Monday, January 7, 2008

Perception a Problem for Pu-Pu

As you may be aware, this blog was in da forefront of pointing out a Federal law known as da Hatch Act and a certain Monmouth County GOP Chairman who left his government job shortly after word began to spread.

2007 was a very interesting year for Chairman Adam Puharic. Pu-Pu started out his first term promising to right da wrongs of da past. It seems like that's where da problems first began.

Pu-Pu backed a certain Manalapan committeeman for Freeloader. Da reward for Pu-Pu was that he can put on his resume he piloted da ship when da first GOP'er Freeloader candidate in over 20 years LOST an election, and by a wide margin at that!

However, da loss by Andy Boy could not have been da fault of one of his best fundraiser folk, an unknown named Carolina MachoGrande, who ironically 2 months later became Manalapan Township attorney!

Andy Boy, da Freeloader loser that year had a running mate. Her name was Anna Little. Unlike Andy Boy, she won by a wide margin. Little Anna made headlines of her own when she was unceremoniously denied da opportunity to keep her Freeloader seat since she was unable to pass Pu-Pu's highly controversial "vetting" process. Two controversial members of that "vetting" process were Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy, who ascended to that throne with da help of two rival Democrats in da well-reported "backroom deal," and da newly appointed "Chair of Chairs," Manalapan Municipal Grand Poobah Steve McEnery, who would later gain da nickname "Iron Girth" for his part as "da enforcer" in da Pu-Pu production of "You can't run because it's MY party."

Without da Little Anna star power on da ticket, for da second straight year a GOP Freeloader candidate lost an election - in fact da only GOP'er loss on that ticket was for Little Anna's seat!

Da good news for Pu-Pu was da "hand-picked" trifecta of Jen Beck, Declan O'Candidate, and Manalapan Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande (former Andy Boy fundraiser) won their state office elections.

Of course, it was right after da election, and now as Township Attorney / Assemblywoman-elect that MachoGande, now also a member of da now-infamous Manalapan Legal Dream Team made da comment "heard 'round da world", "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Shortly after da election which sent MachoGrande to Trenton, it was reported by da Asbury Park Press quite innocently that everyone's favorite Pu-Pu was back on his feet with a new career and a new job.

"Puharic, who resigned under fire from a job as public affairs specialist for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which critics said was a violation of the Hatch Act, said he now works for the Wall-based Danskin Insurance Agency, an insurance and real estate firm, and handles "commercial accounts. Puharic said he is not involved with any of the company's government accounts."

Like they always say "it's who you know." Da head of da Danskin Agency, a well-known and it has to be said a good business of its type, is Benjamin H. Danskin. Here's da bio on Mr. Danskin from his own website.

"Benjamin H. Danskin has served the community of Wall Township as Committeeman and Mayor; the County of Monmouth as a member of the Board of Chosen Freeholders; as County Clerk, as a member of the Board of Elections and the Republican Party as Monmouth County Republican Chairman. He is currently County Treasure.

As an elected member of the Monmouth County Board of Freeholder Ben served as the Director of Public Property. He supervised the planning and construction of the Court House Addition, the construction of the Eastern Regional Reference Center of the Monmouth County Library in Shrewsbury, the planning and supervision of the New County Jail, the preparation of plans for the construction of the Monmouth County Juvenile Detention Center and the updating and remodeling of areas of the Hall of Records."

Obviously, Mr. Danskin has a long and storied career in da county political picture. This is da big cheese Pu-Pu will have to answer to. Of course, there are other folks with big corner offices in da Danskin Agency. Here's da bio of another:

"Charles Casagrande brings to his position as Secretary/Treasurer of the Danskin Agency a lifetime knowledge of the Wall Township Southern Monmouth area and a strong background of professional insurance and risk management experience.

After receiving his degree in history from Manhattan College, New York, he joined the Danskin Agency in 1973. Since 1975 he has been Insurance Manager of the agency, responsible for the overall management of health, life, personal and commercial lines as well as its government division."

Wait, what was that last name?????

Isn't there a former Manalapan Township attorney and State Assemblywoman-to-be with da same name?????

Irony can be a very ironic thing sometimes.

