Friday, December 21, 2007


Da Score:

DaTruthSquad and da Electronic Frontier Foundation: 1
Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team & Ego-Bruised Politicians: Zero

No need to wait for the next edition by Back Page Barratta. Here's da Monmouth Superior Court ruling direct from da judges's desk for all to read!

Da First Amendment is alive and well, thanks to Monmouth County, NJ Superior Court Judge Terence Flynn who saw through da agenda of da Manalapan Dream Team.

In a case that has gained worldwide attention, da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, led by NJ attorneys David Weeks and Daniel McCarthy suffered a devastating loss while the Consitution of the USA was victorious.

In what can only be described as a victory for the First Amendment, the judge in the case threw out both subpoenas from Weeks which demanded broad-ranging information on the identity of daTruthSquad.

Let daTruthSquad make this point perfectly clear to everyone. This is not a victory for just daTruthSquad. It is a victory for all bloggers in the United States and any citizen who has a comment to make that any ego-bruised politician may not like. This is a victory for the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, and it should show all weak-minded politicians you cannot mess with the Founding Fathers of this great nation.

Even more important, da judge ruled this case on First Amendment grounds.

Here are quotes for da media:

"Recently, State Assemblywoman-elect Caroline Casagrande said, ‘Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted." This isn't just a victory for daTruthSquad. This is a victory for 'anonymous bomb-throwers' like Alexander Hamilton, Chief Justice John Jay, and anyone who believes in the sacrifices of the Founding Fathers and the First Amendment of the US Constitution.’"

"DaTruthSquad was never a victim here. The victims here are the people of Manalapan, NJ who have no say in the funding of a costly fishing expedition whose sole purpose seems to have been the eroding of Freedom of Speech."

"Was the Manalapan Township Committee asleep at the wheel? The judge asked in court if the plaintiff's clients knew about how their lawyers were handling this case. Did these politicians sanction a First Amendment witchhunt? The people who are paying for this lawsuit - that's the people of Manalapan - have the right to know."

"This is a victory for bloggers throughout the United States who expose local politicians with political agendas. Thanks to this brave judge, the First Amendment is alive and well."

In court on Friday, Manalapan Dream Team lawyers Weeks & McCarthy continued to paint their portrait of a town and nation that doesn’t need to have First Amendment guarantees. They claimed in court – as their evidence - if you look at da blog you come to the inescapable conclusion that da Mosked man is da hero of da blog.

So, this means because, as they claim, da Mosked man is da hero of this blog, that he must be da writer?

Judge Flynn saw through their purely speculative case, and ruled on da solid ground that he was not goin to violate anyone’s First Amendment rights. Anyone following this case should realize that da judge ruled by law and not innuendo. This judge deserves to know that by following da rule of law, his decision today sets a precedent that da nation of law-abiding judges will follow.

In a move that wreaked of desperation, Dream Team attorney Weeks even told da judge he could have Google send da private information about daTruthSquad directly, and he wouldn’t tell anybody.

Where did they get their law degrees? Da Dollar Store?

Da judge also asked a bombshell of a question to da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, asking if their clients (da Manalapan Township Committee and da people of Manalapan) knew they were trying to issue subpoenas about da First Amendment rights of an individual?

Of course, that question was answered by Township Attorney and Dream Team member Carolina MachoGrande, who’s Shock Quote was on November 28, “As far as any actions being taken against any outside parties in this litigation, this board (Township Committee) wouldn’t know why those actions are being taken, nor would I because I’m not involved in da case.”

It was also answered by Township Committeeman Mr. Anthony Gennaro, “I can’t contact Mr. Weeks (Manalapan Legal Dream Team member) because when I contact Mr. Weeks he wouldn’t take my phone call.”

DaTruth is, if you follow State Assemblywoman-elect & Dream Teamer MachoGrande’s quote closely, she says in effect da client “wouldn’t know why these actions are being taken.” This means either da Dream Team lawyers were running amock, which lends to da theory that this case is nothing more than a political vendetta, or da Township Committee was indeed clueless as to how their township tax dollars were being spent, which is another case in itself.

