel compelled to make this change why now? Having watched Roth over the years, it is my opinion that she has an ulterior motive for everything she does. What is it now? Is she trying to shield herself from the fact that the police are still negotiating their contract and are unhappy with the progress? Is it that the police department has been neglected financially and are in desperate need of equipment and new space? Was this done to help the Queen position her choice for a new chief?. This is Roth's re election year and she is trying everything she can to insulate herself. Too bad for the Queen Roth, walls talk. I think Gennaro got it right that the elected officials should not give up their their authority over the PD. After all they were elected by the people, not the administrator.

Anonymous said...

By now, it's obvious to everyone that Michelle Roth is a breeder of hate. She had no problem participating in an anti-semitic primary in 2001, and now wants to blame the victim. She had no problem trying to link Locricchio with Italians in other towns in a hate filled Anti-Italian rant. When her husband was attacked for sarcastically criticizing the people who called her out on that, she pretended she and her husband were the victims. She fooled some people with that, but not many, as she will find out in November. She has earned her living by doing public relations for gold mining companies that continue the policies of apartheid. She has no problem collecting that blood money. She worked hard to destroy the administrator, the recreation director, and many others in town hall, turning what used to be a nice place to work into a tense reservoir of depression and mistrust. Hatred is the Roth legacy. She spends meeting after meeting attacking people. She remains focused on 2001, 2005 and 2006. She pays no attention to 2008, which is why she voted to spend $1,000,000 on an artificial field that may well be harmful to our children. This is a woman without a heart. If our children die, frankly, it doesn't bother her, as long as short term, the field gets her reelected. This woman doesn't have blood, she has bile running through her veins. In November, we will go to the polls and send her back to Hades, where she came from.

Anonymous said...

Hades is the lord of the dead and ruler of the nether world, which is referred to as the domain of Hades or, by transference, as Hades alone. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea. When the three sons of Cronus divided the world among each other, Hades was given the underworld, while his brothers Zeus and Poseidon took the upperworld and the sea respectively. For a while Hades ruled the underworld together with Persephone, whom he had abducted from the upperworld, but Zeus ordered him to release Persephone back into the care of her mother Demeter. However, before she left he gave her a pomegranate and when she ate of it, it bound her to the underworld forever.

Hades sits on a throne made of ebony, and carries a scepter. He also has a helmet, given to him by the Cyclopes, which can make him invisible. Hades rules the dead, assisted by various (demonic) helpers, such as Thanatos and Hypnos, the ferryman Charon, and the hound Cerberus. Many heroes from Greek mythology have descended into the underworld, either to question the shades or trying to free them. Although Hades does not allow his subjects to leave his domain, on several occasions he has granted permission, such as when Orpheus requested the return of his beloved Eurydice.
Hades possesses the riches of the earth, and is thus referred to as 'the Rich One'. Possibly also because -- as Sophocles writes -- 'the gloomy Hades enriches himself with our sighs and our tears'. Of all the gods, Hades is the one who is liked the least and even the gods themselves have an aversion of him. People avoided speaking his name lest they attracted his unwanted attention. With their faces averted they sacrificed black sheep, whose blood they let drip into pits, and when they prayed to him, they would bang their hands on the ground. The narcissus and the cypress are sacred to him.
Other names include Clymenus ('notorious'), Eubuleus ('well-guessing') and Polydegmon ('who receives many').

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information, Larry, but I don't think you were successful in diverting attention away from the fact that your wife is currently the root of all evil in Manalapan, and the people are going to let her know they're not fooled in November.