Wow, Pu-Pu had a person named "CasaGrande" as a part of his GOP team, and now a "CasaGrande" has a person named "Pu-Pu" as a part of his team. A Hollywood writer couldn't make up a better script.

Now, you can imply anything you like, because this nation has something called da First Amendment of da Constitution. You know da First Amendment - that's da little piece of parchment that da Manalapan Legal Dream Team tried to have removed from da legal landscape, only to have a judge "Pu-Pu" that idea.

But for da GOP, there are bigger worries.

Worry #1: Da Monmouth Democrats have spent da last 2 elections making sure every voter knows what "Club Monmouth" is and what "Da Old Boy's Network" is. It was a liability that cost da Monmouth GOP 2 Freeloader seats in 2 years, and is one seat shy of losing power held for over 22 years. Now you have Pu-PU getting a job with a prominent business that just happens to be headed by a former GOP Freeloader & Party chairman, and also headed by a guy named "Casagrande" who shares da same name as a "vetted" member of Team Pu-Pu who just became a state Assemblywoman.

Worry #2: Freeloader Director Burry, one half of da Barham & Burry Circus will be running for reelection. She will have to be a hand-picked candidate, because it would look extremely odd that da highest-ranking county GOP'er couldn't survive Team Pu-Pu's "vetting" process. Question is, what's happening with Bill Barham? Are members of Team Pu-Pu singing, "Won't you go home Bill Barham, won't you go home?" (LightShines, feel free to have at that one)

Worry #3: Hypothetically, what if Barham resigns and doesn't finish his term? This means Pu-Pu hand-picks someone to keep that Freeloader seat warm? Wouldn't it be ironic if that were Andy Boy, who rumors say is a lot closer to Freehold these days than he was 1 year ago. Imagine this scenario - Andy Boy's fundraiser was MachoGrande, who he then hires as Township Attorney, while Pu-Pu takes a job with da elder MachoGrande, then Andy becomes a temporary Freeloader.

If it walks like Pu-Pu, and it smells like Pu-Pu, then, well, you know.

DaTruth is, da GOP'ers could find themselves dealing with a PR fiasco. Da Democrats have had 2 years to drill into da voter's heads da phrases "Club Monmouth" and "Da Old Boy's Club." Da perception is corruption, and da GOP needs to work on cleaning that perception up before it takes 1 more Freeloader seat - and county power - away from them for what could be a long time.

Perception is everything, and that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

It should not surprise you or anyone else in Monmouth County that Pu-Pu as you call him has a job now with Casagrande's father. Pu has not kept a steady job for some time now. A leader who keeps job hopping? Real stability there eh? Don't be shocked that the little web woven and the thank you positions that are given does not ring true of the Democrats mantra of "Club Monmouth." Now we see if there is new work given to Pu's new employer by the Freeholders. The only real new twist is that the daughter Casagrande, the former Manalapan Township Attorney and Dream Team member turned Assembly woman, is rumored to be in partnership with a Democratic lawyer, Pat Menna, a Democrat big wig and associate of the infamous Norm Kauff, Manalapan Democratic political shaker and maker. The twist and the turns. It's politics in Monmouth County folks in all it's ugly glory.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

I don't know Pupu and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's probably doing a fine job at that firm.

But the perception here reeks of politics and favoritism. He puts the daughter on the ticket, and then gets a job with the father when he desperately needs a job.

I'm sure the Democrat leadership is loving every minute of this.

BAMF said...

Puharic is one goose step away from getting his due!

Flabby girth Mcenerny gets his daughter secretary jobs everywhere.

Sound familiar heil PuPu?

Anonymous said...

This does not surprise me one bit. If anything it absolutely validates the claims by the Democratic party that corruption is widespread and the "good old boys network" is alive and well and living in Monmouth County.

Kudos to the Squad for discussing what obviously the GOP chairman was trying to keep hidden.

Anonymous said...

If you don't think the Democrats will be using this against the potential Republican Freeholder candidates this year you're sadly mistaken. I think it's safe to say the Democrats are now another step closer to taking control in Monmouth County.

Anonymous said...

The thing that worries me here is the situation with Andy Boy. If he lives in Freehold, and it seems he may, then if someone is removed from the Freeholder board then PuPu will certainly make him the Freeholder. All you have to do is connect the dots of corruption and it seems like PuPu, McEnery, and Andy are those dots.

