Thursday, December 27, 2007

Watching YOUR Taxpayer $$$$ - NOBODY!

First, daTruthSquad would like to congratulate da Queen who daTruthSquad hears will be voted mayor in Manalapan on January 2, and da recently-named-in-da-land-deal-lawsuit Andy Boy as Deputy Mayor – that is – if da backroom deal is still in effect.

Now, to YOUR money -

Recently someone left a comment on this blog, asking how was it possible the Manalapan Township Committee didn’t know what their own hired lawyers, da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, were doing and da role of Township attorney Carolina MachoGrande and if there was a “cover-up?”

DaTruthSquad embarked on an investigation, and while a “cover-up” is a broad statement, da question of “who is watching da store” kept on popping up, as well as da implications & ramifications of some individual’s actions.

What daTruthSquad’s investigation uncovered was a Township Attorney who is “not paid” to monitor the case da Township is bringing, a Township Committee that gets its info on the case “from newspapers and the Internet,” a lawyer hired by Manalapan Township’s government who “could not even tell him (the Judge) the names of all the people who are on the governing body,” despite da fact of the evidence of da Township Committee that voted specifically for him!

Here are da possible hypothetical scenarios…

Scenario 1: Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team never kept da Township Committee informed.

During daTruthSquad’s 3-month legal battle with Manalapan, daTruthSquad was constantly informed, almost on a daily basis of every iota of this case from legal correspondence between lawyers to briefs entered into court by Matthew Zimmerman, da attorney for da Electronic Frontier Foundation handling this case. I would theorize from daTruthSquad’s experience that an attorney, whether paid by da hour, contingency fee, or pro bono, should be keeping their client or clients informed.

This scenario was confirmed by Dream team attorney David Weeks in court on December 21. Da Snoozepaper writes, “Weeks, who is working on the case on a contingency basis, responded by telling the judge that he took on the case based on what he said were the merits of the initial malpractice claim. Weeks said he is not involved in any Manalapan politics and told the judge he could not even tell him the names of all the people who are on the governing body.”

He takes da case, works on it for 6 months, yet does not know da name of even 1 of da five people who voted to pursue da case and pay his bills?

A look back in time to May 23 shows da Snoozepaper reported that da Manalapan Township Committee specifically voted to have Weeks and his law firm involved in da case!

"A Township Committee resolution hiring Ruprecht, Hart, Weeks states that the firm was retained to represent Manalapan "... with respect to the client's claim for damages suffered as a result of professional negligence in connection with real estate purchases by the township in 2005."

Chris Christie, are you getting this?

Scenario 2: Da Manalapan Township Committee have no clue as to da events of a lawsuit that da mayor says is “costing in excess of $100,000."

In da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” serious questions have emerged regarding da members of da Manalapan Township Committee being informed of da case they voted on.

Why did Mr. Anthony Gennaro claim on November 28 during a meeting that he had to get his information about this case from “newspapers and the internet?”

His response to a statement by Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande clearly creates speculation that either all da members of da Manalapan Township Committee were being kept in da dark, or he was specifically not being given information about this case.

Either way, it gives a clear impression there was no internal discussions regarding this case taking place by all members of da Manalapan Township Committee, and since they signed off on all bills to da Dream Team and voted to pursue this lawsuit, one could potentially raise da “ethical” red flag, and if so, then who is responsible?

Scenario 3: Da Manalapan Township Attorney did not keep da politicians updated.

Evidence in her own words shows in da November 28 meeting, Township attorney and soon-to-be Assemblywoman Carolina MachoGrande’s Shock Quote #6, “You don’t pay me to monitor this case.” Here she clearly admits since she is not “paid” to monitor the case, which one can assume means it was not her job to inform da Township leaders of the direction of da case, which as we all know skewed violently from a land-deal-gone-bad to a landmark First Amendment case.

This scenario is likely, because in da same meeting, Township Committeeman Mr. Anthony Gennaro is quoted as saying, “I can’t contact Mr. Weeks (Manalapan Legal Dream Team member) because when I contact Mr. Weeks he wouldn’t take my phone call.”

