Monday, December 31, 2007

A Twilight Zone of 2007

It started out in Monmouth County last November when Andy Boy Lucas shocked da GOP’er establishment by becoming da first Monmouth County Freeloader candidate in over 20 years to lose an election.

And that may have been da lynchpin for things to come. Where's Rod Serling smoking a cigarette in the corner when you need him?

After da Lucas loss, daTruthSquad began blogging about a rift first uncovered by da TruthTellers between Lucas and then-Committeeman Joltin Joe Locricchio. Joltin Joe wanted to be mayor and run for higher office. Lucas it appears just wanted to win something.

DaTruthSquad got wind of a potential blockbuster backroom deal between Democrats and Lucas. Da deal, according to da TruthTellers had both Democrats, including da Queen voting for Lucas to make him mayor. In turn, a number of key appointments made by da GOP’er mayor would be handed to Democrats.

At Re-Org Day, da backroom plan apparently went like clockwork. Lucas, with 2 Democrat votes became Boy Mayor. In return, he spurned his former running mate Joltin Joe and sided with Michelle Roth as his deputy. Democrats took a majority of appointments, including da WMUA which just last year was raided by da FBI in Abate-Gate.

It was a “Gray” day indeed in Manalapan. An unknown named Carolina MachoGrande was named township attorney. She would later run for State Assembly, listing as her main accomplishments being a fundraiser for da Lucas Freeloader campaign.

Question, what is da definition of pay-to-play?

Joltin Joe decided to run for State Senate. However, with GOP’er leader Adam Pu-Pu at da helm and a new “vetting” process in place, both Joe and Little Anna were cut out of da party line, which was instead given to hand-picked candidates.

Soon after, daTruthSquad emerged with word of a potential conflict-of-interest with Pu-Pu’s job with da Feds. Pu-Pu would later leave his $92,000 a year + benefits Fed job.

In March, daTruthSquad marked da 1 year anniversary of da now-infamous “Because I Hate Italians” comment by da husband of Manalapan’s deputy mayor. Word first came to light from this blog. Despite denials it even happened, a Rosman mea-culpa, and da Snoozer editor writing daTruthSquad “tortures the language with the gusto of a psychopath pulling the wings off flies,” all da while newspapers, radio, and TV stations invaded Manalapan like locusts and finally a pseudo-apology emerged.

Meantime, in Manalapan a plan was being hatched. Contamination was found on da Dreyer Patch. Da land was purchased after years of haggling by Manalapan through a court order forcing da town to buy it. Da now-famous Mosked man, township attorney at da time brought in by Lucas and not liked by Roth “drew” up da agreement.

Drew “Da King” Shapiro, who decided not to run for reelection last year, as he said, to spend time with his family, apparently spent so much time with his family he not only decided to run for election, he sued to evict his 78-year old father and take over da family business. He also made headlines when a “King Investigation” uncovered da contamination at da Dreyer Patch and pinned da blame squarely on da Mosked man. It was decided by da Township Committee they would file a lawsuit to go after da Mosked man.

Enter da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, consisting of Township Attorney / Candidate for State Assembly Carolina MachoGrande and 3 lawyers from distant Union County. Da “land-deal-gone-bad” lawsuit was filed with 4 lawyers taking aim at da Mosked man.

During this time, Joltin Joe’s health became an issue and he resigned from da Manalapan Township Committee and from his indie State Senate run. He was replaced by Susan Cohen, a very likable person who had one minor character flaw to some – she was friends with da Mosked man.

At this time, da “land-deal-gone-bad” lawsuit took a very bizarre turn in da summer. Court papers stopped talking about real estate and began talking about what they believe was “Da Mosked man’s blog.” That blog, it turns out, as da Dream team believes for some strange reason, is this blog.

DaTruthSquad took a brief summer vacation, and decided to stay on vacation a little longer after receiving a subpoena from Google demanding a myriad of info on daTruthSquad. DaTruthSquad could not continue blogging until proper legalities and safeguards were put into place.

Of course, while daTruthSquad was getting a tan, da King was getting his hide tanned by da 78-year old man he tried to evict – his own father – and by da lawyer his father hired to protect him from his own son – da Mosked man!

Ironically, after headline coverage of da Shapiro vs Shapiro trial when things were good for da younger Shapiro, da Snoozepaper hasn’t reported on that one much lately.

In da fall, GOP’ers Mayor Andy Boy and Susan Cohen ran separate campaigns, yet managed to beat da parent-evicting King, who was also not faring well in his case against his dad & da Mosked man.

It was also at this same time Snoozepaper editor Mark Rosman wrote da now-famous "Rosman Editorial," maybe da best & only good piece of information given to us by da Snoozepaper all year! In it, Rosman questioned da case but also exposed da Manalapan Legal Dream Team and detailed how much they were being paid by da Manalapan Township Committee for their "services rendered."