There is no way Andy Boy should even be considered, especially since he lost by a landslide when he did run. It shows the people do not want him.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lucas wants to be a Freeholder.

Hopefully he will get his chance and Manalapan will be rid of him.

We can all dream now can't we?

Wyatt Earp said...

Da loser squad has no clue and is making up lies again. There is nothing wrong with anyting the GOP Chairman has done. Lies, Lies, Lies. You never have anything important to say. Do us all a favor and get a life or get out of my town you pathetic piece of garbage. I know you'll erase this message because you don't believe in the First Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Mcenerny is that you? We all wish you would leave. Take your pack of dogs with you!

BAMF said...

Cassa-"I can't believe I passed the bar"-Grande thinks words are bombs. So to say she is incompetent would that be a nuke or a bunker buster?

First ammendment rules!

Go DaTruthSquan. Send some more

Anonymous said...

You're not alone bamf. We all find it hard to believe she passed the bar too.

Georgia road in freehold said...

Hi Andy Boy. How's life on Georgia Road in Freehold. Does it make your commute easier to Town Hall from Freehold?

Anonymous said...

Do you know if it's true that the lawsuit filed by daMosked man against AndyBoy was given to the townships insurance. I don't think we should have to pay for Lucas's vendettas. Bad enough we had to pay for them to try to out you.

Anonymous said...

Who said "Daddy can you buy me a county chairman?"

Daddy said "Sure can!"

Anonymous said...

Andy Boy I heard can't use township salaried employees on this one. That would be like Moskovitz using Manalapan's attorney to represent him at taxpayer expense. If Andy Boy is, then I'm sure Stu will have something to say about it, and we'll be paying even more money to fund the Gang of Three's witchhunt.

Anonymous said...

It will be very interesting to see what happens now. If it is true that Andy Boy cannot have his summons and complaint defended through the township's insurance carrier then he Andy Boy will have to pay out of his own pocket to defend himself. I wonder how long it will take before this whole lawsuit against the Mosked Man disappears. I think that the political vendetta Andy Boy attached himself to is coming back to bite him in the a$$ and cost him big $$$. Now we shall see if his good buddies the other part of the Gang of 3 Roth and Klauber will come to his aid or will they hang him out to dry? Andy Boy we saw the play months ago, you were led blindly and told you had a case. Call the attorney in 2006 and ask him who called him and asked him about this land deal. Let him tell you what he told the caller about the deal.
Did you know that call ever existed? That it was made? Of course not. You would not be in the positon you were if you had known. Make the call. The truth is the truth.

Wyattearp1 said...

For the record, I did not write the above comment signed by wyatt earp. I think some guy who lives in Manalapan named Stewie did.

But, since the one pretending to be 15 over at likes to have posts deleted, I want to thank Townsmacker for posting the following :

2529. I hear there is
by TownSmacker, 1/9/08 21:22 ET
a post deleter on this forum who gets his/her jollies off getting people temporarily banned. Can't take the heat I guess? Is it the 1 pretending to be 15 that my friend has been telling me about?

Delete that tbridder, aka sunsetsables, aka Amazed101, glinda, Fontia (stinky cheese), myrgreenmeat, aka SYBIL THE PSYCHO.

Anonymous said...

Mcenerny give it up. Prozac wearing off?
Chicky leg in the puss

How could you do what you do?

WyattEarp1 said...

I don't know how you do it Stewie. I'm not mcenerny, if that's how you spell his name. Get a life will ya? How do you do what you do? Is it because you have no idea what the word moral means? Probably Stewie, probably.

WyattEarp1 said...

Hmmmmm, what a surprise, Townsmacker's post over at is gone. Delete much Stewie?

Blog Administrator #4 said...

This post has been flagged for a statement made that could not be confirmed about an individual who is not a politician at this time. The post will be returned, minus the allegation.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Anonymous said...

