Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Get Your "I am daTruthSquad" T-Shirts!

Extra-Extra-Read-All-About-It!!!! I am daTruthSquad T-Shirts Available Now!

DaTruthSquad has heard from people around da world outraged at those who desire to rid their town of Freedom of Speech. One company has made official "I am daTruthSquad" T-Shirts available to promote what Manalapan Township, NJ is attempting to remove - da First Amendment rights of individuals.

DaTruthSquad & da EFF will not see one penny from this, but a part of da proceeds will go to da First Amendment Project and its efforts to protect free speech rights in both the online and offline world.

They're great shirts - wear one to a Manalapan Township meeting, they're a great stocking stuffer, and most important, you can buy one to show you are daTruthSquad, a person who'll stand up for the right of Free Speech, something some politicials would like to remove from da liberties we share.