Thursday, January 3, 2008

DaTruthSquad Special: Volunteers “Fired!”

Da admission must be made right now that daTruthSquad was trying very hard to not bring back da popular BaconHead of da Week. But this latest story from da Asbury Park Press is like bringing da mountain to Manalapan.

Who are these BaconHeads trying to fool?

If you read the Thursday Asbury Park Press, you read a very interesting tale about “bipartisanship” in Manalapan fostered by Manalapan’s new leader, da Queen Michelle Roth.

Da newspaper report told you many things voters would want to hear. Unfortunately, one thing da “Shock Quotes” made by da Queen and her right hand, former mayor Andy Boy didn’t tell you was – daTruth!

“She said she hoped that "intimidation and bully tactics" in the news media, at town meetings and on the Internet did not keep other residents from getting involved in local politics and volunteerism.”

Da last time daTruthSquad checked, da one thing that can be said about this blog is it never fired anyone – especially a volunteer. Da very same cannot be said about Manalapan’s Queen of Mean.

Immediately after taking da oath of office, two prominent volunteers where unceremoniously “fired” from their non-paid positions. DaTruthSquad will let you judge to see if “bipartisanship” was a reason for their dismissal.

What da newspaper story didn’t tell you was two prominent people were “fired” from non-paying volunteer jobs – da very same volunteers she blamed daTruthSquad for staying “on the sidelines for fear of attack with fabricated and severely distorted information."

Let daTruthSquad tell you about two of those volunteers kicked to da Queen’s curb.

One is a gentleman named Butch Budai. As da President of da Manalapan Republican Club, it was very bipartisan of da Democratic Queen to fire him. Of course, Budai was also Susan Cohen’s campaign manager, which put him at odds with Andy Boy since both GOP’ers ran separate campaigns. Budai also had another person who could pull some strings working against him. Manalapan GOP’s Grand Poobah did not back Cohen but did back Andy Boy.

Budai was not in favor of having to fill out a “job application’ to be a volunteer, but did so anyway because HE WANTED TO SERVE. He has a long record of volunteerism in Manalapan. Budai has also been rumored to be thinking about running against da Queen for Township Committee.

So what is da criteria for being a Manalapan volunteer?

Maybe we should also ask Helene Johnson. She too has a long history, along with her husband of being a Manalapan volunteer. She’s sharing da curb with Budai. Why?

Before we talk about da lovely Helene, let’s chat about her husband.

Steve Johnson has been quite vocal about da controversial synthetic athletic fiend at Manalapan Rec, a $4 million dollar + field heavily supported by da Queen & Andy Boy. Senor Johnson, my TruthTellers report is seriously considering running for Township Committee, and would oppose not only Roth, but da Poobah and Andy Boy too.

So, why kick Helene Johnson, who also filled in da application to da curb? I guess her many years of volunteer service doesn’t count for much.

Both Budai & Johnson are GOP’ers. Again, very bipartisan of you Senorita Queen.

Now don’t think daTruthSquad forgot about that newspaper story. There’s enough Shock Quotes in there to make even Carolina MachoGrande blush.

Roth Shock Quote #1: “I am extremely pleased to be a part of a committee that has accomplished so much last year, and I believe will accomplish more this year.

DaTruthSquad seriously doubts she’d know daTruth if she took a bite out of it.

DaTruth is, da committee under da Queen & Andy Boy last year raised municipal taxes by 28% - a record for da town! Let’s also not forget a First Amendment lawsuit against daTruthSquad that, as a part of da “land-deal-gone-wrong” lawsuit has “cost over $100,000.

You had da bruhaha over da Manalapan Symphony. If you have any questions, read da editorial from da Snoozer penned by da former conductor.

