Thursday, January 17, 2008

Manalapan Legal Dream Team Presents: "Evidence? We don't need no stinking evidence!"

When you read da transcript of da court proceedings featuring da Manalapan Legal Dream Team trying in vain to take da Constitution of da United States and fold it into a paper airplane, you're reminded of da movie "Blazing Saddles."

Remember da scene when Hedley Lamarr was recruiting criminals, thugs, and deviants in order to deputize them so they could terrorize a town. When he handed one of them a deputy's badge he replied, "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges."

Fast forward to da Manalapan Legal Dream Team on December 21 in Superior Court, da reply would have been, "Evidence? We don't need no stinking evidence."

Before da Dream Team lawyers even set foot in court, their court documents regarding "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" went from a "land-deal-gone-bad" and somehow became "Let's unmask da blogger who knows too much” – and remember – YOU TAX DOLLARS ARE PAYING FOR IT.

Here's some of da evidence put forth by da Dream Team so you can read for yourself what they considered "evidence."

In Dream Teamer Daniel McCarthy's Certification, he stated da following on page 3 of his 29-page TAXPAYER-FUNDED brief:

"The blog is entitled 'daTruthSquad' and appears to have been written by da defendant."

FYI - 20 of those 29 pages had nothing to do with anything "land" related, but did include copies on every page of daTruthSquad's blog.

In da Dream Team's TAXPAYER-FUNDED Order to Show Cause, Dream Teamer McCarthy went above and beyond to make direct claims that da Mosked man was daTruthSquad. Some highlights include:

"Defendant has discussed various aspects of this matter on his internet blog, daTruthSquad...."

"Regarding Defendant's internet blog, daTruthSquad, defendant uses da anonymous forum to dissect da specific allegations asseted against him, offering his opinion and analysis of da validity of each claim."

In fact, if you click on this, you will see there are 18 specific times McCarthy's more than 50-page legal brief contained direct references that this blog is da Mosked man's -- and McCarthy as shown in da now-famous "Rosman Editorial" is being paid by da hour using TAXPAYER MONEY!

There's only one little, tiny, insignificant problem with every allegation saying daTruthSquad blog is da Mosked man's blog -- EVIDENCE!

And, in court, evidence is something that comes in handy – especially if you want to win your case.

That's something da Dream Team learned, also at TAXPAYER EXPENSE on December 21.

Interesting, once in court da Manalapan Legal Dream Team showed their case was merely one of "Well, maybe it is." Read da quotes carefully.

WEEKS: "You come to da inescapable conclusion that (daTruthSquad) is either Mr. Moskovitz or his alter ego."

MCCARTHY: "You come to da inescapable conclusion that it's Mr. Moskovitz or someone connected to Mr. Moskovitz."

WEEKS: "I never said that it's, that he is da blogger. I don't know that."

WEEKS: "We read da blog and said, boy, da author of that thing sure looks to be Stuart Moskovitz. Is it? I don't know."

Now we've gone in court papers from "Defendant further uses da blog," "In violation of (da court order) defendant posted an entry in his internet blog," "Regarding defendant's internet blog," "Defendant's writings are da agitated ramblings of a seemingly unstable person," and "In da BaconHead of Da Week, defendant tells his side of da story," to "I never said he is da blogger," and "I don't know."

Then, to really show how YOUR TAXPAYER MONEY is being spent, when da court asked, "What things are you asking for," Dream Teamer Weeks showed exactly what this case could very well be about. Weeks said, "What really, just da identity."

So, they didn’t want to know about da land deal, da 2004 court order, and cleanup costs. Dream Team member Weeks said in court for all to hear what he was using TAXPAYER MONEY to discover - "What really, just da identity."

In 2006, da Queen of Manalapan made headlines demanding a forensic audit of da Manalapan Symphony. It appears there were questions about receipts totaling under $1,000.

Here’s a quote made by da Queen in her public relations circular, da Snoozepaper.

Roth said, "However, it is our responsibility to make sure taxpayer dollars are prudently spent."

Here da Queen claims it is “our responsibility to make sure taxpayer dollars are prudently spent.”

However, as we all learned in da now-famous “Manalapan legal Drem Team Presents – Who’s My Client,” da lawyer hired and approved by da Queen and her Gang of Three, when asked by da Judge no less --- not only admitted in court on da record he had no idea who his clients are --- and he doesn’t have any contact with them – and da lawyer couldn’t even tell da judge who Manalapan’s mayor was or if da committee knew what he was doing in court that day!

DaTruth is, Manalapan taxpayers were siphoned for tens of thousands of dollars for what Dream Teamer Weeks admitted in court was da chance to get da name of daTruthSquad"What really, just da identity." Months of legal work and hundreds of pages of legal briefs were generated for one sole purpose, and on December 21 it had absolutely nothing to do with a land-deal-gone-bad.

Former mayor and alleged-Manalapan resident Andy Boy is on da record as saying da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” has ALREADY cost taxpayers over $100,000 – and da TAXPAYER-FUNDED meter is still running! Da contract for da soil cleanup has already been approved for $15,000, less than 1/6 of what da court case has already cost!