Along with da judge’s ruling on da First Amendment, he also ruled against da Mosked man’s request for sanctions against da Dream Team. DaTruthSquad has no doubt da local Snoozepaper will make that their headline in a future Back Page Barratta story next week. DaTruthSquad is curious, however, if they will ask questions of da Township Committee on daTruthSquad and da First Amendment issue. If they do not, and specifically don’t ask about why da town brought this First Amendment action, that would be an affront to every resident of da town. Da people have da right to know why da town’s elected officials brought this case, and why they allowed da lawyers to attempt to strip da First Amendment of da Constitution! DaTruthSquad will be watching da upcoming Snoozepaper stories carefully and their actions will be reported on this blog.

DaTruth is, if da leaders of da Township Committee of Manalapan had their way, this case would have been kept silent from da people. Thanks to da Electronic Frontier Foundation, this case, it’s legal briefs and even correspondence between lawyers was available for every citizen to see and read for themselves. The E.F.F. didn’t allow for innuendo or spin. They presented daTruth for everyone to see, and allowed every citizen to see the inside of this case so they could make their own informed decision. They deserve all the thanks here, because they preserved da First Amendment through their actions.

Thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and attorneys Matthew Zimmerman and Frank Corrado, da First Amendment is alive and well, and da rights of bloggers and commenters are safe from those who call people like daTruthSquad, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay “anonymous bomb throwers.”

Anonymous bloggers are not “anonymous bomb throwers.” Instead, we da people are idividuals who believe in right against wrong, and we have a well-placed fear about politicians who believe in power instead of da people.

What you have seen thus far in da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” is a case where Dream Team lawyers attempted to go da last mile to strip da First Amendment rights of an American citizen. They spent taxpayer money to do it, which is an affront to da citizens who had absolutely no say in da matter.

Is this case a political vendetta paid for by taxpayers who have no right to stop it? That is a question only you can answer.

Fortunately, a judge on Friday, December 21, 2007 gave his answer “for all da people.”

Fortunately, there are organizations like da Electronic Frontier Foundation, and hard working attorneys like Frank Corrado and Matthew Zimmerman, and judges like Superior Court Judge Terrence Flynn who believe in what da Founding Fathers stood for.

Da First Amendment is safe for another day from those who would desire to strip liberty from those they don’t like, and we should all thank God for that.

Consider that a Christmas gift from daTruthSquad and da TruthTellers who believe in da First Amendment.


Corbie said...

No fair! Spill it, already. I've been checking in all morning.

Anonymous said...

the most troubling part according to people who were there, is that attorney Weeks told the court he doesn't know the names of the township committee people, doesn't tell them what's going on AND NONE OF THEM ASK. We have five people elected to protect us, and NOT ONE OF THEM is bothering to step in to watch these guys spending our money to bring frivolous lawsuits, to attack first amendment rights of our citizens, and do everything else that does NOTHING for us the taxpayers. It's outrageous. As far as I'm concerned. NOT ONE of these five should ever be reelected if they're going to continue to allow our taxes to be spent this way without their paying attention.

Anonymous said...

In response to the comment "Weeks told the court he doesn't know the names of the township committee people, doesn't tell them what's going on AND NONE OF THEM ASK." Didn't one of the Committee members state he has called the attorneys and they never take his call?

Anonymous said...

That was Tony Genarro

Manalapan Sam said...

I remember seeing that during the November 28 meeting. That was Anthony Gennaro who said it, and it seems that he was correct. The Township Committee has no clue as to what is going on, or at least certain members have been left in the dark, possibly on purpose.

This is a huge defeat for Manalapan and their Dream Team, and a big victory for Moskovitz.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on beating those loser morons Manalapan attorneys Weeks and McCarthy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to datruthsquad. Thank God the judge recognized the First Amendment is more important than some politicians bruised ego.

Anonymous said...

Manalapan Township attorney Caroline Cassapiglet should have overseen these two idiot attorneys Weeks and McCarthy. She should be liable for all the money Moskovitz wins from a jury award that it seems is sure to come.

Betty from Jacksonville Florida said...

These pathetic people should be ashamed of themselves. People fought and died and still do today for the rights we hold so dear.

Whatever politicians are behind this Communist agenda should be sent to North Korea or Iran where they can live among their own kind.

And whoever this Caroline Casagrande is, this person for what she said should be the person buying the plane tickets so they can leave this great country.

