Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Jersey: Da "First Amendment Violation State"

Recently, New Jersey has offered apologies for slavery and did away with da death penalty. Unbeknownst to many New Jersey residents, da First Amendment was apparently also done away with too.

If da state's favorite Toll Troll, Governor Corzine, wants to find a new way to reduce state debt without any new toll increases there's a very simple way that won't cost da majority of state residents a dime:

Simply heavily "surcharge" anyone who violates a person's First Amendment rights in New Jersey.

You would think it doesn't happen that much in New Jersey - but guess again.
In New Jersey's monthly, "Let's see whose First Amendment rights we can trample and try to get away with," this past Saturday da honor went to former Bogota mayor Steve Lonegan and radio personality Seth Grossman. They were arrested in front of Middle Township HS in Cape May County. They were told to not hold da protest signs they were carrying, and they refused to comply since they were on public property and outside of da public school. They were arrested, and whether it was on da orders of Comrade Corzine or not, it doesn't matter.

DaTruth is da arrest of an individual carrying a sign on public property, in a public place, outside of a public-owned building where a public meeting was being held and da public was invited to attend is an absolute violation of da First Amendment.

Already there are severe discrepancies between police accounts and those of Lonegan & Grossman. FYI - Lonegan says he has a videotape of the incident which contradicts police accounts.

And some other folks found da First Amendment violations reprehensible.

Sen. Gerald Cardinale, R-Bergen, called for a federal probe of the arrest of former Bogota Mayor Steven Lonegan. Senate Minority Leader Thomas Kean Jr., R-Union, also called for a state probe of the incident.

Da Courier Post also had interesting info regarding potential agenda-setting by da Toll Troll.

Lonegan also said a policeman on scene told him the governor did not want any opponents to the roads plan.

"The governor's people gave my people no direction whatsoever," said Middle Township Police Chief Joseph Evangelista.

"These guys gave me this dopey trespassing ticket, and I had a major violation of my First Amendment rights. ... I think they have the problem and not me," said Lonegan.

Republican senators asked law enforcement to examine the civil-rights angles.

Kean said, "The right to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances is the foundation of our democracy."

"I am deeply disturbed by the arrest," Cardinale said. "Even more troublesome are the published statements and videotape that seem to indicate that Corzine's people conspired with local police. ... Who does he think he is, Joe Stalin?"

Apparently those aligned with da Toll Troll were trying to take a page from da local leaders of Manalapan, New Jersey which recently tried to take daTruthSquad to court, demanding da identity of da blogger as a part of a land-deal-gone-bad case that will cost Manalapan taxpayers $15,000 for soil cleanup but according to one politician bringing da case, it has already cost taxpayers "over $100,000."

Of course, as you know now, da highly paid "Manalapan Legal Dream Team" under da leadership of Daniel "Bud Abbott" McCarthy and David "Lou Costello" Weeks went to court one month ago and da presiding judge reminded them there was just one little roadblock in their path, a little-known piece of parchment paper that some NJ politicians apparently missed when they played hooky from their 3rd grade history class -- DA FIRST AMENDMENT!

By da way, if Mr. Lonegan or Mr. Grossman need any advice, daTruthSquad knows a little something about taking on First Amendment bullies. My guess is da ACLU is also chomping at da bit to represent you too.

Because of da arrests of Grossman & Lonegan, a clear violation of First Amendment rights, daTruthSquad wants all da TruthTellers to contact their state representatives to demand both a state and Federal investigation into their arrests. Remember, if it can happen to folks like da former gubernatorial candidate Lonegan, da radio guy Grossman, and da blogger daTruthSquad, it can happen to you if you dare defy da politicians who attempt to control our lives.

DaTruth is, da only way this will stop is if you stand up.

Take a page from Monmouth Superior Court Judge Terence Flynn, in his ruling from da bench, "And that anyone [...] has a right to make their feelings clear. And they have a right not to be intimidated by the issuance of discovery requests in order to shut them down. For that reason, in many ways, the authority cited by the intervenor is correct and accurate. And first of all the [...] the blogger, if in fact it’s an individual person, and I’m assuming absent any evidence that it is another individual person, has a right not to be drawn into the litigation and forced to reveal identity or to impede on his or her First Amendment rights simply on a suspicion."

Stand up for Steve Lonegan, Seth Grossman, bloggers everywhere, and da First Amendment of da Constitution of da United States. And, don't be afraid to stand up to elected bullies.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Great job. This is the most I have read about the arrests in Cape May. Very informative, and you are the only one who really seems to understand the First Amendment implications here. I'm new to your blog but the people at the THNT talk about it alot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Da Truth Squad you are doing a great job showing up the newspapers. Keep it up

A fan from Middlesex

Anonymous said...

