Friday, February 29, 2008

GOP's PuPu Refers To His Own Operatives: Money Hungry or "Mentally Unstable"

Yes, Monmouth GOP Chairman Adam PuPu has stepped in it again - this time with both feet! He didn't violate da Hatch Act this time, but he did violate da bounds of descency!

It was a simple Snoozepaper question about how apparently bloggers are badmouthers and ruining da lives of everyone. His answer you can imagine left anyone working for him at GOP Central scratching their heads wondering if they are da ones who want to "gain monetarily" or are just "mentally unstable," and who exactly has "mental retardation?"

"As a result, people who gain monetarily or are mentally unstable make up the majority of political operatives available to a chairman as willing workers," he said. "Blogs also reinforce lying and slander because the most outrageous and untrue online comments are spread the fastest. If it damages you or your family it will move across e-mails very fast."

What daTruthSquad, and we're guessing some of his "operatives" would like to know is - who exactly was Adam PuPu referring to?

Courtesy of "," a "political Operative" is "One who works for a political organization, often wielding influence out of public view."

Isn't that something a "Chair of Chairs" does, or any Chairman of any group answering to PuPu?

"One who works for a political organization?" I wonder who fits those descriptions???

Was he talking about Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery? Former mayor, "Defendant," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy? Any of da up & coming candidates for Freeloader? Any members of his "inner circle?"

MoreMonmouthMusings called PuPu's statements "disgraceful" and called for his resignation. His blog is a must-read.

DaTruth is, if you're Grand Master Vic, da head of da Monmouth Democrats, you're sitting in your lounge chair sipping Cognac and holding an expensive stogie thinking to yourself, "Did my counterpart just call his entire inner circle a bunch of money grubbing mental midgets?"

PuPu, of course, was answering a question to da local Snoozepaper about their Back Page-supplied story on how bloggers and what they say and write are da sole reason people no longer want to be volunteers. Instead, PuPu may have just alienated every member of his inner circle because of what he said to da Snoozepaper - and some of those people are "volunteers."

Keeping his foot squarely in his mouth, PuPu also took verbal aim at bloggers, saying "Blogs also reinforce lying and slander because the most outrageous and untrue online comments are spread the fastest. Political blogs are a destructive force dumbing down our political discourse in so many ways."

Maybe Adam PuPu has a point? Maybe all of these "Political Blogs are a destructive force?"

DaTruthSquad's next stop was, a fine political website chock-full of news and information - and political blogs.

Former Governor Christie Whitman is on da political blogger list. So is Mike Panter, Carla Katz, GOPUSA New Jersey, and a host of others.

The Republican National Committee has a blog. Many State GOP's have blogs. Campaigns & Elections Magazine have pages of political blogs.

DaTruth is, it's not da blogs and it's not da bloggers that are keeping people from political service. It's people who serve as longtime volunteers who are told by politicians they can no longer volunteer - essentially, being fired as a volunteer. It's politicial bosses who call their own people "mentally unstable." It's political campaigns bankrupt of any instances of truth. It's elected officials who are chastised by fellow politicians because of their political affiliation or whatever backroom deals made them political enemies.

Recently, former Manalapan mayor Porky Spodak gave a 15 minute speech and mention, in effect, that people begin to believe what they repeatedly hear. Porky couldn't be more correct. In January, da Queen mayor of Manalapan said blogs harm volunteerism. Right now, there is a letter in da Snoozer by 1 political party boss condemning blogs, a Back Page story doing da same, and a another political party boss calling blogs a form of "mental retardation."

It's starting to sound very much like an orchestrated campaign against blogs and bloggers, and free speech as well. Maybe if these politicians say it enough, will people believe them?

It seems like some politicians and their handlers are banking on just that.

Finally, let's remember some famous quotes from some famous people who claim to be on da side of free speech.

Former Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande said, "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

She had Freedom of Speech to say that, not matter how misguided and foolish it sounded.

Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery said, "To prove how deeply we have sunk into the muck, we have a former mayor and township attorney calling another former mayor an idiot for speaking his mind in a public forum. Shameful behavior at best for (Stuart) Moskovitz."

He had the right to speak too, and yes, even to claim da Mosked man is "shameful." By his own statement, it can be alleged one must guess da "founding fathers" were not OK with someone saying bad things about another, unless, of course, it was da GOP Municipal Chairman saying it.

And, another PuPu shock quote, "Finally, blogs are a form of mental retardation because those who post and reply only allow similar opinions to perpetuate on their sites - thereby reinforcing an already weak gene pool," Puharic said.