If she was elected, the people of New Jersey deserve nothing less than misery for her actions.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the court for stopping this obvious violation of the first amendment. And whoever brought the lawsuit in the first place, you suck.

Corbie said...

You really have to love a judge with both common sense and a way with words (I'm assuming at least part of this is quoted from Hizzoner): "Did these politicians sanction a First Amendment witchhunt?"

Still waiting for the play-by-play...

Anonymous said...

Important Newsbreak from the News Transcript, appearing on Manalapan forum of NJ.COM:

2460. Just got an advance copy of Kathy Baratta's
[by AuntieEm180, 12/21/07 17:59 ET]
article for next week:


In a compelling argument in which the township's attorneys appealed to the court to permit them to protect the sensitive feelings of the three glorious township committee people who have been beseiged unmercifully by the rantings of daTruthSquad, attorney Moskovitz appeared in court with a piece of lint on the elbow of his left sleeve. Moskovitz refused to answer this reporter's penetrating question as to how long the lint had been on his sleeve. Distracted by the lint -- an obvious legal tactic by Moskovitz -- the judge failed to protect the heroic elected officials who are being harassed by know-nothings who feel entitled to criticize their very own government."

Sounds about right for Kathy.

Changing Times Too said...

First of all thank you to Attorney's Matt Zimmerman and Mr. Corrado from the EFF. Thank you to Judge Flynn for the right decision. I do not know these 3 men but they have just done all of us a great service, they protected our right to Freedom of Speech. They remembered the Constitution and they up held what our forefathers wrote. Manalapan Township Committee members, excluding Mr. Gennaro who appears to be the only one who has spoken out against this action, need to be held accountable for this action. Mr. Weeks makes a statement in the courtroom he does not know the names of his clients, the township committee members and does not know if they are aware this action was taken after being asked by the judge, is astonishing. Why don't you commuicate with them? I am sure McCarthy knows everything Weeks is doing. The people of this town are paying for lawyers who do not inform their client. Mr. Gennaro I appeal to your oath as an elected official to speak out on this issue. Please do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Virginia blogger extends congrats to da truth squad and EFF. The clown attorneys Weeks and McCarthy should rip up and throw out their law degrees.

Wolfpack Fan said...

I've been following this story online and I'm glad to see datruthsquad was victorious. It's lawyers like this Dream Team that give attoneys a bad name. All of this makes me glad I don't live in that gulag called Manalapan New Jersey.

Here in North Carolina, we don't tolerate people like that.

Go Wolfpack!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how such a foolish blunder by Michelle Roth, Andy Boy Lucas, and Richard Klauber has gained worldwide attention.

Truthsquad should be applauded for standing up to these Napoleananic self-serving politicians who care only for themselves.

If these complete wasts of space want to do right by the people they ae supposed to serve, they will immediately vote to stop this harassment trial and tell their rabid lawyers to take a hike.

And that's my truth! Anonymous and proud!

Anonymous said...

This was posted on's message board. It speaks volumes about the court case....

and you couldn't be any more wrong. I watched the judge come down hard on McCarthy and Weeks for wasting the court's time. The 2 lawyers for datruthsquad were unbelievably professional and the judge obviously knew about this case and the law.
For you to say what you did in your post sounds exactly like what the lawyers tried to say in court before the judge ruled against them and quashed the subpena.

And, since Wyatt Earp wasn't there, can you answer why the judge had to ask the dream team if their clients knew what they were doing on their behalf? That one question alone told me without hesitation that this whole case is nothing more than a political vendetta. It also told me that the dream team lawyers have no clue as to how to act in court.

Congratulations TruthSquad!

Anonymous said...

Where does Manalapan hire their lawyers from?

Was it the law firm of Dumbass, Misfits, and Screwup?

Anonymous said...

To the previous comment:

That's not the names of the lawyers. That's the names of the idiots on the Manalapan committee who approved to pay the bills with taxpayer money for this lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

If Moron attorneys McCarthy and Weeks went on the TV show Are you smarter than a 5th grader they would lose since a 5th grader would know they had no evidence and would waste the courts time. Dumb ass Lawyers tried to bully fellow blogger da truth squad and lost. Keep on blogging truth squad your blog is one of the best in the country.

Maryland supports da truth squad.

Anonymous said...

I live in Manalapan, and I support daTruthSquad too!

