Friday, January 11, 2008

Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team Presents - "Who's My Client?"

Everybody knows da Abbott & Costello favorite, "Who's on First." Well, if you were in da Monmouth County Superior Court da day da Manalapan Legal Dream Team tried to rid Monmouth County and America of da First Amendment, you would have seen da newest version of that famous skit.

So, without any further delay, here's Manalapan Legal Dream Team members David Weeks (Abbott) and Daniel McCarthy (Costello) starring in --- "Who's My Client???" --- a production of da Manalapan Township Committee --- financed by YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

Now, all throughout this First Amendment battle, legal paper after legal paper submitted into court by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team said in no uncertain terms that da Mosked man was in fact da person behind this blog.

Da Dream Team even went as far as telling Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney Matthew Zimmerman he was making "time-wasting, unproductive, and unprofessional threats."

Thanks to da EFF, however, you da reader were allowed to see exactly how both your tax dollars are being spent and exactly how this land-deal-gone-bad lawsuit became a frivolous attempt at ridding us all of First Amendment protections that countless heroes of America have died for.

Of course, when da competent & law abiding judge entered da court, it was a whole different ballgame for da Dream Team. Check out these following quotes, easily available by reading da actual court transcript available online at the EFF website!

Now all along, da Dream Team made allegations da Mosked man somehow violated a court order. So, da judge asked da Dream Team a question.

THE COURT: "Okay. But at least in terms of Judge English’s order, what you say, you wanted to look at this to find out if he violated the Court’s order. That’s what you said you wanted to find out. The question is, I don’t have anything in front of me that you have submitted, or anything else, saying that in fact there was, even if it was not Mr. Moskovitz, somebody said something, did something on this blog, from the time the Judge issued his order which said that nobody’s talked to them, pending the final hearing in this case, which was on August 20th."

Things got worse from here.

Dream Teamer McCarthy chimed in and inserted "Foot A" into "Mouth B."

MR. McCARTHY: "And in response to that, in actually my firm’s papers to Judge English, we pointed out to the Judge, July 17th the order is entered. On July 18th these’s an article in the news transcript that says, "Reached for comment, Moskovitz said he was immune to any retaliatory measures," et cetera, et cetera. So we were pointing out to the Judge that he’s out there talking to the media."

Da July 18th Snoozepaper Dream Teamer McCarthy is referring to was printed by da Snoozer on either July 16 or 17, meaning da interview with da Mosked man happened BEFORE da gag order went into effect - not after!

McCarthy continued to claim daTruthSquad blog entries made after da gag order went into effect violated that order. Da only problem is, da Dream Team lacked one minor thing -- evidence!

When attorney Matthew Zimmerman spoke, he immediately exposed da sham for what it was, and why da First Amendment was being threatened by Manalapan's lawyers.

"And on the issue of credibility, you know I would like to point out the precedent that this would set. It’s true that the plaintiffs in this case invented this accusation with no evidence. They came into court and said, not even an accusation, they simply state it as fact, that Mr. Moskovitz was in fact the blogger. And when Mr. Moskovitz denied it and he said, this is ridiculous, they’re now saying, well, that’s a basis for us to turn around and investigate it. I mean, just think of the judicial -- the impact on Your Honor’s court if every single time someone came into court and made a ridiculous accusation that became an independent basis for someone to investigate the critics in the community."

Then came da trial's defining moment. When da chips were down, Dream Teamer weeks gave us da quote of da trial.

MR. WEEKS: "Now, in balancing it, there’s a real easy way to protect any concerns that the Electronic Freedom Foundation has for their blogger. And that is, Google, who has no problem complying with the subpoena, complies with the subpoena. Sends the information to me. I don’t distribute it to anybody but Your Honor."

Gee, what's next -- "Double-Secret Probation???"

Needless to say, everybody saw through da "Dean Wormer Defense."

But then, da big question emerged from da judge, who asked Dream Teamer Douglas C. Niedermeyer (Weeks) if his clients have any clue as to what da Dream Team was trying to do to da Constitution? Maybe before answering, he should have asked the other Omega House members, or at least called Babs or Mandy Peppridge?

THE COURT: "Does Manalapan know that you’re spending funds, or putting resources into trying to find the identity of a blogger who is critical of their administration?"

