Thursday, February 21, 2008

Porky's Got a Point

There were two writings in da rcent local Snoozepaper that made great points. Before they are discussed, let it be known Snoozer editor Greg "Bozo" Bean & daTruthSquad don't always see eye to eye. As a matter of fact, it was Bean who wrote of your's truly, "I wouldn't mind seeing da Truth Squad drive off a nice, steep cliff. Given the opportunity, I might even give him (or her, or them) a little push."

But what Bean-O did recently write about life in Manalapan's political landscape would scare up a "For Sale" sign on a home faster than you can say "Porky Pig."

And, by da way, you didn't see daTruthSquad call a legal eagle calling a lawyer about what da Bean-counter said about your's truly. He has Freedom of Speech, so if he wants daTruthSquad to drive off a cliff, or even if he wants to push daTruthSquad off that cliff, it's his right to talk about it. However, daTruthSquad will be a bit more careful when standing close to one.

"About the only place in the county with a tougher crowd would have been Manalapan, which he wisely avoided. In Manalapan, local politics is so nasty that those involved are rumored to eat their own young, and the crowd that turns up at Township Committee meetings isn't significantly more civilized. If Corzine held a town meeting there all that would be left of himat the end would be a pile of bones and gristle."

DaTruth is, Bean-O is right about this.

Case in point, a fellow named "Porky" who is a former Manalapan mayor back in da days of "Star Wars" and Ronald Reagan's first term. Recently, a story penned by none other than Back Page Barratta described how George Spodak "lobbied" to have da "library built on Symmes Drive" in Manalapan, and how he "signed da deed," and how his accomplishments include "da Manalapan road department," and "da construction of da Municipal Building."

There are other things that were said, but that's for another daTruthSquad.

However, da former supreme leader of Manalapan also said this, "Spodak contends that if the defamation of individuals on the Internet is allowed to continue it will discourage people from entering public service for fear of becoming the target of anonymous attackers. It is the threat to that legacy that led Spodak to hire an attorney in order to pursue legal redress against anonymous Internet attackers who have accused him of committing crimes while in office and other contemptible acts. He said he has directed attorney XXXXX XXXXXX to pursue whatever legal avenues may be available in an effort to identify the person or persons he maintains have defamed and/or libeled him.

Senor Spodak said, "if defamation of individuals on the Internet is allowed to continue it will discourage people from entering public service for fear of becoming the target of anonymous attackers."

However, daTruthSquad feels Spodak didn't take that statement far enough.

Recently at a Township Committee meeting, an unknown individual walked up to da podium and asked about da ongoing "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" trial of da century about a town suing a public servant, as well as if da Mosked Man, a public servant attended a Republican celebration. Finally, this unnamed individual focused his attention on Committeeman Anthony Gennaro, a public servant who has proven throughout his term in office he may have more integrity than anyone serving that post since 8-track tapes were popular. The unnamed person said, "I heard Mr. Gennaro is not running for office. Thank you for your 2 years of service, and thank you for not running. Again, thank you for not running."

That was in the opinion of many an unwarranted, unnecessary, unneeded, and unprofessional slam against an upstanding public servant.

So, here you have an unknown individual who's name escapes daTruthSquad, who verbally questioned the ethics of one public servant for who may or may not have been invited or just showed up at her party, and attacked the integrity of another public servant who decided, because of attacks like this did not want to run again for office.

DaTruthSquad believes whomever that person was, they should seriously heed da words of Mr. Spodak. Maybe former mayor Spodak should seek that person out and speak to that person who questioned the integrity of Deputy Mayor Cohen and in a needless and shameful way made an underhanded remark to Commiteeman Gennaro. This is EXACTLY why people are hesitant to be a public servant.

DaTruth is, you can blame anonymous people on da Internet for many things, but scaring off potential volunteers or public servants isn't one of them.

Or, maybe a finger should be pointed at da Queen mayor?

In January, da Queen Mayor told da Asbury Park Press that she hoped blogs and internet forums are did not keep people from getting involved in local politics and volunteerism.