I am embarassed to live in this town since Mayor Andy Baby and his mommy Michelle began running this town into the ground. This case is an embarassment to the town.

Michelle is running for reelection next year. You know we all won't forget what she and the dead up from the neck up lawyers she hired have done to us.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to NJ Superior Court Judge Flynn who made the correct ruling and his way into law books in regard to the internet and free speech.

Judge Flynn is a true American hero and has made our founding fathers very proud today.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Judge Flynn did the right thing. Imagine if he were like those dream team lawyers and said the subpoena should be enforced. That would have meant that any person could face persecution or lawsuits because they didn't agree with a politician. God help all of us if our great country were to become as perverted as these dream team lawyers, Weeks, McCarthy, and Casagrande wanted to imprison us all.

Thank you daTruthSquad for standing up to these monsters, and to the EFF for standing by your side

Rutgers University Law Student said...

This case has been talked about in my class and we have been following it closely. I can understand now why lawyers receive such a bad reputation.

The type of law that Mr. Weeks and Mr. McCarthy represent is not the type of law I want to represent. Auguing the law, as I have been taught, is a priviledge. It should not be perverted for political advantage. I believe Judge Flynn in this case obviously saw through the rhetroic and used common sense and the laws of the Constitution in his decision.

It appears where Mr. Corrado and Mr. Zimmerman used evidense, Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Weeks used innuendo. It obvously made the judge's decision an easy one.

I hope the judge's decision will be posted on this blog or on the EFF website. Mr. Corrado and Mr. Zimmerman, your work in this matter should be applauded. The judge's decision backs the First Amendment and the rights that this nation was founded upon. The two of you represent the type of attorney I would like to become.

Carson Park Ranger said...

"This case is an embarrassment to the town."

An embarrassed citizenry is always the best hope.

Anonymous said...

I have no clue how people like Weeks and McCarthy can sleep at night.

The same can be said about whoever it is who completely forgot their oaths of office who voted to allow these lawyers-run-amok to attempt to hijack the first amendment rights of an individual.

Anonymous said...

After reading the EFF site as well as this one Lawyers Weeks and McCarthy are just plain stupid country bumpkin attorneys.

Anonymous said...

Great Job with your efforts someone has to stand up for the principles this country was founded under.

You should look into why Manalapan Twp. wasted a ton of money hiring someone to plant trees on Route 18 North where trees already existed. They impacted existing trees to plant a huge number of pine trees at a density not recommended for planting. Surely half of them will die. Some landscaped must have needed to decrease his inventory!

Anonymous said...

That's just more corruption. However, Manalapan doesn't border Route 18 so that may have been another town, although the way Manalapan politics is so corrupted you may be right.

Hey Squad, congratulations on your victory. Do us a big favor and keep blogging about these tax and spend politicians who are wasting our money. They can get the newspapers to not write about their actions, but you proved they can't stop you.

Now get Michelle Roth out of office and do everyone in Manalapan a huge favor.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datruthsquad,

Kudos on your victory against these evil letches who dared to trample on the First Amendment and our Founding Fathers.

I used to read the Transcript, but now I just leave it on my driveway and let the garbagemen pick it up. Instead, I read your blog. I've learned I cannot trust anything they print anymore because they twist their stories with bias, like the ones about you and Mr. Moskovitz.

I have learned to trust what I read here. It is obvious that others feel the same way.

I'm so glad you beat them in court, and the EFF web site continues to publish all of the details of a trial they so desperately tried to hide from all of us.

I too am anonymous, and thanks to you and your lawyers I can remain that way without fear of persecution. It's a great thing you did Friday.


Anonymous said...

the funny part about it, is I've heard the township committee people have to go to the EFF site to find out what's going on in this case, because the attorneys we're paying for refuse to let the township committee know what they're doing and won't show them the papers they're filing or the papers filed against them. No one knew that Andrew was being sued by Moskovitz for a violation of the first amendment, until they read the third party complaint on the EFF site -- and that also laid out in detail what Andrew and the attorneys have done the last year behind everyone's back. Good luck trying to run for higher office, Andy. Dream on. lol.

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious. How can the township committee not know what the lawyers they hired are doing. That is completely unethical and they should be reported to the NJ Bar Association. I still believe the entire township committee should be reported to the Monmouth County Prosecutors office for misconduct on how they're spending taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Ricky stated at one of the TC meetings that the case was put into a "black box". I believe this was done so that TC members would not be involved and second guess the hired guns.

