Monday, March 10, 2008

He Didn't Blame the Bloggers - But He Didn't Answer Da Questions

Lately in da Kingdom of Manalapan, if you ask any of da career politicians about why there are problems, such as high taxes, foreclosures, political turmoil, and why nobody wants to volunteer for anything, da standard talking point from da Gang of Three has been, "It's because of da bloggers."

However, finally one of those career politicians apparently told da truth - his truth - and daTruth came from none other than former mayor, "Defendant," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy.

Unfortunately, his 3 answers raised 13 other and more challenging questions - ones da town's Gang of 3 may not be too ready to answer.

In a recent Asbury Park Press story alleging alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy lived in Freehold, Andy Boy said, "My license, voter registration, checking account, property tax bills, heating and telephone bills along with every piece of mail I've received except for Moskovitz's correspondence has been to my address in Manalapan."

There's a reason for that. Andy Boy "bought" da family farm from his parents, a huge working farm and big farm house for less than $700,000, where his parents still live and where apparently where he now lives with his new bride.

Now, if da story ended there that would be one thing. However, while Andy Boy didn't once blame any bloggers, and we all thank him for breaking ranks on that - he did take out a can opener and out popped a slew of worms.

Andy Boy Shock Quote #1: "It is shameful that he would engage in this type of personal and baseless attack in an attempt to get retribution because the township has filed a suit against him to recover over $100,000 for malpractice that occurred while he was the township attorney."

What Andy Boy neglected to mention was da breakdown of that "over $100,000." Manalapan Township has already given out da contract to clean up "Manalapan's Love Canal," also known as da leaky home heating oil tank on da Dreyer Patch. Da total was: $15,000 for da actual cleanup work - $60,000 for da "engineering report" - and it's unknown just how much Manalapan has spent on legal bills since they won't release that info - but if Andy Boy says "over $100,000," we'll give him that.

Why is it that da elbow grease to clean up Manalapan's version of "Love Canal" costs a mere $15,000, but da "engineering report" costs 400% more than that?

Why won't Manalapan release da exact figures for EXACTLY how much they've paid for legal bills from da "Manalapan Legal Dream Team?"

However, we have heard from a former Township attorney and others members of da "Blame da Bloggers" fife & drum corps that we're not paying any money to da lawyers. That, of course, was properly disputed by da now-famous "Rosman Editorial" which detailed da "Dream Team" member's hourly rates and why da meter is still running.

Maybe it's time da towns folk demand a formal accounting. Maybe Mayor Roth will order a "Dream Team" forensic accounting, "For All da People?"

Andy Boy Shock Quote #2: "My wife is registered to vote in Manalapan and has complied with the law with respect to the residency requirements."

We're all sure she is what Andy Boy said she was, but this begs a question - if you're living in Freehold for at least 1 year, should you be voting in another town? If someone lives in Manalapan but has an office in Freehold, and works there so much they might sleep in their office from time to time, then should that person have da right to vote in Freehold?

In Andy Boy's world, according to his answer, that person should have da right to do just that. His blushing bride rented a house in Freehold for 2 years, according to da Asbury Park Press, and lived in Freehold at da same time she voted in Manalapan. How many people have spouses that spend a lot of time in da Freehold Mall? Should our spouses be allowed to vote in Freehold considering how much time & money some of them have spent there since there's no large shopping areas in Manalapan?

Andy Boy Shock Quote #3: Lucas said the Freehold Township home served as his wife's secondary residence "as a matter of convenience for proximity to her job."

Recently, during an emergency meeting of da "TruthTellers," it was determined that because of Monmouth GOP Party Boss Adam PuPu recovering from "Foot-in-Mouth Disease" and this shock quote from Andy Boy, we may seriously have to consider bringing back da coveted BaconHead Award.

We can all understand that statement by Andy Boy, that for his blushing bride it was "as a matter of convenience for proximity to her job." A daTruthSquad investigation shows da difference between da primary residence on Iron Ore Road and da "summer rental home" in Freehold is approximately 8 miles. We can all understand with those grueling Manalapan rush hours that a move like that would be beneficial. Rumors are running rampant that Manalapan residents who make that long commute to New York City are flocking to Marlboro and Old Bridge at a record rate to rent "summer homes" "as a matter of convenience for proximity to their jobs."