MR. WEEKS: "They, I assume they’re aware of this. It’s been in the front page of the Star Ledger. You’d be, have to be under a rock not to know that this is going on. Have I spoken to them directly and do I know what they know specifically? No. But I’m comfortable that they’re aware of it."

WEEKS: "I couldn't tell you da names of da people on their Committee

This wasn't some court spectator or one of da Delta House gang asking this question of da Dream Team lawyers being paid at taxpayer expense. This was da JUDGE!

OK, so here, clearly, da Dream Team admits he hasn't "spoken to them" and isn't even sure "they’re aware of it," and "can't tell you da names" of da people who hired him!


This also means da people who hired their lawyers haven't had contact with them, according to Weeks' court statements. This of course confirms Committeeman Gennaro's claim that he "tried to call Weeks, but he wouldn't return my call."

If you thought that was amazing - Weeks in open court admits he doesn't even know who former Mayor Andy Boy is!

THE COURT: "And a third party. And who did Mr. Moskovitz bring in?"

MR. WEEKS: "When I told you before I didn’t know the names of the people on the Council, I meant it. I think it’s somebody on the Council, but I’m not sure who."

MR. MOSKOVITZ: "We brought a third party claim against Andrew Lucas, the Mayor

Da lawyer represents da town. His clients are da people who voted to approve da case. If he forgot who they are, daTruthSquad has that evidence. In Omega House President Greg Marmalard's (better known as Dream Teamer Daniel McCarthy's) Certification, he stated da following:

"At a subsequent public meeting, the governing body of da township passed Resolution #2007-130, authorizing execution of an agreement with Ruprecht, Hart, and Weeks which agreement was attached and made part of the resolution."

One can theorize that da law firm might have had some idea who their clients are from that resolution. That 29-page legal brief (remember McCarthy is paid by da hour)included 20 pages of copies of daTruthSquad blog! What did da blog have to do with a land-deal-gone-bad case?

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad's legal representation in this case constantly discussed every aspect of da proceedings with daTruthSquad - almost every day in both phone and emails. Why is it that daTruthSquad's attorney kept his client completely informed of every aspect of this case, but da Dream Team, being paid with taxpayer money, doesn't even know who da mayor of his client (Manalapan) is, and won't return da phone calls of another of his clients, Mr. Gennaro?

Da difference between "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" and "Animal House" is this case isn't a movie. If it was, then daTruthSquad believes taxpayer money shouldn't be spared and da part of da Queen Mayor should be played by John Goodman (remember he played Linda Tripp on Saturday Night Live).

But, daTruth is, if da Manalapan Legal Dream Team duo of Abbott & Costello have no idea who their clients are, as Weeks said in open court as da transcript proves, then how can da Township Committee pay them? They already spent taxpayer money, and daTruthSquad must surmise his more than 50-page legal brief wasn't on da house, for six months of demanding da Mosked man was daTruthSquad, and claiming his denials led to a credibility issue.

Making this case a First Amendment case, not knowing who da clients are, not returning da calls of one of da clients, da clients having to read newspapers and da internet to find out what they are paying for -- da question is, on da Township Committee of Manalapan, who is responsible?

It is absolutely reprehensible that your attorney says, "Have I spoken to them directly and do I know what they know specifically? No. But I’m comfortable that they’re aware of it" when asked by da Judge if he knew if his clients knew what he was doing, and "I think it’s somebody on the Council, but I’m not sure who" when asked who Mayor Andy Boy is. Da Queen demanded a forensic accounting of da Symphony for a few hundred dollars, and da head of Manalapan Rec on a platter as well (hopefully not as a snack). Where is da accounting of this case against da Mosked man which has now received worldwide rebuke?

DaTruthSquad believes it's time for da Manalapan Township Committee to show whether this case is a real case or a political vendetta. Da people deserve to know how their money is being spent. Da peasants are suffering under a 28% tax increase last year. Was all that money to pay for lawyers?

Right now, it seems like da plan of da Gang of Three is to not discuss this case against da Mosked man that YOU ARE PAYING FOR, and hoping da world forgets what has already happened here with their lawyers who don't know who their clients are challenging da First Amendment. Da best way to make sure your voice is heard is to blog about it, discuss it, comment about it, write a letter to da editor of a newspaper, or go to Manalapan Town Hall and ask your elected officials about this case. If they won't discuss it, or say "Remain calm, all is well," or refuse to answer your questions - that will be answer enough.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Well this was probably the most boring thing I have ever read. Reminds me of Lenny Bruce at the end of his career ranting about his trial to an audience that couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

I guess if you live in Manalapan you wouldn't find this funny.

