Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Da Mighty Have Fallen

New Jersey Monthly this week has come out with their "Top Places To Live in NJ" report. They based their individual town rankings on a variety of factors, including property taxes, population growth, open space, crime rate, and even theatres within 10 miles.

At da bottom of da list - town number 566 - was Chesilhurst Borough in Camden County. Actually, since they pay only $3,500 for property taxes you would think they'd be ranked higher.

At da top of da list - town number 1 - was Chatham - and well deserved. Nice clean town, great Main street area. It was deserving.

DaTruthSquad can remember a time when Manalapan was not just at da top of da New Jersey list, but ranked #2 in da entire East Coast as a great place to live. That was da 2004 Money Magazine ranking -- #2!

Gee, how da mighty have fallen.

NJ Monthly now places Manalapan as da #316th best place to live in da entire state!


That's not just a huge drop -- that's a freefall!

How could Manalapan have gone down da crapper in such a short time?

Did "downzoning" and their supporters have anything to do with that, allowing builders to build it seems like everywhere, including thousands of homes and condos down Woodward Road, which is still closed and will remain that way creating a nasty quality of life issue?

Could it be da current mayor's husband who uttered those now-infamous words "Because I Hate Italians" during a township committee meeting that unleashed a hoard of media types into Manalapan and made "Manalapan" & "hate-speech" inseperable?

Could it be da now-infamous lawsuit, "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," which has gained worldwide attention because of da use of that lawsuit to attempt to erase da First Amendment from da Constitution?

Does da whole "Village" fiasco, seemingly destined for a "builder's remedy" lawsuit in a courthouse near you have something to do with it?

Soaring property taxes?

Da most home building in da entire county between 2000-2006?

One of da worst ratios of homes to businesses in da entire state?

Let's look at that Manalapan ranking - #316 - closely.

2006 population - just over 37,000. Remember long ago, like 20 years ago, when da population was about 20,000?

2007 median property taxes - just over $7,000. Do you know anyone, except in Covered Bridge or Andy Boy's family farm that pays less than $7,000?

Is there a theatre within 10 miles. Absolutely, but it's not in Manalapan.

Hospital within 10 miles? Absolutely, but it's not in Manalapan.

Gee, that crime rate statistic is pretty high, isn't it?

When you look back at da time since 2004 there are many places to point da finger of blame as to why Manalapan went from #2 on da East Coast of da USA to #316 in all of NJ.

Think about it - any constants in those years?

I can think of two.

Since 2004, da Queen has sat on da Township Committee throne. Even before then, she was a star on da Manalapan Planning Board which approved all of da home building we see - and da Village too.

Then, there's former mayor, "DEFENDANT," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy, who has served on da Committee since 2005.

Freehold, Woodbridge, Voorhees, Livingston, Cherry Hill, Secaucus, and Millburn are all ranked far ahead of Manalapan. Do you find that surprising, since they all have large shopping malls in their towns? Oh, wait - they don't have a proposed Mega-Mall?

Marlboro is also far ahead of Manalapan. They made headlines for corruption recently. Oh, wait - wasn't da WMUA and it's head honcho, both located in Manalapan raided by da FBI?

Kearney has a garbage landfill - and they're much higher ranked than Manalapan!

Jersey City is, well, Jersey City - and they're much higher ranked than Manalapan!

Teterboro has only 18 people and a huge airport with planes rattling each house every day - and they're ranked higher than Manalapan!

DaTruth is, this is another example of how a local government and it's actors can take a quality place like 2004 Manalapan and make it an also-ran in just 3 years.

Think about that da next time you read about a lawsuit over a $15,000 land cleanup costing well over $100,000 of YOUR TAX DOLLARS - da same lawsuit that attempted to take away ALL OF YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!

Think about it when you have a former township attorney who says, "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Think about it when those same politicians try to claim "just 1 lawyer is on da case, and they are nnot being paid," when even da Snoozepaper in da now-famous "Rosman Editorial," which became a legal document used against Manalapan, said there was not 1 - BUT 4 LAWYERS!

DaTruth is, da politicians Manalapan has elected has led this town amok. Violating First Amendment rights (politicians voted for that) - homes sprouting up like weeds (politicians voted for that) - FBI raids of offices (politicians appointed him) - da Village people (political) - No MegaMall and all those politically that may have been attached to it (very political) - "Because I Hate Italians" (mayor's husband) - "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" (politicians voted for that) -- these have all happened in da last 3 years.

Read da last paragraph carefully. Can you point to any one or two individuals who have their hands in most if not all of these instances?