That same mindset was echoed by da wife of one of da TruthTellers. She has a penchant for shopping at da Freehold Mall, so they're now looking for "a summer home" to rent in Freehold to cut down that incredibly long commute from Route 522 they have.

Has Andy Boy been spending too much time with party Boss PuPu? is "Foot-in-Mouth Disease" contagious?

Let's see - - rent a home - - pay big utility bills - - pay big rent - - all to shave a large 8 or 9 minutes off da commute? Did daTruthSquad miss something here?

There are 2 big questions that immediately emerge here - 1: Did da now-Mrs. Andy Boy violate any election laws living in Freehold, and 2: If Andy Boy lived in Manalapan as he said, why was he "served" to be a "Defendant" in da known-worldwide "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" trial and how does this relate to his 2007 election campaign?

As for both questions, they are questions that are best served to da County Board of Elections or NJ ELEC. Deborah Kole, a staff attorney for the state League of Municipalities told da Asbury Park Press, "I think the only thing would be if in any given case, not this case specifically, if the residency was just a sham and they were really, completely living somewhere else, then that wouldn't be OK."

Did Andy Boy live in his Freehold "summer home" while running for election in Manalapan? Was it just a "love shack," or was it as Andy Boy said, just a strategically placed home used solely "as a matter of convenience for proximity to her job."

DaTruth is, at least Andy Boy didn't follow da talking points and blame bloggers for this latest Manalapan headline grabber. He did, unfortunately, create more questions than answers by his answers he gave.

Question 1: If da now-Mrs. Andy Boy did live in Freehold for as much as 2 years as rent-check evidense shows, did she violate any election laws?

Question 2: If Andy Boy did spend "at least 4 months" living at da Freehold address, then did he violate any election laws running for office as an "out-of-towner?"

Question 3: Does this mean anyone with an office in Freehold or a penchant for shopping there should have da right to run for political office in Freehold?

Question 4: Is it OK for Andy Boy to vote on anything related to da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," a case he is now a "defendant" in when last year, Committeewoman Cohen was reportedly ordered to leave da room during Executive Session when da case was discussed?

Question 5: Was da Mosked Man's First Amendment rights violated by not being allowed to lend a helping hand with Susan Cohen's election campaign?

Question 6: This is a big one - Why was Andy Boy served with legal papers at da Freehold house and not his own residence he bought from his parents?

Question 7: Whose name was on da checks paying for da Freehold rental home & why?

Question 8: Who paid da utilities - da person living closer to their job or da person who supposedly owns a Manalapan farm?

Question 9: Were any election laws violated by former mayor, "Defendant," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy?

Question 10: Should Andy Boy recuse himself from further votes regarding da now known-worldwide case - and should he have been recusing himself since being served legal papers at da Freehold house address?

Question 11: When will da cost for da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" surpass $200,000 of taxpayer money? Why did da engineering report for Manalapan's "Love Canal" cost 400% more than da actual cleanup work?

Question 12: Exactly how much has each member of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team billed for their services in both da "land-deal-gone-bad" case & da First Amendment case?

Question 13: For All da People, why won't da town release those current figures of how much each Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyer has cost?

Questions indeed - and honest answers are needed. And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Andy Boy needs to resign.

Anonymous said...

More nonsense allegations without any proof, just like last years nonsense over tThe football field at the rec center being contaminated. Yeah, right. More noise to deflect from Moskovitz's issues.

Anonymous said...

No proof? There's no proof that Moskovitz committed any negligence. That's for sure. But as for Andy Boy, the Asbury Park Press was very specific that they had tons of proof. Photographs, JCP&L records, check stubs, affidavits of service, a heck of a lot of proof and a lot more than Manalapan's gang of three used to commit the taxpayers to $100,000 in legal fees for a political vendetta.

Anonymous said...

with all that proof, that sounds like Andy Boy will be moving back to Freehold real soon. This time, though, he won't have to pay rent; he'll be living on the sheriff's dime.

Anonymous said...

Interesting the last poster said there was no proof on this blog.

The news story about the Evesham lawsuit is no proof? The Asbury Park Press offers no proof? The Transcript offers no proof? (Well you may be right there).