"This behavior keeps talented and qualified people who would otherwise be willing to serve as elected officials (feeling) compelled to stay on the sidelines for fear of attack with fabricated and severely distorted information," Roth said. "We are proud that rather than stooping to this level, our committee has shown the courage, strength and leadership to cast aside or stand up to these bullies and seek common ground with those who are generally considered to be the opposition."

Do those words sound familiar? Blaming the Internet? Blaming "cyber bullies?"

You know, it can be said that "I think by repeating their slanderous and demeaning accusations someone in our town may start to believe them." Now where did daTruthSquad read that before?

Da problem isn't necessary folks who post messages on Internet forums. A bigger problem is allowing unnamed people to make accusations without evidence in public at Township Committee meetings taped and shown on TV.

Where was da Queen when this unnamed individual went up and criticized both Deputy Mayor Cohen and Committeeman Gennaro?

She was sitting right there next to them. So was former mayor, "defendant," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy.

DaTruth is, when this unnamed individual went after Cohen & Gennaro, the person did so in complete violation of da Queen Mayor's edict as stated in da Asbury Park Press! Even worse, this very same individual was granted a "special session" to comment on individuals - a special session granted by da Queen Mayor. It's like da child who learns to hate because hate is in da home. How can da leaders of da Township Committee expect people to act in a civilized manner when they themselves allow these actions to happen?

It's easy to give a "sound bite" as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says. What's hard is to do what is right and actually back up those words with actions. Freedom of Speech allows us all to say what is on our minds. However, when we say to da Asbury Park Press, "our committee has shown the courage, strength and leadership to cast aside or stand up to these bullies," you need to back up those words with deeds. Apparently, da Queen Mayor forgot what she said last month.

Hopefully, reminding her of her own quote will help make future Manalapan Township committee meetings more civilized -- and daTruthSquad calls on Snoozer editor Greg "Bozo" Bean to join daTruthSquad in just that - demanding no more hate-speech and vicious comments directed toward our elected officials and especially our volunteers at these meetings presided over by da Queen. Mayor Roth said it - now she needs to back up her own words with deeds!

Of course, da Queen could claim these folks, like that unnamed person has First Amendment rights -- da same rights she and former mayor, "Defendant," and allaged Manalapan resident Andy Boy tried to take away from daTruthSquad last year.

Yes, there is a lot of sniping on da Internet, which if daTruthSquad remembers it was former Vice President Al Gore, a registered Democrat like Roth, who claimed to have invented it. It's easy to blame anonymous posters on da Internet for all da ills of da world. However, da problem begins at home, and "home" is da Manalapan Township Committee meetings. Fix da problems in your own house before you take on da world.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

reading this blog is like watching someone self-mutilate. you are helpless and can do nothing but watch them in their desperate effort to get someone to care, to make them relevant.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Then it's just like watching one of Michelle Roth's township committee meetings, isn't it. So, if we don't want to waste five hours of our lives, we can just spend two minutes watching the same thing here? Makes sense to me. Only Spodak has that kind of time to waste.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd rather read about the foolishness that happens in Manalapan here.

There's no bias Back Page reporting, no Roth spin, and it's a funny read. If I anted to watch paint dry or stick needles in my eye, I'd go to the township committee meeting. It's that painful.

Anonymous said...

