Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Questions For Porky to Ponder

There was a time daTruthSquad would have never been invited to a BBQ held at da palatial Greg "Bozo" Bean estate. Remember, this was da same guy who once wrote that "I wouldn't mind seeing da Truth Squad drive off a nice, steep cliff. Given the opportunity, I might even give him (or her, or them) a little push. But I do wish that despicable, loud-mouthed blogger - da Fraud Squad - wasn't riding in a new, taxpayer-funded Cadillac."

Now, all of a sudden da head of da local Snoozepaper has had an epiphany, actually agreeing with daTruthSquad! They say in politics that if you repeat something enough, people will believe it. Maybe Bean is reading this blog enough and has seen da light of truth - finally!

In a recent Bozo-editorial, Bean commented on Governor Toll Troll's foray into Marlboro where da crowd didn't have pitchforks, but from what my TruthTellers say it was close. Then, Bean wrote that da Toll Troll was lucky he didn't hold that meeting one town over in Manalapan, writing, "In Manalapan, local politics is so nasty that those involved are rumored to eat their own young, and the crowd that turns up at Township Committee meetings isn't significantly more civilized. If Corzine held a town meeting there all that would be left of him at the end would be a pile of bones and gristle."

As for da analogy of "Cannibalism is alive and well and living in Manalapan Township meetings," it may be personified by a person whose legacy is meat products, and of course, double & triplespeak from da town leaders.

Since da Queen's administration took control from former Mayor, "Defendant," and alleged-Manalapan resident Andy Boy, it seems a public relations lid has been covering da meetings. Where once it seemed like a sneeze from former Republican Committeeman Joltin Joe was questioned as a distraction and made front-page news, it is now a Six-Figure Taxpayer-Funded Trial of da Century, Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man, that is still going on and still being put into da forefront by a former mayor who gaveled from either the 1880's or 1980's and apparently does not read either this blog or da Snoozepaper, because at nearly every meeting this year so far he has thundered to da podium and asked about da trial, and of course confirmed by name if indeed one of da defendants in da case is da Mosked Man.

It would appear that while this individual has just more than a passing interest in da case which has made headlines around da world, better questions are not being asked. So, to make sure that this former mayor is up-to-date with more questions to ask of da Queen's committee, here are some he can thunder up at da next meeting.

Question 1: Why are there 4 (four) attorneys being paid for handling this one very simple "land-deal-gone-bad / First Amendment" case?

It was a question dismissed many times before and after September 26 when da now-famous and quite brilliant "Rosman Editorial" appeared and confirmed in no uncertain terms what daTruthSquad was saying all along.

Residents may not realize four attorneys are working for Manalapan to prosecute this case.

They are Caroline Casagrande, who is the current township attorney and whose bills show that she has conferred with the special counsels who are handling the matter; Robert Renaud, an attorney who was brought into the case initially to file an affidavit which states that he believed there was a case against Moskovitz; and special counsels Daniel J. McCarthy and David Weeks.

I have seen two bills Renaud has submitted for payment. They total more than $6,400 at $350 per hour.

Casagrande is billing Manalapan $135 per hour for her services.

McCarthy is billing Manalapan at a rate of $130 per hour for his services.

Weeks is working on a contingency basis and will recover a fee if Manalapan wins the case against Moskovitz.

Question 2: Although Carolina MachoGrande is now feeding at da Trenton trough as a state assemblywoman, she will still get tickets to da buffet from Manalapan as reports now say da lawfirm she is a partner of will now be handling some litigation during her Manalapan term. Could "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" be one of them?

Anyone else smelling something here?

Question 3: Is Manalapan and its TAXPAYERS liable and "on da hook" for comments made by Manalapan Legal Dream Team member Daniel McCarthy and legal papers he filed in court all alleging that da Mosked Man is in fact da one, many, and only daTruthSquad?

McCarthy said he believed that in blogging anonymously about the matter, Moskovitz was attempting to exert control of the court case outside the courtroom by using the anonymity of the Web site to leak information he wanted made public while remaining critical of the township's case.

The anonymous blogger uses the site to criticize township officials while touting the merits of Moskovitz's case.

According to McCarthy, Moskovitz cannot have it both ways, i.e., claiming that the litigation is harming him professionally while at the same time anonymously authoring an Internet blog that provides continuing coverage of developments in the ongoing litigation.

Question 4: Why didn't "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and Looking Evil" not accept da Mosked Man's $100,000 offer? If they truly believe they are spending YOUR money in da best way possible, then why did they not accept "Da Mosked Man's Challenge?"

However, he did add a little fuel to the fire when he made the following offer to Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas, Deputy Mayor Michelle Roth and Township Committeeman Richard Klauber.