So I wonder who it is exactly that's obsessed with Stu this week. It could be McEnery. As you know, McEnery gets drunk every night and gets paranoid about Stu because he got republicans elected and Steve never could. It also could be George Spodak. He knows that Stu knows all about George. How George split the democratic party in 1982 allowing Jim Gray to win, because half the democrats refused to support George when they found out he was xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx not only from the rec department from the xxxxxxxx xxxxx themselves. In fact, it was pretty well understood that if George DIDN'T lost that election, he would be sitting there with Scannapieco now. Of course, it can also be Drew, who may be more corrupt than any of them -- it's already been in the newspapers how he stole $100,000 from his own father. Why is it every dishonest, corrupt politician is so angry with Stu? But actually, it's a good thing. All we have to do is ask people running for office what they think about Stu. If they're right there with Shapiro, Ward, Spodak, we know not to vote for them. Unless we want to see the doors stolen from town hall.

Anonymous said...

Wyattearp1 is a loser. Look on and all he does is attack people rather than present a coherent idea.

This must be Mcenerny who can't keep an respect from loyal Republicans.

Malcontents demand change!

Anonymous said...

Stu you arrogants Baskt*rd! Leave the man alone!

Anonymous said...

word is some long forgotten investigations by the prosecutor's office on George Spodak have been resurrected now that he is back in the limelight. This should get VERY interesting.

wyattearp1 said...

Who is Stu? I'm talking about Stewie, you idiot. Who is this Stu guy and why are you all so obsessed with him? If I'm a loser, the 1 who claims to be 10 -15 different people is the king of all losers. Sounds like some one (the one claiming to be 15) hates George Spodak. I suggest you get over it before it eats you alive!

the good wyatt earp said...

Just remember Stevie, unlike on you can't have posts deleted here because you don't like them.

Here's an example. If I say, Hey Stevie, get your daughter any political patronage jobs lately?

You can't huff and puff and get rid of this one. It means you have to deal with the criticism.

curious onlooker said...

Sounds like you are the one deleting posts good wyatt

Anonymous said...

George, Google monitors certain sites on their own. When they come across a psycho, they ban the psycho, and every name he's using as soon as they realize the same psycho is using all those names. So if you're claiming you've been banned, congratulations, you're a psycho. By the way, no one is claiming to be 10-15 different people, as you say. YOU are claiming one person is ten to fifteen different people. Have you so lost touch with yourself that you don't even realize when you are the one saying something? And, of course, you're doing that while posting as malypractice, WyattEarp1, concernedmtp, sitdownrhoda, bigjoe180 and a dozen other names. Why? Because you HAVE NO LIFE George. Other than spending half the day with your ethically challenged reporter girlfriend, who's "mailing it in so to speak" because she's spending time with you rather than do her homework, you have NOTHING to do. You can't earn a living, because you have no skills. You have no friends, you have no family that wants anything to do with you. The democrats threw you out in 1983 and you think Gerry's going to bring you back. That's because you're not there in his basement like I've been when he's laughing about what a fool you are and how easy it is to use you. But that's ok, George. I was there in the democratic party in 1982 when you did what you did. I'll see you at the next meeting George. I get to use the microphone, too. :)

Anonymous said...

so does Yahoo, which explains why George was banned on NJ.COM

Call me Maly said...

How ironic. Our favorite purveyor of green meats and his protoges like Andy and the Queen of Mean have no problem using taxpayer money to do away with someone's First amendment rights, but they whine when their posts are being deleted because of their reprehensible comments on

So where do they go to make their claims - the site of datruthsquad, who they tried using taxpayer money to expose and get rid of.

curious onlooker said said...

Keep up with the misinformation. I'm referring to the above three posts. Your egregious lies won't stand. Just like every other baseless accusation you have made on Call anyone who disagrees with you George, Steve or whoever else you want all day long. It does not change the facts. This message is directed at the 1 who pretends to be 15.

For the 1 claiming to be 15 said...

A sure sign of psychosis is your attempt to accuse others of being the same poster, when in fact it's you Amazed101, mygreenmeat, sunsetstables, etc, etc. Straight Jacket time for you my man. Try not to let the spittle hit your keyboard

Anonymous said...