It’s time for da Manalapan Township Committee to discuss this matter in an open forum. Is it time to drop this case? Is it time for a forensic accounting of da legal bills submitted by every member of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team? If investigating da Manalapan Symplony over a few hundred dollars is justified, then what of da Manalapan Legal Dream team and over $100,000?

Da requests for legal billing can be done with an OPRA request of Manalapan Township. Maybe it’s time someone did that.

DaTruth is – IT’S YOUR MONEY! You have da right to know why your taxes went up an unbelievable 28% last year, and da right to know why over $100,000 has been spent on litigation to unmask a blogger as a part of a land deal legal battle.

Something is indeed rotton in da state of Manalapan. And that’s daTruth.


Changing Times Too said...

I agree that it is time that the township committee of Manalapan speak out publically about how they have handled this lawsuit? or what it really is a political vendetta. Let's face facts, if it was one of their insider politicos they would have done nothing. The fact that the former township attorney in 2006 was asked by Drew Shapiro to look into it and then gave Shapiro his answer, that he felt there was no grounds for a case. Did Shapiro share the attorneys decision with the entire committee No. Gennaro found out when the former township attorney called him after reading about the lawsuit in the paper and said you know I said there was nothing to this case and now I see that there there is a case. Gennaro I am told was stunned. He has said he never was told by Shapiro, Roth or Lucas. Now it made sense to Gennaro why he received an email from administration that the attorney from 2006 was not needed at the last township committee meeting of 2006. Instead who shows up? You guessed it McCarthy and hence the lawsuit vendetta was hatched. Accountability is what is needed. We need the public to rally together and demand answers at every meeting. Let's face it they are trying to silence Gennaro. They do not wantt him to answer public questions or make comments. Watch channel 77 everytime he made a remark, Klauber, Lucas and then our former attorney? casagrande ripped into him for discussing this case in 2007. Meanwhile the whole case is on the internet on the EFF website and the newspapers. Want the truth? Come to the meeting and ask the questions and demand that they stop silencing Gennaro. I agree with the truth squad. Something r stinks in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

As if we didn't need another reason to make sure Michelle doesn't get reelected, she made sure that the planning board reappointed the same Daniel McCarthy who brought international shame to Manalapan. Let's see, the world class symphony conductor wasn't good enough for Manalapan; the award winning recreation director wasn't good enough for Manalapan; the administrator who is now serving Marlboro successfully as an administrator wasn't good enough for Manalapan; but the keystone cop attorney who made Manalapan the laughing stock of the nation, if not the world, is JUST RIGHT to Michelle. Let's see how this case is going at say, the end of October, and how much the taxpayers will have paid for it. She may do worse than even Shapiro did at the polls.

Anonymous said...

Badges we don't no stinkin badges, wasn't that from the Treasure of Sierra Madre?

Anonymous said...

It was in the Treasure of the Sierra Madre. That was a classic movie. Unfortunately the Manalapan Dream Team of lawyers is a classic blunder.

Anonymous said...

So, the Dream Team lawyer who spent Manalapan's money to make false claims that Stu is datruthsquad is REWARDED with a plum job as planning board attorney?

By the Queen of mean?

Chris Christie, are you getting all this?????????

Anonymous said...

So former mayor Andy is now known as DEFENDANT. I wonder who will be next to have DEFENDANT sewn onto their lapel?

Gremlins are buzzing about someone with ties to Andy Boy. It may not even be a Republican. But then again?

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

DEFENDANT, that's what the "mosked man" is still know as correct? what a joke you are squad. You have lost your relevance. You are nothing more than a shill for the real DEFENDANT.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Drew Shapiro is the defendant in one case that's been publicized by the Wednesday cage liner. The defendant in the other case is now Andrew Lucas. What's the matter? Can't keep up with the news? Maybe you should start reading a REAL newspaper.

Knows malarkey when he/she reads it. said...

So you are saying the "mosked man" is no longer a defendant, right? That's what you are saying correct, or is your regular, say nothing bullspit that you have been shoveling here and at for the last several months?

Anonymous said...

Well, we know that Shapiro is a defendant in a criminal proceeding for st****ng computers from his father's business. We know about your son-in-law, Steve. We know about Lucas being the defendant now in the Dreyer litigation. We know that the person you keep calling a defendant has a tape recording of the messages you left on Drew's voice mail giving him information to use in the campaign against Susan (even though you were supposed to be the republican municipal chairman), so I imagine it won't be too long before YOU'RE the defendant, Steve. That's not Malarkey, Steve. Have another swig. The more you drink, the earlier this township will be rid of you.

Anonymous said...

DaTruthSquad wrote: "Da requests for legal billing can be done with an OPRA request of Manalapan Township. Maybe it’s time someone did that."

OK, so do it! What are you waiting for??

Anonymous said...

Drew Shapiro is a little lisp-speaking faggot!