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumor that the Gang of 3 and the bumbling township attorney are looking at suing the Judge in yesterday's case. Something about trying to recoup their legal fees because he wouldn't go along with their half baked motion.

Just kidding, but don't laugh. You know it probably crossed at least one of their minds.

Anonymous said...

That's amazing. Klauber's a lawyer and he says the case is in a "black box" so nobody has to know. I think right there is all the proof anyone needs that this case is a sham.

BTW, I didn't realize daTruthSquad now has a protective order against Manalapan. Congratulations Andy Boy (aka: defendant) Michelle (aka: future defendant) and Rickie (aka: masquerading as a lawyer). And don't forget to tip your henchmen (aka: Weeks, McCarthy and Extremely Grande) with taxpayer money on their way out.

BTW, I'm signing as anonymous. Please don't send a subpoena after me. Remember what Jodge Flynn said.

Anonymous said...

Can't trust the free weekly fake paper rag The Snoozer with crappy wannabe so called dopey reporter Kathy ( back page ) Barratta. I get my information here or a real newspaper the Asbury Park Press.

Thanks da Truth squad ! They tried to get you to shut down but the truth prevails. Keep fighting these a-holes.

45 said...

For all those who don't like your style...

According to history, “Benjamin Franklin said Wilkes was ‘an outlaw . . . of bad personal character, not worth a farthing’”


Changing Times Too said...

DaTruth Squad, nice artilce in today's Asbury Park Press by Aleisha Williams Boyd.

The remark by the Honorable Judge Flynn was the highight...

"another chapter in a political battle"

Our taxpayer money is being used to fight the political battle of the Manalapan Democrats against da Mosked Man.

Weeks and McCarthy have to go. Roth Klauber and Lucas the infamous Gang of 3, all eyes are upon you.

Anonymous said...

At least now these politicians who think they can get away with everything because they can control people have one person now they can't control.

DaTruthSquad for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Here are a list of my heroes:

Judge Flynn for seeing through the insanity of so-called lawyers McCarthy & Weeks (dumb and dumber) who tried to remove the First Amendment from our lives, only to be quashed by an intellegent judge.

Matthew Zimmerman and Frank Corrado for being REAL lawyers and standing up for free speech and daTruthsquad.

And, daTruthsquad for standing up to complete loser politicians who care nothing about the people they serve and only about themselves. Keep blogging. When you stopped we missed you and we need you.

And yes - daTruthsquad for mayor!

A concerned monmouth County resident said...

Congratulations Squad.

I have a question I'd like an answer to. I've read and heard that the Manalapan Township committee had no idea their Dream Team as you call them were making this a First Amendment case. I also read your blog where the township attorney said she is not paid to oversee this case.

If all this is true, then how can they be spending taxpayer money on this? Also, is there a cover up being done by the township committee or the lawyers as to the real reason behind this lawsuit?

I'd appreciate a response.

Anonymous said...

The word could be conspiracy not only a cover-up by certain attorneys and politicians. Now they are all claiming no one knew nothing but taxpayer money is being spent like water. Something stinks in Manalapan. I'm hopeful the truth squad will uncover these scumbags and put them behind bars where they belong. Go truth squad go !!! Save Monmouth and Manalapan from these creeps.

Terri in manalapan, nj said...

I saw you have an update coming on more fraud in Manalapan.

I can't wait to see it. I hope Chris Christie reads this blog so he can see how our elected officials are ripping us off.

Anonymous said...

From what I read, the defendants motion for sanctions was denied by the court (no reason given). WIll the court have to explain at some point why and can the defendant refile?

Additionally, since EFF's motions for sactions etc have not been filed, are they still viable given the latest decision of the court?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe in the Asbury Park Press story it said it was because the judge didn't want to infringe on anyone's first amendment rights that the subpena was thrown out.

I also read the actual judges decision. It's amazing how the Squad was able to have that on this blog. It also mentioned a Rogatory letter. I don't know what that is but he also tossed that too, I guess for the same reason.

I would also expectthis isn't over by a long shot. I think this Dream Team hasn't heard the end from datruthsquad or their lawyer.