Monday, February 4, 2008

Da Purveyor of Pork-Laden Politics

I can remember when I was a little TruthTeller and Grandmama Truth would sit me down and tell me what she thought was important.

She would always say, “Always wear clean underwear in case you’re in a car wreck,” to which daTruthSquad would reply, “If daTruthSquad was in a wreck my underwear wouldn’t be clean anyway.”

She’d also say, “Never, never, never partake in green meat.”

She was definitely right about that.

In da Kingdom, a purveyer of that tainted pork is a former Manalapan mayor who, from time to time saunters up to Town Hall to deliver da results of his many "investigations" into all that is wrong in Kingdom, as only da Prince of Pork can.

In 2007, da Prince of Pork claimed that former Committeeman Joltin Joe did some wrongdoing. Da Prince of Pork handed his “Pork-laden evidence” to everyone but Joltin Joe. Ironically, Joltin Joe’s treasurer and Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery were ready with what they deemed “factual evidence” to counter da Prince of Pork’s allegations.

In da end, da story made headlines in da Snoozepaper written by Back Page Barratta, but that’s as far as it went.

In 2006, again da Prince of Pork went on a mission to Town Hall to root out “corruption.” He claimed for all to hear that both soon-to-be-Mayor Andy Boy and Joltin Joe did not belong serving da public – because, as da Snoozer story says, and as Back Page Barratta wrote, “A former mayor has criticized two Township Committee members for not telling voters they do not own property in the community.”

Apparently da Democratic Prince of Pork missed a little known fact that Governor Toll Troll doesn’t own a home either. Again, a story in da Snoozepaper, but merely fodder for bloggers and others to gain a good chuckle over.

Of course, under da new “Silent Running” strategy of da Queen and her Snoozepaper, da latest production of “Da Prince of Pork Goes to Town Hall” never made da headlines.

So, allow daTruthSquad to break da Queen’s election-year “Cone of Silence.”

At da January 23rd meeting, da Prince of Pork, like all peasants in da Kingdom was allowed to speak, although in his case it showed there may be left of da Prince of Pork’s loin.

As daTruthSquad heard from da TruthTellers in attendance, and saw in da Channel 77 footage smuggled out of da Kingdom, Porky's pork-laden rant started out quite innocently and formally.

"Good evening ladies & gentlemen. Good evening Mayor Roth," said da Prince of Pork.

After that, da intentions of da Prince of Pork became evident for all to see.

Porky then immediately asked about da trial everyone around da world now knows about, "Da Townhip of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man." Da Queen mayor replied, "It's still pending litigation."

Now apparently da Prince of Pork has spent too much time in da pigpen, or at da trough, or just rolling in da mud. Why did he even have to ask da Committee for all to hear?

All he had to do is go to da EFF website, where Porky could have read da ACTUAL TRANSCRIPT OF DA DECEMBER 21 HEARING, or da letter from da Manalapan Legal Dream Team claiming da EFF was sending, "TIME-WASTING, UNPRODUCTIVE, AND UNPROFESSIONAL THREATS," or any of da other letters, supposed evidence, or information supplied by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team in da case.

Porky then went after Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen, asking her and wanting it on da record that da Mosked man was at her victory party. She said he was, and he, like any member of da Republican club was invited to attend. It is common knowledge that da Mosked man is a dues-paying member of da Manalapan GOP'er's club, that is, unless you live in a pig-pen somewhere.

Porky then tried in vain to pin it on da President of da GOP'ers club, saying, "What you're saying is da President of the Republican club invited him."

After realizing he was sipping at an empty trough, he moved on to his next victim, and then da Prince of Pork really put his hoof in it with a shameless slight against Committeeman Anthony Gennaro, saying,

"I heard Mr. Gennaro is not running for office. Thank you for your 2 years of service, and thank you for not running. Again, thank you for not running."

Immediately, Mr. Gennaro showed his class & dignity by simply saying to da Prince of Pork, "That's poor."