You people may be able to erase posts and spin your nonsense and lies on the forum, but you can't do it here.

And as datruthsquad says, "and that's da truth."

Mr. Wyatt Earp said...

I have an idea. Instead of saying there's no proof, why don't you offer proof of your own that the newspapers, the Asbury Park Press, and daTruthsquad are wrong.

Can't wait to see what you san manufacture and try to pass along as truth.

schrute55 said...

And 1 more question please . . .

Why does he pay so little in taxes for what seems to be a very large farm? Do all politicians take advantage of the government taxbreaks for farmland? Isn't this the same racket they accused Karcher of with her christmas tree farm?

Maly Q. Practice said...

Another question.........

Why did Andy Boy only pay $650,000 for a large farm home on a huge farm property? Is he trying to tell us that land and structures were only worth $650,000?

I wonder how much that land would be subdivided? I bet it's a ton more than what he paid for it from his mommy & daddy.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Now folks the real question is why hasn't Andrew Lucas placed the famiy farm into FARMLAND PRESERVATION??
To forever preserve that land from being sold to developers?

Considering that Andrew Lucas is such a proponent of land oreservation is he telling the rest of the farm land community to join into the farmland preservation program but he is not?

Interesting questions and yes he is like Karcher, he has that property tax loop hole and he is paying nearly anything on the acreage he has, he pays just for the house portion.

It's funny, as I have been a round a long time, years ago a former Democratic vice municipal chair fell out of favor with the Manalapan Dems. There was all this behind the scenes clamoring over the fact they believed he lived in Freehold at his office and yet he used his families Manalapan address. They tried in vain to make this an issue. Now we have Andrew Lucas, admitting that his wife has had a second home in Freehold for commuting convenience, to her job in ? Howell, Lakewood? Not far at all. Now the Democrats in this town are okay with that? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Lucas's municipal chair and the Democratic chair had breaksfast together the other day in Freehold Boro. Have the political parties in Manalapan joined forces to create one party? It is gettting very interesting again in Manalapan. As the commercial states: This is PRICELSS.

Anonymous said...

That's not news. Anyone paying careful attention and not drinking the Kool Aid has been aware that Gray and McEnery have been selling out the Republican party for the last three years. Gray was caught working on the Roth/Gennarro campaign against Peter and Miracle. McEnery was caught trying to put together an unofficial Lucas/Shapiro ticket and was working feverishly behind the scenes to block any money from going to Cohen's campaign. Insiders admit that the case against Moskovitz was McEnery's idea to keep him from working on Cohen's campaign.The republican party under McEnery is as dirty as it's ever been. It won't change until the party does what it has to to rebuild itself -- getting rid of McEnery.

Anonymous said...

I would think all of that would be too much to believe, but there's also a lot of truth to it.

I heard in 2005 there was a secret meeting in Freehold between the county GOP leadership and McEnery and the 2005 candidates. In that meeting they discussed the fact that they believed Jim Gray was completely in the corner of Roth and working to elect her, and even sitting behind her in Township Committee meetings and not with Republicans.

From what I heard the outcome of the meeting was that there was nothing they could do about a Gray & Roth alliance. Eventually the Republican candidates lost.

Knowing this, and the way some in the Manalapan GOP worked against Susan Cohen last year, a McEnery & Ward breakfast wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Sybil said...

Hey Mr wyatt earp and Maly q practice, I have a better idea. Listen to this, it's great. I created 10 to 12 screen names for the Manalapan forum. Then I go post a bunch of lies. The more outrageous the lie, the better! Why are they lies? That's easy, because NONE of my accusations are ever substantiated, giggle, giggle. From time to time someone might mention that my latest lie was, just that, a lie. I don't care. I ignore it and move on to the next lie. When you are a sick person like me, it's easy to rip people and their families lives apart with bald face lies, because even though you know me as Sybil, no one really knows who I am. or at least I don't think anyone does. See, I'm a clever psycho! I like doing this, because, well, I am Sybil after all :) What else do you expect me to do with my time? I like to start trouble, lie about people, bully and threaten when I can't spin the way I want to, and in the end, I can always resort to nasty vicious personal attacks. I'm very good at nasty vicious personal attacks. If you don't think so, just go back and read some of the things I have sad. Priceless! It's great, you should try it. The best part is that no one knows who I am, well at least I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's suggesting you're not a sicko.