Since MachoGrande & McEnery have both claimed either on Ch. 77 or in a Snoozer letter to know exactly what da founding fathers meant by "Freedom of Speech," one can only surmise that either it's OK to call someone a "retard" or those who read and comment on blogs coming from "an already weak gene pool" - if you're Monmouth GOP Chairman Adam PuPu, but it's not OK for anyone else to speak their mind about anything else.

DaTruth is, and this is key - - Da Good Old Days of da Good Old Boys controlling what is said and how it's said are over. Da Internet age has allowed anyone with a voice to write their spoken word without fear of retribution - and da courts in cases such as McIntyre vs Ohio and Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man have upheld anonymous writings can stay just that - anonymous and free.

DaTruth is, too, that PuPu has Freedom of Speech, and what he said has certainly offended some. He will have to answer for that. He has been asked on one blog to resign. DaTruthSquad is not asking for that right now, but does expect PuPu to do da right thing and apologize for his statement. If he does not, then it's up to Republicans to either vote this party boss out of office, or agree with him that his own political operatives are "People who gain monetarily or are mentally unstable."

If he remains in office, then we will know with 100% certainty exactly how da GOP body feels and believes what his "inner circle" is truly about.

More on PuPu stepping in it, and what appears to be a coordinated political attack on Free Speech coming soon.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Pu Pu said a disgusting thing and should step down. I'm calling APP now to tell them about this. PuPu should be ashamed of himself and if I was his mama I would disown him.

Anonymous said...

Very well done. You have also hit upon a telling point. Leading the pack attacking blog sites is the News Transcript. The News Transcript has a history of using its monopoly on covering local events to create its own facts. The worst offender is, of course, Kathy Baratta. It is not an accident that when Kathy was covering Manalapan at the turn of the century, Manalapan had the reputation of being the most divisive municipality in Monmouth County. Then, the Howl Howler was transferred to Howell. Manalapan didn't suddenly become Rumson, but at least it wasn't the poster child for immaturity and offensive political behavior any more. Howell was. Howell was notorious. Parties were split, everyone attacked each other, it was a mess. Then Kathy was transferred back to Manalapan. All of a sudden, people in Howell are beginning to emerge from their Period of Political Purgatory to become a civil government again. Manalapan, under Kathy's influence once again, has suddenly begun once again to resemble downtown Baghdad. That's hardly coincidence. Kathy is an individual with no concern for the truth, no sense of ethics. Her editors are failing to exercise their legal responsibility to assure the accuracy of her malicious stories, most of which contain serious omissions, if not outright lies. Blogs provide the opportunity for people to see that Kathy and the News Transcript are not legitimate sources of news. It's not an accident that the News Transcript is leading the charge to shut down freedom of speech for everyone but themselves.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't always a fan of this blog to say the least. I also at one time supported the lawsuit against Moskovitz. Not anymore.

But after reading this blog now, and especially the way it is being alleged that there is a movement afoot to ban Freedom of Speech by a grouping of political leaders, I am 100% convinced this is a coordinated effort and the Transcript is behind it. I read this week the story and the letter by Steve McEnery. That was the last Transcript I will be reading until they come clean and stop this attack on Free Speech.

I believe the News Transcript is nothing more than a propoganda sheet. It's worse than any 1-sided blog. That's because they accept money from advertisers, they masquerade as a news agency, and they leave their propoganda on your front stoop whether you want it or not.

The Transcript should be deeply ashamed of their actions, and I will sign this comment as anonymous because the Constitution says I can.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, we actually paid $1.00 a week to have the News Transcript delivered. It was strictly voluntary, but we were told that was the only way the kid delivering the paper got anything out of it. We were happy to read the paper. It contained news about our community. News. Not gossip. Not attacks. Not one reporter's unexplainable vendetta against a former civic leader. It contained soccer scores, local baseball stories, news about the fair, etc. It was enjoyable. People were proud to advertise in it. Now, I hear from more and more advertisers that they are pulling their ads from the News Transcript. Their customers are complaining to THEM that they are supporting the trash masquerading as a newspaper. It's a business decision on their part to pull their ads and they're doing it. I have heard from one or two large real estate brokers that they are thinking of doing the same thing. It's just not worth the business risk to be associated with something dirty and ugly. Maybe that's the answer. If enough advertisers start pulling their ads from the News Transcript and explain to the publisher why, the publisher will make sure their editors get the message. Who knows, maybe they'll even assign a decent person, a reporter, to Manalapan. All of us either advertise in the News Transcript or have friends or business associates who do. If you are as offended as I am by the tone of the News Transcript lately, you know what to do.