"I will agree to donate $100,000 to the Manalapan Recreation Center if it is proven that I'm da Truth Squad as long as Roth, Lucas and Klauber agree that as soon as it's proven that I'm not da Truth Squad, they will resign immediately from the Township Committee and agree not to run again or take as an appointment any elected or political office in the state of New Jersey ever again, under penalty of $100,000 in liquidated damages each, should they violate that agreement. I will agree to this as long as and only as long as the three of them agree to it within the next two weeks," Moskovitz said.

DaTruth is, earlier in da year all da ills of Manalapan, New Jersey were blamed by a local politician on blogs and internet message boards. Unfortunately for that politician, blogs and message boards and chat rooms do not attend meetings, hold political office, or thunder up to podiums and accuse public citizens of things or say such statements as "Because I Hate Italians." It is actual Manalapan residents who do that.

It is bloggers and witnesses of all of these events who write on message boards about what they see and hear in meetings, newspapers, and on TV. Blaming them is like your dog for Governor Toll Troll wanting to increase tolls by 800%. It sounds good, and if it's said by someone who works in the public relations field or maybe even writes press releases for companies it isn't daTruth.

DaTruth is, there was a time when da only way you heard about anything in Manalapan or any small town is through a local Snoozepaper or by attending sparsely attended meetings and then only through word-of-mouth. However, now we're in da information age. There is da internet, chat rooms, message boards, videotaped meetings on cable TV - so now whatever some politician tries to hide under da rug can be scrutinized and shown for all to see and hear.

One day, hopefully, there may be politicians who have nothing to hide, or don't make backroom deals, or are solid citizens who truly and passionately care about their town and it's future. Manalapan is quite fortunate that they have two people like that now looking out for their best interest in da form of Susan Cohen and Anthony Gennaro. Until we have enough Susan Cohens and Anthony Gennaros in positions to look out for our best interests, there will always be message boards for people to find out what they are not being told, and bloggers to analyze and inform da public.

Remember, it was not a network news team that uncovered da Clinton - Lewinsky affair, and a blogger named daTruthSquad that first wrote about da infamous "Because I Hate Italians" incident that was not reported by da Snoozepaper until Manalapan was invaded by TV news teams. And, it was also daTruthSquad who nearly had their First Amendment rights taken from them by politicians employing da Manalapan Legal dream Team AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE and it was bloggers that led da charge to tell da whole world about that.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work da truth squad you are amazing !

400 Ocean Trail said...

da Golden Shovel Award goes to

Mayor Porky Spodak

Anonymous said...

I find it fascinating that nothing that Porky is talking about is discussed by the Snooze Transcript. Why is that?

Why is it that Michelle Roth even allowed him to speak as a special event at the last TC meeting? Am I to believe that anyone now can just ask for 15 minutes at any meeting and graciously receive it as he did? If Roth doesn't grant anyone that time, is that a violation of Freedom of Speech?

Manalapan Republican Club member said...

I don't always agree with datruthsquad, but I must admit this last blog is 1000% correct.

Why did Spodak get special treatment just to harass not just former officials but local townspeople? Why didn't Queenie step in and do anything? Why didn't he ask any of the questions datruthsquad just brought up?

The 4 squad questions are ones that people should be asking.

Anonymous said...



Talk about a name that truly fits.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Roth was very stupid to grant Spodak the time now she must grant other citizens that right or face stiff lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

I think you are the stupid one. Mayor Roth is the mayor. What are you besides being a piece of shi& who has nothing to offer the town, other than anonymous crybaby posts?

Anonymous said...

While I don't believe Roth will have to give everybody their 15 minutes of fame, it's obvious that she is tied to Porky Spodak at the hip. That is something that won't bode well during an election. I'm sure the GOP will use that against her at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Roth has made another mistake. She has allowed her political ally to speak out at a public meeting against private citizens. She also made the mistake of allowing this former mayor to make accusations that there is something wrong with the ordinance that her fellow Democrats all agreed to in 2001 regarding the Probasco farm. Roth better think long and hard before she embarks on another taxpayer witch hunt of the Probasco ordinance. Why? Considering that the US Attorney's office came into town in 2005 and seized all of the documents regarding the Probasco farm and it's current zoning. The US Attorney's office has not done anything thus far, it has been 3 years. It tells me that they are well aware of the situation and they would have taken action if they felt it was warranted. To date they have not acted. So will we now see the TC's famous gang of 3 vote for a prosecutorial investigation to appease the former mayor and launch a new political theme against their arched enemy the mosked man and make this the platform to stop the Village and garner this years campaign slogan? I think it is time that the prosecutors office investigate the wasteful spending and political agenda that is costing us the taxpayers a fortune in Manalapan. Perhaps the prosecutors office shall begin investigating how Roth who was an active member of the no mega mall group, and who monitored the no mega mall website, hosted meetings then goes on to chair the Planning Board and votes against the same applicant. So much for not being predisposed to an applicant before taking a vote.