Anonymous said...

While everyone understands that McEnery is posting under different names, I think the last poster who was pretending to be McEnery went a little too far. Anyone who has seen McEnery in action in the last couple of years knows he has serious psychological problems. There is no need to make fun of them on this post. His out of control ego, his rage, his psychotic paranoia, his obsession with Stu, his willingness to destroy his entire party just to feed his own ego and paranoia, have all been well documented and are all well known by everyone in the republican party. But what that means is that we should be sympathetic and try to get him help, so he doesn't have to spend every minute of every day posting with his twelve different names, malypractice, wyattearp1, sitdownrhoda, stuiemosk, concernedmtp, etc. Anyway, the way his weight is ballooning and with his high blood pressure, I don't think he's going to be much of an issue for too long anyway.

Mr. Wyatt Earp said...

I have an even better idea for the last person who commented "While everyone understands that McEnery is posting under different names"

Go back to the Manalapan forum. We are trying to have a positive discussion of the issues here. We don't need comments like yours here. The topic about Andy is important. It's obvious by all the questions raised there are some ethical issues that should be addressed but the Manalapan TC isn't touching it. Why? Why? Why?

Anonymous said...

the answer is found in the posts above. McEnery is desperately trying to protect Andy, because without Andy, he is fully exposed as useless. So he's putting pressure on everyone in the republican party to leave it alone, and he is having secret meetings with Ward to protect Andy, in order to protect himself. The real question that needs to be asked is what is he offering Ward in exchange. What price is the Republican party going to pay this year so that McEnery can protect Lucas?

Anonymous said...

My guess is we may have to get used to saying "Mayor Queen Roth."

I don't believe this party boss is beneath mortgaging his party, even if it means another term for Roth, especially if someone like Joey D runs again or Steve Johnson were to run because we all know McEnery doesn't support these guys.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

It's really simple. The party boss boys are working together to stop any independent candidates from running. They saw the numbers at the polls, especially the democrats. THE INDY LAST YEAR HURT THEM BIG. Now they are desperately trying to get The Queen of Mean Mayor Roth re elected. Re wrting history is their only hope and working together to stop an Indy candidate and the Mosked man is their common goal. They have united for their own self preservation. The democrats know that if they loose Roth's seat and her mystery running mate
then are done, they will have only "I second that" Klauber there all alone and we know how popular he is. I think his remark to to a certain woman who lives in Knob Hill, telling her "you work for us ( a volunteer mind you) we don't work for you has been etched permanently into the minds of many.

But there are some surprises to be reported and the Democrats will not be happy. Life is a two way street and when you write slanderous and libelous remarks about private citizens the blog masters will give you up. A complaint and a court order is a beautiful thing. How do you think Roth would feel is she found out who wrote such a blog and if the writer of that blog was exposed? What about the impact that news could have on her re election bid?

Anonymous said...

Is Steve Johnson running for TC? I think he'd make a good committee person. We need better than what we have up there now taxing us into oblivion.

the real WyattEarp1 said...

To mr. wyatt earp. I think the real issue is the ethics, or lack of them demonstrated by DaTruth's buddy DaMoskedMan. Bean's article was spot on. It's disgracefull behavior and any decent person would find it as such. If I was committemen Lucas, I would go to the police and file a harrasment complaint. Make him drag his sorry a$$ to court, just to send the message that you don't get to do anything you want to do. Apparently, Mr Bean isn't intimidated with DaMoskedMan's style of filing lawsuits against everyone who pi$$es him off. Good for you Greg, it's about time some one pointed out what is REALLY going on here.

had enough said...

Can it be any more obvious who DaTruth is a shill for? My, oh my, how shameful. You are not what you make yourself out to be DaTruth. You are just another two bit shill with an agenda. Read the last 4 or five posts you made and tell me you are being objective. Just another loser.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read Greg bean's editorial in the NT. The name of this blogshould be changed to "DaRatSquad"

Anonymous said...

