Thursday, December 13, 2007


In da latest events regarding “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” it is now da Mosked Man himself that has fired da latest salvo and da targets are not just 2 of da 4 members of “Manalapan’s Legal Dream Team” who could potentially face sanctions for their actions.

According to court papers filed by da Mosked Man, an individual with intimate knowledge of matters in this case and with a central role in voting to approve da case is current Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy. And, if all of da Mosked Man’s allegations are proved, then Mayor Andy Boy might need an attorney of his own to fight these allegations!

Here’s da story (but don't expect back Page Barratta to have it):

On December 11, da Mosked Man entered a court document entitled “Defendant’s Answer and Third Party Complaint.” In it, da Mosked Man makes shocking allegations, that if true, could in fact show what da Mosked man has alleged all along, that “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” may be nothing more than a political vendetta being waged by bitter enemies and being paid for by – you da taxpayer!

In his latest legal brief, da Mosked Man calls into question da purchase of da Dreyer Patch, citing da town apparently knew full well of da oil tank on da property, yet they still wanted to purchase it.

5. “Previously, in 2004, the Plaintiff was fully aware that the property had an underground storage tank that had been in service on the property, together with an above ground storage tank used in 2004 by the property owner. Despite this knowledge, Plaintiff (Manalapan) proceeded to agree to end a litigation with the owner of the property that had commenced in 2003, to avoid further litigation costs. Said settlement mandated that the Township obtain the property without regard to conditions or the underground storage tank of which they had full knowledge.”

10. The same Township Engineer who served as Township Engineer in 2004, and who served as Township Engineer in 2006 and 2007, continued through 2005 to serve on many matters on which he had been involved prior to 2005, including numerous matters on which Defendant worked as Township Attorney.

11. At no time did that professional ever indicate that there was a problem with the property which the Township was obligated to obtain due to the 2004 order

That “Township Engineer” has been identified in court records as being Greg Valesi, da current Manalapan Township engineer. If you think da story ends here, you’re in for a big surprise.

Da Mosked Man claims he had a meeting with then-township administrator Alayne Shepler and Phil Del Turco, da town CFO, and according to da Mosked Man, “neither expressed any reservations about proceeding with da closing.”

Shortly after that meeting, da Mosked Man allegedly received da following email from Committeeman Andy Boy, “Stu: I just wanted to tell you what a great job you’ve been doing at the meetings. You’ve been extremely professional and have made us look
brilliant for your appointment. Thanks again, Andrew.”

Question – Why would Andy Boy send such a complimentary email to da Mosked man if he had done something so heinously wrong as he claims now?

A Major Development -- Fast-forward to 2006, when according to da Mosked Man it is alleged both he and Andy Boy were told by then-township attorney and hand-picked selection by da Queen, “Conflict-of-Interest” Kinneally “there was no sustainable action against da Mosked Man for legal malpractice given the facts of this case.”

This means if true, an attorney under employ of Manalapan at da time believed there was no case!

Subsequently, Kinneally was not retained after December 31, 2006, and da Mosked man alleges he was told not to report to a township committee meeting in December 2006. If his decision about da Mosked Man was a factor, it is unknown.

Then, according to da Mosked Man, enter Daniel McCarthy, a lawyer from Union County who da Mosked Man claims has ties with Norman Kauff, a former Manalapan Township attorney with an alleged grudge against da Mosked man.

Da Mosked man alleges Kauff, “chose not to attend any meetings, presumably to avoid the confrontation with Defendant over his competence and billing. Nonetheless, he continued to receive a salary for attending meetings he never attended, adding to his pension, and consequently defrauding the state pension system.”

However, da Mosked man says Kauff “chose not to attend any meetings, presumably to avoid the confrontation with Defendant over his competence and billing. Nonetheless, he continued to receive a salary for attending meetings he never attended, adding to his pension, and consequently defrauding the state pension system.” Kauff would eventually resign.

Da Mosked Man also alleges that current “Manalapan Legal Dream Team” member McCarthy “has obtained numerous political appointments through Mr. Kauff, including appointments in Manalapan as Planning Board attorney and as special counsel. In December, 2006, Mr. McCarthy advised the township committee to take steps against Defendant resulting in this litigation.”

Of course, this is at da same time that township attorney Kinneally allegedly told da Mosked man he had da facts on HIS side!

But wait, it gets better!

“In February, at Mr. McCarthy’s recommendation, the Plaintiff hired attorney David R. Weeks, the zoning board attorney in Mr. McCarthy’s business location of Cranford, New Jersey, an attorney specializing in medical malpractice, to handle this litigation.”

Why have a lawyer specializing in medical malpractice to be da “point man” in a land case?

Da Mosked man detailed how it was Mayor Andy Boy who allegedly “arranged for himself and Susan Cohen to have separate campaign funds,” showing both Republicans would not run together, which became fact during the 2007 election.

In what may be another damning example of town leaders ignoring da Constitution of da USA, da Mosked Man alleges, “Mr. Lucas then conspired with Mr. McCarthy both in papers submitted to this Court and in demands made at Township Committee meetings, that Mrs. Cohen have no communication with Defendant whatsoever, a demand that would be unconstitutional even if a political campaign were not involved. For a significant period, Mrs. Cohen complied with that demand, under threat by Mr. Lucas and Mr. McCarthy of expulsion from the Township Committee proceedings.”

Have any of these people ever heard of da Constitution??

Da Mosked Man claims directly his First Amendment rights were violated, saying, “Andrew Lucas acted in concert with other municipal officials to deprive Defendant of his first amendment right to participate in the political process for the candidate of his choice.”

Da Mosked man continues, “Andrew Lucas, at taxpayer expense, deprived Defendant of his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights when he, under color of state law, and in conspiracy with other officials of Plaintiff, commenced this litigation and demanded that he immediately cease communication with Committeewoman Susan Cohen. Such actions by Mr. Lucas amount to willful fraud, malice or misconduct, precluding the Township from defending him in this matter pursuant to its own ordinance.”

DaTruth is, da more one reads all of da legal papers submitted by all of da legal eagles, and all available on da EFF website, you have to ask yourself:

1. Why is a medical malpractice attorney heading up da “Manalapan Legal Dream Team” for a land case, and why do 3 of da 4 lawyers hail from Union County?
2. What in da world does a blogger have to do with this “land case?”
3. What kind of trouble can Dream Teamer McCarthy get into if it’s proven that da Mosked man isn’t daTruthSquad? (more on that upcoming)
4. Does Mayor Andy Boy need a lawyer?
5. How much money has Manalapan spent on da case thus far?
6. How much will it cost to clean up da Dreyer Patch - $18,000 or $115,000?
7. What does Norman Kauff really have to do with this?

DaTruthSquad would like to remind all da TruthTellers you are cordially invited to attend da December 21 court date in Freehold. You’ll be able to watch Manalapan’s Legal Dream Team in action. And, you can wear your “I am daTruthSquad” T-shirts!

DaTruth is, this case isn’t going away. Da Mosked man has apparently dug in his heels. Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team will fight to da end, and daTruthSquad will be your guide to all da facts without da fiction.

Remember, Manalapan Dream Team attorney / state Assemblywoman-elect Carolina MachoGrande tipped her Dream Team’s hand when she said, "There is no one more motivated than an attorney working on a contingency basis (Weeks)."

Remember what she also said - and a tape of that meeting was smuggled out of Manalapan to prove it: "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Da founding fathers are rolling over in their graves after hearing that one. And that’s daTruth.