Monday, January 14, 2008

DaTruthSquad's 10-Step Plan For Toll-Troll Corzine

Here's an interesting point of view on da Corzine Toll Scheme - is it biased to where certain counties pay more and many others pay practically nothing to fund it?

A special DaTruthSquad investigation shows just that -- and Monmouth County winds up shouldering da 2nd-biggest burden in da state!

According to EZ Pass data obtained by da Star Ledger newspaper - 2 counties in particular will pay about 29.2% of da toll burden into this scheme -- Monmouth & Middlesex County, while Salem, Sussex, and Warren County residents will only shoulder 0.8% of da burden COMBINED!

Da "Corzine Back-Hand Slap in Da Face Award" goes to Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), the Transportation Committee chairman. He was all for da plan, and then all of a sudden he got wind that Route 440 would become a toll road - right through da heart of his home Assembly district!

Let's see who else will get their pockets siphoned by da Corzine vacuum?

Anyone who goes to da supermarket, or a department store will see prices soar because trucks are going to have to be reimbursed for their high gas prices and toll costs, and guess who will be paying those higher prices --- YOU DA TAXPAYER!

And, it will be costlier in other ways - LAWSUITS.

One, Steven Lonegan, longtime Bogota mayor and president of Americans for Prosperity, a pro-free enterprise group, announced plans to file a federal lawsuit charging the state with violating the U.S. Constitution by raising tolls on out-of-state drivers.

"This is no longer a toll now," said Lonegan. "This is now a tariff. This is now a tax." Lonegan has sued New Jersey twice before over its borrowing practices.

Now maybe daTruthSquad should get da hearing checked, because daTruthSquad remembers when da Toll-Troll Corzine ran for Governator he said he'd run da state like a business.

On Monday, Citigroup, a business said they're having problems and would have to cut 6% of their workforce, on top of layoffs that already happened. Countrywide Mortgage axed 20% of their worforce, IndyMac sliced 10%. GM & Ford, also business da last time daTruthSquad looked used job cuts to bolster their bottom lines.

Toll-Troll Corzine said da state faces a "financial crisis" and we're "broke." So how many jobs will be cut statewide by Toll-Troll Corzine?


Who is da single biggest employer in da state of New Jersey?

NEW JERSEY - with over 70,000 folks on da payroll and many more grabbing bloated pensions.

Before you force NJ residents into bankruptcy to pay for your Toll-Troll Corzine scheme, how's about you cut da fat first.

Since Toll-Troll Corzine obviously isn't adept enough to handle a simple budget, let daTruthSquad give this a try.

STEP 1: Declare a crisis. Immediately order a HIRING FREEZE, cut 6% of da state workforce (4560 jobs) and order a second round of 6% cuts in 2009 (4560 jobs which can come through buyouts or attrition).

STEP 2: Demand that all State Assemblypeople & State Senators forefit 10% of their pay and overall legislative budgets, with that money going directly to paying down da debt. They created it, so they should pay for it - not us.

STEP 3: Put up solar panels and wind devices along da NJTP, AC Expressway, and GSP. Let da toll roads generate electricity and sell that energy back to energy companies to generate income on a large scale, as well as provide power for da toll road buildings to make them energy self-sufficient.

STEP 4: Raise tolls 10% in 2008, again in 2011 & 2014, with that money ONLY going to da Transportation Trust Fund.

STEP 5: Cut state spending by 10% each year for da next 2 years, and invoke a spending freeze until da debt is paid off.

STEP 6: Cut pensions down to be based on just 1 state job, not 4 or 5, and anyone making less than $35,000 with a state job gets no pension.

STEP 7: If you're convicted of a crime - NO PENSION.

STEP 8: You must work in state government 7 years to qualify to have a pension.

STEP 9: Sell yearly naming rights to all toll road service areas, the AC Expressway, and Route 440 with all money going to pay off the state debt.

STEP 10: Order a combining of all local Board of Educations, 600 of them, and demand towns have joint BOE. If 5 towns did this on a statewide level, the 600 individual BOE's can be reduced to 120. This alone could save da state BILLIONS!

This is just a beginning.

Governor Corzine, if you have any questions on how to cut spending, please feel free to comment on daTruthSquad's blog page. My TruthTellers would be glad to help you with business decisions.