Why would Mr. Gennaro have to contact da Dream Team’s Weeks if he was actually being informed? That begs da question, if it wasn’t da job of da township attorney to inform da township committee – then who’s job is it?

I’m sure a forensic accounting of MachoGrande’s legal bills to Manalapan would shed some light on this. If, as any good or ethical lawyer she itemizes her billing, it will be extremely easy to determine.

If, however, bills were for some reason not itemized, then this will raise even more questions that not only MachoGrande, but Mayor Andy Boy and soon-to-be Mayor Roth must answer.

Scenario 4: Legal bills were paid despite any knowledge of how da money was being spent.

This could be a potential landmine of trouble for da Township Committee, Township attorney, and township administrator.

Earlier this year, soon-to-be Mayor Queen Michelle told da Snoozepaper she believed something wasn’t kosher with da Manalapan Symphony and da Recreation Department, and called for a forensic accounting because, in her own Snoozepaper words, “it is our responsibility to make sure taxpayer dollars are prudently spent.”

And, as da story stated, it was Roth herself who asked for this. I’m wondering why she hasn’t demanded da same on how, according to Mayor Andy Boy, Manalapan has spent “in excess of $100,000” on “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.”

Remember, according to da now-famous Rosman editorial, which was never disputed and so important it became legal evidence in da Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked Man, he claims there are 4 lawyers, of which 3 are paid by-da-hour.

Da big question – Is it possible that members of da Manalapan Township Committee has been voting to pay legal bills to da 4 members of da Manalapan Legal Dream team on a case they have not been following, or haven’t been kept informed about, or didn’t even know was becoming a landmark First Amendment case?

If you didn’t know – if da Manalapan Legal Dream Team doesn’t tell you – if they don’t return your phone calls – if you don’t know what your own lawyers are doing - why pay for it?

Scenario 5: This situation gets da serious attention of da NJ Bar Association, Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office or da office of da NJ Attorney Genera, and this makes da Frank Abate affair seem like a jaywalking ticket.

DaTruth is, something’s rotten in da state of Manalapan - and there are a lot more questions here than answers.

* Did da members of da Township Committee vote to pay legal bills with no knowledge as to how da case of da bills they were approving was progressing and no contact with da lead attorney?

* Why did da Manalapan Township attorney utter that now-infamous Shock Quote, “You don’t pay me to monitor this case?” If da township attorney was not monitoring da case, then who’s informing da elected leaders who voted to bring da lawsuit of it’s progress – as well as da bills?

* Who hired 3 of da 4 attorneys making up da Manalapan Legal Dream Team? Why does da lead attorney not know any of da 5 Committee people paying his bills? Who approved da Dream Team hiring and what they’ve been doing over da last 6 months? If none of da members of da Manalapan Township Committee did, then why are they voting to pay them?

* Why did Dream Team attorney David Weeks, according to da Snoozepaper, telling da judge "he is not involved in any Manalapan politics and told the judge he could not even tell him the names of all the people who are on the governing body," but back in May - as a front page story - it was confirmend da Manalapan Township Committee specifically voted to have Weeks & his firm handle da case?

* Will da thousands of dollars of bills for da Dream Team’s McCarthy be paid, despite being da one making this a landmark First Amendment issue that da town lost in court?

* Why was Committeeman Gennaro only informed about this case “in newspapers and on the internet” and not by his own township attorney? Why was da township committeeman forced to say da Dream Team lawyer “wouldn’t take my call.”

* Since it has been proven by statements made by both MachoGrande and Mr. Gennaro there was an obvious lack of communication between da Dream Team and township committee, who is responsible for that?

* If da township committee voted to approve billing for da Dream Team with no knowledge of how da money was being spent, why was Queen Michelle so adamant to ask for a forensic accounting, according to da Snoozepaper, of da symphony but says nothing about a case that Mayor Andy Boy told da Snoozepaper cost “in excess of $100,000?”