It was during this time daTruthSquad must say that thoughts of leaving da blogisphere were dancing in daTruthSquad’s head. However, daTruthSquad’s Brooklyn roots took hold, and only a “BaconHead” would allow people who dared to do away with da First Amendment of da Constitution and dare stop daTruthSquad from telling daTruth.

DaTruthSquad, realizing this was a severe invasion of privacy and a First Amendment nightmare that could have horrific implications for First Amendment rights nationwide, turned to da Electronic Frontier Foundation, a legal organization specializing in First Amendment issues.

DaTruthSquad decided not to let a Dream Team nightmare win. On Friday, November 16, realizing wrong cannot defeat daTruth, daTruthSquad returned with a purpose and resolve like never before.

DaTruthSquad began discussing in detail Manalapan’s Trial of Da Century. Da Dream Team and da Manalapan Gang of Three (see no evil, hear no evil, and looking evil) didn’t realize it, but their attempts of keeping details of da case under wraps was about to take an eye-opening turn.

Soon after daTruthSquad’s re-emergence, info on da case traveled through cyberspace faster than da speed of light. Bloggers in Canada, across Europe, Japan, and throughout da USA were talking about da case where every legal brief and legal letter were available to be viewed on da EFF website.

Then da case became even more bizarre when Carolina MachoGrande, responsing to a question during a Town Hall meeting about da case began firing “Shock Quotes,” including her now-famous, "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Da Newark Star Ledger chimed in with an amazing & scathing editorial about da local government of Manalapan running amok.

Da EFF gave every possible opportunity for da Manalapan Legal Dream Team to focus on da terra firma and not on da First Amendment. Their last reply, saying da EFF was making “time-wasting, unproductive, and unprofessional threats” is an absolute must-read on how YOUR TAX DOLLARS are being spent.

On December 21, da Dream Team met da Mosked Man and da EFF in Monmouth Superior Court. Read for yourself how YOUR TAX DOLLARS were spent.

As we close 2007 and enter 2008, Manalapan will usher in a new era with Mayor Michelle Roth ascending to da throne, as daTruthSquad has heard from multiple sources. Those sources confirm da deciding vote will be none other than Andy Boy. Remember da backroom deal?

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad, da Mosked Man, da First Amendment, and da people of Manalapan and da USA dodged a big bullet here. Da Dream Team actually made da attempt to circumvent da laws and da Constitution to out a blogger who didn’t goosestep to their benefactor’s marching orders. It would have been worse, since it would have even put commentors on web & blog sites at risk for da same Taxpayer-funded treatment. We all owe da EFF more than we know.

2008 should be a very interesting year. Mayor Roth running Manalapan? Da Monmouth GOP and a potential battle for leadership? “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” Trenton & Corzine? Da presidentiasl election? Maybe da “BaconHead” of Da Week makes a comeback?

One thing is for certain – thanks to da Dream Team, the daTruthSquad blog is now known worldwide with hundreds of page views every day. Thanks to da EFF, da First Amendment is a little safer “for all da people.”

And sorry Bozo Bean, but that “nice, steep cliff” you wouldn’t mind seeing daTruthSquad drive off will have to wait another day. Da Cadillac is a nice thought, but I’m partial to da Mercedes.

DaTruthSquad is back, and better than ever – and that is da truth of 2007.


Anonymous said...

How come there's no mention of the fact that "Joltin" Joe," after failing to change Manalapan's form of government and his failure to launch himself into the state government using Manalapan and the 12th District as a launching pad, no longer lives in Manalapan.

It was former mayor George Spokak who made the point that Locricchio wasn't invested in the town and could/would pick up and leave with a turn of his fortune.

Talk about an inconvenient truth.I could see where you wouldn't want to mention that!

Anonymous said...

There was also no mention of the number of times the Green Meat king went to town hall to make a complete a$$ of himself to mock the Mosked one so his rants could be heard on Ch.77.

Manalapan Sam said...

This was a great timeline. Unfortunately there were a few items left out, but I would suspect if they all were added, this blog would have been as long as War & Peace. Seems like most of the important things were noted.

Anonymous said...