Don't read the Snooze Transcript said...

The Snooze Transcript actually costs me $20 per year. And the price is well worth it.

I just leave it on my driveway, and the garbageman picks it up every week and tosses it in the trash truck. The $20 is his tip in December.

Anonymous said...

Easy question that you asked, daTruthSquad. Pu Pu has two principal workers on his staff. Kathy Donahue (McEnery's daughter), and Iron Girth McEnery, the Chairman of Chairmen himself. Well, Kathy's getting paid, so we know where she fits in. I guess that leaves Iron Girth as the "mentally unstable" person he was referring to. See, and you thought Adam wasn't very smart.

Anonymous said...

I said it before and I will post it again, this is a spin for the Roth re election campaign. Roth knows she is a target for negative publicity. She is using all of her allies to help her stop the blogging about her. They want control as DaTruth Squad so correctly stated. They the party bosses were able to control the spin with their negative campaign ads and literature. Now there is the internet that can counter their remarks and argue them. The days of what they wrote and claimed to be facts in their campaign attack ads are now challenged.It is not sitting to well with these party bossses or their candidates. They have now been challenged and they do not like that. You see in Manalapan it is all about control. Ask one of the party bosses about the comment that they "own" Manalapan when they are in control politically and that they can do "anything" they want. This is what we are dealing with in this town and it is time for a change a big change.
Changing Times Too

Anonymous said...

Pu Pu needs to resign now !

Go da truth squad go !!!!

To daTruthsquad said...

To datruthsquad,

I read the post from Changing Times Too and that post could not be any more right. You are right too. I have watched for years these people like Roth and others who thirst for power. Go back and look at the campaigns of 2004 and 2005 and the lies they spewed.

There was campaign literature saying Joe & Andrew didn't even live in Manalapan. They said that Stu was responsible for the cellphone tower, when it was Mayor Mary Cozzalino who signed the papers for it. The whole No MegaMall was fronted by Democrats who lied at every turn about the Republican positions.

I am a Republican (not a Steve McEnery Republican) who has not always believed you, but I believe you now. You fought a brave fight against overwhelming odds against the Gang of Three's lawsuit. You have become the voice for all of the people who have no voice against this Roth-led tyranny.

Thanks for standing up for us.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for daTruthSquad.

If a TWP committee person knew Stu Moskovitz could not be daTruthSquad and still voted to let that representation be made in a court case, could he go to jail for fradulant representation to the court?

Could he be fined or thrown of the TWP committee?

If his ethics were confirmed to be so low could civil litigation be brought?

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem:

The Manalapan Township Committee voted to have this "Legal Dream Team" as daTruthSquad calls them fight this battle against Moskovitz.

Their former township attorney claimed that even she didn't kno what was happening with the case. The Township Committee also makes the same claim, which is highly unusual since they are paying the legal bills of Renaud, McCarthy, and Weeks yet they claim they have no idea what these lawyers are doing and no idea as to what they are paying for - yet they pay them anyway.

That right there is the reason I have decided the case against Moskovitz is nothing more than a political vendetta. How can you not know what your lawyers are doing, since they work for you? Why are you approving bills for people who you claim are not reporting their work to you?

Unfortunately, this isn't a job for us. It's a job for the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office, or better yet, the US Justice Department.

Anonymous said...

Something rotton smells in Manalapan and maybe it's time Chris Christie locked these losers up.

Anonymous said...

Pu Pu stepped in Doo Doo with that retard remark---what a dope.

Anonymous said...

As dumb as Pu Pu's retards comment was and he should step down it still wasn't as bad as the Mayor Roth's husband saying because he hates Italians. What lowlifes we have in the political arena.

Anonymous said...

The thing that really bothers me is that when politicians do or say somethingthat is reprehensible, such as what Puharic said or what Roth allowed her husband to get away with, the mainstream media acts like nothing happened. Its bloggers, and in this case datruthsquad both times that made sure these awful transgressions did not slip away without people knowing about it.

Kudos to the bloggers. Maybe now the mainstream press will give them their due.

Anonymous said...