While Mrs. Cohen's face showed complete disgust at da comment, showing their apparent lack of class was committee members "See no evil, speak no evil, and looking evil" not saying anything at all.

Shortly thereafter, a women from da audience came up and said all da right things that should have been said by da Queen mayor in her court, but whose silence was deafening, except when da Prince of Pork tried to rebut da woman's claims and was told by da Queen, "No second bites at da apple."

DaTruth is, da fact there was no outrage by any other member of da Committee speaks volumes about what kind of “court” da Queen is running. It is also interesting that da Snoozepaper would print his rants on other occasions, but why not now? Why no letters to da editor printed?

Of course, there was one letter printed in da Snoozepaper, but it was from 2006 after his “Pulled Pork Property Owner” rant.

DaTruth is, da fact that da Prince of Pork was allowed to get away with what one might possibly consider an "agenda," and that comments like da one against Mr. Gennaro was allowed to happen without any rebuke from da Queen Mayor shows she learned nothing from her husband's "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" rampage thoughout da kingdom, and that her time as mayor anyone will be allowed to take verbal aim at any member of da committee and say vile and disgusting things, it might imagine, as long as it's against certain members of da committee.

Mr. Gennaro, as always showed why he may be da classiest, most honest, and greatest committeemen of da last 30 years by remaining above da vile comments by da Prince of Pork. Da Queen, however, showed exactly why we can all expect "more of da same" during her term of horrors. Her silence as supposed leader is deafening - and da people of Manalapan deserve better.

Now, all of a sudden, it’s “Silent Running” in Manalapan. Not one word about da now infamous and known-around-da-world Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man “First Amendment / Land-deal-gone-bad” frivolous lawsuit which has already cost Manalapan residents “over $100,000” according to alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy.

In response to da “news blackout,” daTruthSquad will offer any Manalapan resident da opportunity to post their own “letter to da editor” on this site in da comments section. It is obvious that 1 of 2 possibilities are happening here – either nobody’s reading da Snoozepaper so nobody’s writing into it, or da letters against Manalapan's "Trial of da Century" aren’t getting printed.

One way or da other, your voice will be heard here. And that’s daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Huh? Corzine has owned in Hoboken for quite a while....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Spodak was out of line, but for you to call Gennero "da classiest, most honest, and greatest committeemen of da last 30 years" shows how far out of touch you are. What has he accomplished in more than 2 years of being a Committeeman? Nothing.

Chamgimg TImes Too said...

The Queen of Mean Mayor Roth has been given strict orders to hold decorum in the media. It seems that the circus that took place with former Mayor Shapiro and his subsequent legal woes for suing to evict his 80+ year old father from the family busness did not play well with the pubic. Roth being the boutique PR persona she is knows that negative press is the kiss of death for her administration and her reelection bid. So she is keeping the lid tighting sealed on the press releases. Only fluff stuff all pro and nothing negative. She can try all she wants but a pig in a tuxedo is still a pig. We have her number and have had it for years. But fear not all good things come to those who are wait. Channel 77 is a great tool and it is a window into the goings on at townhall. You have to ask why Roth has kept it quiet that Committeeman Andrew Lucas our former mayor was living in Freehold on Georgia Road while he was still Mayor? Seems she is such a righteous individual that she wants the truth in her administration how come she hasn't spoken out about it.Does she and Lucas think it will go away?
It won't.

Anonymous said...

I think Changing Times and Datruthsquad have uncovered something here. I think they're right that the "nice news or no news" philosophy is in place under orders of the Queen and it appears the Snoozer is under orders to do as the yare told.

I feel sorry for the Snoozer. They're supposed to be a newspaper but instead they're the lapdog to the Queen. I with the parent company that owns them knew what their Freehold investment was up to. Of course if that happened Bean and Rosman would be out of a job.

Anonymous said...

I found this on the Snoozer website. This guy must be Bean's boss. Maybe he should be told what is happening in Manalapan but what is not being printed here.