Greg Bean and the News Transcript have long been shills for the Monmouth Democratic Party. It's no surprise that he would take issue with the Asbury Park Press reporting a story that his reporter didn't get because she was too busy with gossip. Greg Bean was also dead wrong. Andrew wasn't "visiting" his wife in Freehold. How absurd is that? He was living there. And if Moskovitz did the job that no one else bothered to do, more power to him. I for one am not happy that my taxes were raised by someone who doesn't even live here. Only the harpies who have been attacking Moskovitz all along would agree with Greg Bean.

Anonymous said...

And, by the way, to the best of my knowledge, the only person Stu ever personally sued is Andrew. How many lawsuits has democratic municipal chairman Gerry Ward brought? At least two against the township alone, not to mention his own union. Any other misinformation you'd like to pass on?

Anonymous said...

"If I was committemen Lucas, I would go to the police and file a harrasment complaint." One. You obviously ARE committeeman Lucas. Two. You aren't going to get very far filing a harassment complaint against someone doing surveillance to prove you are defrauding the residents of Manalapan. Third, it's not harassment to find out where you live so that a summons can be served on you. And if Greg Bean is so worried about the level of politics in Manalapan, he can start with his own newspaper. His newspaper dragged Howell into the gutter and now it's doing the same thing to Manalapan. You want to clean up Manalapan? Don't blame the guy fighting corruption. Blame the people responsible for it.

Anonymous said...

Fighting corruption? Paaaaaaaaaaaaalease....... Forwardng his agenda is more like it. I agree, a harrasment complaint should be filed. Invasion of privacy. File every complaint that the municipality will accept against him. It's HARRASMENT, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Impeach Lucas!

Anonymous said...

It's not invasion of privacy to serve a summons. Nitwit. And the fact is, Stu has been fighting corruption for the last ten years. You bet he's made a lot of enemies doing that. Shapiro. Kauf. Lucas. Ward. McEnery. Every two bit hack politician trying to bleed Manalapan dry for their own interests hates Stu, because he's had the courage to stand up to them. Look how many people hate Christie. He stopped the Republican machine in 1998. He got rid of many of the corrupt democrats since. Yeh, fighting corruption. And Lucas is the poster boy for it. He and Shapiro and McEnery thought they'd control last year's election by arranging for a frivolous lawsuit against Stu. It didn't work, did it? And Greg Bean's diversion isn't going to work either. Remember the days when newspapers used to aid in the battle against corruption? The News Transcript has always defended it. I guess that's why only the real newspaper, the Asbury Park Press covered the story in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Since Andrew will no doubt have this deleted from NJ.COM, I'll post it here:

Well, if you ever needed a perfect example of the difference between a real newspaper and a two bit ad journal like the News Transcript, I think you can laminate Greg Bean's editorial and hang it on the wall. The Asbury Park Press covered the story about Manalapan's mayor living in Freehold when he voted for himself running in the Manalapan election. Not only did the News Transcript fail to cover the story (if proven in a court of law, it would be a crime) but Greg Bean actually defended the perpetrator and attacked the person uncovering the alleged crime. The BEST part was Greg suggesting that Andrew wasn't living in Freehold, he was just visiting his wife there. Visiting the wife he married in October in late November? And December? And January? Good nose for the news Greg. lol. How many of you VISITED your wife ten minutes away right after you got married instead of actually living with her? Greg Bean asked one question, but raised another. Exactly how low can the News Transcript go? Maybe that's why Greg is executive editor of ad journals and not newspapers.

Anonymous said...

That's why I've pulled my business' ads from the News Transcript. That's why many of my business associates have pulled their ads from the News Transcript. That's why many of the people in my business that I speak to are talking about pulling their ads. Frankly, it's bad for business to be associated with the slime that's passing for a "newspaper."

Anonymous said...

Andrew will probably delete this from NJ.COM, too, but it's a fascinating point:

2726. Sometimes we do something right
by AuntieEm180, 3/12/08 1:21 ET
even when we're trying to do the wrong thing. I think that's what Greg Bean just did. The story about Andrew living in Freehold was a one shot deal that could easily have escaped the attention of the prosecutor and state attorney general. Now Greg Bean and his Stu's Transcript has renewed the story and made it huge by his vicious attack against his newspaper's favorite subject. Now the prosecutor can't really ignore the story of Andrew living in Freehold (spare me the "this is his summer home" tripe. Are you serious, Greg?) while running for office in Manalapan and voting -- along with his wife -- in Manalapan. Even Greg admits that Andrew's wife lived in Freehold for two years. How did she justify voting in Manalapan? Was Manalapan HER summer home? Thanks Greg. You accidentally did some good.

