Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Surprise Second Scenario

And it all hinges on Mr. Anthony Gennaro.

DaTruthSquad has learned of an interesting scenario that would if anything enrage da Queen and propel Mayor Andy Boy into another term as Manalapan mayor.

Da secret deal has Manalapan GOP Grand Poobah Iron Girth McEnery working da crevases in an attempt to swing Mr. Gennaro and Susan Cohen into voting for Andy Boy.

Remember, this past year saw Andy Boy treat Mr. Gennaro and Mrs. Cohen worse than Michael Vick did his kennel club. Da question is, who do they not like more, Andy Boy or da Queen?

Remember, if you think Andy Boy treated Gennaro & Cohen bad, da Queen would, if elevated to mayoral royalty probably would make Vick seem like da president of PETA compared to Andy Boy.

Da scenario would have Susan Cohen becoming Deputy Mayor, and special treatment for Mr. Gennaro.

Da other scenario is da backroom deal that makes da Queen da Mayor and Andy Boy her Deputy. A GOP'er top 2 in town would energize da Manalapan GOP, and also make Andy Boy look very good in da county GOP eye. It might also save Iron Girth's job.

Winners and losers will be known tonight. And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

A little CYA here, huh loser? Get out of my town before you tear it apart.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mr. Anthony Gennaro for sticking to his convictions and saying no to being Deputy Mayor under Michelle Roth who is Manalapan's new mayor.

Roth wanted to broker a deal to have Gennaro as her Deputy qnd have him nominate her for mayor!! He said no way.
She has gone out of her way to make his life miserable all year and now she wants to work with him? Why? It's all about her re election coming up and the fact that working and having her name associated with Gennaro her former running mate would make her look good to those in the Italian American community.

Roth used Gennaro in 2005 to win an election and she tried to use him again, he said no. He saw the play. Congratulations and thank you Tony Gennaro for being a man of integrity and principle.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me one bit to have that slimy McEnema working behind the scenes to do anything it took to get his boy Andy back in. I think that Andy Boy burned too many bridges to make this happen. In the end though I think we're stuck with the Queen Mayor.

The Patriot said...

It was interesting to see Chris Christie swearing people in across the state. Fat chance of that happening in this town...LOL!!!!

So what's the deal with Andy Boy and Mc Enema??? Why such a love affair? Why is McEnema working so hard for him? What's McEnema's angle?

Who got the contracts for engineer and attorney???? How much did they donate to the campaigns? LOL!!!!

Who got shafted on the appointments?? Manalapan is the simple answer probably.

Go Squad!!! Live free or die!!!

Changing Times Too said...

Manalapan now has the Queen as the Mayor, Michelle Roth.

This year she wants to work with everyone, does that include Gennaro?

Are we to believe that she is now a kinder, softer non condescending Michelle Roth?

Let's see how long it takes for her to go off on a resident or Gennaro.

You know that a pig in a tuxedo is still a pig.

Anonymous said...

"Da scenario would have Susan Cohen becoming Deputy Mayor,"

How did daTruthSquad know this? Does he/she/them spend all of their time inside Manalapan Town Hall?

Personally I wouldn't have put my finger on that one. Sounds like somebody played "Lets Make a Deal."

Another good call by daTruthSquad.

Anonymous said...

I figured on Roth becoming mayor, but I never read anywhere about Susan Cohen being deputy mayor - except for this blog.

Does this mean Andy Boy's on the outs?

GLG20 said...

Why did Susan have to take an oath of office, but not Andrew? Both were "new" terms.

Why did Andrew not vote for Mayor? When he was polled, he just said "Congratulations".

Anonymous said...

Hey Squad. I liked the story about you in today's Asbury Park Press. They say all the problems in Manalapan are because of the media, internet, and you.

Does this mean it's your fault my taxes went up 28%? I guess it was also you who really said "Because I Hate Italiams" too but somehow Larry Roth was blamed for it.

Wait, I thought everything was Stu's fault? I guess Roth & Lucas must be trying a new approach?

Anonymous said...

Andrew is a jerk.

You play with the bull you will get the horns. Your demon-crat buddies sold you out!

Your future is getting stuck buy both side of the isle. Might as well move to Freehold.

Tracy in Cincinnati, Ohio said...

Instead of blaming bloggers, maybe try blaming the politicians. I didn't know this blog even existed until I read it was being taken to court by the government. After reading it, it's obvious thin skinned politicians were trying to cover things up and this blogger and their site shined a light on their activities.

That's the great thing about blogging, and why the mainstream media is scared of them.

There was another blogger who made his name by uncovering facts. He found out Clinton was having sex with an intern. That wasn't NBC, that was Matt Drudge.

Go daTruthSquad!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Da truth squad 4 correctly stating that the pig Michelle Roth who's married to Larry who said he hates Italians would become Mayor and Susan Cohen would become Deputy Mayor. You R the best.

Here's a classic line from today's APP.

