Thursday, March 27, 2008

OK, Who Missed Their 3rd Grade History Class?

If this keeps up, and it will be unfortunate, Manalapan’s cable channel 77 will have to run a disclaimer before political meetings saying, “What you see and hear during township committee meetings may not be historically accurate and may not always contain an accurate assessment of historical events. Please consult any 3rd grade history teacher for accuracy.”

DaTruthSquad can still remember as a young, little TruthTeller sitting in Mrs. Honesty’s 3rd grade history class. She told us about these guys at da center of da history of our great nation. One guy was Alexander Hamilton, another John Jay, and a 3rd was James Madison.

Of course, if they lived today, they’d be chastised as "scandalmongers" and all that is wrong in our world because they dare allow information not tacitly approved by da politicians to be given to we, da peasants under their rule.

Historically speaking, does that sound familiar?

These guys had the unmitigated gall of writing using anonymous names. Historically they’re called heroes. To some politicians, they’re considered a pack of losers! They had the nerve of writing a document known as da Federalist Papers, a document which the 13 original states used to ratify the Constitution. They had real nerve, those anonymous writers. Going against the people trying to run their towns and cities, they wrote anonymously, and yes, in da end, da Constitution was ratified.

It’s not like one of them became da first Chief Justice of da Supreme Court and another President of the United States?

You may remember that document. DaTruthSquad learned in Mrs. Honesty’s 3rd grade history class it’s da document that allows us Freedom of Speech, life, liberty, and da pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, for some who supported da Manalapan Legal Dream Team to attempt to turn da Constitution into a coaster for their martini glass in da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” da concept of “anonymous writers” is not very palatable.

There was another document daTruthSquad learned about in Mrs. Honesty’s class. It was called “Common Sense,” (obviously something not necessarily found in Manalapan Town Hall) and it was written anonymously in January, 1776. Common Sense denounced da current government in power of that day, much like many blogs & bloggers do today. It eventually led to da Revolutionary War. We would later find out it was some knit-wit who “pulled da wings off flies” and was some “dry gulcher” named Thomas Paine.

What we all learned in that 3rd grade history class was that it was anonymous writers who paved da way for da United States of America to be. Without anonymous writers, there would be no pamphlet like “Common Sense,” which paved da way for da Revolutionary War, or da Federalist Papers, which paved da way for da Bill of Rights and da Constitution.

Apparently to some career politicians, da concept of “speaking out” isn’t very palatable.

Why discuss this?

At a recent Manalapan Township meeting, Mayor da Queen spoke openly of her angst about a recent Asbury Park Press story regarding da Mosked man and alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy. Da Queen spoke of da writers of da Declaration of Independence who signed their names – their real names – and did so not using anonymous names. She also chastised those who blog or write anonymously in forums such as and dare to write things that are not taken to well by Manalapan’s political types.

Unfortunately for da Manalapan politicians using taxpayer dollars to fund “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” a Superior Court judge in Freehold knows what da First Amendment and da Constitution of the United States is and its importance, as does Supreme Court Justices Thomas & Scalia in their opinion on McIntyre v Ohio Election Commission.

Or better yet, read the Monmouth Superior Court transcript for yourself to see how da Manalapan Legal Dream Team tried to tear Freedom of Speech out of da Constitution – AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!

Da Queen continues to blame da bloggers for people declining to be involved as volunteers because of the da bloggers. Of course, telling some of them in January that their services are no longer required isn’t a problem.

DaTruthSquad started to think, “Hey, maybe da Queen and her political court have a point? Maybe bloggers are bad? Maybe da local Snoozepaper is right too?

DaTruthSquad kept thinking.

Wasn’t it a blogger that exposed who was behind da “No MegaMall” campaign that thrust da Queen into power?

Wasn’t it a blogger that exposed da connection between current
”Inmate” John Lynch and da head of Monroe’s Pucci Posse and their plan to build da MegaMegaMegaMall within jogging distance of Manalapan?

Wasn’t it a blogger that exposed parts of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” which led to da First Amendment court case thrusting Manalapan into worldwide scorn?

Wasn’t it a blogger who exposed da husband of da Manalapan mayor who said “Because I Hate Italians” during a township committee meeting and exposed comments that tried to downplay that heinous comment?

It was anonymous writers that exposed that former Mayor Andy Boy was either living in another town when he was running for office, or just visiting his wife who was living in another town to be closer to her job, or was living with his parents while married and she lived in another town, depending on which newspaper or politician you believe.

It was anonymous writers who first tipped off people about problems with repairs at a Manalapan school.