Anonymous said...

I read Greg Beans editorial and it is his opinion that Lucas living in Freehold for 4 months visiting his new wife is a non issue. That is his opinion, he is neither the prosecutor, state attorney general, or the ethics and election boards. He is a news man with a newspaper editorial page exercising his right to freedom of speech, his opinion on the matter. I have my opinion too and that is that Lucas never thought he was going to win again in November, moved into his wifes house because he really owns the home in Manalapan on paper only and intended to stay living in Freehold and gear up for a new freeholer run in the next year or so. But that is just my opinion. Do I buy Lucas's remarks he made that it was because it is closer for his wife's commute that they live there, no. Do I have stupid on my forehead? Do I believe that there is a double standard going on here? Yes.
This is Manalapan, it is politics at it's worst and it will get even worse before it ever gets better. Power is the ultimate aphradesiac for this crowd. How to improve Manalapan? Get rid of the party bosses and start anew, this is my opinion. The line I agree with most in Beans editorial to paraphrase, is "No one in their right mind would ever want to enter into Manalapan politics with the environment that exists currently". Agreed, but Bean hit the nail on the head a few weeks ago when he said "in Manalapan politics they eat their young."
Personally I think the mantra of Manalapan politics is "do whatever you have to do to win and destroy your enemies." This is just March and the battle for November seems to have begun.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the prior posting could not be any more correct - almost.

I believe Lucas didn't think he was going to win so he peobably did move to Freehold. Manalapan politics is a jungle and it makes our town look bad.

Aside from that, I think Bean did a great disservice and showed just how partisan he is. Saying Lucas was merely "visiting" his wife is probably the stupidist comment I've ever heard. So, what Bean meant was Lucas "lived" with his mommy but "visited" his wife? That combined with Lucas saying his wife lived in Freehold because it was convenient to her job I thought was the most insane statement, until Bean's.

Maly Practice said...

After reading Bean's partisan jams in the Stu's Transcript, I think the Bean brain made 1 point perfectly clear. His Stu's paper has zero credibility.

If I want the REAL news about Manalapan, I'll just read DatruthSquad. It's well written, makes you think, I love the comments, and it doesn't trash my lawn or driveway.

Anonymous said...

This may be the best summary yet:

Ok, here's how I understand the story by sylvanator, 3/12/08
Andrew and the gang of three don't want Stu to work on the campaign of someone running against him in November's election. So in June, right after that person is appointed to serve on the township committee but before she gets to sit there, Andy and the gang of three make up a frivolous claim against Stu for $15,000 worth of clean up caused by the attorneys he replaced. Then they immediately tell that township committeewoman she is not allowed to talk to Stu about ANYTHING because they've sued him. Stu, like any lawyer confronted with a frivolous case, defends against the case any way he legally can. He finds out that it was authorized by someone who isn't even legally on the township committee because he's a resident of freehold and sets out to prove it. He DOES prove it. And somehow or other, Stu's the bad guy? Only in New Jersey, where corruption rules.

Anonymous said...

Once again, daTruthSquad showed why it's consistently one of the highest rated blogsites in the state of New Jersey, and Greg Bean showed why he will never work for anything other than a weekly ad shopper.

Terri said...

What exactly did Greg Bean mean when he was talking about a gay mayor in the town he used to live in, and then said who "also happened to be gay."

Was he referring in a backhanded way to Andy?

I am certainly not happy with the way Andy has run this town, and I thank God this blog exists to air our views, but with that said I find it reprehensible the editor of a supposed newspaper would make that kind of underhanded remark.

First Bean complains about the badmouthing in town, so he just adds to it. Well, because of that, it's the last time I ever read a Transcript unless he apologizes. Period.

Anonymous said...