"I know I can go home tonight and sleep well knowing Manalapan is well taken care of" with Roth and Cohen at the helm, outgoing Mayor Andrew Lucas said of the committee's selections.

Of course the she-man Andy girl/boy Lucus can go home leaving fat slob Michelle Roth the sleezebag at the helm. Lucus the loser can sleep well in his suspected residence IN FREEHOLD. LOSER

Anonymous said...

Roth and Andy Boy are right. All the problems facing Manalapan are the fault of the Truth Squad and the media and the internet.

I guess TruthSquad raised taxes by 28% and cast the deciding vote? That would be true if Andy Boy were the Truth Squad. Was it Truth Squad who dismantled the symphony? That's true too, if Roth is the Truth Squad? And who ordered the political vendetta taxpayer-funded lawsuit against Moskovitz? I guess Truth Squad did that too.

What's next. Is Iraq the Squad's fault too? Did the Squad cause Corzine's accident?

There's a word for people like Roth and Lucas = HYPOCRITE!

Anonymous said...

Andy Boy may have a split personality. His behavior suggests that some days he acts like a Republican and some days he acts like a Democrat.

Some days he acts like a girl and some days he acts like a spoiled little boy. Somedays he acts like both.

Some days he acts like he lives in Manalapan and some days he acts like he lives in Freehold.

Poor fool Lucus needs to fiqure out who he is. All I know he helped the Democrats raise taxes 28% and voted to put in dangerous turf that could harm our kids according to the studies I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the link to the Newspaper story?

Anonymous said...

Read in the APP how tubbo Roth and Lucus try and spin the blame for the horrible conditions in Manalapan on others.

Here's the link from a real newspaper the APP and not the rag the snoozer with goofball reporter Kathy Barratta

Anonymous said...

Anyone who gets their news from a free once a week coupon clipping rag like the Snooze Transcript with their so called 4th string so called reporters is a moron. Always stick with the Asbury Park Press for your news.

Boycott the Snooze Transcript's advertisers since the Snoozer doesn't report the problems they are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

McEnery could have done what no other municipal chair has ever done. He could have had the same republican mayor 2 years in a row. All he had to do was get Genarro to vote for Lucas. Cohen had made a commitment to vote for Lucas if he had a third vote. That meant Genarro. Maybe Lucas should have treated Tony with respect last year?

Lightshines said...

BACK! BY POPULAR DEMAND! Adam Puharic, the Hatch Act kid who brought us Andrew Lucas, is bringing back his screening committee, you know, the one that so successfully got rid of Anna Little, a guaranteed winner, to make sure that he kept his streak alive of losing a seat every year. In honor of Puharic's decision, Spanky and Our Gang have written this song:

Yes, I would like to get to screen you, if I could
Like to get to screen you
Finally I found, searching all around
Just couldn’t back a winner
One I thought was true
Though everyone went “phew!”
Figured I might chance him
Now we all can see
He really was a “D”
The GOP was dumped all over
Well I’m out of time
And I guess that I'm just meant to be a loser

Now I can't promise that I'll spend a day with you
Can't promise I'll try to be real fair with you
Can't promise no
I can't promise I'll be honest
But I'd like to get to screen you
Yes I would if I could
I’d like to get to screen you; I’d like to get to screen you.

Anonymous said...

I think that Roth's remarks today in the APP statting that good people are staying away from running for office is her lamenting that the guy she wanted to be her running mate this year said thanks but no thanks after he saw himself being talked about negatively on the blog. Roth forgets the posts that her circle of friends have posted and the vicious things said. Roth has this habit of being a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Hey that's politics. If he can't stand the heat he should get out of the kitchen. Anyone who plans to run with Roth better bring a fire department with them.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Anyone that decides to run with Roth this year should have their head examined first. I actually feel sorry for them. I hope they see the big picture and realize what their name attached to hers will do to them and their families.

Roth has angered so many people of different cultural backgrounds in Manalapan. Short of Mother Teresa anyone who runs with her will be caught in the middle.
Roth should think about the town and the negative backlash her running again will cause and bow out.

Anonymous said...

Mother Theresa was a saint for the work she did.

Then, on the opposite side of life, you have Satan, and in Manalapan, Michelle Roth, the Queen of Mean.

Believe me, nobody on this earth will ever confuse Michelle Roth with Mother Theresa.

Anonymous said...

The poster before you did not compare Roth to Mother Teresa, OMG. She said anyone short of her that would run with Roth would be attacked.

I know who Michelle Roth is, I know what she is all about.

The Queen of Mean is far too kind a title for her.

Just ask her former running mate Tony Gennaro.

Anonymous said...

Just another means of intimidation. If you read the site one poster said"if you don't like it here, why don't you move?"
I think if people don't complain, this town will be irrevocably ruined by personal agendas. A real shame.

Anonymous said...

Da truth squad is the best.

Keep up the great work exposing these crooked lawyers and politicians in Manalapan !