Roth Shock Quote #2: "This behavior keeps talented and qualified people who would otherwise be willing to serve as elected officials (feeling) compelled to stay on the sidelines for fear of attack with fabricated and severely distorted information,”

Da Queen here is talking about what former Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande calls “anonymous bomb throwers,” or people who blog or write comments on sites like daTruthSquad or

Now, da last time I checked, daTruthSquad has NEVER fired a volunteer, or raised taxes a record 28%, or forced a symphony conductor to hand in their baton, or spent over $100,000 according to Andy Boy for a land-deal-gone-bad / First Amendment lawsuit. Da Roth Administration can’t say da same.

Roth Shock Quote #3: "We are proud that rather than stooping to this level, our committee has shown the courage, strength and leadership to cast aside or stand up to these bullies and seek common ground with those who are generally considered to be the opposition."

How quickly some forgot da famous words of Manalapan Historic Figure Larry Roth, da husband of da Queen, whose 4 famous words were not “Da British are coming,” but instead were “Because I Hate Italians.”

DaTruth is, it’s very easy to blame someone else.

Of course, one of da best Shock Quotes saved for last was reserved for former Mayor Andy Boy. This of course you cannot make up…

Andy Boy Shock Quote #1: "I know I can go home tonight and sleep well knowing Manalapan is well taken care of" with Roth and Cohen at the helm, outgoing Mayor Andrew Lucas said.

As one of da architects of da single biggest local tax increase in Manalapan history, it’s good to know wherever Andy Boy does calls home, wherever that may be, daTruthSquad is glad he does find a way to sleep at night.

DaTruth is, firing such quality people from being volunteers like Helene Johnson and Butch Budai brings Manalapan down a level. These two people worked tirelessly for da Recreation Committee, among others. They deserve to be applauded. They deserve to be praised. They do not deserve to be told, “Your free services are no longer required here.”

Da fact Budai and Helene’s husband are rumored to be pondering a run for Township Committee means da firings can be considered political. DaTruth is, telling such giving people like Butch Budai and Helene Johnson to take a hike isn’t bipartisan. It’s just mean – and it’s da reason people sit on da sidelines and decline to serve. It has nothing to do with this blog or a citizen’s opinions, no matter what career politicians may believe.

And that’s daTruth.


Changing Times Too said...

Great Analogy DaTruth Squad

The real word here to describe Roth is a HYPOCRITE!!

It is politics as usual with her proverbial spin.

She is rewriting history as she is known to do.

She is telling everyone she is willing to work with Gennaro and does not know why he does not talk to her.

Did she forget Larry's I hate Italian remark or the call she placed to Gennaro just before she went on the radio to Bash Mc Enery? Gennaro has not. She did not talk to him for a month after Larry's remark and then calls him in the hour before she knew she was going on the radio. She was calling to ask him to speak out on her behalf. All the while he was getting the heat from the Italian American Community. What she fails to remember is she blamed Gennaro for not defending her. Larry makes the remark and Gennaro has to defend her. Did Roth have no voice that night? She certainly did and could of spoke out right then and there and she did not.

Like Gennaro said he gave her the opportunity to make it right to the residents by immediately apologizing and she did not do that.

There is a very large group of us who wish she provokes Gennaro to ask him why he does not talk to her.

She is playing with fire.

Gennaro knows who she is and that she used him to get re elected in 2005.

They needed and Italian male candidate and she used him, his name, his reputation and his family.

They have not forgotten that nor will they ever.

This Queen is not just the Queen of Mean she is the Queen of Hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Gennaro has nothing to loose.. Why does he not speak up more? I am sure he knows what is going on. If he tells the rest of us, the voters may be able to do something about it.

Clearly, I read DaTruthSquad... but I do not consider information from an anonymous source as reliable as someone who will identify themselves.... Let's hear the story from Gennaro!

Changing Times Too said...

Go to a meeting and ask him.

I am sure he will be more than happy to answer your questions about the previous posting.

He tells the truth and has nothing to loose as you so correctly stated.

Anonymous said...

I read that story in the Asbury Park Press and almost vomited.

I can't believe people can just easily lie like that and get away with it. There is no way I'd vote for her this year, and I pray for whoever decides to run with her because that person better speak first to Tony Gennaro before they get caught up in her lies.

malypractices said...