DaTruthSquad hates to admit it - but daTruth is - all of da above events happened - all within da last 3 years. Is it any wonder how da mighty have fallen so far so fast?


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Losers Andy Lucus, Mayor Roth and Klauper our township's ranking is in the tanks. Thanks Losers !

Anonymous said...

You are a jackass.

Mr. Earp said...

You have the First Amendment right to call someone a jackass. Fortunately you did it here because it would have been taken down on NJ.com within 5 minutes like all the other postings about this topic were.

BTW, great points about why Manalapan's ranking dropped so badly.

Anonymous said...

I would't know where to start debating you on your warped opinion on Manalapan. First and foremost, I don't have the time. Let's just call you a big jackass and leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Interessssting. My comment was not deleted but it wasn't even posted! I will try again, despite my better judgement.
The "Italian" fiasco happened two years ago and has been forgetten except by this blogsite which keeps trying to make it an issue.
Next, There will be no village law suit. Next, Which town in Monmouth except the poorest ones, do not have soaring property taxes? Plus, that is not tax the municipal government is responsible for. Next, Manalapan does not have the most home building in the County. Check your facts. Next, Manalapan is a bedroom community. By definition it will not have a good business to home ratio. Next, In 20 years it is good for a population to double. Again, it is a normal thing and it is a good thing. Also why didn't you mention how property values have soared in 20 years by at least fivefold. Next, Michelle, Klauber and Andrew are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Michelle, Klauber and Andy Boy are doing a great job.

They're doing a great job for the lawyers McCarthy and Weeks, and for the township engineer Valesi.

If forcing taxpayers to pay for their witch hunt against Stu to the tune of over $100,000 as Andy claimed, then they're doing a great job.

Too bad they're not doing a great job for the other 37,000 people of Manalapan.

Maly Practice said...

I'm glad the only posts on NJ.com now are from malypractice and wyattearp1. I guess we all know now who are deleting posts.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Andy boy as you call him has no credibility when it comes to anything EXCEPT the 100,000 figure he threw out regarding the lawsuit. The truth is, the suit is costing the town virtually nothing because it is on contingency. But keep spouting your lies. I'm sure it makes you feel better. JACKASS

Wyatt Earp said...

Then why did Andy Boy say it has cost "over $100,000" so far? Contingency means when it is over, Weeks gets 1/3 of the settlement right off the top. What about McCarthy's mounting bills? Renaud? Valesi's over $50,000 "study." The $15,000 for the cleanup?

Sounds like nothing, unless your drinking Roth's kool-aid.


Anonymous said...

But I thought it doesn't matter what Andy says because you can't believe him. He is an idiot according to you.

You don't know what McCarthy is charging.How could you? He hasn't told anyone to my knowledge. Valesi has a $50,000 study??? What are you talking about? And the 15K for the cleanup. That is going to come out of the pocket of you know who if or when he is found guilty of malpractice.locrichio butt.

Anonymous said...

To the person who keeps signing off "Jackass": (maybe that's the new signature)What other town saw its tax rate soar more than 29 percent.

Anonymous said...

TruthSquad left that one out. I guess they felt pity on us.

Anonymous said...

What other town had a reval that same year.....JACKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

there were twenty towns in Monmouth County that had a reval the same year as Manalapan. No other town with a reval even had a 10% increase, let alone the twenty eight percent increase Manalapan had. As much as our leaders want to hide the facts from us, they are public record, including all of the money spent on the political vendetta lawsuit that is costing the township a small fortune despite the party line that it is a contingent fee. The fact is, just at the very last township committee meeting, the township committee voted to pay money to Weeks by a 3-2 vote. So it's not so free, is it? By the way, one of those three votes was from Andy Boy, who is prohibited BY LAW from voting on ANY matter involving a law suit IN WHICH HE IS A DEFENDANT. Hey, but when did the law ever mean anything to Lucas/Klauber/Roth. Klauber's just a lawyer, like Casagrande. You can't expect him to know the law, can you?

Anonymous said...

Our property tax increase was so high because Loccrichio refused to increase taxes when common sense required it, so the heavier levy had to be incurred late on. The cleanup of the soil that the Mosked Man screwed up on is because you don't just get a surgeon in front of a body to cut, they need to know where, hence the testing. But you can spin it all you want...jackass.

Anonymous said...

So after "Jackass" is nailed on this statement: "What other town had a reval that same year.....JACKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
It reverts to type and starts dumping on whomever it doesn't like. What a piece of work!