* What is da Manalapan Legal Dream Team’s next step in da case of Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man, now that da daTruthSquad subpoenas have been quashed?. Read Judge Flynn’s decision here

DaTruth is, there are serious questions as to what da Manalapan Township Committee did and didn’t know regarding a case they voted 6 months ago to begin against da Mosked man. Why did they allow it to become a landmark First Amendment case which brought worldwide shame and ridicule to da town? How could they not be informed of da legal ramifications? How could they not know what was going on? Why are legal bills being approved without question? Why won’t da Dream Team’s Weeks return da phone calls of Committeeman Gennaro?

These are all serious questions. Every one of them deserves an answer. DaTruthSquad challenges da news media to demand these answers and report them for people to see!

Unfortunately for soon-to-be Deputy Mayor Andy Boy, soon-to-be Queen Mayor Roth and da other members of da Township Committee, they need to be giving da people some real answers – and soon.

And that’s daTruth.


Barry in Toronto, Ontario said...

First, congratulations on your court victory against the politicians who dared take away your rights.

I've enjoyed reading about you and your plight on Slashdot. I don't understand all of the players involved, but it definitely appears these politicians belong in front of a magistrate and not making laws.

Now if you can only expose the Maple Leafs flaws so they can get back in the playoff chase.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Did Weeks say he could not name any of the council members or as your blog states he could not name ALL of the council members? Keep in mind that if your blog quoted him correctly that he could not name ALL the members then perhaps he could name 3 or 4 out of the 5. That would still make the statement true, but is very different then not being able to name ANY members. So far I have not seen anyone in print (incuding this blog) quote Weeks as saying he could not name ANY council members just that he could not name them all.

Down with the Dream Team said...

This is from Back Page herself...

Weeks said he is not involved in any Manalapan politics and told the judge he could not even tell him the names of all the people who are on the governing body.

Weaks said he could not give the names "of all the people" who are on the governing body.

Pleeeeze - tell me how he can't know this? He can investigate Moskowitz enough to know he thinks he's datruthssquad, but he has no clue as to who the 5 members of the TC are?????

He said all. That's what the Snoozepape wrote. The link is above.

That alone tells me something is very wrong with this case.

Anonymous said...

There is not a reputable attorney in New Jersey who would not communicate with his client, and who wouldn't know his name. Weeks gave no indication that he knew ANY of the names of the township committee people. He was pointing out that he wasn't political (despite being given the zoning board attorney's position in Cranford, the town where McCarthy's office is located) and couldn't even name the township committee people. But a good attorney would, at the least, know his client's name.

Anonymous said...

The fact he has no idea who his client is shows this whole affair, from the First Amenment case to why Moskovitz is being sued needs to be investigated by the state and the FBI.

IMHO, there has to be some type of laws being violated here. At the very least ethics.

Anonymous said...

Corruption starts with thinking you have a right to manipulate the system. Who is spending my tax dollars to challenge first ammendment rights? They should be charged with treason! People fought and died right here in Manalapan for those rights!!!!!!!!!!

Shame on you Andy, Michelle, Rich.....You voted for this "Witchhunt" as the judge called it.

Changing Times Too said...

DaTruth Squad,

You need to remind the public that Anthony Gennaro was told publically by Casagrande that he should not be discussing any of his frustrations with the case or the fact that Weeks would not return his call.

Casagrande has alot of explaining to do. As does Roth, Lucas, Klauber and Tara.

Any idea as to what the itemized costs are to date of Weeks, Renaud, McCarthy bills?

Also, do not assume that all members of the committee voted for their bills. That is not the case at all. The same man that has been vocally opposed to being left in the dark has said NO.

Keep up the fight.
A loyal truthteller

I think reorg shall be a very interesting day. Don't you?

Anonymous said...

Nothing against DTS, but this info shouldn't be coming from this blog.

Instead, we should be reading this in the Asbury Park Press or the Snoozer. They should be reporting this info. That's their job.

