Friday, January 25, 2008

State To Investigate Lonegan Arrest - But More Most be Done!

See what happens when you violate someone’s First Amendment rights - - NJ State Police will now investigate da arrest of Steve Lonegan - and daTruthSquad reports to all the TruthTellers now that more investigations are forthcoming!

You knew this would happen. Lonegan and another man were holding signs in front of a public building, not impeding da public, in a public place, where a public meeting was being held by Comrade Corzine who wants merely to raise tolls by 800% or so and bankrupt the average Jersey resident.

However, this blatent disregard for a person’s First Amendment rights will have far-reaching implications.

Already, officials in Middle Township where da meeting was held and Lonegan got a one-way ticket to da local jail have issued a formal apology, saying, “Local school and municipal officials, upon consultation with counsel, have determined that Mr. Lonegan and Mr. Grossman [were] engaged in constitutionally protected action," the officials said in a statement. "The school board and township ... offer their sincere apologies for any distress or humiliation the arrests have caused them."

And da outrage continues….

State Sen. Tom Kean, R-Union City, has written a letter urging state Attorney General Anne Milgram to investigate the arrest of former Bogota, NJ, Mayor Steve Lonegan and local radio personality Seth Grossman.

Here’s a copy of da letter & press release Kean wrote….

Editorials are slamming da Toll Troll Corzine and those who arrested Lonegan and violated his First Amendment rights. A Star Ledger editorial demanded a Federal probe.

So, what is really wrong with da Lonegan arrest?

Da answer to that question is – where is da OUTRAGE?

When daTruthSquad received a subpoena demanding da identity by Manalapan’s Legal Dream Team for da sole purpose of outing daTruthSquad, there was no outrage. In fact, one local Snoozepaper even encouraged it in complete disregard for da First Amendment rights! It became a legal battle played out in a Freehold court, but most important, it became a cause-celeb in Cyberspace. Blogs, newspapers, and other media carried da story out of Manalapan and sent it throughout New Jersey, across da country, into Canada, across to Europe and over to Asia. It was read by people from South Africa to Seattle, Manalapan to Malaysia.

Recently, daTruthSquad was asked by da government-owned radio of Colombia to speak about da case. That’s not Columbia University, where students were already talking about it in Journalism classes, but da South American nation where people interested in Free Speech from Medelllin to Bogota will learn what a few politicians backed up with trained attack lawyers tried to do to a voice of dissent with a typewriter.

What do daTruthSquad & Lonegan have in common?

In each case, da establishment tried to circumvent laws that our nation was founded upon in order to silence critics who dared to stand up and say for others, “This isn’t right.”

Free speech and da First Amendment are da backbone of what our great nation was founded upon. Brave men and women have shed blood and died for these simple ideals. People like Lonegan and those of daTruthSquad believe in things like Freedom of Speech, da First Amendment, and standing up for da truth.

Unfortunately for us all, there are people like da Queen, alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy, their attack lawyer members of da Manalapan Legal Dream team, and those who arrested Lonegan and those who gave da orders to do so use words like “Freedom of Speech, da First Amendment, and standing up for da truth” as punchlines for their twisted quests for power.

Take da lawsuit now known around da world as “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” If it weren’t for da Electronic Frontier Foundation, nobody would know da truth since THEY POSTED EVERY SINGLE LEGAL BRIEF AND CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN LAWYERS for all of us to see.

Because of this action da cowardly politicians of Manalapan and their attack lawyers could not hide behind da veil of secrecy in their First Amendment / Land-deal-gone-bad case against da Mosked man! Manalapan residents, and every resident of da world was able to see what these politicians were trying to hide - at taxpayer expense - and judge for themselves.

Why did they do this?

Freedom of Speech

Da First Amendment

That was what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team was fighting against, and what NJ Assemblywoman Carolina MachoGrande said, “Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

It’s people like that who say rediculous things like this that allow actions like those against daTruthSquad and Steve Lonegan to happen.

Ironcally, this great nation was founded by those who fought against those who wish to remove Freedom of Speech and da First Amendment from da history of law.

Da unfortunate problem we all face – over 220 years later – we’re still fighting against da tyranny of events like da arrest of Steve Lonegan and subpoenas because “we can.”


Demand Action!

Demand from your elected legislative officials Jennifer Beck, Declan O'Candidate, and Carolina MachoGrande that they demand a state and Federal investigation and Civil Rights probe into da Lonegan arrest. And, demand da very same about what Manalapan politicians tried to do to daTruthSquad.

Show da politicians they cannot hide from da First Amendment - they cannot hide from Freedom of Speech - and they cannot hide from da Truth!

And that’s daTruth.


Changing Times Too said...

I have to ask because there is a common denomiator here and that is that Jon Corzine is a Democrat, Manalapan's Dream Team of lawyers and the Gang of 3 are Democrats. Lonegan,Grossman and Da Truth Squad are all victims of having their 1st Amendment Rights violated by Democrats.

Are we seeing a trend here?
Are the Democrats opposed to Freedon of Speech?

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it like that, but I also find it very interesting that al of the people trying to take away people's rights are all Democrats (Andy Boy included).

The word HYPOCRITE again comes into play with these people.

Anonymous said...

