Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prediction: Rudy's Run to Ruin Runs Out in 48 Hours

You will hear it here first - Rudy Giuliani will come in 3rd in da Florida Primary but too far behind McCain & Romney - in that order - and will lose out on all da delegates Florida has to offer.

He will then decide to withdraw from da run for da White House. He doesn't have both da $$$$$ or da delegates to make a serious run - and da GOP heirarchy backs Mitt Romney.

But then again, not everyone was in Mitt's corner.

You know when daTruthSquad knew when Rudy Giuliani's White House wish was over?

It was da minute that Carolina MachoGrande announced with Declan O'Assemblyman and Jennifer Beck that she was supporting his candidacy. They threw their support to Rudy when he came to Monmouth County to raise $$$$$ for them.

Remember Carolina MachoGrande? She was da one who gave us da "Shock Quote heared 'round cyberspace" by saying of bloggers and anyone who has an opinion, "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Rudy should have known then.

DaTruth is, Rudy's campaign was over when he started to air those 9/11 political ads this early in his campaign. He put all his eggs in da Florida basket, only to slide down da polls faster than Manalapan's da Capo could chug a pint of his favorite ale.

Rudy never made a clear connection with GOP'ers. They liked him because they believed he could beat Hillary Clinton. But now that Obama is a serious challenge, they don't need Rudy anymore.

Rudy shouldn't mind too much. He'll make a ton more on da lecture circuit, and anyway, he'll need that money to support Judy Nathan.

Da Prediction:

McCain 34%
Romney 31%
Giuliani 15%
Huckleberry 14%

Recently, there was a meeting in Manalapan. One of my TruthTellers told daTruthSquad da meeting reeked of "Tainted Pork." Find out more soon.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Another hint, he was courting transplant NYers in south Florida. They have a name for those citizens "Democrats." Remember there is ratio of 5 to 1 Democrates to Republicans in NYC, and they didn't change their party registration when they moved. Now if it was an open primary then he may have had a constituency.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're wrong Squad. I like Rudy over those others. But since I read your blog alot and have found you to be very accurate, the only thing I hope is that he gives up in 72 hours so you can be wrong for once.

Anonymous said...

Early returns have McCain 34, Romney 33, Giuliani 14, Huckabee 13.

You're scary TruthSquad.

Anonymous said...

Right again Truth Squad. You are amazing

Oh my, try to be original said...

Would it be possible for you to write something we don't already know, you two bit, after the fact hack? I mean c'mon, you are kidding right? You are about as late as one can possibly be. There has to be something better than the incredibly late statements that you post. I read the papers too. Time to do something else, captain obvious.

Changing Times Too said...

Well Squad, we are anxiously waiting for the next story regardig the last township committee meeting in Manalapan. I understand that it was quite the event. It seems that a former mayor came to the podium and said to a current committeeman that he wanted to thank him for his 3 years of service and then said thank you for not running again. Real class act this former mayor, not. The real question is why Roth did not stop this former mayor and political ally of hers from saying this? It seems that Roth has made it very clear that no politcking or swiping should take place during the township meetings? It seems that the rule regarding this only applies when someone tries to come to the podium to attack one of the gang of 3 members, Lucas, Klauber and Roth. It is serious case of double standard. I hope you can give us all a clear picture of who this former mayor is and what his political relationship is to Roth.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Original,

Apparently you didn't bother to see that the post you claim is "late as one can possibly be" was posted at 10:43 AM. The post was made over 6 hours BEFORE the polls in Florida closed.

McCain 36%, Romney 31%, Rudy 15%, Huckabee 13%. Squad pretty much nailed it.

taxed into oblivion said...

Interesting that Squad said Rudy would bail out in 48 hours, and he didn't quit tonight. Squad apparently knows something. Since the blog by the squad was at 10:00am Tuesday, Rudy has until 10:00am Thursday.

Hey Squad, can you predict when Corzine will get impeached. You've been right so far.

Anonymous said...

I was a Rudy supporter... until he hinted that the RINO McCain will get his endorsement.

Rudy, your liberal leanings are hard to take... and now unbearable. Good thing you are out!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that fat pig who hates anonymous bombthrowers and freedom of speech supported Rudy. When did that happen and why. I thought all of the GOP types here were ordered to support Romney.

Anonymous said...

Maybe DaTruthSquad works for Diebold?


Check out "Hacking Democracy" on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Good thing we dont use Diebold in NJ, right??


We use the Sequoia AVC, also easy to hack.


How about a story on this topic from DaTruthSquad?




Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories, I love em. In my opinion LBJ had Kennedy shot.

NJ votes being miscounted. Not possible! Every hour a printout is retrieved, the final printout is shown to Dems and Reps. It doesn’t matter if the polling machine is driven in the dark of night to a collection depot. The numbers better be what is on the reports!

Anonymous said...

I work the polls and what drugs are you on, there is a test print ? There is no hourly printout. When the machines are opened and then 4 copies are printed once the polls are closed

Anonymous said...


I work the polls and what drugs are you on? There is no hourly printout. When the machines are opened there is a test print and then 4 copies are printed once the polls are closed.

Anonymous said...

You must forget the white cards you count. The number of votes can't be changed, the final vote tally at the polling place must match with the vote tally when the machines are collected.

It doesn't matter if you carry the machine to the ends of the earth, when they get to the county it better match the printed tally!

Anonymous said...

The voting authority only addresses the total count, the printout at the end has the results by candidate.

Someone who messes up the memory card can lets say transfer every third vote from candidate A to candidate B. That would not be picked up by a comparison of voting authorty totals to the final printout.

Anonymous said...

You are such a tool squad. You basically mimicked the last poll taken before your post. You expect any thinking person to believe your nonsense? Give us a break!

Anonymous said...

well, he did made you read, think, and comment :)