Thanks DTS for pointing out whay they should be. Keep doing it. Maybe they'll get the clue that someone is doingtheir job better than them.

If they're not ashamed, they should be.

Terri said...

Great point by Changing times 2.

But how can we the people find out how much the Gang of 3 have paid off these lawyers thus far. I doubt they'll just tell us if we ask.

And after reading that the TC agreed 6 months ago to pay this lowlife lawyer, after all that time he has no clue who he works for or who signs his checks.

That screams for an investigation. Great job Squad.

Anonymous said...

Do an OPRA with the Manalapan Town clerk for the legal bills to see how much was expended thus far.

Anonymous said...

My guess is even if you OPRA the info, they'll take forever to get it to you. It seems like the Manalapan government has something to hide.

Like dTS said, the lawyer doesn't know who he works for and the TC doesn't know anything about the case. Who's in charge here?

Da anonymous blogger said...

My brother thinks your blog is cool. Very political, but I like the names you have for people.

I can't believe that an attorney would say anyone with an opinion is an anonymous bomb thrower. Shows how stupid and out of touch she really is.

How can you have a lawsuit with the lawyer not knowing who's paying his bills and the people who started this lawsuit not knowing what is happening in it. If I lived in that town the first thing I'd do is put a for sale sign on my lawn and getthe hell out. What a bunch of idiots.

Squad's also right. Whoever is the attorney general of that state should investigate these morons. There's too much to ignore.

Anonymous said...

More of the same non sense. What happened to the comment about this site being a Stuart Moskovitz advertisement? It got deleted, that's what. You cry about first amendment rights, then you try to control the content of opinion on your blog. You are nothing more than a hypocrite, or in the words of legendary Bob Grant, a Manalapan resident mind you, "a fake, phony and fraud"

Delete this.

The Patriot said...

Da Queen and the lynch mob she runs should be ashamed of themselves for the ongoing hypocritical job they do. Every election season they run to Covered Bridge, spread slush money around to key residents to get out the vote only to turn around and waste the senior citizens tax dollars on frivalous attorney fees on no win lawsuits. They should spend this money on the Kelly Law and send a greater reimbursement to all of the condo associations in the township.

Instead, they rather pay one political attorney after another, along with CME engineering who makes major donations to all of the campaigns that kick back to them. This has been standard operating procedure for years going back to Norman Kauff and crew.

Its amazing in a township of over 38000 residents thatnot too many people can figure out they are being really screwed. My hunch is the economy has been so good, nobody cared, they were too busy shopping and getting another Lexus, but now that the home values are sinking faster than the titantic and bonuses from all of the financial people are taking a hit this year, maybe people will look at their tax bill and scratch their head and ask why????

Better yet, maybe the residents should ask the Monmouth County Prosecutor and State OAG why the hell their has been nothing done over all of these years with regard to the billing practices in Manalapan. Maybe they are on the take too.

If I was a resident in Manalapan, I would head for the doors, and get the hell out of there while you can. The hits just keep on coming in this town.

One last comment, this Mosked man guy...from what I know, he's the only player without a hand in the cookie jar. All of these other characters have their hands in your pockets...and deep.

My prayers are with the residents of Manalapan. At this point Hugo Chavez or Ahmedinejad would be a better choice of leadership for the township. At least it would be understood, it's a corrupt dictatorship!!!

Overtaxed Manalapan Resident said...

I live in Manalapan. A year ago if you said Chavez or Amedinijad would be better than what we have here, I would have demanded an apology and demanded your post be removed for being vile and immature.

After everything Andy Boy and Queen Roth have orchestrated this year, with their henchman Klauber (I'll second that) and Huge-grande and her bomb throwers, at this point Satan would be an improvement.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing about 2008 in Manalapan is Extremely-Grande is heading to Trenton. Satan, Ahmedinejad, and Chavez couldn't do any worse than Manalapan's Gang of 3 - in fact, I bet they wouldn't give us the highest municipal tax increase in town history like these losers did.

