Saturday, January 26, 2008

Breaking News - State to Drop 65 on Monmouth/Ocean County's GSP!

They Can't Put Da Brakes on Spending - But They Can Put Da Brakes on YOU!

Da brainiacks in Trenton know best. At least what's what they tell us.

They tax us when we're born. They tax us when we die. They Surcharge us while we breathe. And now, they want to save our lives.

DaTruthSquad has learned that da Garden State Parkway will lower da speed from 65 to 55 throughout Ocean and Monmouth County. Da state pension padders say da reason is because a "study" (wonder how much that cost) showed that half of da worst accidents recorded happened here.

Da study also said half of da most prone crash areas are in Monmouth & Ocean County. Maybe that's because 1/3 of da Parkway runs through Monmouth & Ocean County? Maybe that's because many people drive on da Parkway to & from work since a lot of folks moved south? Maybe that's because it appears a lot of people use da Parkway to go down da Shore.

Maybe that's because over 60 miles of da Garden State Parkway runs through Monmouth & Ocean County??

Maybe da state should do another multi-million dollar "special, ultra blue-ribbon award-winning" investigation on why people use Parkway bathrooms?

Hopefully, they won't hire Jim McGreevey to head that study.

Da 55 mph will be in place from Neptune to Toms River where da Parkway is 3 or 4 lanes.

Can you imagine how much money da state will get from speeders here?

Apparently they decided not to make the speed limit 55 around Exit 44 where da speeding Toll Troll has his minor fender-bender while traveling at da speed of sound?

Now daTruthSquad has a wacky thought here. Instead of lowering da speed limit, why not just enforce it in this area? Maybe put more police cars there? Maybe reminder signs that "speed kills as much as higher taxes do"?

Nope, da state knows best. We da taxpayers can't be trusted.

You know da State Police are already using helicopters from what 1 news report said to catch speeders in this area. Can you imagine how much that costs?

Hey, remember da time da helicopter swooped down and stopped that car going fast and da police officer got out and wrote da driver a speeding ticket?

DaTruth is, this is just another waste of time & money for da state, and more restrictions on da people.

Da state says they'll spend $1.2 million on improvements in that area. I'm sure a lot of that will be spent replacing da "65 mile speed limit" signs.

You have politicians saying NJ is broke, so what do we do? They throw money at fixing things that aren't broken, and then tax YOU for it. Have they cut even 1 job in Trenton? Fix a bloated Board of Education system?

Nope - da fix for those problems is to raise tolls 800%!

Here's a question - will Ocean and Monmouth county residents get energy savings rebates from the Federal Government?

DaTruth is, you may not have noticed, but da stretch of road where da speed will drop is also da same area where all da legislators are GOP'ers?

DaTruth is, between arresting Steve Lonegan because he dared to stand up against da Toll Troll and not knowing who gave da order, 800% toll increase proposals, not cuts in government, a budget nearly bankrupt, more Boards of Education in da state than actual towns, still handing out pensions like they're candy, adding surcharges and fees to anything that has a pulse, more corruption than during Prohibition, a demand to reduce trans-fat by da same person seeling 5 Christmas trees so she can call her home a farm, people moving out in droves because they can't afford to live here anymore, this state has a serious problem that it seems every elected political official either can't see or are being told not to look by special interests.

DaTruth is, lowering da speed limit will not make much of a difference at all, except it will make you commute to and from work longer and put more money in state coffers because of all of da speeding tickets that'll be written.

If da state is right and speed kills, then why not lower da speeds on EVERY New Jersey highway? A special "DaTruthSquad Highway Study" showed that more accidents happen when it snows than on a sunny day? Da same study found that rain can cause roads to be wet and slick. Maybe da state should forbid driving in bad weather to lower da number of accidents? Wouldn't that make us safer?

By da way, da special "DaTruthSquad Highway Study" didn't cost any money, so no surcharges will be passed on to taxpayers.

DaTruth is, this is another intrusive measure by da state. Nothing more. If you enforce da rules on da books now, those problems will take care of themselves. If you're in da Legislature from Monmouth & Ocean County, be ready to stand up to this continued intrusion into da lives or ordinary Joe's by da Trenton know-it-alls.

Make it statewide, or nowhere at all -- oh, and inbetween making da quality of life of NJ residents worse than that of a typical North Korean and padding , do ya think you can possibly lower taxes, fix da broken health care & education system, and do something about property taxes better than da band-aid theory -- not that you feel that's all important or anything?

And that's daTruth.


Betty in Cranford, NJ said...

I read your blog on BlogNet all the time and i love it.

If you're right and they do this to the Parkway I can tell you this will only make summer traffic even worse. It will make me thin twice about going down the shore and instead going to the northern Monmouth beaches like Sandy Hook.

I haven't seen this report anywhere else. Great work datruthsquad!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Trenton seems to know best on how our lives will be made better.

I guess they must also feel spending us into oblivion is a good thing too.

Truthsquad, you are excellent. Keep uncovering what these Trenton morons are doing to us. The more you expose, the less they will get away with.

Anonymous said...

DaTruthSquad is finding corruption in Trenton. Please don't give up telling the Truth is Manalapan.

Lucas can do time for ethics violations, can't he?

How about Roth? Can she go to jail too?

Come on daTruthSquad, help us get the corruption out of Manalapan!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Above post is a question of if they can go to jail, not a statement as to if they will.

daTruthSquad, please publish the evidence. They need a public spanking!