Anonymous said...

Since they both look fat on TV who's the fatter slob Caroline Casagrandcow or Mayor Michelle Rothpig ?

Anonymous said...

Great point on the above comment. I for one would welcome an investigation into the Probasco Farm situation, as long as it was a broad look into all the activities. Was it zoned properly? Were there improprieties by No Mega Mall in 2005? Who were all the shadowy figures who never told you ho they were behind it? Was it solely a political agenda?

I say expose EVERY MEMBER OF NO MEGA MALL! Thank you Porky. We need to know every name of every person who was a part of No Mega Mall. Was Roth on that list? Make her answer that question and see if she lies about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think we should ask 3 questions to start about the No Mega Mall Group.
Question #1. Who ordered the No Mega Mall Signs from his company?
Question #2. Did a former mayor report the 5K check she solicited and got from a doctor she knew for the No MEGA MALL cause?
Question #3. How is it that so many members of the NO MEGA MALL GROUPD have been appointed to sit on the traffic advisory board of the Village Center? Is this not a conflict since these individuals were all part of the NO MEGA GROUP and voiced their opposition in the media and in public about this project? Aren't we opening Manalapan up to another law suit of they vote against the Village?

Anonymous said...

Porky just opened a bad can of worms and a headache for Mayor Rothpig. U.S Attorney needs to come in to clean up Manalapan from these losers.

Anonymous said...

I think whoever wrote this question brings up a MAJOR point. If for some reason the Village owners decide they have been stalled and are losing money and want remedy, then YES Manalapan will be subject to a lawsuit and YES it will be the taxpayers paying for another Roth & Lucas backroom deal.

I demand that the county & state investigate Manalapan. I guarantee Chris Christie will find moe than he bargains for here in the CORRUPTION DEN OF MONMOUTH COUNTY.

Question #3. How is it that so many members of the NO MEGA MALL GROUPD have been appointed to sit on the traffic advisory board of the Village Center? Is this not a conflict since these individuals were all part of the NO MEGA GROUP and voiced their opposition in the media and in public about this project? Aren't we opening Manalapan up to another law suit of they vote against the Village?

Anonymous said...

Another question.

Was former Mayor Spodak a member of the NO MEGA MALL GROUP?

Anonymous said...

Can you say Larrrryyyy?

No, not Roth


Anonymous said...

New Questions.

#1 Was Larry Furman's name the listed registrant for the NO MEGA MALL website?
#2 Isn't he best friends with Larry I hate Italians Roth?
#3 Wasn't Furman the volunteer who came to revamp the Manalapan township website for our new administrator?While he was doing this did he have access to the towns entire computer system?

Anonymous said...

Here are some answers:

New Questions.

#1 Was Larry Furman's name the listed registrant for the NO MEGA MALL website?

Do not be surprised at all if the answer is YES!

#2 Isn't he best friends with Larry I hate Italians Roth?

Larry's of a feather flocking together? That wouldn't surprise me either.

#3 Wasn't Furman the volunteer who came to revamp the Manalapan township website for our new administrator? While he was doing this did he have access to the towns entire computer system?

If this is true, then I would think this would be another problem for our Queen mayor.

Anonymous said...

2 out of 3

The computer geek is Larry Sherman. Sherman was the one in the APP picture with Roth at the Bill Bradley event at the Manalapan Diner.

However Furman is friends with Klauber. Now remember... ummm Klauber is advocating solar power. Guess what business Furman is power. Guess who was the ONLY one who clapped for Porky Spodak last got it...Furman.

Puzzle fitting together?

Anonymous said...

Hey truth, check out this site.

Anonymous said...

An observation.
The former mayor who ranted that his name and his privaste information was posted on a blog made me laugh. This man had to sign a waiver to allow his story and his information to be printed in the Meridan health brochure that was mailed to thousands of residents. The hospital has the brochure posted online via a PDF file. Why all the fuss from the former mayor that his doctors were mentioned as well as his health ailments? Afer all he did give his approval to have his private health information distributed to the general public. A vital fact he omitterd. No one would know anything about his health if he didn't allow it to be published complete with photo.

Ocean trail said...

here is that site

Anonymous said...

2 things -

1. The dead swordfish is bettr looking.

2. I hope Porky doesn't have a handicapped license plate. The average handicapped person can't reel in a 200 lb fish - although they can tell lofty fish tales.

Anonymous said...

Porky,as you call hime is a better man than you are. All you can do, is, um, nothing. Keep trying to be witty, while not doing anything, pig.

Anonymous said...

No Mega Mall. Period. Manalapan needs some retail in that area, and the property is zoned for 500,000 square feet. That's it. Brunelli can bitch, complain, sue and fund candidates to run for the TC, but he isn't going to build his monstracity.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly Porky. If he sues and proves collusion (that Gray-led committee) and he follows the legal letter of the law, then yes he can plead builders remedy and not only build but possibly build more depending on how the judge reacts.