Bloggers come in many forms. They are modern-day editorial writers - despite what some particular newspaper editors like to think. Newspapers have editorial writers. DaTruthSquad can remember one editorial writer who hoped a certain blogger he doesn’t like would “drive off a cliff,” and he even wrote of his offer to help that wish become reality. That editorial writer is actually held in high regard by certain Manalapan politicians.

I guess it’s OK to wish deadly harm on someone, as long as they have a higher readership than you do.

DaTruth is, there are politicians and their allies who don’t want people to know what is really happening in da town they govern. There are also some people who, for some strange reason, don’t always trust what they read in a local Snoozepaper. There were newspapers back in da day that some might compare by opinion to da local Snoozepaper. They printed what they were told to print by their British overlords. Those newspapers wanted to keep da status quo.

However, there were patriots who had other ideas. They wanted to tell daTruth. They wanted to make a difference. They wanted da people to know there was a way to learn what was really happening. They were da bloggers of their day. They made a difference.

How do we know this?

Simply put - We live in da United States of America, not West Great Britian.

Unfortunately in Manalapan, some political leaders have apparently forgotten about da role anonymous writers, or bloggers, had in shaping da land where freedom lives. A local Snoozepaper forgot that too.

DaTruth is, while technology has advanced over da years, politics remains da same. Da concept of anonymnous writers and anonymity is covered by da Constitution of da United States. Why is that?

Simply ask our founding fathers - some of whom like patriot Thomas Paine, President Madison, Chief Justice Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin "Mrs Silence Dogood" Frankin - were all anonymous writers of the day - the bloggers of da past who helped create da great nation we live in and da Freedoms we enjoy!

Maybe they should have been in Mrs. Honesty’s 3rd grade history class. Maybe if they didn’t miss that history lesson, there would be no need for bloggers to have to expose daTruth.

And that’s daTruth


Anonymous said...

This shows how ignorant the politicians of Manalapan are.

Anonymous said...

Hey Truth,
I see that Garcia's blog site has deleted your link. I guess he follows orders well.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...Andy doesn't live in Freehold, the anti-Italian comment was a bad joke that wasn't taken serious by anyone actually in attendance at the meeting, et al. All you do is throw dirt and pass along rumour and innuendo. Whatever. You got stuck with Klauber and Lucas and will get stuck with Roth again shortly...and you won't get your megamall no matter how much you rant.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we've finally determined the identify of Da Truth Squad. From this sorry excuse of justification DTS might be Fred Stone, the illustrious attorney who deosn't thin kthe rules apply to him, and likens himself to a civil rights cruisader - the police shouldn't stop him from jaywalking across route 9 - despite it being the law - because it is his right to break laws he doesn't agree with. The town should reopen the voting places because when he arrives after 8 pm his watch still says its not yet 8. There is a big difference between whistle blowing and just being a pain in the ass; between disagreeing with a politicians decisions and making fun of them on a personal basis.

Anonymous said...

I saw the meeting in question where Mayor Roth had negative comments toward Stu Moskovitz and the newspaper that wrote the story. I also heard her praise the actual signers of the Declaration of Independence and ridicule the anonymous bloggers.

I think Truth is right on. Many of our great patriots and founding fathers wrote anonymously. For Mayor Roth to be selective in her history is wrong for a town leader.

Remember, if you forget history you may be doomed to repeat it.

I am anonymous because the law allows me to be.

Unbelievable said...

So let me ask you TruthSquad. Are you saying that an anoymous poster calling a former mayor a pedophile and thief is paving the way for America? You really are a piece of garbage. One can only hope, if for no other reason then to unmask you for the piece of flotsam you are, that a certain former official gets it and gets it good.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the last blogger, but maybe I read a different daTruthsquad than they did. The one I read said that people had the freedom in this nation to blog anonymously, just like you did. You have the freedom to call the blooger flotsam if you want to. And maybe you should thank datruthsquad for that since it was the squad that stood up to the Manalapan Town Committee and a judge sided with them.

As for calling someone a pedophile, I agree with you unless that person is one, you shouldn't be doing that.

Wyatt Earp, MD said...

I think you're right. Somebody was playing hooky during 3rd grade history.

What school does Mrs. Honesty teach in. Maybe she can be hired to tutor our elected officials. She can be paid with taxpayer money. The Manalapan Dream Team lawyers are.

Anonymous said...

I think at the next meeting, Michelle Roth should lean into the microphone and say, "After losing an election, I rode Tony's coattails into office and have terrorized my enemies since, but I am definitely NOT smarter than a fifth grader."

Mal E. Practice said...

Congratulations, Datruthsquad. I saw on your blog you have been averaging over 6,000 hits per month.

What's it like to have 60 times the amount of readers than the News Transcript?

Anonymous said...

LOL You want to be a leader, don't kick your people in the ass!

Anonymous said...

Try to say something worth following!