You Stu deciples are a bunch of morons. Nothing in this blog is believable. You're all a bunch of babies. Maybe it didn't occur ro any of you that the volunteers weren't fired, and there are reasons they weren't asked back. Maybe their replacements are better than them. You people need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

Volunteers are not fired, they just aren't re-appointed.

Anonymous said...

Maly maybe

Maybe you should quit telling people you don't post and admit you are having a hard time controlling your errant puppy Andrew!

Maybe people weren't reappointed for a reason? What's the reason Mcenery!

I am sure Andrew didn't run to you for advice! Remember after the debate he ran to Ward!

Anonymous said...

Question? When Andy Boy ran to Ward for advice, did he run to Manalapan or did Ward run to Freehold?

Anonymous said...

Manalapan last year decided to have volunteers fill out an application form to become volunteers because the Gang of 3 wanted to have "qualified" volunteers.

I'd love to know why Butch and Helene weren't picked. What are the "qualifications?"

Is it because they weren't in lockstep with the Queen and her youthful ward, Andy BOY?

Anonymous said...

Michelle Roth is a fat lying pig and her husband who said he hates Italians is a loser slob.

Andy girl/boy Lucus acts like wimp and Klauper is wimpy also. A pack of misfit losers at Manalapan Townhall.

Anonymous said...


He ran to Ward in town hall in front of God and everybody.

Too much LOL

Anonymous said...

Why would Lucas run to Ward? Was Andy Boy looking for a drink?

I think its time for Datruthsquad to start calling him Benedict Andy Boy.

And what is all the talk about Andy not living in Manalapan. I'd love to see the proof on that one. If he doesn't live here, there may be another seat up for grabs in November.

Anonymous said...

If he hasn't got Rick Hogan to sneak him a building permit, to cover that he did move out of his parents house.

He admitted he is living in Freehold while waiting for the upstairs of his parents house to be renovated.

He is married and still planning on living with mommy, working in his business office in the building that is still not located in a commercial zone.

Don't worry Manalapan, Andy talked mommy and daddy to put the house in his name so it would look live he pays the taxes.

Ask Mcenery his business partner and the republican municipal chairman. Can you say CONFLICT!

No bull!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's worse - if Andy Boy were violating the law and living in Freehold while holding political office in Manalapan, or living in Manalapan while being married and living with mommy and daddy.

I guess if he lived in Freehold and was breaking any election laws, at least he'd be a man.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his Freehold house is his "vacation home."

Anonymous said...

Manalapan's former mayor Andrew Lucas and current committee man living in Freehold?

If Lucas was living in Freehold and had bills for that house in his name he was residing there.

Then how is his election valid? You need to physically live in Manalapan. Is he still living in Freehold?? Was he physically living in Freehold during election time? I know he has the house in name only here in Manalapan. That is wrong. The public has been duped and if Mc Enery knows he must be held accountable. Considering McEnery is part of Puharics vetting process to screen just the right candidates to run for office and who must meet their strict criteria. How does Lucas running for re election while serving as Manalapan's Mayor and living in Freehold stack up? It doesn't. Lucas needs to answer the questions publically. Where is the Attormey General when you need him.

Anonymous said...

I think someone better get to the bottom of this before it spirals out of control. If Andy has duped us all and lives in Freehold, then it doesn't matter if he owns a farm in Manalapan because that's not where he sleeps. If he does own the house in Freehold then both he and McEnery need to be held accountable. At the least, Lucas should immediately resign.

I think this is a job for the Monmouth County Prosecutor's office.

Freehold resident said...

I hope he doesn't live here. I don't need my taxes raised 28% by that lunatic. You people in Manalapan can keep him.

Anonymous said...

Lucas has no moral compass. He dumped on everyone who ever helped him. Except Michelle Roth. He couldn't bring himself to support a Republican. Any Republican. Ask Butch, Joe, Anna, Susan, Miracle, Joey D, Rhoda, Gray and the list goes on and on. Gray skies...he already went after your rep. He got that fool Steve to do the dirty work. Andrew is a user.