I don't live in Freedom of Speech-less Manalapan, and I find this blog to be one of the better ones around. I loved the "Double Secret Probation" line.

I would have never believed for a minute those lawyers actually said those things. Having the link to the actual transcript is brilliant.

You are telling da truth!

Anonymous said...

It was all over the place. First they're talking about characters from Animal House then it's Abbott and Costello. A more incoherent read than usual. Someone has obviously gone off the deep end. Although this scatterbrained rant does serve one purpose and that is to explain why his court losses continue to mount.
The only loss the township has suffered so far didn't even come from him but from a third party intervenor, the EFF. Other than that, the township has come out on top in EVERY court hearing so far except for the EFF intervention on the subpoena request. No wonder the ranting and raving.

Anonymous said...

Well at least it is evident that all the people in Manalapan support the squad. Just look at all the thousands of the truth squad t shirts that everyone is wearing! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Are you following the same case? Are you OK with tax dollars being used to stifle the First Amendment? Andy Boy said himself this case has cost Manalapan over $100,000 already. How much more ar you willing to pay for a $15,000 cleanup that the TC OK'd in 2004?

Personally, I liked the Animal House references. Unfortunately, there's nothing funny about taxpayer funds being used for a political vendetta.

Anonymous said...

I hope Stu is daTruthSquad and sues Andy Boy and wins.


Lets talk kick ass for being a manipulative jerk oh Annnnndyyyyyy. Who wants you to sell out the guy who got you elected?

Da devil made you do it?

Anonymous said...

This post was on NJ.COM in response to a claim by George Spodak that somehow or other, after Stu made sure that Drew's father had enough time to restore the business that Drew tried to destroy, and after the Judge ruled that the proceeds from the sale of the property have to be put into escrow until it is determined how much Drew stole from his father's business, Stu "lost" the case. LOL. Since Mr. Irrelevant, George Spodak will no doubt have the post by MyrGreenMeat deleted, here it is in its entirety:

The funny thing is that according to "my embedded sources" -- Spodak loves to use that phrase -- the only specatator there was GEORGE SPODAK who spent five hours there today doing nothing but watching. This is the same idiot that goes to every township committee meeting to attack Moskovitz and Susan Cohen -- when Spodak didn't even attend that many meetings when he was Mayor. The man has absolutely no life. It's hard to hate Spodak. He's so pathetic, you have to feel sorry for him. This is a guy who hasn't recovered from losing the election when his fellow democrats (who happened to be Stu's allies -- are you getting the picture now?) discovered there was some questionable funds disappearing in 1982!!!!!!! It's been 25 years George. Move on, babe. Life is too short.

12 rounds of boxing said...

Hey truth, how about an update on da mosked man versus da father disrepecter? How come we never get any info on that?

BAMF said...

If someone claimed Lucas and Mcenery had an unholy business deal that made them corrupt the Republican party in Manalapan, would you have to say allegedly after it was proven in court?

I guess you would have to before the court ruled it to be true.


Anonymous said...

I think the post above explains pretty clearly what happened today in court. Kathy Baratta had her ace reporter George Spodak there to totally confuse the facts for her. Let's see how she reports what's coming out about George at the next township committee meeting. By the way, the case is not Drew against Stu. The case is Drew against the father who fed Drew for forty five years, who Drew is now trying to destroy. At least I don't THINK Stu is Drew's father. Drew is older than Stu, isn't he? I thinks so. At least he looks like he is.

Parsippany Pat said...

I saw your blog on BlogNetNews and it's excellent. I don't know anything about Manalapan but I thought Parsippany was a bad town until I read about that hellhole.

I can't believe the town would actually hire lawyers to out you. Shows the lengths politicians will go. You would think if they'd spend all that money, they'd hire lawyers who weren't dead up from the neck up.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the next installment of the Manalapan Dream Team screwing things up.

Go Squad Go!!!!

Wyattearp1 is coming said...

Wyatt posted twice over at and Sybil, aka tbirdder, sunsetstables, amazed101, myrgreenmeat, secondfidl, 81ailm

deleted it. Just in case the friend of the defendant deletes for the third time:

2540. Sybil the deleter strikes twice
by WyattEarp1, 1/11/08 22:17 ET
You have to laugh at the friend of the defendant. The friend of the defendant hollers about first amendmend rights, then cries to the forum monitor to delete posts it does not want to read. Guess I have to post this over at da truth's blog again :)

da defendant's right hand? said...