I moved out of New Jersey a year ago and live in another continent. I moved out of New Jersey because it is a cesspool of corruption. New Jersey is one of the richest states in the United States (top 5) in terms of revenue production (i.e., highest property taxes, road tolls everywhere, casino revenue, 7% sales tax, luxury taxes and taxes on everything including a death tax of $35 that your estate must pay when you die). New Jersey is a state that sodomizes its residents while they are alive and now aparently when they are dead. Yet Gov. Corzine can't balance the budget because there are too many pigs that must be fed at the troughs. I guess when you die, it doesn't matter if your corpse is upside down because the New Jersey legislature and Gov. "Do as I say not as I do when it comes to driving 95 mph on the turnpike with no seatbelt" Corzine works hard at sodomizing rectums. Now this story from Manalapan. I have read every pleading in the attack against the first amendment and I think the attorneys comprising the so called "legal dream team" should be disbarred or at least suspended. What happened to the oath of becoming an attorney where you swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution? Apparently, attorneys Weeks, McCarthy, MachoGrande, and the lackey associate at the Weeks firm apparently forgot to uphold their oath to the U.S. Constitution for the almighty buck. These "attorneys" in my opinion are traitors to the nation and someone should file a complaint against these attorneys with the New Jersey Supreme Court ethics committee. Their behavior is dispicable and gives the legal profession a black eye.
Now as to the government of Manalapan, all I can say is this. Christopher Christie, I applaud you for going after corrupt government officials. I am not stupid. You obvioulsy aspire to higher office and have elected to follow the Guliani and Spitzer paradigm as to getting elected. Gov. Christie has a nice ring. I guarantee if you investigate and go after the corrupt township officials in Manalapan, no one will forget your name come election time. 2008 could be your year Mr. Christie. Get your office involved now.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust the Monmouth County Prosecutor's office to do the job here. As a Tinton Falls resident I can tell you Manalapan isn't alone when it comes to corrupt government officials.

The last comment is right on. Chris Christie isn't in anyone's pocket and someone outside of this cesspool must come in and clean it up. If I were a Manalapan resident (and I thank God everyday I'm not) I wouldn't just be demanding Christie to investigate Manalapan. I'd spring for a limo to bring him there!

Anonymous said...

If Christie needs a limo, have him call Andy Boy. I'm sure the one that took Andy and the developer to Trenton is available.

Anonymous said...

This was posted on Since these comments have a mysterious way of being deleted, I thought it prudent to copy them here since messages don't get deleted here if certain former members of the township committee don't like them.

2494.1.1. Apparently Drew doesn't have anything
by Dadevictor, 1/1/08 13:11 ET
Re: From the archives of da truth squad..... by susieq, 1/1/08
to do on New Years Day, either. After posting this nonsense, he had the forum administrator delete the comment that pointed out that if Stu had put in the language Drew is claiming should have been put in there, it would have cost the township the $250,000 in lost grant money because they would have been required by the Court Order OBTAINED WHEN DREW WAS MAYOR to condemn the property, rather than buy it.

Click to view these responses
You make a good point by glinda27, 1/1/08

2494.1.1.1. You make a good point
by glinda27, 1/1/08 13:17 ET
Re: From the archives of da truth squad..... by susieq, 1/1/08
Actually Drew wasn't the mayor that year, but he was on the township committee, as was Michelle Roth and Gerry Ward's wife. The three of them were the majority that approved the settlement which the court signed as an order that required the township to take the property regardless of the oil tank they all knew about in 2004. Under the court order, if the township hadn't purchased the property in 2005, they would have had to condemn it, Green Acres would not have contributed their $250,000 for the condemnation, and the township would have spent $250,000 more to buy the property they were required by Drew's court order to buy. How much is the remediation again? $15,000? When the contract Stu wrote saved them $250,000? That kind of thinking certainly DOES explain Shapiro's $1.7 million dollar deficit in 2006, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Smart move, whoever the last poster was who copied the messages here. Drew, Michelle, Andy Boy and their cronies can't erase these.

Anonymous said...

da truth squad for Mayor ! If not then Tony Gennaro has to run again. He is the one with the moral compass and intelligence to save Manalapan.

Tony please please run again with a strong candidate by your side to push out the slime jerks that now has the majority. Tony can save us from Deputy dog Michelle Roth who's husband Larry said I hate Italians.

Anonymous said...

Tony, don't quit on us. You and Susan are the only ones up there not beholden to the special interests that are bleeding Manalapan dry.

Anonymous said...

What is going to be in Manalapan?

Will Roth get the chair and be the Queen as she desperately wants?


Will Lucas be the 1st Mayor in 40 years to serve 2 consecutive terms?

Will Gennaro finally be recognized by the Gang of 4, maybe evening making him Deputy Mayor?

We will all know very soon.

Anonymous said...

Da truth squad may have made her first mistake!

Andy boy who sold out every running mate he ever had, the Republican party in Manalapan, the Republican party in Monmouth county, his attorney friend who got him elected, making deals with the democrats will be selling them out to be mayor again. He is an ego maniac wanting to eclipse the legacy of Gray skies!

Your 2008 mayor is Andy, Benedict Arnold, Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terri said...

I think you're wrong.

Benedict Andy Boy has no friends in Susan or Tony, so he has no votes from them.

Queen Roth wants to stroke her ego and be mayor, and Klauber will do anything she tells him to.

And Andy Boy owes her big time. So I think our Lady TruthSquad is still right, at least so far.