Want a promise? He will pay in isolation. His friends will run amd his enemies will use him. Do you think Michelle is going to take the blame for the 28% increase in taxes. She will quote Andrew evey time. It was he that screwed the township. It was he that screwed his party. It is he that lacks leadership qualities!

Rosman better not cross him. He won't keep sending the emails.

Anonymous said...

LEt's see how long we will have to wait to see Roth explode and loose her temper, Lucas implode from the lawsuit Moskovitz field against him and that he will need to hire his own lawyer to represent him. He cannot use taxpayers money or a township attorney as he is not entitled. Keep an eye on that fact.
Plus his Freehold home. It should be an intersting January 9th.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Susan Cohen for having the political courage to both nominate and vote for Michelle Roth for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Andy Boy will answer truthfully about his property in Freehold. Maybe he'll say that's his winter home? Maybe he'll say that just where his wife lives? One way or the other, it's obvious he's learned to lie from the best there is - Michelle Roth.

Anonymous said...

As idiot Klauper would say I second that. What a moron Klauper is beong a lapdog for pigMayor Michelle Roth. What a wimp he is.

Anonymous said...

Steve McEnery keeps deleting this post from NJ.COM, so I figured I'd post it here, just in case he deletes it again. He apparently has no problem attacking everyone else as WyattEarp1 and Malypractice on that site, but cries to the blogmaster everytime someone mentions his name. As everyone who follows that site knows, when Tony, Klauber, Michelle, Stu, Butch, Susan, Freehold Andy or even Shapiro are mentioned, the posts seem to stay online, but as soon as McEnery is mentioned they start disappearing en masse. Gee, I wonder who talked Andy into trying to shut down daTruthSquad? The following post was in response to someone who actually attempted to defend Klauber:

Accountability? Klauber seconded the motion to pay Caroline's bills without itemizing them. Is that accountability? Klauber seconded the motion to have the attorneys on that joke lawsuit do whatever they wanted without telling the township committee WHO IS REQUIRED BY LAW to oversee them. Is that accountability? Klauber seconded the motion to put in the artificial field without waiting for any study analyzing the competing arguments for and against the field being a health hazard. Is that accountability? If Michelle moved to have Klauber sit bare naked in Macy's window, he would second it. Tony and Susan, on the other hand, have gone on record saying we shouldn't be spending a million dollars on Hammer's field before finding out whether we're killing our children with it. Susan and Tony demanded that the football field be tested for pesticides (all the fields around it are quietly part of the remediation being performed by CME for pesticides). Klauber voted no. Klauber's record speaks for itself. It matches Michelle's. It will speak loudly this November, and next November. The only thing that can save Michelle is if she can keep McEnery in power in the republican party so that he does his usual sorry job of losing elections (don't tell me about this year -- Andrew's election was handled in Trenton, not by Steve; Susan wouldn't let McEnery near her election.)

Anonymous said...

This just appeared on NJ.COM. If the previous poster is correct, it will be shortly removed as well:

The Republican Party
by MyrGreenMeat

If you want to know what the Republican Party looks like right now, go no further than last Wednesday night's celebration parties for the Manalapan reorganization. One was held at OST by the democrats. One was held by Susan's supporters at Knob Hill. While very few people attended OST, one prominent "republican" who attended, stayed the whole night drinking with Gerry Ward and never showed his face at Susan's party was Jim Gray. This "republican" who is Steve McEnery's mentor, never spent a minute at the republican celebration. At Susan's party, there were about 150 people at one time or another. Even Andrew and his wife briefly made an appearance. Several democrats came from OST and made an appearance there. The Vice Municipal Chairman and her husband were there. Most of the Republican Club was there. Who never showed up? You guessed it, the bitter, useless Republican Municipal Chairman angry that Susan became deputy mayor and his incompetent pick who singlehandedly make a mockery of Manalapan last year wasn't reselected for mayor. Want other clues as to the state of the party? The two most prominent candidates for the republicans for 2008, the two Michelle Roth has the most to fear, were kept off all prominent positions. One even had his wife removed from rec. Now, before you start blaming Michelle for this, remember, it takes THREE votes to make appointments. Who was the third vote removing the likely republican candidates from prominent appointments? Andrew Lucas. You can call him a "republican" if you want, but he's as much a republican as he is a resident of Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Whoever copied the posts that keep being deleted and posted them here, smart move. My guess is they'll have a much harder time getting deleted on this site. I guess it's just as easy authorizing $100,000 to be spent to deny someone's First Amendment rights as it is to take it away for free on