Da truth is da liar? Is da truth in reality da friend of da defendant, like someone over seems to imply?

you make me laugh said...

Can you please get some new material for goodness sakes! Way to old. Are you in cahoots with the defendant to try to fool the good people of Manalapan?

Anonymous said...

why is Kathy Baratta so obsessed with Andrew Lucas, the defendant in the Manalapan case that she keeps referring to him in all these posts?

Anonymous said...

It would seem to me the previous poster who says datruthsquad is in cahoots with Moskovitz. Isn'tthat what the Dream Team lawyer said in court?

I'm going to laugh very loud when Stu wins this case and also beats Lucas in court too. The good thing for Andy Boy is the court is much closer to his Freehold home than his parent's farm in Manalapan.

Doc Holliday said...

Sybil had Wyatt's posts delteted over at again. What was that you were saying about 1st amendment rights Sybil?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to daTruthSquad. According to blognetnews, daTruthSquad is the fifteenth most viewed blog site in New Jersey, but the No. 1 rated one. The HIGHEST rating of all blog sites in New Jersey. THAT'S something Kathy Baratta and her little trash heap will never be able to say. Quality shows itself.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to daTruthSquad. According to blognetnews, daTruthSquad is the fifteenth most viewed blog site in New Jersey, but the No. 1 rated one. The HIGHEST rating of all blog sites in New Jersey. THAT'S something Kathy Baratta and her little trash heap will never be able to say. Quality shows itself.

Changing Times Too said...

I am glad that you were able to post the transcript of the court proceedings when Manalapan's Dream Team attempted to stifle the 1st Amendment. What it demonstrates is the lack of leadership by the former mayor Lucas and the current mayor Roth. Especially Roth who demanded that a forensic audit be done on a 600 dollar symphony bill from the conductor and yet she has sat quietly on her rump and done nothing, I repeat nothing about Week's and McCarthy's action in court. Nothing has been said in public, she is ignoring the situation. Hoping it will go away. It will not. Does she not think that someone will file ethics complaints against her and Lucas as well as their dream team for their actions? A lawyer tells the judge he does not know if his clients knows what he is doing in court today and that he the lawyer does not know the names of the clients? It is reported on EFF in one of the court papers Moskovitz filed that the only thing that was agreed to in executive session was a letter of demand for Moskovitz and it was voted on. The next thing that occurred was that no letter of demand was ever written and a summons and complaint issued. Protocol and following what the client authorized and agreed for their lawyer to do. Unfortunately, we the financiers of this legal emabarassment, could request through OPRA the transcripts of that executive session but they would redact most of the statements. But.... I think that those papers and the truth will be presented sooner than later to the public. Once that happens the entire town will see what happened. Perhaps then the Gang of 3 will have to step down. The proper authorities will step in and right the wrongs.
I have faith that one official took their oath very seriously. SO seriously that this individual did the right thing for all the people.

Anonymous said...

Soemthing Changing Times wrote I cannot understand.

"Especially Roth who demanded that a forensic audit be done on a 600 dollar symphony bill from the conductor and yet she has sat quietly on her rump and done nothing, I repeat nothing about Week's and McCarthy's action in court."

McCarthy is the lawyer who wrote 18 times according to the court papers that Moskowitz is datruthsquad. How many thousands of dollars did it cost Manalapan taxpayers for the 50 page legal paper he wrote? Why did Roth request a financial audit that probably cost thousands of dollars for $600 worth of questions? Yet nothing is said by her or Klauber or Lucas about what the lawyers are doing?

Where's the FBI when you need them.

Anonymous said...

What this town government needs is for the Feds to swoop in and stop the insanity in town hall.

Chris Christie - save us!

Charlotte, Marlboro NJ said...

My friend recommended this blog and I've been reading it since December. I find it very informative and funny too.

When I first heard about Manalapan going to court with a First Amendment case I didn't believe it was possible. After reading some of the court information on the E.F.F. website, I must amit this is a shocking display of taxpayer fraud brought by some thin skinned politicians.

I even wrote a letter to the editor of the News Transcript a month ago about my feelings about this case, but they never printed it.

Datruthsquad, keep on blogging. The Constitution allows you this right. Don' allow greedy politicians to take it away from you or anyone.