Rick Feinblatt
General Manager (732) 358-5200
Ext. 8282

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to say that DFENDANT Andy Boy and the Queen of Mean would want to take away someone's First Amendment rights?

That possibly couldn't happen in Manalapan??????

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the only person that this former mayor attacked was Gennaro.

I have read all the posts on this site and on and they the roth supporters feel he should have defended her after Larry Roth said "I hate Italians" because Gennaro was at the time "friends" with them and he was Italian. Gennaro said he gave the Roth's two weeks time to do what was right and show some class and apologize for the remark and when they didn't Gennaro ended the friendship and left the Democratic party. Now isn't it interesting that the roth supporter, the former mayor green meat, is attacking the lone ITALIAN on the committee. Is sure seems that there may have been alot of truth to Larry's remark after all Gennaro was singled out. I think Gennaro is a very bright man and very observant. His quote in the paper for why he could not vote for roth for mayor is true. He said that he felt a leader should unite the community not polarize it and he hoped that roth recognizes that. Apparently she has not.

Anonymous said...

The last posting describes exactly how I feel. As a Democrat I really wanted to give Michelle and Larry the benefit of the doubt. I must admit I was not happy with Anthony for at the time what I thought was turning his back on the party.

However, as time went on I began to realize that Anthony was right and acted with so much honor and principle. The other night when George Spodak said what he did was a slap in the face to my party, and Michelle not saying a word in defense of Anthony shows to me what truly was in the hearts of the Roths.

Personally, I hope Michelle does not run because as a Democrat I cannot and will not support her.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame what Porky Spodak has been reduced to.

The former mayor is nothing more than an attack dog for the current Queen mayor. That's sad.

Sanjay said...

I live in Edison and I love this blog. Congratulations on winning your battle against the anti-free speech politicians.

This guy Prince of Pork sounds like a real tool. You have to be a dead-end loser to play games like that in a government meeting, and even more of a waste of life to be the politician that allows it.

Manalapan sounds like a real loser town, and I thought Edison politics were bad.

Anonymous said...

You read the semi-literate, one-sided dreck offered here, anonymously no-less, and then offer an out-of-town opinion like you know what's going on. Talk about a tool.

Changing Times Too said...

Obviously a Roth supporter. This is not one sided dreck as you called it. It is the facts. You have Roth who is the most blatant two faced hypocrite we've seen in a long time. Gennaro was right on target when he said he could not vote for her for mayor because he believes a leader should unite a community not polarize it. Roth's actions speak for themselves, from her husbands remarks of "I hate Itaians" to her refusal to apologize to the Italian community for two weeks, to her accusatory remarks about the Asian Symphony conductor and the conductors subsequent resignation to the disrespectful treatment of the Rabbi from the Jewish Orthodox community for the request to erect an eruv path. Gennaro is right! Real leaders unite, Roth has
demonstrated she is not a leader. November cannot come soon enough so we can vote her out of office and say good riddence.

Sanjay said...

No, the tool is some poor guy who probably has nothing better to do with his life going up to your town meeting and causing trouble because it seems like he is told to do it. How old is this tool? If he was a former mayor why taint that with foolish political jabs?

As for this blog, I don't live in Manalapan nor would I want to. This blog is a great read and funny. It's always rated as one of the best in the state for a reason.

Changing Times Too said...

Well so far we are right on target. The Queen of Mean has done what was predicted and has landed herself a one two punch of positive PR with her "Shared Services" meetings. Two articles appeared on the same day one in the Transcript the other the local section of the APP regarding the shared services between Marlboro and Manalapan. Shared services has 2 liasons in Manalapan, Klauber and Gennaro, yet all we read about is Roth? Hmm. Are we going to see Roth take credit for others work? Do you think that she has already begun her PR remake of herself? It is clear to me that the Queen of Mean is deperately seeking attention. What's next a Route 9 billboard with her picture on it?
Roth can try all she wants to recreate her image. She fails to realize that she can not rewrite her own political history, her public actions or her spoken words.