Governor Corzine is a tyrant. He is a billionaire who has no pulse on the common people that live and work in New Jersey. Governor Corzine is not a genius. He shows his narrow minded ways by suggesting a new tax to solve New Jersey's fiscal problems. Instead of consolidating the school systems or cutting the pork in State jobs and the ridiculous pension system, he merely suggests mortgaging the roads to private entities and suppressing his opponent's freedom of speech. We are talking about the same buffoon who tells his driver to break the speed law and doesn't wear a seat bell. This is the same governor who carried on an affair with the head of a union organization. Why won't Corzine suggest consolidating the school systems by county? Because the Unions oppose such a move and Corzine is in the pockets of the Unions. I am leaving New Jersey next year as I am tired of being taxed for everything. Governor Taxinator Corzine can go screw himself and he can shove his taxes where the sun don't shine.

Anonymous said...

I watched channel 77 it appears that Andy Lucus put some kind of shoe polish on top of his head. Did anyone else notice this ? It looks terrible.

Anonymous said...

I guess our former Mayor Andy Boy has never heard of the Hair Club for Men.

Wait, I forgot. You have to be a man to use Hair Club for Men.

Anonymous said...

Since fans of datruth will delete this fron, because they really DON'T believe in first amendmnet rights:

2581. Doubtless, this post will
by WyattEarp1, 1/26/08 18:31 ET

be deleted by the same person who cries about first amendment rights, but the question begs to be asked. Who is this person Sybil who pretends to be 11 different people? Why is it such a hateful, vicious personality? Did it lose an election in town, or is it held in contempt by every person it meets in Manalapan? My guess is the latter. I get tired of repeating the names, sylvanator, paytoplay07, tbirdder, notranda, stinky cheese although I think stinky cheese, aka fontina is the sick, demented sister of the Sybil, the 1 who pretends to be 11, aka Sybil, Alim81, secondfidl, etc.) They really think that we can't tell that they all sound exactly the same. That's the problem with a megolomaniac. They think they are so smart, the rest of us are fools and can't keep up, according to them. So let me ask, who does this meglomaniac sound like to you? Guess what? The meglomaniac is wrong. Hey Sybil, you don't like our town? GET THE F OUT. I'll be more than happy to show you the way ,dirt bag. In the mean time, go cry to some one who gives a flying f* about your childish games and divisive diatribe.

Anonymous said...

thanks, Kathy.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Stu.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, you still haven't figured it out yet. Unlike you, Stu has a life. He doesn't spend all day posting. In all likelihood, he hasn't been home all night to post like you have because he's not a shrivelled up, ugly, bitter hag like you. He has a career. You're a foul mouthed has been pretending to be a reporter for a weekly ad journal. Isn't it amazing that has beens, criminals, losers and two-bit political hacks who will never make it to the big time are all so obsessed with Stu. Jealous much?

Wyattearp1 said...

As preditced, all of my posts have been deleted at First amendment rights indeed. Can you say hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

The first amendment only applies to GOVERNMENT action, not private blogsites, you bitter, bloated neanderthal. No wonder you can't get a story straight in that ad journal you "write" for.

Anonymous said...

^^ Get your glasses checked before your nose winds up in you know who's behind.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the poster who said the defendant doesn't have the time to post all day. I'm guessing that's because he is busy trying to defend himself against a lawsuit brought against him by the township of Manalapan.

Last time i checked, the reporter for the news transcript didn't have to worry about court dates.

Anonymous said...

George, now you understand why NJ.COM wipes out almost instantly anything you or your girlfriend post as malypractice or wyattearp1. Here's what they figured out. Decent people were using the site, and it was once a respected forum. Your continued posting of attacks and elementary school level diatribe forced them to make a choice as to whether they wish to remain viable. Now, since you can't post there, you're obviously going to befoul this forum. It will be up to daTruthSquad to decide whether they want their blog rating for respectability and influence to drop precipitously by allowing the defamatory childish rantings of you and your girlfriend to remain on this site. Remember, the first amendment protects against government censorship. A private blog has the right to maintain standards of decency and dignity. We understand that you have nothing to do all day George but attack innocent people, since your wife threw you out and now has a boyfriend living in your former house, but the rest of us would like to discuss a higher level of politics than the sewer rumblings you prefer.

Anonymous said...

well said. This blogsite has always been about the exchange of ideas, not defaming people who aren't even in public office anymore. If Spodak and Baratta are going to be permitted to bring this forum down to their level, the value of this forum is going to go down fast. That's probably their intent. There is no better way to stop the free exchange of ideas on this forum than to dominate it the way they dominated NJ.COM. It is up to the blog administrator to recognize that ideas should be protected, not disgusting defamation and attacks.

Trevanian said...

That's true. One of the most respect blogsites in New Jersey is moremonmouthmusings. Art Gallagher had to deal with the same problem, one or two idiots spoiling it for everyone, so he now reviews every posting before he allows it to air. His site is now ranked as the second most influential in the State. That wouldn't have happened if he allowed the sickies to try to destroy his site by posting filth and personal attacks.

Laughing at your arrogance said...

Listen to yourselves. You are doing exactly what you accuse others of doing! Above poster was correct. You are a hypocrite and a vicious, hatefull one at that!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, really. Are you the one that should be calling ANYONE vicious and hateful?