Actually, there's no difference between Andy Boy Lucas and Satan or Roth as mayor. Neither one has a soul.

Anonymous said...

So that explains how they sleep at night.

blog administrator said...

The following posting contained what can be deemed a threat. It was temporarily removed and will now be reposted with the a portion of the last sentence removed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Anonymous said....

Gee, I wonder who could have posted the last comment. Steve McEnery was exposed on the NJ.COM site for posting outrageous statements about Stu Moskovitz. After attempting to delete every reference to himself, Steve finally realized he simply couldn't post there anonymously. So now he's trying to post here, hoping no one will know it's him. How obsessed is Steve McEnery with Stu? Well, last night in Englishtown, the Borough Council voted to reappoint Stu as the attorney, but not before having a belly laugh at Steve's attempt to use the lone democrat on the council to try to block Stu's appointment. Think about that. Steve is the republican municipal chairman in Manalapan, and has worked closely with the democrats to try to screw his own party's candidate Susan Cohen. Now he's trying to work out more back deals that will enable his boy Andy to work with the democrats in Manalapan again, to the detriment of the republican volunteers. But he doesn't stop there. He goes into Englishtown and works, not with the republicans, who realize he's a joke and won't have anything to do with him, but with the lone democrat, to try to keep a republican, a member ofhis own party in his own town, from getting an appointment there, causing the democrat to embarass herself and hurt her own ability to work with her fellow council people, and causing Steve himself to be the object of scorn and ridicule, hurting his son-in-law, a police officer in Englishtown, in the process. This guy is a loose cannon xxxx xxxxx xx xx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxx.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Anonymous said...

This blog is a complete waste of time. If everything here is so correct then why isn't the township government being investigated. Can you answer that Stu? Why did the judge have to scold you to file your brief on time. Can you answer that Stu? Why are you filing frivolous lawsuits against Andrew. Can you answer that Stu? You cry about first amendment rights, then you delete comments and try to control the content of opinion on your blog. Can you answer that Stu? It sounds like you have a lot of questions to answer Stu.

Anonymous said...

who's Stu? and if you have questions for him why don't you call him on the phone and ask him? Or, like most people in the Manalapan government are you a snivelling coward who can't stand up to Stu face to face?

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew. If the first order signed by the judge with a date for Stu to file the complaint said December 15, and he filed on December 11, where do you get the idea that the judge "scolded" Stu to file his answer on time. It was never late. I read the Complaint against Andrew on the electronic frontier foundation website (because Kathy Baratta sure isn't going to report on it). It doesn't sound frivolous to me. It sounds pretty serious. It sounds like Andrew's going to owe Stu bundles. Your lawsuit, however, Andrew, spending $100,000 of taxpayers money to sue Stu for $15,000, when all he did was follow a court order he had nothing to do with sounds REAL frivolous to me, Andrew. And to the best of my knowledge, no one has the power to delete comments on this site, or your drivel wouldn't still be there. So that sounds like another mindless Andrew rant against Stu that sounds like what it is, the cowardly crying a never was wimp against someone you'll always be jealous of, just like your mentor Drew. So it sounds like Stu isn't the one that has questions to answer, Andrew. It's you. By the way, how's Freehold treating you?

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Glad you won your court case.

Question I'd love to have an answer to. I live in Freehold, and the last post asked "how's Freehold treating" Andrew Lucas. Is he spending mor time here? I heard how much he raised taxes in Manalapan. They can keep him.

Changing Times Too said...