Changing Time Too said...

Allow me to clarify.


She boasts that she is for fiscal responsibility and management. Yet she has turned a "blind eye" on the expenses and actions of her Dream Team. She even voted NO to itemize Casagrande's bills!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation for being ranked #1
blog for accuracy.

I think that in some way you need to thank Stuart J. Moskovitz for your success. After all it is he who Manalapan accused of being you and they did file suit to the courts to try and force your identity to be revealed. In the process of that you have become known around the world.

So I if I may suggest, you should have an Excellence in Truth Telling Award section added to your site.

Stuart J. Moskovitz should get the 1st award.

What da ya think?

malypractice is an idiot said...

Before this gets erased by malypractice, I'm posting this here. This is the actual court information, not a traffic ticket from

Superior Court of New JerseyCivil Motion Calendar Case DetailCivil Part, Special Civil Part and Chancery-General EquityAvailable data from 12/29/2007 to 2/9/2008, Last Update as of 1/12/2008.
This is the expanded version of your query.To refine your results, return to the main calendar page, click on the "Search" button.Email comments about this pageVenue MONMOUTH Docket # L -003997-07 Court LCVProceeding Date 1/4/2008 Proceeding Time 900 A M Court Room DISProceeding Status PENDING Case Filed Date 8/21/2007Calendar Type MOTION HEARING Judge Name TERENCE P FLYNNCaption HEIRLOOM 73 2073 JEWELRY LTD VS SHAPIROMotion Type MOTION TO COMPEL DISCOVERYMotion Status PG HEARING Scheduled Hearing Date 1/4/2008Oral Argument Requested N Granted N Granted Date Motion Comment COMPEL DISC/SEEK SANCTIONS/DISMISS DF'S PLEADS/NO ACTIOBE TAKEN UNTIL DF'S COMPLY W/DISC/ATTY FEES OF $2000Atty Name Party Name Party Type Filing Party STUART J. MOSKOVITZ HEIRLOOM 73 2073 JEWELRY LTD PF F HILL WALLACK DREW SHAPIRO DF HILL WALLACK THREE GIRLS REALTY LLC DF HILL WALLACK CHELSEA TAYLOR LLC DF HILL WALLACK MARISSA LIRGH INC. DF HILL WALLACK DREW SHAPIRO PF3 HILL WALLACK THREE GIRLS REALTY PF3 HILL WALLACK CHELSEA TAYLOR LLC PF3 HILL WALLACK MARISSA LEIGH PF3 STUART J. MOSKOVITZ MURRAY SHAPIRO DF3 STUART J. MOSKOVITZ ENCORE JEWELRY DF3 F STUART J. MOSKOVITZ HEIRLOOM 73 2073 JEWELRY DF3 F

back page barrattaa said...

I am a journalist, dammit. I write for the Snoozer.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations da truth squad for being #1 !!!!!!!

Lawyers Weeks and McCarthy are big time LOSERS. Now that they failed at being attorneys it's time to take their comedy act on the road.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Barratta is a joke and she thinks she's a real reporter writing for a free coupon clipping waste of trash called the snoozer.

The Asbury Park Press and Star Ledger have real reporters.

Anonymous said...

Personally I feel sad for someone like Kathy Barratta. Obviously beingthe town reporter for something like the Transcipt is not a career move up. It is also pretty obvious she has an inherint bias in her writing of news about Manalapan. They can't be paying her much, so I would hazard to guess you don't need much experience or a big journalism resume for this job.

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of the use of "da" on this blog site, but it's still much better written and hundreds of times more informative than anything in the Transcript.

Anonymous said...

Stu sue Roth! She is conspiring with Lucas who should never have voted to pursue the lawsuit. Conflict of interest is an ethical violation. You can do time for that can't you?

Stu, sue and win!

Make Roth wish she only was a racist!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stu, you should sue Roth too. Unlike Andy Boy, she lives in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

That's a very good question. Why hasn't Stu sued Roth and Klauber?

They were the Masterminds behind this whole lawsuit

Anonymous said...

Did you really just use "Roth" "Klauber" and "Master Mind" in the same sentence?

Anonymous said...

Roth's new boy toy is Mikey. Andrew was willing to kiss her fat ass. Mikey will kiss a lot more if she brings him to the show!

Someday, Dunkin D will ask where he is! He will be found on his knees!