I wonder who's going to make money off of townships ?

Moskivitz vs Manalapan or Lonegan vs Middle Township for violating his right to free speech.

Anonymous said...

I think it'll be Moskovitz. By the time the inquisition brought against him by 3 politicians and 2 lawyers is over, he'll make a ton of money just off damage suits and I'd even bet the judge will make Manalapan pay for his legal bills. I think Manalapan residents will be floored when they have to pay his bills.

For Lonegan, this whole thing is a big issue that will get him more name recognition.

Anonymous said...

It's been very quiet since Manalapan lost in court against datruthsquad / Moskovitz. Not even 1 story in that birdcage liner Snoozepaper. I believe the Transcript was probably told by Roth and her gang not to print anything about the trial anymoe unless it's bad news about Moskovitz. It's obvious to me that the Transcript is nothing more than a lapdog to certain politicians and shows bias every week they don't print info about a trial costing Manalapan residents hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the Transcript, don't read it. Better yet, boycott their advertisers.

Better yet, call their advertisers and tell them you are boycotting them.

I agree, they're not worth the paper that Snoozer is printed on.

Anonymous said...

This is chilling. I think that both actions, against datruthsquad and Lonnegan make the average person think twice about speaking out. Until damages are assessed against attorneys and parties violating first amendment rights the practice will sadly continue.

Anonymous said...

I followed the situation with datruthsquad on the EFF.com website that represented the blogger. Thank G-d there are groups like that who help people being bullied by big brother. You are right, it does make people afraid to spek out - butthat's what they want. They want you to be afraid and do as they tell you to do. The Squad is 100% right. We must stand up when someone's rights are violated, especially in situations like this.

That is what our great nation was founded on.

BAMF said...

Manalapan township committee gave approval to an attorney to go after the first ammendment rights of daTruthSquad. He said in court the council must know cause it was in the paper.

My question is: Why does Manalapan residents let them just give away their oath of office to defend the constitution? They let an attorney file against a blogger without wanting to know what he is going to submit to the court.

Who should the residents sue? The committee for giving up the authority or the attorney for malpractice. Oh no, sue for malpractice...isn't that how Andrew Lucas got himself into this ethical problem?

Good thing a judge knows about the first ammendment!

Anonymous said...

I like the way that sounds.

Andrew Lucas - Defendant!

Now our alleged Manalapan / Freehold resident needs a lawyer. I'll bet he wants Manalapan taxpayers to pay for that too.

I think by the time this political vendetta lawsuit against Stu is done it will cost Manalapan taxpayers at least $1,000,000.

All for a $15,000 soil cleanup job.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch King George making an absolute fool of himself at the township committee meeting. He must have been up there over 20 minutes yelling about Moskovitz and the garbage about Gennaro and Cohen sounded very much like his prior rants about Andy Boy and Joe.

This pathetic loser obviously has no life, or he just does what he is told by his handlers. One way or the other, a pathetic loser.

Anonymous said...

I know George for about 35 years now. He was an idiot thirty five years ago. He's an idiot now. He had no class then. He has no class now. He was ugly and divisive then. He is ugly and divisive now. He had no life then. He has no life now. He was offensive and slovenly then. He is offensive and slovenly now. He was a liar then. He's a liar now. Sorry, but he doesn't surprise me. lol.

Anonymous said...

First he thanks Gennaro for his years of service, after Gennaro answered his question if he was running again and Gennaro said no. Then he goes straight into the gutter and says to Gennaro thank you for not running.

I guess George realizes that if Gennaro ran as an independent candidate against Roth he would get re elected. Unlike Georges narrow view of Manalapan politics. Gennaro is hugely popular and more than that respected. Georges girl Roth is not and a race between the two former running mates would have been more than they could handle.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Michelle realizes that when she runs for office in November, she's going to have to run against 1. her association with George Spodak who she lets rant at every meeting about things that have nothing to do with township business and 2. the hundreds of thousands of dollars the taxpayers are spending to go after the wrong attorney for the wrong reasons, not to mention the fact that the taxpayers are now spending tens of thousands of dollars to defend Andrew Lucas -- who is not entitled to that defense -- in the same lawsuit.

Manalapan needs serious help said...

I wanted to make sure this post from NJ.com Manalapan board didn't "disappear" as many others have.