George, how many names have you already been blocked by NJ.COM on. Do you not understand that they have your IP Address? Do you not understand that Yahoo has already been subpoenaed and doesn't want the hassle? Do you not understand that Stu and Fran and Joe and everyone else you're attacking already have your identity? Do you not understand that you're going to be defending a legal action, just like Andrew? Do you not understand that they told Andrew Stu would never sue him either? We knew you were dumb, George. We just never imagined you were THIS dumb.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see datruthsquad's back. The evil politicians lost their battle to rid America of Freedom of Speech!

Keep fighting the good fight Squad!

Anonymous said...

"evil politicians," "fighting the good fight?" You really should try leaving your parent's basement a little more often.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, really. Are you the person that should be accusing someone of not leaving their parents house? Your whole life, you lived with your parents, including all the time you were on the township committee until you moved to Freehold.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who threatened someone using someone named Stu and Fran. You don't think your ip address is traceable? You should be carefull when you threaten someone, lawsuits work both ways, not just as a one way threat by a coward such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

the difference is, there is no lawsuit that will be successful against someone for threatening to bring a lawsuit. A lawsuit against George, for constantly posting lies about people, however, should leave George living in Kathy's basement.

Anonymous said...

I guess we shall see, won't we.

wyattearp1 said...

Just so everyone gets to read both sides and not just one. I posted the following on and expect to have it deleted straight away :

2534. So now the on who pretends to be 15
by WyattEarp1, 1/10/08 22:29 ET

(I'll call this person "Sybil") attempts to turn it around and make everyone else look like the bad guy. Sybil deletes posts so the trail is eliminated. Then Sybil logs in as 15 different people (all with the same writing style) and proceeds to lie through its teeth and accuses me and others of being someone named George Spodak. If I was George Spodak, I would be pi$$ed off at Sybil. The horrible things Sybil has said about this person have been recorded by and is easily retrievable. The only person who is spreading lies and hate on this site is Sybil. What goes around comes around, and my guess is when this is all over, Sybil will have a lot of explaining to do, maybe in front of a judge. Time will tell.
Furthermore, Sybil has accused a number of township officials of participating in illegal acts, none of which has been proven, or even shown up as allegations by the authorities. Doubtless, Sybil will have to pay a price for these lies as well. See Sybil thinks it can say whatever it wants about anyone, but when Sybil does not like what is said, Sybil claims everyone is going to be sued.

I think Sybil better watch its own six.

Sybil is tbirdder, Amazed101, sunsetstables, myrgreenmeat, secondfidl and 10 others.

Don’t forget to delete this Sybil. I’ll post this over at squads site too, so it will stick.

You can’t control the flow of information, no matter how hard you try.

Anonymous said...

George, we know who you are, and we know what you did. And in two weeks, all of Manalapan is going to know.

wyattearp1 said...

Hey tbridder ^^^, think you could have waied 10 minutes after your post, Captain obvious? You just posted another baseless accusation and lie. They list of liable is growing. Judgement day is going to be a bitc$ for you Sybil.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine if all of the people yelling at one another were to instead be volunteers in toan and do good for others that Manalapan would be a wonderful place to live.

It's no wonder that Manalapan has become a laughing stock in the eyes of the entire world.

Anonymous said...

George, don't you think it's a little ridiculous to post under ten different names, like you do, and call someone else Sybil? At least your girlfriend signs her name when she writes lies about people. And she gets paid for it. You just do it because you're a pathetic has been loser clawing at Gerry Ward's knee for a pat on the head.

Grow up Sybil said...

Hey Sybil^. I see you deleted Wyatt's post on, just like he said you would. What was that you were crying about, was it first amendment rights again? Waaaa, waaaa, first amendment rights only apply to me. Waaaa, waaaa, someone named Stu is going to sue you for saying things I don't like to hear. Waaaa, waaaa, we have your ip address. Waaa, waaaa, waaaa. You're pathetic Sybil. For tohse who just tuned in, Sybil is:

tbirdder, sunsetstables, amazed101, myrgreenmeat and about 10 others.

Anonymous said...

If George Spodak posts under ten different names and posts ten times on this forum, and nobody pays any attention to him because everyone thinks he's a flaming moron, except his girlfriend Kathy, who lets him write her articles for him, has he said anything? Actually, has he said anything even if people DO pay attention?

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your site. What a bunch of whackos! I'm going to take a shower now to see if I can get clean again.