Friday, December 7, 2007

Manalapan's "Secret" Becomes Worldwide Spectacle

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Is it possible contaminated soil cleanup costs can skyrocket 600%????? Stand-by! DaTruth will be revealed!

A special message from daTruthSquad: I want to thank all da TruthTellers for making this blog one of the most-viewed. DaTruthSquad is now averaging about 800 views per day! In addition, thanks to you, da story that certain politicians tried to sweep under da rug is now being played out to a worldwide audience! How does daTruthSquad know this --- read further.

It's a story you've probably heard thousands of times. Three small town politicians aren't happy about what a blogger who discovers what they're really up to writes about their political activities. They hatch a plan to sue da former lawyer about a land-deal-gone-bad, but in da same process go after da blogger too, as court papers filed by da Manalapan legal dream team show da blogger and da former lawyer are one-in-da-same.

They have 4 dream-team lawyers involved in da case, including da town's attorney/soon-to-be state Assemblywoman who should give any parent of a kid in law school cause for serious concern when she said, "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Months ago when da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" began, all of da early court papers had no mention of daTruthSquad. Then, enter special attorney Daniel McCarthy, who laced a legal brief with numerous direct references to daTruthSquad, and all of a sudden da case of da land-deal-gone-bad and legal malpractice against da Mosked man took a decidedly different look.

Well, look at this case now.

"Motivated" attorney David Weeks, hired by Manalapan on a contingency fee, sent a civil subpoena to Google in California for a trainload of information about daTruthSquad. So, daTruthSquad began to think: Why would a governmental body want to know who little-old daTruthSquad is? Why do the politicians need to know? Did da British sue to find out who da pamphleteers were? Is this subpoena even enforceable? Is this fair? Is this right?

Apparently daTruthSquad isn't alone.

Since news first broke just a few weeks ago of what da politicians of one small town in New Jersey want to do with YOUR money da word has spread around da world! So let's take a look at a story about a small New Jersey town now on a worldwide stage.

Thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a case that was closed to even da taxpaying citizens who are footing da bill because 3 members of da Manalapan Township Committee voted to fund it, you can read every legal brief and correspondence into a case that is now fascinating da world.

And, you da people can read what da world is saying....

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In Cyberland, there's da great site called Slashdot "News for Nerds - Stuff that Matters" which may have been da catalyst for sending this story around da world faster than da speed of light:

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And daTruthSquad wasn't kidding. Yes, even outside North America:

In Europe, Germans and Austrians among others are reading about it on Subnet:

In Italian:

For this one, you need to speak Italian!

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DaTruth is, Manalapan is being watched around da world for what it is attempting to do! By a using "motivated" lawyer, and another 3 being paid by da hour, they want to unmask an anonymous blogger who wrote about their political activities. If they succeed, da First Amendment of da Constitution will be forever changed, and those who speak out against politicians could potentially find themselves at da receiving end of frivolous lawsuits.

Remember, as Manalapan Township Attorney & soon-to-be State Assemblywoman Carolina MachoGrande is quoted as saying, "There is no one more motivated than an attorney working on a contingency fee."

By da way, MachoGrande also said this: "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Da story continues, but now for an audience around da world. And that's DaTruth.