DaTruth is, something does need to be done, but putting da burden on da taxpayers who already suffer with da highest property taxes in da nation, second highest auto insurance, largest tax burden, one of da highest foreclosure rates -- it's too much.

And, making Monmouth residents pay more than 20 other counties is not fair and should be fought by da people.

Also, to all da TruthTellers - if ANY POLITICIAN goes along with Toll Troll Corzine's plan, they should be voted out of office. Follow their actions.

DaTruthSquad will - and that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

I posted this on It fits with this report:

Elvis Presley heard about the Guvnor's tax plan and rolled over in his grave before grabbing his geetar and singing this:

Legal Tender,
Oh so sweet,
Pay me just to go.
You know our coffers are incomplete,
That’s why I tax you so.

Give me tender,
Til you’re blue,
Our greed is not fulfilled.
For my darlin, I’ll spend that too
And I always will.

Give me tender,
Our taxing’s strong,
Though maybe not our heart.
For the Good Ol’ boys where I belong,
You and your cash will part.

I own the roads,
on which you steer,
Your money, well, it’s mine.
It’ll be mine through all the years,
Till the end of time.

When at last my schemes come true
Driver this I know
Higher taxes will follow you
Everywhere you go.

Legal Tender,
Oh so sweet,
Pay me just to go.
You know our coffers are incomplete,
That’s why I tax you so.

Lightshines said...

and I forgot to sign my name there, too. So I'll sign it here.

Anonymous said...

When you're not fending off foolish First Amendment cases made by biased politicians who care nothing about the people who elected them and only for themselves, you should run for governor.

njcommunity said...

Good post.
Looking at steps 1 & 2, they did commit to a freeze... promptly after increasing Judge salaries.
Hey - Trenton at its best.


Anonymous said...

Step 4 is not a good idea...

How about getting rid of all the tolls, and add those 2 roads in the rest of them with the state DOT. The rental income on the rest stops on both roads should cover the cost to maintain the roads themselves. The toll money is just to keep the "machine" going, and pay all of the patronage jobs working for the authority.

The Government will never be fixed. Even if someone runs for office with good intentions, they seem to "become one of them" as soon as they get in to office. Hmm.. if you can't beat them, join them?? Maybe I should run for office.... I better get in before they change the rules about the pensions!

Go RU!!!! said...

I don't want the tolls to go up either, but that small a hit I could handle as long as I know that every dime goes to fixing roads and not to the Trenton fat cats.

I'm new to this blog. Found you on BlogNet. Too bad you can't be in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

The ideas on this blog are pretty good ones. Did the writer get them from other politicians or did they come up with them by themselves? I like combining the school boards. It will save billions but the unions would never go for it, and they run Corzine so they make the laws.

Anonymous said...

I'm from South Jersey and discovered your blog from news reports. Whoever you are you're a genius. Keep up the good work and much success on your excellent blog.

Changing Times Too said...

Is John Wisneski still the WMUA attorney?

Anonymous said...

Printed this fro which Irongirth McEnery will probably have deleted. So here it is....

Let us see how this works. Mcenry helps Lucas tag on to Joe and get elected. Mcenry sends letter to destroy Joe. Mcenry gives Lucas money on a business venture. Mcenry talks Cohen to run. Mcenery goes along with separate campaign committees. Mcenry leaves bad news note for Cohen before the debate to try and mess her up for the debate. Mcenery watches as Lucas goes to Ward after the debate. Mcenery still defends this turn coat as he makes deals with Shapiro(Turncoat with a past)and Gray (Turncoat with a past). Mcenery can't object cause Lucas has his money on a loser business venture.

Can you spell corruption?

You Republicans are going to be easy to beat this year!

Anonymous said...

Andy, Andy quite contrary how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells in Manalapan or on Georgia Road?

Anonymous said...

Can people who drive the Parkway and TPKE file for a refund of the "road tax" they pay on fuel that is used on these toll roads?? Having to pay road tax on the gasoline, and then pay the tolls is a DOUBLE TAX.

Anonymous said...

We need a grass roots movement from the people. Didn't the people come through when it came to Florio and his taxes? What did we do then? I remember signing a petition at the Monmouth County Fair. How about a rally somewhere in Monmouth or Middlesex County?