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Roth is a hypocrite. A vote for Roth is a vote to continue this town on the wrong path. Gennaro said it best, he said that he couldn't support her for mayor because "real leaders unite a town not polarize them". His words have stuck in my head.
Ask The Italians, the Orthodox Jews and the Asian Community how they feel about Roth.
Is it me or does Roth and the Rev Wright have a lot in common?
 Don Holland what are you thinking? If you think you can make a difference think again. They won't allow it.

Anonymous said...

Now you see why I no longer read the Transcript. If I really want to know what's going on in Monmouth County and Manalapan, I'll read this blog. What Roth said at the last meeting proves to me the bias the Transcript has and how they coddle to the political people IMHO.

stonehendge said...

I remember last year when this blog shut down for awhile. I thought it was gone.

Thanks to the hard work of the Manalapan politicians and their henchmen lawyers, it's back and better than ever.

I hate to say this, but maybe Roth and her cronies deserve more credit than we're all giving them. If they left this blog and others alone, maybe they wouldn't have such big headaches?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Irish. McEnery, Lucas, & Gray.

Anonymous said...

I saw Channel 77 and when Mayor Roth stood up it looked like TV put 50 pounds on her. What is she 300 pounds ? She looks 350 on TV.

Anonymous said...

and Ward, an important part of that unholy alliance.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to see what dirt the Squad has on the Monmouth GOP and their selection process.

I'll bet it's really good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Squad I had Mrs Honesty in 3rd grade. If I remember Mrs Honesty weighed about 200 pounds less than Mayor Roth and was much smarter. Keep up the great investigative reporting squad you make the News Transcript look like the amateurs that they appear to be.

Anonymous said...

On TV Mayor Michelle Roth comes across as a stupid fat slob.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

On TV Mayor Michelle Roth comes across as a stupid fat slob."

And how does she appear to you in person?

Anonymous said...

Queen Roth looks like a fat Wilderbeast. Is that insulting to the wilderbeast?

Anonymous said...

Who is DaTruthSquad? Are you going to tell us, or do we have to wait? Not that there is anything wrong with waiting, but.....

Anonymous said...

I think Datruthsquad is someone who spends a lot of time inside of Manalapan City Hall. There's no way anyone can know what the truthsquad knows without being a real insider. It wouldn't surprise me if it was someone who is on the town committee, or even a family member.

Wyatt Earp, MD said...

It really doesn't matter who it is. Just as long as they keep blogging. I don't even bother reading the Transcript anymore. If I really want to know what is happening, this blog always has the true story with facts and not biased opinions.

Anonymous said...

DTS has jumped the shark. Nothing new since December, yet, keeps posting the same story over and over.

Anonymous said...

I believe daTruthSquad is a Republican leader who is selling out the township committee. He knows what is right but can't do it in person.

Andrew Lucas is it you!

Anonymous said...

Excellent response to McEnery's posting on NJ.COM. I've copied it, since Kathy Donaghue will have it deleted before most people see it.

You little people who spend every minute of every day obsessing over Stu and everything Stu does, have you no life of your own? You see, while you're all spending your days worrying about what Stu is doing every given minute, guess what, HE'S ACTUALLY LIVING a life, you're not; you're just following his. Do you not realize how pathetic that makes you look? Stu's getting paid to handle these cases, I assume no matter what the outcome. People aren't stupid. They know how successful he's been. They know he kicked Ward's rear when Ward tried to sue the township in 2005. They know he kicked the FRHSD's rear in 1997, changing the way they vote, even to this day. They know what he accomplished in Elton Point, taking on Schoor DePalma and winning. They know that he threw the republicans out of office beginning in 1998, and then threw out the corrupt democrats one by one after that. They know he stopped Drew Shapiro from evicting his father before his father had a place to move the business too. They know that when Gerry Ward tried to keep Nikki from running, Stu stopped him dead in his tracks there, too. So this nonsense you keep posting claiming his "career" is in jeopardy because of a political charade everyone knows isn't going to go anywhere, because there never was any legal malpractice, isn't going to be a problem for him, it's going to be a problem for Michelle, when the case ends right before the election and she has to explain why she's been wasting the taxpayers' dollars on it. She's going to have to explain why she lied to the public about the case not costing the taxpayer's anything while she keeps approving bills for it. She's going to have to explain why she didn't follow the law and sue the homeowner rather than the attorney who didn't change the township's right to sue the homeowner, so there's no negligence. She's going to have to explain all of that, since you keep this case alive and on people's minds. Every time you attack Stu, he picks up business and it blows up in your face. Maybe it's time to get a life and admit you're overmatched.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Michelle Roth who is married to the guy who said because I Hate Italians may have missed history class from her stupid quote on TV 77 but from the looks of her it seems she never missed lunch at school.