If you were the publisher from Greater Media overseeing the News Transcript and you saw what Bozo has done to it, would you let him remain in that position? Here's a better question that I'm sure is being asked. If you're a major shareholder of Greater Media and your publisher allowed Greg Bean to tear down one of the profit centers the way he's torn down the News Transcript, would you be telling the publisher his days are numbered?

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is was Mr. Bean alleging that Lucas is gay? It seemed so the way he wrote his editorial. If I were gay or part of gay group I'd be picketing his offices. There was no need for Bean to stoop into the gutter like that, and he should be held accountable IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently Andrew caught on about what Greg was really doing, because he spent all day deleting any reference to the editorial on NJ.COM. He did that while posting himself in his usual twelve names. Two of those names claimed Stu was a "cancer" in Manalapan. And all this time, I thought he was an Aquarius. Here's how one person responded:

So Gerry Ward, the person who sued Manalapan twice is not the cancer. Andrew Lucas, who betrayed every running mate he ever had and everyone who ever helped him get elected is not the cancer. Steve McEnery, the person who singlehandedly destroyed the republican party after the 2004 victory is not the cancer. Michelle Roth, Drew Shapiro and Andrew Lucas who attacked everyone in town hall and replaced qualified people with learning curve poster children are not the cancer. Norman Kauff who continues to control Manalapan through the democratic party, while lining his pockets with our tax dollars is not the cancer. No. Stu is the cancer. Stu, the last honest mayor we had, who cut taxes every year he was in office, while increasing services AND the surplus; who brought in more grant money than all themayors since combined, who started the open space trust fund, who broke ground for the arboretum, who settled the covered bridge lawsuit, who brought water to a portion of town that the previous mayors didn't even know existed, who then came back as township attorney and cut legal bills by 2/3, while settling much of the longstanding litigation, who brought us $100,000 in a negotiated contract with Cablevision while the previous attorney couldn't get them to agree to $75,000.00 -- THAT guy is the cancer? Yeh, sure. By the way, Andrew, ohw many other names are you planning to post under today?

Maly Practice said...

Andy Boy, or whomever it is that is deleting posts on may be able to wipe Freedom of Speech off the Manalapan map on that site, but he learned that on this site, he has no power to erase anything.

That's why I no longer post on anymore. This site has freedom of speech.

Wyatt Earp, MD said...

Did anyone notice that posts 2732 to 2723 along with 2721, 2720, 2715, 2713, and 2712 have all been deleted.

I'm glad Freedom of Speech is alive and well and living in this blog, because it certainly is dead on and in some parts of Manalapan where the truth that can't be controlled by a certain few is removed for nobody to see.

Anonymous said...

Here's another post on NJ.COM that Andy didn't want you to read. I'll bet THIS doesn't end up on Kathy's website:

The problem with Greg Bean and all the apologists for Andrew Lucas blaming the messenger is that they're all ignoring the obvious. Stu didn't park Andrew's car in Freehold every night. Andrew did that. Stu didn't pay rent on the house in Freehold for two years and vote in Manalapan. Andrew's wife did that. Stu didn't go home to Freehold every night after meetings in Manalapan. Andrew did that. Stu didn't live in Freehold while running for office and voting in Manalapan, Andrew did that. Stu didn't hook up utilities for his permanent home in Freehold, Andrew did that. Stu didn't pretend to be living with his parents in Manalapan instead of his wife in Freehold. Andrew did that. But Greg Bean and the numbskulls running Manalapan want to attack Stu and ifnore the alleged crimes committed by Andrew. Now do you understand why Manalapan's government is the laughing stock of Monmouth County? And why people are cancelling their ads in the News Transcript by the pageful?

Anonymous said...

remember that Greg Bean has long criticized the blogs because they prevent him from having the only voice. He doesn't want freedom of speech. He wants to pontificate without anyone exposing his hypocrisy. Don't be sure it was Andrew, and not Greg Bean, that had the posts removed.

Anonymous said...

