Sunday, December 2, 2007

Part 3 - Da Fleecing of Manalapan - Lawyer Loopholes

BREAKING NEWS: DaTruthSquad has learned of a STUNNING NEW TWIST in da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" that will have MAJOR IMPLICATIONS! Stay tuned to daTruthSquad for further developments COMING SOON!

Question: Is "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" a legal malpractice case about a land deal gone bad, or an attempt by 3 members of da Manalapan Township Committee to circumvent da First Amendment of the Constitution by using taxpayer money to send 4 attack-lawyers against an anonymous blogger with a bevy of TruthTellers?

In da local Snoozepaper's Back Page Barratta stories entitled, Judge: Manalapan's case vs. Moskovitz may proceed; Judge denies attorney's request to dismiss case; Township seeks damages from atty. on land deal; and Attorney waits for answer from insurance company, each story talks about da hard times facing da Mosked man, but never once mentions daTruthSquad or da town's attempt to surgically remove da First Amendment from da Constitution.

Now, it would appear that Back Page clearly makes no mention of daTruthSquad in any of these Snoozepaper reports.

However, read other accounts, including from many other great bloggers through North America and you see there's more to da case than just a land deal gone bad.

Let’s take a look at 1 of these 4 legal minds.

First, gracias goes out to our newest honorary TruthTeller, a blogger named Joey Novick and his Politics Unusual blog that brings up a vital point that nobody, until now, has touched upon.

In da Politics Unusual blog he asks da million dollar question, “Oy! What were they thinking? And who is their town attorney? He/she should know better, too.”

TruthTeller Joey, that answer will truly shock you. Da Manalapan Township attorney is one Carolina MachoGrande, whose new taxpayer-funded job next year will be as da State Assemblywoman of da 12th District!

That's right - Carolina will be heading to Trenton to represent us “For All Da People.” I hope she has a good GPS unit to be able to find Trenton.

I did a little looking into da background of da brand-new Assemblywoman-elect.

Apparently, when serving da students at Penn State, she managed to miss one very important meeting, as this editorial stated:

While University Park students may be upset about these (tuition) increases, they can rest assured that the board would have heard their concerns -- if Undergraduate Student Government President Caroline Casagrande could have been bothered to show up at the meeting.”

And, then there’s her Penn State platform.

So much for that state funding to not dramatically increase tuitions & fees.

In case anyone forgot, I checked Wikipedia and found da definition of “attorney.”

“By contrast an attorney-at-law, or lawyer, is a person trained and licensed by a relevant jurisdiction to practice law by representing clients in legal matters and giving legal advice. Practicing law includes interviewing a client to identify the legal question, analyzing the question, researching relevant law, devising legal solutions to problems, and executing such solutions.”

In Manalapan, that job to represent da best interests of da town, giving da town leaders legal advice, identifying da legal questions, analyzing those questions, researching da law, and devising da legal solutions belongs squarely on da shoulders of taxpayer-paid Carolina MachoGrande.

Questions to ponder:

Who is da person who advised da Gang of Three they must legally pursue this matter?

Who is da person who advised da Gang of Three they will need 3 other lawyers to pursue da matter?

Who is da person who recommended bringing in Daniel McCarthy, David Weeks, and Robert Renaud?

Who is da person who told da Gang of Three it would be perfectly within da law to unmask a blogger in da guise of a land deal gone bad lawsuit?

If a potential lawsuit is considered frivolous, whose responsibility is it to tell da Township Committee?

Who is supposed to represent every man, woman, and child of Manalapan in da legal capacity of Township Attorney, and look out for all da people’s best interest – not just da Gang of Three?

Three more questions to ponder:

Is it possible da answers to some or all of these questions is Carolina MachoGrande?

Exactly how much has Carolina MachoGrande billed da town for her direct legal services in da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man?”

How much, up to this point, have any of da other lawyers billed Manalapan’s taxpayers?

DaTruth is, hypothetically speaking, if a judge were to toss this case out of court, Manalapan taxpayers would have footed da bill for months of legal wrangling on what was supposed to be a legal malpractice case regarding a former Township Attorney. Why then would one of da 4 – count ‘em – 4 lawyers under Manalapan employ using YOUR tax dollars decide in one legal brief that on 18 occasions da defendant was daTruthSquad bears questioning.

Maybe someone, either from da newspaper, Snoozepaper, or a TruthTeller should ask these questions at an upcoming Manalapan Township Committee meeting?

In a Manalapan Township Committee meeting on November 28, in response to a question brought by a resident da Manalapan Township attorney responded, "This board (Manalapan Township Committe) does not know ... the action being taken." Does this mean that the Manalapan Township Committee is not being advised how their tax dollars are being spent?

In addition, one committee member, Mr. Anthony Gennaro, told da township attorney that when he tried to call one of the attorneys, "Weeks (da attorney in question) wouldn't take my call."

Thomas Hobbes once said, "True and False are attributes of speech, not of things. And where speech is not there is neither Truth nor Falsehood."

DaTruth is, it's YOUR money. You have da 1000% right to know exactly how your tax dollars are being spent, whether it's on a land deal or a soon-to-be landmark First Amendment case.

Kudos to da TruthTeller, someone daTruthSquad will not name since that person is not a public official, for asking that question during da town meeting. And that's daTruth.