Looks like it's a good thing you quoted from my prior post. Apparently, after Maly rants on this site, when people tell the truth and attack him for lying, he cries to the blogmaster and has everything removed. What was interesting were the posts removed that didn't attack anyone. There was one post that pointed out how Michelle as mayor is focused on nonsense -- the $420 that was fully discussed at a meeting in 2005 and then approved, that she spent two meetings on last year, the frivolous lawsuit that she's spending $100,000 on against an attorney who saved us $250,000 by writing the contract the way he did (try to win THAT lawsuit. lol) without suing any of the attorneys who got us into the mess to begin with, Spodak and his "who went to the victory party" that the mayor invited the whole community to, etc.

Anonymous said...

I heard Manalapan's Queen will be running with somebody named Gross in this year's election.

I can't wait to see those campaign signs that say "Gross Roth." That may be the only thing true about her campaign.

Anonymous said...

This post from nj.com keeps getting deleted. The truth is not something they want known.
I am posting it here knowing that it will not get deleted.

2578. This post keeps on getting deleted
by TerraNova, 1/24/08 18:18 ET
Why is that? I asked why George got up last night at the meeting and asked all those questions about Sue Cohens's victory party and why Moskovitz was there. I asked why George did not ask our engineer why he was there talking to Moskovitz for 40 minutes? This is our engineer who is "our expert engineer in the lawsuit of Manalpan vs Moskovits" and who is the engineer who is over seeing the "clean up of the land" involved in the case. Why didn't George ask the engineer what he was talking to Moskovitz that whole time? George had a problem that Moskovitz was at Sue's victory party ut he didn't have an issue that our engineer was there talking to the guy the town is suing? I think it is a legitimate question of a factual event and my post is removed? The truth is the truth and I realize that is too much for some to handle.

Anonymous said...

I think we finally have the answer to what is driving George Spodak to continue stalking Stu and spend every waking moment of his life attacking him. This was on nj.com. I'm sure it won't take Spodak too long to get it deleted.

2578.2. I don't think George is the one that's dense
by tbirdder, 1/24/08 19:38 ET
Re: Video doesn’t lie!!!!!!!!! by malypractice, 1/24/08
Don't you people realize WHY George hates Stu so much? Think about it. George and Stu were never in politics together. They never had any contact with one another. There's nothing Stu ever could have done that would have pissed George off so much. So what is it, exactly? Think about it. Stu wrote Miracle's Law, remember? Stu is the person who wrote Manalapan's anti-pedophile law. FROM THAT MOMENT onward, George has been attacking Stu. Put two and two together, people.

lightshines said...

Middle Township officials on Thursday issued an official apology for violating Seth Grossman and Steve Lonegan's first amendment rights. But, since they are not professionals, we hired Brenda Lee to communicate their apology for them:

I'm sorry, so sorry
That I was such a fool
I didn't know
That First Amendment Rule
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, yes

We made some mistakes
To protect and serve our guvnor
Don’t matter who’s right
What we did has been done

I'm sorry, So sorry
Please accept my apology
It’s tough to protect
a policy like Corzine’s
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, yes

The Guv’s made mistakes
He never had experience
We screwed with your rights
But at least he’s not McGreevey
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, yes

I'm sorry, so sorry
Please accept my apology
Justice is blind
But not too blind to see
your signs.

Anonymous said...

interesting comment from nj.com that should be preserved here before George has it erased:

V\2579. People, please be kind
by AuntieEm180, 1/24/08 20:00 ET
I know how tempting it is to attack someone as vicious and ugly as Spodak has always been. But you have to understand. The reason he has all this time on his hands is that he know longer lives in his house on Lexington, because his wife threw him out. He has nowhere to go and nothing to do. So he's obviously a little less than rational at this time. Let's not prod him. It's not the Christian thing to do. Just let him rant, and ignore him. We don't need to pile onto his personal grief. I think we can all be bigger than that right now and just recognize what is driving this poor man. I think the best thing we can do right now is ignore him completely. Please don't respond no matter what he writes as malypractice, wyattearp, sitdownrhoda or any of the other dozen names he uses. Whoever was posting about his physical condition happens to be correct. I really don't think you want to be responsible for any health impact on him, do you?

Anonymous said...

If it is true that Mike Gross is Michelle Roth's new running mate for her 2008 campaign for re election,I think that there needs to an intervention.

We need to save Mike Gross from making a major mistake.

Jesse O. said...

This post is linked to our web-site, http://libertyandprosperity.org/modules.php?s=&name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=314. Thank you for standing up for Constitutional Rights. Did you know that no "law enforcement official," or "prosecutor" has brought charges against the government agent that issued the unconstitutional order to arrest Seth Grossman and Steve Lonegan? What a state!