Is Greg Bean a Palestinian sympathizer? That's a serious question. For nearly sixty years we've watched the press and the world stay silent while Palestinians hurl rockets into Israel, and kill little Jewish children. But whenever Israel defends itself against these atrocities, the world and the press jump up and attack them for defending themselves. Remember "disproportionate?" Don't you just love that word? Now we see Andrew Lucas and the democrats spend every waking moment lobbing rockets at Moskovitz, including the specious lawsuit they made up out of whole cloth. Does the News Transcript protest? Not on your life. But when Moskovitz defends itself, that reason for the executive editor to attack Moskovitz for having the audacity to dare defend himself against this prolonged smear campaign, that, frankly, his paper has been a major part of. So I'll ask again. Given Bean's though process, is he a Palestinian sympathizer. Perhaps he can answer that question at his next inane red state/blue state.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Boy it has been a busy blogging day in this town. All the buzz over the editorial. Mr. Bean did not realize Moskovitz is a Republican something Mr. Bean should have checked. It is not a political rival from another party rather someone from within his own party. Now as for the Lucas's living in Freehold, I think an earlier poster said it best that they did not buy Lucas's remarks that they were living in Freehold to be closer to his wifes job. I too ask do I have stupid written across my forehead? No. There is more here than meets the eye. If you live in Freehold paying rent, you are a Freehold resident not a Manalapan resident. According to the APP Mrs.Lucas before she became Mrs. Lucas lived in Freehold more than 2 years at this same home she shared with her new visiting husband over the past 4 months. As a law abiding citizen I would think that the then single Mrs. Lucas would have had her drivers license and her voters registration listed to her Freehold address.The DMV wants all residents to have their licenses updated soon after after they have moved. App stated all her rent checks and her utility bills show she lived on Georgia Road for more than 2 years. I guess the Board of Elections should be asked how do you allow a Freehold resident who is engaged to a sitting Manalapan councilman/mayor vote in Manalapan where she is not an established resident? The law states you must vote where you live. By their own admission they stated she lived in Freehold for 2 plus years.

Anonymous said...

So Malypractice, come up with the answers about the pool survey like when, where and who?

Anonymous Maly Practice said...

Andy Boy, or whomever it is that is deleting posts on may be able to wipe Freedom of Speech off the Manalapan map on that site, but he learned that on this site, he has no power to erase anything.

That's why I no longer post on anymore. This site has freedom of speech.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anonymous said...

Andy sleeps at home with mommy and daddy until he "Visits" his bride in Freehold..........................................................HOW SAD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PETER HALL might still have a chance!

Anonymous said...

Andy Boy's wife should talk to Dina Matos McGreevey for some advice.

jerseynatv said...

Someone please find out who is deleting every post from the Manalapan forum? I posted a comment that the forum had become irrelevant and ineffective because of all the deletions. I said, Congratulations -- you reap what you sow. Do you know that the comment was deleted in as little as 5 minutes? And I tried to post a comment on the Marlboro forum -- but I was blocked from any further posting.

Who are the "powers that be" over there? Please someone find out.

Anonymous said...

According to sources at NJ.COM, they don't delete any posts unless asked to by people using the "inappropriate post" button. They receive a lot of those on the Manalapan forum. Further investigation has shown that two of the most frequent users of that button are Kathy Donaghue (Steve McEnery's daughter) and Greg Bean himself, apparently believing in free speech only if he's the only one free to speak.

jerseynatv said...

I don't believe They would be the only people who would consider my post "inappropriate" because it criticizes them for deleting.

Why would another user want my post deleted and me blocked? And if it's greg bean (a newspaper guy censoring the forum) -- that would just be sad.

Anonymous said...

Everything about Greg Bean is sad. He's proven to be a petty person, unconcerned with the truth, with a personal agenda. It's a wonder he doesn't try to be Manalapan's next mayor. He's perfect for the job.

Anonymous said...

jerseynatv decided the easiest way to keep offensive comments off their forum is to allow everyone the ability to delete posts.

It works

There are no offensive posts

You are a victim of free delete!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Greg Bean, in fairness to everyone, should allow the residents of Manalapan to delete the offensive editorials and "news" stories in his ad rag. (judging by the obvious drop in advertising, most people think the adjective "offensive" applies to much of what he prints) After all, since he seems to spend much of his time deleting any posts that criticize him or his cub reporter, shouldn't he extend that same courtesy?

Anonymous said...

"since he seems to spend much of his time deleting any posts that criticize him or his cub reporter, shouldn't he extend that same courtesy?"

That time would better be spent on editing the paper, possibly producing a better product.