You make a good point. Let's look at Michelle's legacy so far. In 2004, she brought the township to near insolvency. The voters threw her out. In 2005, she kept coming to the microphone (she taught Spodak everything he knows) to bring up the most ridiculous things -- anything to fight about. That included the famous $420.00. That's right, she brought that up and made a fool of herself THEN over that. It was completely explained then, and Andrew Lucas voted to pay that bill then. Of course, that doesn't stop Misanthropic Michelle from bringing it up again two years later (again - she taught Spodak everything he knows, which, granted, isn't much) to embarrass herself again, this time with the help of Andrew Lucas who thought it was a serious issue even though he was the person who voted to approve the payment in 2005. No one ever accused him -- affectionately referred to by fellow republicans as Princeton's dumbest graduate ever -- of being too bright. So Michelle gets elected at the end of 2005 and in 2006, she gives us a record breaking $1.7 million dollar deficit -- huge for a town Manalapan's size. No one was paying attention to the budget because they were all following Shapiro's lead in attacking half the employees in town hall and the ghosts of former attorneys and mayors. Then, the third year Michelle is on the township committee, 2007, she is responsible for the highest tax increase in Manalapan's history -- multiples of any prior tax increase. This year, Michelle can't run a meeting without it turning into a heated attack on someone. Apparently to Michelle, it is far more important to spend taxpayers dollars to sue a former attorney without cause then it is to spend five thousand dollars to test the football field that is probably making our children very sick. It is far more important to Michelle to spend a half an hour to an hour devoting the meeting to trying to destroy someone's reputation, anyone will do, really, than to use that time to truly analyze whether the $1,000,000 artificial field is not only a boondoggle but very dangerous to our children. That's Michelle's four year legacy. And we haven't even spoken about the blood money she earns from African gold mining companies. See you in November.

Anonymous said...

right back at ya:

2634.1. that may be more interesting than you think:

There is a rumor going around that Michelle is not exactly on all fours with the Democratic Municipal Chairman (no pun intended). If that's true, could it be that she is being set up by her "fellow" democrats the way Joe L was set up by his "fellow" republicans? Is Spodak deliberately making it look like she can't run a civil meeting? Are Shapiro, Klauber and Ward pushing her to keep that dumb lawsuit going through to the election? If they don't want Michelle in office, can you think of anything better they could be doing than they are doing now? The real question is whether Michelle is smart enough to realize what is going on. Probably not. She hasn't shown that kind of intelligence yet. I doubt she'll do so now.

Anonymous said...

Talk about eating their own young. If the powers-that-be are against Roth in her own party, that would make for a very interesting election this year.

Unless - this is just another public relations ploy by the Queen to get sympathy?????????

The anti-maly said...

I figured that the wyatt's & maly's of the world would have deleted it from However, they don't have any power of the Truth Squad, so I pasted it here..


2636. Mayor Roth (so hard to say)
by Amazed101, 2/21/08 15:04 ET
It’s her personality not her intelligence that will cause her downfall. Her "let them eat cake" attitude towards the residents and her disdain for anyone who disagrees with her will destroy her. This arrogant woman despises Tony Genarro because he had the guts to walk away from her when she refused to admonish her little weasel of a husband after he put Manalapan on the Map with his now infamous "I hate Italians "comment. Her insensitivity knows no boundaries. This post will not get deleted because I didn’t criticize Kathy’s senile friend.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems that someone is trying to threaten Tony Gennaro. I find it amusing and rather funny that thr very thing Mr. Spodak is balking to the township committee about, is the same thing a certain individual is trying to do to Tony Gennaro. But this time they are going to be in for a suprise. Like who it is writing the nastiness and their name and who they are friends with and who they support politically. Oh yes it is going to be great watching their best laid plans go awry. You know what they say the best defense is a great offense.

Anonymous said...

This will definitely be deleted from NJ.COM and it definitely needs to be preserved. Wish I'd said this:

2636.2.1. I'm glad you asked, newlawns
by tbirdder, 2/21/08 20:10 ET

You struck a nerve because like most residents of Manalapan, we are getting pretty sick of the ugliness that has been Manalapan politics all three years Michelle has been up there. We are sick of the filth that we are all paying for in the way of frivolous lawsuits designed solely to embarrass someone they disagree with, morons coming up to the microphone every day to spew garbage, being reported by an insane irresponsible pseudo-reporter for an ad circular like it's real news. We are sick of the reputation our township has gotten in three years of Shapiro/Lucas/Roth. This was once a town we could be proud of. Now, most residents of Manalapan are embarrassed to say where they're from because of this ugliness that Michelle sponsors. Now you post that you are going to let out some more garbage about Michelle's favorite target Tony, and you want to know why it strikes a nerve? Maybe because for 30 million dollars a year in municipal taxes we'd like to see something good for the residents, not athletic fields that poison our kids, lawsuits that poison the town's reputation, and government in general that lives on poison, not heart. Yep, that's a nerve alright. And it's clear to me that this town will be never return to what it was, a great place to live, until Michelle and her fellow banditos are long gone. Well, there's always November, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the artifical field that Manalapan is steam rolling ahead with inspite of Mr. Gennaro's objection due to his concern for the saftey of the health of children. The city of NY has "nixed" any future installations of the $25 million dollars worth of fields they planned on putting in. Because like Mr. Gennaro who raised the health concern issues and cited numerous studies and was ignored by the gang of 3 in Manalapan. The City of New York listened and nixed the fields. But here in Manalapan the Gang of 3 asked Gennaro for "evidence" that a child can get sick from the field. The city of New York obviously agreed that there is signficant enough reason not to install any more fields. They did not need "evidence" like the Gang of 3 in Manalapan requested. Yes the City of New York listened to the the health warnings that had been reported for use of artifical fields made with ground tire infill. Imagine that?! This appeared in the New York Daily News yesterday February 21, 2008.
I wonder what the Gang of 3 is going to say now? Let the field go in anyway? We know better than New York City? Or Oops we should have listened to Mr. Gennaro?
The facts are real the greatest city in the world, New York CIty is banning any further installation of synthetic turf fields using ground up rubber tire infill material. That tells me everything I need to know.

Anonymous said...

Nice try DAFraudSquad. Here is the difference between you and I. Pay attention, because it's a big one. I DO BLAME anonymous posters for calling someone a pedophile, wife beater and anything else the posters sick, demented mind can think up. I'm certain that was what the ex mayor was thinking about (and I'm fairly certain you know this) when he said "people will start believing it". SHAME ON YOU DaFraudsquad for sugar coating what is being done to this man. Keep inciting the sick people of this town. I think you goal in all this is to destroy my town.

Your worshipers think that people like me have an agenda, or support particular politicians. We are even accused of being the people that are repeatedly and viscously slammed by your sick friends. In fact we are people who are disgusted with your attempt and your sick friends attempt to wreck this town. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, no one should slander or libel someone else. To call someone a crook and liar and to accuse someone of making illegal deals is also unacceptable. Seems you have some loyalists who have written some very nasty things about a private resident too. So I hope that you the gunslinger are prepraed to deal with that fact because from what I hear those who have done this are in the process of being exposed. Stay tuned.

da real wyatt earp said...

Apparently maybe you didn't read the blog. The average "public citizen" isn't on TV every 2 weeks, and "allegations" made by anyone whould be without prejudice. It's obvious Porky has an agenda, but I have to admit he brought up some interesting points.

He said Norman Kauff as township attorney didn't write the Village ordinance. He was the attorney. Is that derelection of duty?

He accused Andy of a backroom deal with Stu, calling it "Pay to play." Wasn't there an ordinance on the books, albeit for a month or two that said that's illegal?

Porky also said he, unlike Stu, isn't on the public dime anymore. Isn't Jim Gray making almost 6-figures as a "clerk?"

The gunslinger is on the case!

Anonymous said...

You misdunderstood. I am not referencing the former mayor who is a frequent speaker at the microphone and appears on Channel 77 frequently. I am talking about a resident who does not go to meetings and who does not go on Channel 77 havng being attacked. I agree that the former mayors remarks opened Pandora's Box for the former township attorney who was present during the signing of that ordiance. No doubt. It is classic Manalapan Democratic politics. Trying so hard to bad mouth someone and then they are exposed for their own actions. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Great job again exposing da losers of Manalapan. Go da truth squad !

Anonymous said...

Who's fatter ?

Porky or Cassatubbo or Mayor Rothpig. They all look 300 pounds or more on TV.

Anonymous said...

I think TV adds about 15 pounds so they may be about 275lbs. a piece.

They are disgusting looking people to boot.

Anonymous said...

At least they are better looking than that slob ( The Mayors Husband ) who said he hates Italians.