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of Andy boy, but I think the sexual comments are a bit over the line.

With that said, I think he should be a man and tell us once and for all if he owns house in Freehold. That would be a very adult thing to do.

Anonymous said...

To the last posting: It would be a very adult thing for Andy to do. He'd better ask McEnery, Gray or Ward if he should. Apparently they are his father figures.

Anonymous said...

The public needs to ask Andrew Lucas at a meeting why he lives on Georgia Road in Freehold.

Why he lived there on election day this past November 2007 while his name was on the ballot in Manalapan as a candidate for Manalapan's township Committee.

A bigger question is did Roth and her sidekick Klauber know?

An even bigger question is if they did why have they kept quiet?

by No More Liars

Anonymous said...

So why did Adam Puharic make Carolina Notsogrande the Assembly candidate? Was it her good looks? Was it her brilliant mind (equally sarcastic, of course)? No, we just learned from MoreMonmouthMusings that, as is so often the case, it is just another example of bribery in Monmouth County. Remember how Adam lost his federal job because, despite being a lawyer, he couldn't seem to read the Hatch Act properly? Well, he needed desperately to find a job somewhere. Wanna know where he ended up? Of course you do. Adam Puharic now works for Carolina's dad. That's right. He makes Carolina the Assembly candidate and gets hired by her dad. Is that really really bad fish that I smell? Or just Monmouth County politics?

Anonymous said...

almost, not quite. In fact, it's worse than you think. Caroline's dad is a director of the Danskin Insurance Agency. Puharic works for him there, where he is desperately trying to build an insurance portfolio. What's he been doing to build that portfolio? How about threatening the current freeholders, Burry and Barham with not letting them run unless they give Danskin business. Now we're talking about something a little stronger than just politics, aren't we?

Sick of this, aren't you all? said...

Who was fired? No one was. People were not reappointed. There is a difference, but you know that don't you? You remind me very, very much of a certain egotistical jerk who is attempting to wreck this town. I think the two volunteers in question are great people, but they were not fired. You are an evil person, who is now twisting events to suit your disgusting agenda. TAKE YOUR FRIEND AND GET OUT OF MY TOWN YOU FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You used to be entertaining. Now all you do is rip everyone in this town, except for your hero, who actually deserves to be ripped. You are nothing more than a shill. What a sad thing. You went from being relevant, to being a clown!

Anonymous said...

instead of telling everyone else to leave town, maybe you should leave and let the rest of us rebuild the town you have spent so much time destroying along with your other corrupt, evil political hacks.

Anonymous said...

I think the poster who says this blog isn't relevent has it all wrong.

I'm from the Boston area and I read it. I must admit the local politics are a bit screwy, but it is entertaining. I wouldn't even know about this if it weren't for the lawsuit some assonine lawyers tried to do to hijack free speech.

It seems to me this blog is both relevant and has a purpose.

AMalcontent said...

need to ask Lucas if he voted for Butch and Helene. I know that Susan did. I would imagine that Tony did too. If Lucas didn't vote for them it must have been on McEnry's orders. Vote McEnry out in June. I nominate Butch as Chair and Helene as Vice Chair.

Anonymous said...

I'm not from Manalapan and thank goodness for that. You people are an insane bunch of whine babies.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's going to be 70 here tomorrow. Is there snow out in Colorado? Aren't you ashamed of your brother-in-law Andy Boy?

Anonymous said...

Forget Colorado. Ask Andy Boy if the grass greener in Freehold?