I hope the main stream press as the blogger before me stated picks this up. Why is the Gang of 3 in Manalapan refusing to stop the installation of the Manalapan Rec Center's Synthetic Field Turf Field? You see their argument has been that if you can't produce a sick child then the field goes in. But wait, NYC just called for a moratorium on the remaining $25 MILLION DOLLARS worth of fields that they were planning to install of Field Turf Fields. It appeared in the New York Times February 29, 2008. That same article spoke about the city of Newark New Jersey that has closed an INDOOR facility that has a Synthetic Turf Field because the lead level dust was 3 TIMES the accceptale levels. So I ask why hasn't the main stream media done a story on this? Does Manalapan have any indoor synthetic turf field facilities in our town? Is so who is monitoring the lead levels and air quality of the facility to ensure that the air is safe? Why is Gennaro being ignored when he has argued and presented documents for more than 7 months regarding the health reports and studies from all over the US and the world on the health dangers? One has to ask themselves why is the Gang of 3 in Manalapan New Jersey so adamant about not stopping this one specific Field? Isn't the health and safety of all of our children and residents their number one priority? Apparently unless they have a sick child and ABSOLUTE PROOF they do not want to hear anything. But if the greatest City in the world, New York City is halting installation of these fields why isn't Manalapan? And.. I guess the countries of Norway, Sweden and Italy who have banned synthetic fields made with rubber tire infill and who are removing each and everyone of these fields from their countries knows nothing either.
Does the Manalapan Gang of 3 know better than 3 European countries, the City of New York and the state of Connecticut? (who also called for a moratorium on these fields) So again I will ask WHY are they not halting this field from being installed? Why hasn't the Gang of 3 discussed the heat indexes of these rubber tire infill fields. According to the National Association of Trainers these Fields cannot be used 24/7 as we were told. They established very specific guidelines for coaches and trainers to adhere to because of the dangers of heat illnesses during warm and humid days. Or the fact that the White Paper of the State NJDEP stated that people with a senistivity to latex allergies could be affected by the rubber infill material. Again Why is the Gang of 3 ignoring these facts?
Changing Times Too

Anonymous said...

posted on

Looks like Andy Boy is working overtime by notranda, 3/4/08

to try to spin the story. First, he's still going with the nonsense about a $100,000 clean up, when it's already reported that it's only $15,000. Then he claims he wasn't really living in Freehold, that was only so his wife can be close to work. Freehold is close and Manalapan is far away? Do you think anyone believed that? Then he says when he illegally voted on bills for the case where he's the defendant, the township attorney told him it was ok. If I were the township attorney, I'd sue him for defamation. He made the township attorney look like he has no idea what he's talking about. Then he spends all morning posting comments here and on app attacking Stu. The facts are what they are. Andy moved to Freehold because he didn't want to live with mommy after he was married. He got caught. So what does he do? He attacks the messenger. Stu simply discovered that Andrew's election was invalid. Stu simply discovered that Andrew and his wife broke the law. And Andy's comments that Stu is wasting taxpayers dollars is a joke. Nothing in the article says the taxpayers paid for the investigation. It's not likely they did. But the taxpayers are paying $100,000 so that Andy can sue Stu in his frivolous lawsuit about a $15,000 cleanup Stu wasn't responsible for in the first place. Spin, Spin, Spin. Just like Andy did about the SUV and the letter to the editor to the News Transcript he got caught faking. Maybe the word for Andy isn't spin, maybe it's just lie, lie, lie.

Anonymous said...

da Big Question

Who is a bigger liar?

Andrew Lucas


Roger Clemens?

Anonymous said...

Does Monmouth County even have a county prosecutor? Has anyone ever heard of him? How can Andrew keep doing everything he's doing and not be required to resign if not sent to jail outright?

Anonymous said...

Andy looks llke he needs hair club for men in that APP picture.

Thankfully a real newspaper like the Asbury Park Press that has real reporters are looking into this Andygate affair.

BAMF said...

If Lucas was living in Freehold and ran for Manalapan township committee he committed election law violations and perpertuated a fraud on Manalapan voters, in my opinion! In my opinion, he should go to jail and every vote he made voided.

If you run with the Bulls you will get the Horns! If you cheat on your friends and neighbors how can you have them trust you?

Jail is not a place for a premature balding pretty boy with a skinny ass. You stuck it to Manalapan? Then squeal like a pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The political discourse in Manalapan is abundant. A former mayor and current committee member living in Freehold at his wife's second residence for convenience to her job. You are kidding me right? We are talking Freehold to Manalapan, not Boca Raton. I am wondering if he disclosed this information to all the members of the committee if they were aware of his "second" home. I thought you had to be a Manalapan resident and actually live here full time to run for office. I received Lucas's campaign literature this past year where he said he had a 5 year plan for making Manalapan better. So was part of that plan his moving to Freehold?