Sunday, December 16, 2007

You’re Paying Da Money – So You Don’t Need To Know

That doesn’t sound right, does it? But if you are a paid, supposed public servant member of da Manalapan Township Committee, that is exactly what is happening, according to what has been said in a November 28th, 2007 Manalapan Township Committee meeting!

As you are already aware, when asked by a town resident if a 5th attorney would needed to be added to da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, da answers from Manalapan Township Attorney / soon-to-be State Assemblywoman Carolina MachoGrande surprised some, shocked many, and is now da fodder of conversation about stripping da First Amendment in North America, Europe, and even Japan!

In this meeting we learned that anyone with an opinion may be an “anonymous bomb thrower,” da governing body bringing da First Amendment case “wouldn’t know why those actions are being taken,” and person paid to legally guide those bringing da case said “You don’t pay me to monitor this case.”

Hmmm, smells like fish. Is something fishy here? Here’s da proof.

MachoGrande Shock Quote#1

“As far as any actions being taken against any outside parties in this litigation, this board (Township Committee) wouldn’t know why those actions are being taken, nor would I because I’m not involved in da case.”

OK, so you have a legal problem, you hire a lawyer, and you don’t even ask one question about da case YOU are bringing? Here she’s saying that even though da case is “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” da 5 members of da township committee, da ones that voted to pursue this matter, “wouldn’t know why those actions are being taken?” Don’t they have da right to know what da lawyers they appointed and are paying for are doing on behalf of da town they serve?

And, in case anyone’s forgotten, it’s “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” This means over 34,000 people are bringing this lawsuit against one Mosked man, in addition to challenging da First Amendment of da Constitution! Is this truly a scenario of “Hear no evil, see no evil, and looking evil?”

MachoGrande Shock Quote#2

"Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

DaTruthSquad is glad that the 12th District’s soon-to-be State Assemblywoman is heading to Trenton “fairly certain” what our founding fathers were thinking over 200 years ago. If you drive past Monmouth Battlefield at night and you think you hear moaning, that’s da sound of patriotic soldiers who fought for our freedoms sick to their stomachs at da thought of losing one of our most important ones.

As for “anonymous bomb throwing,” consult some of your founding fathers like Alexander Hamilton and John Jay who wrote da Federalist Papers using anonymous names. How do you think we were able to have da Constitution ratified? Other “bomb throwers” of that day included James Madison & Benjamin Frankin. If da Manalapan Legal Dream Team were around back then, would Ben Frankin and da man on da $10 dollar bill be handed a subpoena?

MachoGrande Shock Quote#3

“There is nobody more motivated than an attorney working on a contingency fee.”

Does that mean any attorney being paid for their work by da hour is a slacker? Should we not trust da attorney who gets paid hourly and not at da end? According to da now-famous “Rosman Editorial,” Manalapan Legal Dream Team members Daniel McCarthy, MachoGrande, and Robert Renaud are hourly lawyers. Are they not as “motivated?” If Manalapan loses da case, can we expect blame to go to lawyers who “weren’t as motivated?”

MachoGrande Shock Quote#4

“You don’t know when someone’s operating on you why da surgeon’s making da incisions where he is or what his choices are there.”

Let’s try this analogy, ”OK Mr. Smith. There may be a problem with your heart, or maybe your liver. I’m not playing golf tomorrow, so we’ll cut you open somewhere and do whatever. There’s no reason you need to know. Just pay the bill when we’re done.”

Remind daTruthSquad NEVER to ask Doctor MachoGrande for medical help.

MachoGrande Shock Quote#5

“You don’t pay me to monitor this case.”

Hmmm. Manalapan is bringing da legal case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” It’s now da talk of da civilized world. Carolina MachoGrande is da “Manalapan Township attorney.” Who did da Gang of Three go to for legal advice in order to allow them to properly vote on this matter? If they didn’t go to da person Manalapan’s tax dollars are paying for, then whom do da Manalapan Township committee go to for legal advice? Then, what exactly are you being paid for?

MachoGrande Shock Quote#6

“Despite da rumors that 4 attorneys are on da case.”

That specific information came directly from da now-famous “Rosman Editorial.” Is da Snoozepaper’s Mark Rosman spreading rumors? Either Rosman is 100% correct, he lied, or he’s a rumor mongerer. Read his brilliant editorial for yourself.

MachoGrande Shock Quote#7

“You should call your township attorney if you cannot get an answer from the attorney that’s been hired.”

Doesn’t that contradict Shock Quote #5 & #1 - “You don’t pay me to monitor this case,” and “nor would I because I’m not involved in da case.”

Da Quotes of da Meeting, however, did not come from Carolina MachoGrande, or See no evil, hear no evil, or looking evil. It came from Mr. Anthony Gennaro who made more sense in 2 sentences than anything heard in that meeting.

Mr. Anthony Gennaro Quote#1

“My concern is we swore to uphold da Constitution, and da last thing I want to do is challenge someone’s First Amendment rights.”

Bravo - a member of da Manalapan Township Committee who gets it!

Mr. Anthony Gennaro Quote#2

“I can’t contact Mr. Weeks (Manalapan Legal Dream Team member) because when I contact Mr. Weeks he wouldn’t take my phone call.”

So, da lawyer handling da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” wouldn’t take da phone calls of one of da members of da committee that is bringing da lawsuit? There’s Manalapan taxpayer money well spent.

DaTruth is, there were only 2 members of da 5-member Manalapan Township committee asking questions, while da now-infamous Gang of Three remained silent. And, it was Mr. Anthony Gennaro who was intelligent enough to remember da oath he took to uphold. Unlike da Gang of Three, it would seem that his oath did not include da words, “political agenda,” or “of da cronies, by da cronies, and for da cronies.”

And, if you have any question regarding any quote, tune into Manalapan's Channel 77 to watch and hear each word said.

Even better news – MachoGrande will be making da state’s laws as da newest State Assemblywoman starting next month! Will da First Amendment be da 1st law repealed?

And that’s daTruth.