Anonymous said...

wrong again. I love how the Lucas/Klauber/Roth group (along with Kathy and Kathy's clown) keep ignoring facts to justify their obsessions. How did "Moskovitz screw up on any soil" on property that the township obligated itself to take under SHAPIRO AND WARD in 2004, before Moskovitz was even there? Nobody's buying it. You'll see that in November, believe me. And Locricchio was one of THREE votes for the budget in 2005 along with boy toy Andy boy, remember? Just like Stu didn't act all by himself in 2000, when he was mayor, Locricchio didn't get to pass a budget all by himself in 2005. It's amazing how much dumber you guys sound every day. By the way, Valesi tested the entire 50 acre expansion rec soil in 2001 for $4,000. So how is it that it cost #60,000 to test 1/2 an acre in 2008? Now THAT'S inflation!

Please get it right said...

I think "Da Mosked Man" is still the "DEFENDANT" and was the "DEFENDANT" long before he served former Mayor Lucas, with what will turn out to be a frivolous lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

I like you guys! I can't get enough LMAO comedy anywhere else!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least we agree that the entire lawsuit is a frivolous lawsuit. That's exactly why Freehold's own, Defendant Andrew Lucas is going to have to come up with big bucks for this one. The only problem is that the taxpayers are paying through the nose for this frivolous lawsuit. They are paying for the attorneys, they are paying for the engineer, they are paying higher insurance rates for the insurance company getting involved with Lucas' defense. And remember, the taxpayers pay for the judge and the court and everything associated with trying the case. In all, Michelle's revenge and Andrew's insanity will probably cost the taxpayers about $250,000. As any engineer will tell you, the $15,000 cost to remediate here is about what any homeowner would pay to clean up a site -- in total. Engineering costs are incidental and would be included. If Kathy Baratta were a real reporter, and it's painfully obvious she's not, she'd be ALL OVER this story. But Kathy doesn't want to cover real stories. She wants to write a gossip column.

Anonymous said...

So tonight, Kathy's clown is going to be throwing around more noise about the rezoning, and Kathy will print it all like it's a "news" story. Remember when reporters reported the news and didn't create it? I'll bet she doesn't report about the fact that the person spearheading the entire village center application in 2005 was the newest democrat, Andrew Lucas. I'll bet she doesn't report about the many trips he took with Brunelli to Trenton and to Brunelli's other sites. I'll bet she doesn't report about the wining and dining by Brunelli of Lucas who suddenly turned against the project he was pushing when he was no longer wined and dined. The best part of all of this is that while Kathy is going against someone who never did anything wrong on this project, she's going to open the door to let the prosecutors explore Andrew's dealings with the developers. Maybe that's what the democrats really had in mind all along. Remember, as Princeton's dumbest graduate ever, Andrew wouldn't realize what McEnery and the democrats are doing to him if they sent him a memo.

Terri said...

I know this may not be a popular answer, but I don't blame Kathy Barata. She can write whatever she wants. I blame her bosses at the Snoozer. They have to approve what goes in their newspaper, don't they? I'm sure they read blogs like this and see what people are saying. If they choose to print someone's personal agenda rather than the facts, they are to blame. It's why I stopped reading that paper. To me her stories were nothing more than gossip and innuendo, and nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

So.......... Da Mosked man, in filing a potentially, frivolous lawsuit against Andrew Lucas, is costing the taxpayers of Manalapan hard earned cash. That's what you are saying, right?

Anonymous said...

Ok, you HAVE to be Andrew, because I don't really know anyone else so dumb they can't read a simple English sentence. The case was filed by the Township of Manalapan, not by Stu. Andrew is the defendant because Andrew is responsible for filing this frivolous lawsuit and Stu made him a defendant because he's entitled to damages from Andrew for putting him and the town through all this. Of course, what does Andrew care what it costs the taxpayers, he lives in Freehold!

Rutgers Camden law student said...

If I read correctly Lucas was countersued by Moskovitz as a part of the lawsuit against Moskovitz by the town of Manalapan.

He has every right to countersue if he feels he is being wronged in some way.

I don't live in Manalapan, but as a law student I read about this case from a legal blog and from the Electronic Frontier website which I'd highly recommend anyone read to see what this case is about.

I also don't know Messrs. Lucas or Moskovitz, but I do feel sad for this town shich it appears has been forced to participate and pay for a trial that in all liklihood will be tossed out of court for lack of merit, I'm sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

I am glad this website exists. A friend of mine was thinking of moving to Manalapan until I referred him to the EFF website and this blog. No one with any common sense would want to buy property in that cesspool of a town.

Anonymous said...