And yes, Manalapan and the taxpayers will foot the legal bill for that case too so some politicians and their friends can save face to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, and any penalties could hike that a lot more.

FYI - That dead swordfish did look a lot healthier than Porky did.

Anonymous said...

Hey I agree allow the developer to build 500K square. Exactly what the oridinance allows. But the No Mega Mall folks and even our Mayor the Queen has said no to what is allowed. I agree the developer can ask for the moon, but it does not mean should get it but the Queen and her cronies won't even give him what he is entitled to. That's not right either.

Anonymous said...

If the builder of the Village were to file a lawsuit against Manalapan, and Manalapan likely would lose and the builder gets more than the 500,000 square feet, would that be considered "Porky's Revenge?"

Anonymous said...

I just viewed the no sybil site and I think that those who want to know who a certain blogger/s are may be in for a surprise themselves. You see, there are certain private citizens that have been brutally slandered and have been sitting on their information of who it is. I think that this may prove grossly embarassing for a certain mayor. As they say all is fair in love and war.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM:

2627. I've always believed
by FST07726, 2/20/08 11:37 ET
that the tone of a community is set by its leadership. In Manalapan, like it or not, the leadership is the mayor. In the last three years, that has been, in order, Shapiro, Lucas and Roth. Are you proud of this town? Are you proud of what the world reads on this forum and in the gossip columns written by Kathy Baratta? Are you proud watching channel 77 and seeing how our "leadership" spends our tax dollars, on wasteful meetings attacking people, on wasteful, nonsensical litigation? Are you proud of reading the posts on this site and listening to George Spodak and Drew Shapiro desperately seeking attention? How proud are you to tell people that you're from Manalapan. Remember, the tone of a community is set by the leadership. You can see the tone of this community being set by Michelle Roth. Happy? I'll ask you again in November, right before you vote.

Anonymous said...

Thank you da truth squad for helping to expose these creeps.

Porky and Rothslob perfect together.

Anonymous said...

Manalapan is being lead by a fat loser.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Susan Heckler. That was a great letter you wrote. The only negative was it was in that birdcage liner.

My opinion is he is just looking for publicity or his attacks on people during those meetings is politically motivated. I find it fascinating Porky (the perfect nickname) feels it's Ok to attack people on CH 77, but people here or on have no right to.

I think daTruthSquad should do a special expose on him!

an Anonymous person said...

Thank God for Freedom of Speech.

Thank God for the Electronic Frontiers Foundation.

Ironically, these are the very institutions that allow Porky Spodak or any member of our society to speak what they believe.

And, I am anonymous because I choose to be!

Anonymous said...

Has Greg Bean ever been to a Manalapan Township meeting??

Anonymous said...

he refuses to go to a township committee meeting while Michelle Roth is running them. He says he isn't getting combat pay.

Anonymous said...

So, did he go last year?? or EVER?

Anonymous said...

last year was Childe Andrew, the year before was the father suer. He wasn't getting combat pay those years either.

Anonymous said...

Hey da truth squad your blog has been nominated for the national bloggers free speech award. Congratulations

Anonymous said...

I read the story in the Transcript today how former Mayor Spodak, is claiming that the zoning change to the then commercially zoned parcel known as the Probasco Farm in 2000 is "illegal spot zoning." The article further states that the former mayor claims that no professional prepared this zoning ordinance change. The former attorney Norman Kauff, planner Mercantante. and current engineer Greg Valesi, all claim they had no dealings with the preparation of this ordinace. Well I have a very simple question. Why did the then township attorney allow this to be introduced if he and or his law firm who was representing Manalapan in 2000 not provide a legal review of the ordinance document? Or give a legal opinion on whether changing this land from commercial office to a village center was an "illegal spot zoning" as former Mayor Spodak alleges? Don't the taxpayers think that this township needs to investigate whether or not there was any over sight on the part of the former town attorney or any of the professionals? Isn't it the responsibility of the township attorney to preview and read all ordinances before they are introduced to ensure that they are legally correct? I think former Mayor Spodak needs to be thanked for bringing this to the attention of the township committee and the general public. thank you

400 Ocean Trail said...

And all the other mayors since Moskovitz have been idiots for not realizing this? Right? Good thing we have Mayor Gold Shovels to investigate this for us. I finally can sleep at night.

Good Night

da Serta Sheep said...

OK call the moving trucks fellow sheeps. We're moving out of Manalapan. They have Mayor Gold Shovels here. Everyone can now sleep at night.

da Serta Sheep Sleep Good at Night award goes to...



Mayor Porky Spodak.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being nominated for the bloggers award who will accepteing your award since you're like the shadow ?