Freehold and Andrew- perfect together?! I am sure those who have that information are waiting to divulge it when the timing is right. As for Manalapan we have a bigger problem, we have 3 members of the committee who have allowed 100K of our tax money be spent on an underground oil tank clean up that would cost you or I 14K. I think that this Gang of 3 needs to get their act together and realize that they better stop the wasteful spending and do it fast. They and we have been made to look ridiculous when their Dream Team led us into a 1st Amendment Fiasco. Having the worldwide attention upon us wasn't bad enough, add insult to insjury by having the attorney say in court that he knows no ones name on the committee, does not speak to them and does not know if they are aware of the 1st Amendment action being taken in court, when asked by the Judge, if his clients are aware of what is going on. This is a disgrace and must end. This Gang of 3 better think long and hard before they come to us in July and tell us our taxes have to be raised next year. Wasteful spending on a political vendetta is not my responsibility or yours to pay for. It is theirs. they should be held repsonsible for the costs. This was a personal grudge.

It's a fine mess we are in.

Changing Times Too said...

DaTruth Squad

I see you removed your statement that Roth will be the Mayor in 2008from your side posting.

I guess you too have heard that the negotiating is still going on and it will go right down to the wire.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR da truth squad and congratulations on winning your case. Lucky for you that township attorneys Weeks, McCarthy and Cassaporky are such sh!tty lawyers and you had top notch ones in Zimmerman and Corrado.

In 2008 please uncover the conspiracy at town hall and expose these tax and spend political criminals. Keep exposing the News Transgarbage aka The Snoozer and Kathy Barrattacrap as just political porns for the Manalapan corruption criminal machine.

Godspeed in 2008 to da truth squad a true watchdog and hero.

Anonymous said...

Another hero this year has to be Tony Gennaro who had the courage to stand up to the tax and spend Manalapan Township committee losers. I watched channel 77 this week and Tony did his homework regarding the turf material and made Klauber, Roth and Valesi look dumb. Klauber always looks dumb but Tony made him look dumber if that's at all possible.

No thanks this year to losers undandy Andy Boy, Michele ( married to Larry who said "I hate Italians" ) Roth and Krap for brains Klauper for raising Manalapan taxes a whopping 28%.

Anonymous said...

You have an update that Tony G isn't going to run for reelection. I haven't read that anywhere else. Do you know this for sure? That would a shame for Manalapan. He's the only one that challenged the Gang of 3. I hope you're wrong.

Changing Times Too said...

It was first posted on by TerraNova that Tony G told other members of the governing body he was not seeking reelection in 2008.

I agree with you that him not running is a major loss for Manalapan. He has been treated horribly by the Gang of 3.
They have tried in vain to ignore him, have kept him out of the voting process, they have ignored his ideas and suggestions and they have treated him as though he did not belong there. They ignored the fact that heis an elected official and had the most votes from his election in 2005. He was the Peoples Choice and still is. This year has proven to the public just how bad politic's is in Manalapan. The lawsuit against Moskovitz for a 15K clean up has turned into an 100K and the 1st Amendment Fiasco by the Democratic McCarthy firm shows the Democrats wanted this. Worse is that the Gang of 3 used our tax dollars for it, gambled and lost big.
Anthony Gennaro running in this town as an Independent would destroy the Democrats especially if Roth is the candidate. Gennaro would win hands down. He is the the peoples choice.
Let's see if the Gang of 3 treats him with respect and dignity as he deserves next year or if it will be a repeat of this year. Fortunately Susan Cohen is now there and she is such a classy lady.

The times they are a changing and people want an elected official who stands up for them. That man is Anthony Gennaro and I for one will be very sorry to see him go. I hope he changes his mind. He has proven he has the courage to stand alone and speak out. Roth has to go. She had the audacity to call Gennaro a coward this year. He was the perfect gentleman and did not attack her, but he could have.
Roth forgets that her and Larry "I hate Italians" were selling their house on Regal Road, this was about 11 years ago, and the new buyer was giving them a hard time. Roth went across the street to Anthony Gennaro's house they used to be neighbors, and asked Anthony to come over and help her, she needed him to talk to the new buyer. She needed Anthony to settle the matter for her. True story. Roth did not think he was a coward then did she? He was the one she turned to for help in settling the dispute. He settled it and she sold her house. Oh and if you were wondering, yes "I hate Italians" Larry was there.
Ture story.