Camden law student:

Lucas certainly has the right to countersue. But neither he nor his partisans have a leg to stand on when they complain about the expense of litigation falling on the taxpayers of Manalapan. They, after all, started the litigation. They did not have to do that except to exercise their overweening egos.

Anonymous said...

It seems that we are witnessing a group effort by Roth loyalists to protect her from the blogs. I know what you are thinking, just her? But think about this. She is a public relations boutique owner and she does know a few things about SPINNING FACTS to suit her clients needs, in this case her own. When the Gang of 3 attempted to sue to find out the name of the DaTruth Squad and violate the 1st Amendment using your tax dollars failed, they needed to hatch a new plan. The plan now is that the former mayor George came up and started yelling that he was called awful names, which he was, and that was inappropriate to allow to remain on the blogs. There is a line betwern opinion and slander. Now we seem to have the media as in the Transcript writing about it, the local politcal leaders, and then last night
another former mayor and current county employee comes to the mike speaking out. I guess Roth did listen to her former friend and running mate from 2005 who always said the best defense is a great offense.
This entire demonstration of the angst of these officials over the blogging by anonimous individuals, a right by the way the Constitution allows us to voice our opinions, is nothing more than Roth playing offense in preparation for her run for re election. Where have these individuals been last year? Blogging has been going on for months now. But ypu see timing is everything and Roth will be announcing soon that she is running again and her handlers are preparing for the onslaught of negative commentary that will inevitably come her way. This is after all Manalapan and to paraphrase Mr. Bean, Manalapan politics is nasty and they eat their young. I think that the poltical leaders in Manalapan that wrote how outraged they are by the postings should look long and hard into their mirrors. Their behavior and campaign literature with their names and or pacs on them have been at times nasty and totally inappropriate too. If you really wqant to change things I think that the political leaders should set the example and stop the personal attacks on private citizens, committee members past and present who are not running for office and show this town some class. Don't cry that you are outraged over the viciousness of bloggers when your own track record of nasty accusatory published ads and campaign literature speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think the funniest thing I ever read in the News Transcript was McEnery's letter yesterday criticizing someone who called George Spodak -- the man who has been slandering, lying about and defaming one of the best public officials we ever had -- an idiot. Puharic called people retarded. That didn't bother McEnery. But what made McEnery's letter funnier is that we all know that on election eve this year, McEnery circulated the most disgusting, depraved piece of campaign literature against Shapiro we've ever seen in covered bridge. But then, when did anyone ever take McEnery seriously any way. Maybe when McEnery wins his first election without Stu's help -- which is likely to be never -- we'll take him seriously.

Anonymous said...

I posted this on NJ.COM. Since I don't expect to get any serious answers there before it's deleted, I decided to post it here, as well. I am looking for INTELLIGENT reponses, not what is usually found on NJ.COM:

This message is guaranteed to be deleted, but it is a serious question. Any of us who have been around and know what's been happening in our town laugh at the constant misinformation Kathy prints about Manalapan and, in particular, Stu, almost every issue. It seems like the News Transcript has become "all Stu, all the time." I guess that's why people call it the Stu's Transcript. But it all seems to originate with Kathy Baratta who is unquestionably obsessed with Stu. Stu hasn't been in office since 2001. There have been ten municipal attorneys in Manalapan in the last ten years. Stu was only one of them. Yet, Kathy can't seem to find anything to write about if it doesn't in some way involve Stu. My experience has been that when a woman is so obsessed with a particular man, like Kathy is with Stu, there is an underlying reason. Woman scorned is usually what comes to mind. I mean, even divorced women get over it in two or three years tops. I know Stu knew Kathy when he first came on the Township Committee in 1999, because she was covering Manalapan then. Is it possible -- and I'm being serious, here, not malicious -- that Stu either slept with her or refused to sleep with her? I'm not trying to start rumors. I just am trying to find some reasonable explanation for Kathy's obsession. If possible, can we keep any responsive comments out of the gutter?

Anonymous said...

Stu sleep with Kathy Fatatta LOL ? Did you ever see her ? Kathy looks like an old fat ugly cow. I doubt if any man with eyesight would go near that disgusting ugly slob the snoozer's pride and joy Kathy Fatatta.

Anonymous said...

maybe THAT'S why she's upset with him. He11 hath no fury.....

Anonymous said...

Seems that the Da Trth squad did some necessary removong of smutty posts. I am glad to see that. As Ihave said before we can all give an opinion but not to write smut or slander anyone.
I wonder if the political party bosses in Manalapan will take the challenge and stop attack ads this campaign season?