Friday, February 1, 2008

Con Man Corzine Thinks "Toll" Jokes Are Funny

I think someone better get a room for da Toll Troll next to Britney Spears, because da latest misstep by Con Man Corzine shows this guy is either completely out of touch or has a severe case of “bi-toll-ar disorder.”

Da yearly chamber of horrors train from Trenton to Washington was headlined by da newest comedy sensation, Con Man Corzine. On da train of fools, Corzine somehow got da Chamber of Commerce to sign off on his toll scheme, but while da news folks made that their headline, it was a comment da Toll Troll made that da Star Ledger picked up on that shows that if there is a bed in da nut hut next to Britney because this guy's has serious reality issues.

According to da Star Ledger, "At a breakfast before the train left the station, Corzine joked he was taking the rails through New Jersey "so I don't have to pay any tolls."

Da real funny thing is, nobody was laughing -- and neither was Corzine!

So, da Toll Troll thinks he's da "Larry Roth" (remember "because I Hate Italians") of Trenton, da newest comedy sensation who won't lose a wink of sleep as he raises our tolls by 800% and da price of everything else by who-knows-how-much, and he also has da gaul to crack jokes about it!

Well Toll Troll, nobody's laughing.

There is nothing funny about tolling certain peasants of New Jersey into oblivion.

It was da Star Ledger who did a study using EZ Pass data that showed 29% of da toll scheme would be paid for by da residents of Monmouth & Middlesex County, while combined, da residents of Sussex, Salem, and Warren County would put in just 0.8%

Making matters worse, his ever-changing toll scheme one day has Route 440 in Middlesex County getting a toll, and da next day, it's Route 295 that will get it. What's next, Tennant Road in Manalapan has a toll too?

(I hope Queen Mayor Roth didn't hear that one.)

Da thing that really bothers me is da way some Democrats are playing da role of "Sammy da Sheep" in this Corzine production of "Pee on da Peasant."

DaTruthSquad can remember when a former Manalapan mayor rumbled up to da podium at a town hall meeting and claimed that 2 elected officials on that committee shouldn't be there since they were not property tax payers.

Of course, that purveyor of green meats and other pork byproducts neglected to mention that his Trenton leader is also a "renter." Ironically, I don't hear Curious George badmouthing da Toll Troll – or alleged Manalapan resident and “defendant” Committeeman Andy Boy.

DaTruthSquad can also remember when da Toll Troll was running for comedian/dictator. He said he would run New Jersey "like a business."

One of my TruthTellers reminded daTruthSquad of a story about a business in 1995 that was "buffeted by declining profits." Da business in question decided that to deal with da situation, they would cut 10% of their workforce.

Wow! What a concept! Budget problems, and they cut a bunch of jobs and also trimmed expenses! What kind of company would come up with an idea like that?

According to da New York Times --- IT WAS GOLDMAN SACHS

Gee, you must be wondering who came up with a business decision like that. DaTruthSquad wonders who became Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs in 1994 and was calling da shots?

Can you say - JON CORZINE!!!!!!

Of course now, da Toll Troll had no problem cutting jobs and trimming spending when times were tough at Goldman Sachs. However, as governor of NJ, and as da largest employer in da state with out of control spending and a budget teetering on bankruptcy status, da Toll Troll says to all da peasants of da state, “No comrades. Pigs will fly first.”

Is someone pulling his strings and telling him to stick it to da taxpayers? Is da governor Carla Katz? Did he hit his head during da accident where he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt? Is he simply using da “Give them da Shaft” business model?

His tax, surcharge, and toll increases will make Jim Florio seem like a fiscal conservative!

As for da Toll Troll’s followers, daTruthSquad has learned that he invited 150 mayors to “Drum-tax-it” and they all shared his fallacy of passing da tolls onto us. I wonder if one of those mayors was Manalapan’s Queen Michelle?

Maybe someone should ask he, since Manalapan is in Monmouth County which is where a majority of toll money will come from. Don’t expect Back Page Barratta to ask that question. As a reporter, apparently asking questions is not a part of da job, that is, unless you are interviewing people about da Mosked man.

DaTruth is, you may think da Toll Troll’s toll scheme has nothing to do with Manalapan. But don’t forget da peasants of Manalapan pay tolls, and daTruthSquad and all da TruthTellers would like to know where da lovely Queen Mayor stands on this.

Fortunately for alleged Manalapan resident and “defendant” Andy Boy, there are no tolls between Manalapan & Freehold – at least not yet.

And that’s daTruth.


Anonymous said...

I thought Michelle Roth was a hypocrite. The con man Corzine will give Roth a run for his vast wealth.

Anonymous said...

Corzine is such a loser. If only Pennsylvania was a little closer we'd move there in a minute.

Anonymous said...

So, da Toll Troll thinks he's da "Larry Roth" (remember "because I Hate Italians") of Trenton...

Corzine had his own SNAFU with an anti-Italian slur when he first ran for U. S. Senate.

Anonymous said...

Larry Roth and his remarks will live forever in Manalapan history. Both Larry and his wife Michelle our current Queen Mayor of Mean, aka Leona, have forever scarred this town.
Corzine seems to have forgotten the principles he learned at Goldman Sachs.

Anonymous said...

Steve Lonegan is half - Italian...

Anonymous said...

LOL Bi-Toll-ar disorder!!!!!I guess it won't be funny if this thing actually goes into effect.

Brenda in Cranford, NJ said...

I hope you won't be too offended Datruthsquad but I would have never even known about this blog if those rediculous people didn't try to take you to court.

This is the best blog. Funny and informative. Keep it up.

Changing Times Too said...

Brenda in cranford, nj-
those ridiculous people aka the Gang of 3, Roth, Lucas and Klauber are keeping the residents in the dark as to how much money their legal dream team has cost it's tax payers for that legal attempt to deny the 1st Amendment to the DaTruthSquad. It seems that McCarthy has not submitted any bills thus far for his work in Decemeber. Isn't that odd that monthly statements are not submitted? Isn't it odder that the Queen of Mean Mayor Roth is not demanding that "her" subjects submit their bills in a timely manner? After all it is she who professes to demand that she have financial accountability from all her subjects. Remember her actions against the Symphony conductor? Is it just me or there any others out there not curious as to why these legal bills are being kept quiet?

Anonymous said...

Remember, no TWP committee meeting before the elction last year so people wouldn't be able to speak against Lucas. So much for open government in Manalapan. Roth will pull the same trick this year. Hiding the bills till no one is looking...she will do that too.